More Bad New For Lib Dems – And A Personal Message

The weeken opinion polls are in, according to You Gov for tThe Sunday Times, Condervatives and Labour are still neck and neck, UKIP continue to make progress and The Greens are doing very well. Here’s a preview from Anthony Wells’ UK Polling Report:

This week’s YouGov/Sunday Times poll is now up here. Topline figures are CON 32%, LAB 32%, LDEM 6%, UKIP 17%, GRN 7%. With Labour and the Conservatives still neck-and-neck this is very much in line with the YouGov polling before the Autumn Statement. Note the level of Green support though, YouGov and Lord Ashcroft have both shown the occassional one-off poll with the Greens ahead of the Liberal Democrats in the past, but YouGov have now produced three polls in a row with the Greens in fourth place ahead of the Lib Dems. [Read full article]

Knowing that Boggart Blog readers are not really interested in Labour and Conservatives, will be pleased to see The Greens doing well but have another burning question on your lips, I left Tony a PM advising him to ask his contacts in the market research business if they would kindly include the minor parties so we can all share the hilarity as we watch the Lib Dems slip behind The Official Monster Raving Loony Party in polls.

Laugh? I Nearly Shat

Liberal Democrat Defects To UKIP At His Own Election Count:

warsame quits lib dems
New UKIPper Sabriye Warsame.

Somalia – born Liberal Democrat candidate made the rather surprising decision to join UKIP as he awaited to result of the election he was contesting, according to Local London. Sabriye Warsame decided to switch parties after his UKIP opponent in the election for a seat on the London Borough of Brent council made a joke about him not wanting to the a Liberal Democrat.

Warsame failed to win the seat of Colindale, scoring just 87 votes after having been a Liberal Democrat supporter for five years. His UKIP opponent, John Baskin, also lost but did pick up Warsame as a new member. Labour won with over 2000 votes for each of their candidates.

John Baskin told a reporter: “We were sitting waiting at the count and I was joking with him – I said to him, you don’t want to be a Liberal Democrat.”

“He said ‘okay then, where do I sign up?’ I was flabbergasted.”

Mr Warsame was officially welcomed into his new party last week and claims he contacted Brent Lib Dem leader Jack Cohen to explain his actions. But Cllr Cohen, who is leader by default as he is now the only Lib Dem on Brent Council, claims he has not received any correspondence about Warsame’s defection.

He said: “I’m surprised and disappointed he didn’t say anything to begin with. I don’t what the reasons are, or what the motives could possibly be.”

But Warsame was unapologetic about his defection and said he was “very excited” about joining UKIP. He said: “It’s not a racist party. I am a proud Muslim looking forward to joining UKIP. I know it’s a drastic decision, but I support them wholeheartedly.

British politics is changing.

The Very Fat Man That Waters The Worker’s Beer

Arguing with those left wing bigots who insist that UKIP are a racist organisation because a few UKIP members still have enough personal integrity to say what they think and lack the artifice to obfuscate, I have found myself batting away the arguments of people who, because they vote for the traitors of mainstream politics who would destroy our culture and traditions and sell our children’s birthright to the globalists, seem to think they have joined the elite.

Like the old elite of the pre – World War Two era these people think for entirely spurious reasons they are a better sort of human than those who believe in preserving culture and traditions and protecting our borders. Their elitist attitude and lack of regard for their own country and their belief that political debates can be won by chanting mantras (pale skin bad, dark skin good, tax the rich, tax the rich, Europe Europe uber alles), and their totally eronious assumptions divine right to tel others how to live and what to think brought to mind a song that used to be sung around the folk clubs of Manchester and the North West in the 1960s.

Funny thing, the patronising, condescending bastard of the narrative was then certainly a Conservative, now with Labour being the party of control freakery and the nanny state, of clamping down on excessive drinking and junk food and of regulating everything, the Very Fat Man would certainly be a supporter of global socialism and the kind of twat who thinks he / she is part of the intellectual elite and thus qualified to tell you what you can and cannot think.

“The Very Fat Man Who Waters the Worker’s Beer” by Paddy Ryan


I am the man, the very fat man,
That waters the workers’ beer
I am the man, the very fat man,
That waters the workers’ beer
And what do I care if it makes them ill,
If it makes them terribly queer
I’ve a car, a yacht, and an aeroplane,
And I waters the workers’ beer


Now when I waters the workers’ beer,
I puts in strychnine
Some methylated spirits,
And a can of kerosine
Ah, but such a brew so terribly strong,
It would make them terribly queer
So I reaches my hand for the watering-can
And I waters the workers’ beer

Now a drop of good beer is good for a man
When he’s tired, thirsty and ‘ot
And I sometimes have a drop myself,
From a very special pot
For a strong and healthy working class
Is the thing that I most fear
So I reaches my hand for the watering-can
And I waters the workers’ beer

Now ladies fair, beyond compare,
Be you maiden or wife
Spare a thought for such a man
Who leads such a lonely life
For the water rates are terribly high,
And the meths is terribly dear
And there isn’t the profit there used to be
In watering the workers’ beer

I don’t know who these two are but they do a good rendition of the song. Here’s a link to their video on You Tube And remember when you go to vote on Thursday, Tories = more of the same old crap, Labour = regulation, control freakery and the Lib Dems sell their arses very cheaply. UKIP right now are a change to put the mainstream politicians on notice before we sack them next year. Or do you want the Eds, Miliband and Balls to water your beer, while Cameron invites the biotech companies to poison your food while the elite eat and drink organic (at you expense) and fly round the world in private jets as they legure real people on pollution and antropofuckin’genic global warming.

Oh Dear, Mainsteam Politics Sinks Deeper Into The Sewer

I just don’t know where to start today. Here’s a little compliation to get us going on the deparvity and degeneracy of those who have made their political careers in the LibLabCon and who, despite the scandals and embarrassments of the last few years are still at it.

Inquiry into Tory conference ‘gay-sex party paid on expenses’

from The Independent
Parliament’s expenses watchdog is to investigate claims that the taxpayer indirectly funded a hotel suite that was used for a gay-sex party during a Conservative Party conference.

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa) said it was “deeply worried” by allegations that public money was used to pay for a suite of rooms used where the party took place.

It said it would be investigating the claims, which come in the wake of revelations about inappropriate relationships between young Tory researchers and MPs following the Nigel Evans trial. Mr Evans was cleared of a string of sexual assaults on young men following a five-week trial at Preston Crown Court.

The Independent understands that a suite of rooms costing up to £2,500 per night was booked at Manchester’s Light ApartHotel by an organisation called the Policy Research Unit (PRU). The PRU, which is overseen by senior Conservative figures, provides “parliamentary research” for the party’s MPs that is carried out by a team of mainly young researchers and interns.
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Monstrous cover-up: How the Liberal party, police and MI5 concealed MP Cyril Smith’s child abuse

from The Daily Mail
The shocking scale of the Establishment cover-up of former Liberal MP Cyril Smith’s sickening sex abuse of boys is revealed today.

‘For four decades, the depraved 29st politician was free to prey on vulnerable children as young as eight.
Police received at least 144 complaints by victims of the predatory paedophile yet the authorities blocked any prosecution – allowing Smith brazenly to continue his abuse.

The Liberal Party even put his name forward for a knighthood in 1988 in spite of the rumours of his sordid activities swirling around Westminster.

David, now Lord Steel nominated him for the honour despite knowing of the allegations about the bachelor MP for Rochdale, the ex-Liberal leader’s involvement emerging only in recent weeks after a Freedom of Information battle.’

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Sexminster – Hattie Harperson Outs sexual Harassment Culture

from BBC News

A male hierarchy at Parliament is part of “a recipe for a culture in which sexual harassment can prevail”, Labour’s deputy leader has said.

Harriet Harman said the problem was also caused by “the hours, and people being away from home”.

A voluntary code of conduct has been issued to Conservative MPs telling them not to “bully, abuse or harass” staff.

Conservative Douglas Carswell said a power to recall MPs would raise standards at Westminster.

Ms Harman said Labour was reviewing its codes of conduct.

A Channel 4 News investigation this week reported that a third of the young men and women working in Parliament said they had suffered sexual harassment.

It said young men were more likely to be sexually harassed than women, with 40% of the men interviewed saying they had received unwanted sexual advances.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today, Ms Harman said: “When it comes to sexual harassment we certainly have been looking again at our codes of conduct which we’ve had for some time in the party, which sets out specifically what behaviour is not acceptable for an employer towards their employee in terms of sexual harassment and what the procedures are to deal with it.

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Trougher’s Union: House Of Commons Standards committee Exposed

from Guido Fawkes

It is not just the chairman of the Standards Committee who is a trougher of the highest order. Sir Kevin Pork Barrel is aided and abetted on the troughers’ union by nine other MPs including Tory Christopher Chope, who was exposed during the expenses scandal for charging the taxpayer £881.25 to transport a sofa 85 miles from his second home to his constituency in order to have it reupholstered. Expenses piggy Chope also repaired the roof of his house on the taxpayer at a cost of £10,377, and installed a £2,600 bathroom paid for by us. Not satisfied with his fill, Chope also tops up the family income by employing his wife as his secretary.

Shamed former LibDem armed forces minster Nick Harvey is another member of the committee. Harvey stuck two fingers up at servicemen when he claimed £7 on expenses to attend a Remembrance Service. A furious Royal Navy officer marched up to Harvey and gave him the cash in an envelope in disgust. He only lasted a few more months in the job.

Also on the homework marking committee is Labour MP Alan Whitehead. Whitehead was found by the fees office to have overclaimed for his mortage interest in 2009, submitting a bill for £380 when should have claimed £198.66.

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Tory MP Patrick Mercer expected to be banned for up to six months

from The Daily Telegraph
A former shadow Tory minister is likely to be suspended from the House of Commons after being caught in a cash for questions investigation.

The House of Commons’ Standards Committee is understood to be considering banning Patrick Mercer from being an MP for between four and six months.

News of the likely ban will cap a difficult week for David Cameron who has had to cope with the resignation of Maria Miller, the Culture Secretary, over an expenses scandal.

The Prime Minister’s attempts to launch his European Parliament elections campaign on Thursday were also overshadowed by the resignation.

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Channel 4 Investigates Britain’s Parliament’s Looming Sex Scandals

from Breitbart UK

While Evans was found not guilty of all the charges before him – including sexual assault and even one count of rape – the culture of sexual harassment in Westminster is often spoken of, observed, and even experienced – as Breitbart London contributor Alex Wickham told Channel 4:

“Time and time again you hear the same stories with different people. They’re all known about. They’re known about by anybody who is a researcher or staffer in parliament”.

“Stories of men and women from all three parties saying they’ve been treated inappropriately and there’s nothing they can do about it, and that there’s a real climate of sexual harassment going on in Parliament”.

Wickham has previously written about Westminster’s sex scandals for Breitbart London.

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Westminster Sex Scandals: Tony Grew Misses The Scoop Of His Career

Guido Fawkes blog

Last night’s Channel 4 News investigation found that young men working in parliament were more likely to be sexually harassed than women, and specifically that there were a group of gay MPs who preyed upon men in Westminster. Back in January Guido publicly tipped off one journalist to the story on Twitter, he didn’t want to investigate, instead PoliticsHome’s Tony Grew said the allegations were untrue:

Today the story is on the front pages of two newspapers, has been heavily followed up by the rest and is dominating the airwaves on 24 hour news channels and radio, yet gets only a fleeting mention on PoliticsHome. They should have a word with their Lobby correspondent about his news values…

More on this at Guido Fawkes

Police to Investigate Allegations of Labour-LibDem Rochdale ‘Deal’ on Paedophiles

The main reason why the Liberal Democrats are FUBAR

Lets face it, we are all wallowing an schadenfreude as the Lib Dems tear themselves apart, some because they feel the party sold out by going into coalition with the Conservatives, some old Liberal Party diehards because we still feel the Liberal Party sold us out by merging with the SDP to form The Liberal Democrat Party.

nick clegg press conferenceNick Clegg at today’s Lib Dem press conference (in the background is a friend of former Liberal Leader Jeremy Thorpe (source: blogspot commons)

The break up was bound to happen of course, taking a party of oddballs, mavericks, raffia – mafia traditionalists, free thinkers, non conformists, rope sandal wearing tree huggers, and and save-the-two-toed-toad campaigners and classical Liberals and wedding them with a bunch of power hungry celebrity obsessed New-Labour-before-it-was-New-Labour, money-grubbing, Rothschild-Rothschild-uber-alles, authoritarian globalists could only end in a painful break up. And then there were the personality problems.

Damien Thompson had an excellent analysis of small party syndrome in The Daily Telegraph yesterday. In brief (link to full article below):

1. Big egos in a small party
2. It’s a merged party.
3. Small parties accommodate conspiracy theorists:
4. Liberals fight dirty on the doorstep:
5. They don’t have an ideology.
6. Clegg is a crap leader.

I don’t agree with everything he says, for example Liberals are no dirtier campaigners than anyone else. Having been on the wrong end of a Labour smear campaign when I was a Liberal candidate many years ago I speak from experience.

Read full article: Six reasons why the Liberal Democrats are the real nasty party

Admittedly Damien was looking at why so many Lib Dems have turned out to be hypocritical shits while Boggart Blog looks at why they are a failed party. Today however Graeme Archer, with his usual wit and style adds another point of view on why the Lib Dem / Social Democratic Party was doomed from the start.

As Graeme has been a strong supporter of sex sex marriage, let me summarise it this way. The union of Lib Dems and SDP was like a same sex marriage between two heterosexuals. Graeme Archer: Lord Rennard is just a reminder why the Lib Dems are a broken party

Volunteers For Slavery

Italy had it’s Beppe Grillo moment last week. Unfortunately we did not get one as the voters of Eastleigh, remembering perhaps that old piece of advice from Hilaire Belloc (Children, always cling to nurse, for fear of something worse) voted for the status quo and elected another Lib Dem to preserve the dominance of ConDem Lab consensus politics.

I voted Lib Dem for years because while the Lib Dems were a mere shadow of the old Liberal Party when it came to offering a political home to the weirdos, cranks, mavericks and freethinkers of the political fringes, they at least represented the protest vote.

Now they are part of mainstream politics, offering policies indistinguishable from those of the Conservatives and Labour and candidates indistinguishable from conservatives or centre left socialists and I can never vote for them again.

On the right we have UKIP and on the left … the void.

Last Thursday on the few minutes of Question Time I watched, film maker Ken Loach, a lifelong socialist was complaining that we need a new grassroots movement of the left, a socialist UKIP. He’s right. We must break away from the pro – global government, slaves to big money, anti – freedom parties and take back control of our nation and institutions


Genesis of an evil empire

Et Tu Lembit – Lib Dem Chief Alien Abductee Plots Against Clegg

Liberal Democrat activists are planning an attempt to make it easier to oust Nick Clegg as leader.

Ex-MP and Cheeky – girl shagger Lembit Opik is behind the move, which would allow a few hundred people attending the party’s annual conference to give the leader the boot.

A few hundred Lib Dems? Looks like Nick’s job is safe for the next ten years then.

Onesie Clegg Goes From Bad To Worse

It has ben a bad week for Liberal Democrat leader and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, bad even by his standards. And it is getting worse.

After taking part in an LBC radio phone in Mr. Clegg was first cornered and forced to admit the party’s performance was woeful. Later in the session he was accused of patronising voters.

A Sheffield University student named Lauren Archer said Lib Dem policy initiatives were “tokenistic” and accused the Government of discouraging young people from gaining qualifications by abolishing the educational maintenance allowance and increasing tuition fees.

“It seems as if the coalition is trying to tell them that higher education is not for them,” said Miss Archer. Mr Clegg’s snarky response gave the impression he thought little people like Ms Archer had no right to question their betters.

She later Tweeted: “Must say, I really enjoyed being treated as if I had the political knowledge of a five-year-old.”

To cap it all Clegg was then outed as the one of a onesie, one of those adult sized romper suits the metropolitian elite have taken to wearing when they feel the need to curl up in the foetal position and suck their little thumbs.

What might Nick Clegg look like in his onesie. Boggart Blog’s insider at Lib Dem HQ sent us this picture.


All together now … … Awwwwwwww Bless.


Nick Clegg, we hear, is planning to rebrand the Liberal Democrats in the style of Oxfam. We can see where he is coming from, Lib Dem, Ox Fam, there’s a certain siliratity. But would it be a vote winner.

Oxfam says: Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, give a man a fishing net and he can take it down the market and sell it, use some of the money to buy booze and the rest to buy some fun with a street girl, get cirhossis and an STD, die and never know hunger again.

Nick Clegg says: When David Cameron said I could be Deputy Prime Minister I got an erection.

Can’t see it being a vote winner somehow.

BTW I wonder if Oxfam have ever thought it’s eff all use giving a man a fishing net when he lives in a drought stricken region?

(OK, I’m in a Jeremy Clarkson mood today.)

Social mobility and posh boy syndrome

Lib Dems Die – not with a bang but with a politically correct gesture

So what was the “issoo” that got the Lib Dems excited yesterday.

(Let’s play the Hong Kong Fooey game here, thouse of you who were or had kids in the early 1980s.)

Was it the debt crisis?

Was it climate change?

Was it jobs and unemployment?

Was it inflation and rising fuel costs?

Well was it gender free passports for sex change people?
Maaaaaaybe ……

Yes, in what will surely become the benchmark case of political death by politically correct gestures the Lib Dems let the country know they are far more bovvered about the feelings of trannies who want to travel abroad without immigration officials yelling “Heyyyyy everybody, thees one use-ed to have a deeek,” than about any of the very real crises we face.

Boggart Blog advises the Lib Dems to wrap up their operation now as they are out of touch with reality. As for trannies who want to tavel abroad, forget it, especially if you are the lorry driver in a frock type who has no idea how to apply make up, walk in high heels or even put a wig on straight. You are not going to fool anyone.

We Were Right Again – Immigrants Are Keeping British People Out Of Jobs