Illiberal Undemocrats Now Hate Catholics As Well As White People, Britain & Heterosexuals

authored by Paul Embery for Unherd

A political scandal broke earlier this week — though if you blinked you’d have missed it. Not so long ago, the story would have commanded column inches across the national press and extensive comment over the airwaves. Instead, however, there was next to nothing. Quite simply, the reason the story passed by virtually unnoticed is that our society has changed so fundamentally, and so quickly, that scandals of this type are just not considered major news anymore.

In a nutshell, the Liberal Democrats deselected an election candidate on the grounds that he is an orthodox Roman Catholic. You read that right. Rob Flello (right), the Lib Dem candidate for Stoke-on-Trent South — a constituency he represented as a Labour MP for twelve years before defecting — was suddenly dropped after party bigwigs became aware of his traditional views on same-sex marriage and abortion — views that happen to be entirely consistent with mainstream Catholic thought.

As a Labour MP, Flello voted according to the doctrines of his faith on both these issues. Upon discovering the fact, the Lib Dems sacked him and said in a statement:

We do our best to screen candidates in our approval process. In this case it only really became clear over the past few hours how greatly his values diverge from ours.

– Liberal Democrats

Anyone would think Flello had been unmasked as a secret member of the National Front.


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Liberal Democrats suspend candidate for failing to support homophobia, rape, wife beating and FGM

The Liberal Democrats, if they were honest, ought to rebrand themselves The Liberal Hypocrites. After 30 years screeching in sheer horror about the way civilised societies treat women, homosexuals, criminals, and the absolute refusal of some immigrant groups to even tolerate let alone integrate with the laws and customs of liberal democracies. In short The Liberal Hypocrites have joied those political factions that, in an orgy of virtue signalling, have placed Islam beyond honest criticism. All the things the Liberal Hypocrites claim to hate in European and American societies are OK, or even to be celebrated when followers of Islam do them.

from Jihad Watch

However Dániel Tóth-Nagy doesn’t get it. The leaders of the Liberal Democrats, however, do get it: Islam is now supreme in Britain. The human rights abuses that are committed in accord with Sharia directives are never to be questioned. To question them is to render oneself “Islamophobic” and beyond the realm of acceptable discourse. Dániel Tóth-Nagy is claiming that he was simply exercising his “freedom of expression.” How quaint! There is no “freedom of expression” in Britain anymore. There is only Sharia-compliant refraining from all criticism of Islam, or else ostracism and vilification. Laggers such as Dániel Tóth-Nagy will learn the new rules before too long.

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Illiberal Undemocrats Now Hate Catholics As Well As White People, Britain & Heterosexuals

UK Government Loves Extremists, bans Opponents Of Extremism
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Extremist Muslim Group Influence Government Report On IslamophobiaControversial Muslim activist group MEND, which has ben involved in promoting extremism as well as lobbying the government in support of further Islamification of british institutions, has “exerted decisive intellectual influence” in the government’s first report from a think tank looking at Islamophobia in Britain, according to a research note.

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Police to Investigate Allegations of Labour-LibDem Rochdale ‘Deal’ on Paedophiles

Fresh allegations have emerged regarding the systematic sexual abuse of Children in Rochdale. This time the story focuses not on the Pakistani men at the centre of the abuse gangs, but the political cover up by Labour and Liberal Democrat elected officials on Rochdale Metroplitan Borough Council who, it is claimed orchestrated the cover-up by Labour and Liberal Democrat Party officials in the Greater Manchester Area.

Breitbart London exclusively reports that following on from the expose that 1400 young, white girls had been abused over a period of at least fifteen years by people associated Pakistani gangs in Rotherham, new allegations that have come to light about other instances of public sector and government officials colluding to keep out of the public domain information embarrassing to the two parties that have championed uncontrolled immigration and sexual licence for paedophiles .

An e-mail refereed to by Breitbart makes reference to former a Rochdale council leader, Knowl View School, and the deceased, paedophile Member of Parliament for Rochdale Cyril Smith. The e-mail, which was circulated by a Labour Member of Parliament’s researcher in November 2012, read:

“You will have noted that Rochdale is currently in the eye of a media storm regarding child abuse and cover ups.

“The story that has yet to break is the role of the council leader, XXXXXXXXXXXXX, in all of this. He was given files on the abuse at Knowl View school and Cyril Smith over 10 years ago but he did nothing because the Labour Party had done a deal with the Liberals to keep quiet on Cyril. This was in exchange for the Liberals keeping quiet on allegations that XXXXXXXXXXXXX had sex with two girls with special needs that were in his care.”

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The Immigration Problem
The politicians may run a mile when the topic is mentioned, the Islington Screechers and medi luvvies may cover their ears and go la-la-la-la whenever the topic comes up but there is no denying immigration is the big issue in Britain today. Labour’s open doors immigration policy was a disaster, the coalition have failed to address it for fear of upsetting the politically correct thought police. Is it any wonder UKIP, the only party that will talk about immigration, is doing so well?

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Game of Groans: David Cameron and Ed Miliband will be torn apart as the election nears

The main reason why the Liberal Democrats are FUBAR

Lets face it, we are all wallowing an schadenfreude as the Lib Dems tear themselves apart, some because they feel the party sold out by going into coalition with the Conservatives, some old Liberal Party diehards because we still feel the Liberal Party sold us out by merging with the SDP to form The Liberal Democrat Party.

nick clegg press conferenceNick Clegg at today’s Lib Dem press conference (in the background is a friend of former Liberal Leader Jeremy Thorpe (source: blogspot commons)

The break up was bound to happen of course, taking a party of oddballs, mavericks, raffia – mafia traditionalists, free thinkers, non conformists, rope sandal wearing tree huggers, and and save-the-two-toed-toad campaigners and classical Liberals and wedding them with a bunch of power hungry celebrity obsessed New-Labour-before-it-was-New-Labour, money-grubbing, Rothschild-Rothschild-uber-alles, authoritarian globalists could only end in a painful break up. And then there were the personality problems.

Damien Thompson had an excellent analysis of small party syndrome in The Daily Telegraph yesterday. In brief (link to full article below):

1. Big egos in a small party
2. It’s a merged party.
3. Small parties accommodate conspiracy theorists:
4. Liberals fight dirty on the doorstep:
5. They don’t have an ideology.
6. Clegg is a crap leader.

I don’t agree with everything he says, for example Liberals are no dirtier campaigners than anyone else. Having been on the wrong end of a Labour smear campaign when I was a Liberal candidate many years ago I speak from experience.

Read full article: Six reasons why the Liberal Democrats are the real nasty party

Admittedly Damien was looking at why so many Lib Dems have turned out to be hypocritical shits while Boggart Blog looks at why they are a failed party. Today however Graeme Archer, with his usual wit and style adds another point of view on why the Lib Dem / Social Democratic Party was doomed from the start.

As Graeme has been a strong supporter of sex sex marriage, let me summarise it this way. The union of Lib Dems and SDP was like a same sex marriage between two heterosexuals. Graeme Archer: Lord Rennard is just a reminder why the Lib Dems are a broken party

Today’s Joke Of The Day – The Liberal Democrats

In the surreal circus that is European Politics the Liberal Democrats appearance centre stage always seems to be heralded by the tune Bring On The Clowns.

As opinion polls today show a jump in David Cameron’s popularity following his giving the finger to the idea that Britain should become a province of the European Superstate (aka Germany) Chris ‘Koko’ Huhne has put in his twopenn’orth:

Nick Clegg would have done better at the Brussels summit than David Cameron because he is a a “professionally trained negotiator for the EU”, a Cabinet minister has said, adding that Britain was now the Billy No Mates of Europe and nobody would ever talk to us again, so Nyh Nyh Na Nyh Nyh Cammers, you posh twat (to be honest I made that last bit up).

With perfect comic timing, shortly after Mr. Huhne spoke we heard the much hyped unity in the rest of Europe is falling apart as the other nine non Euro states are questioning the idea of being ruled by the Eurofuhrers of Brussels while German controls their finances, while leaders in several Euro member states are struggling to sell fiscal unity with Germany to their national assemblies.

And what would Nick Clegg have done differently to Cammers? He’s have caved in and sold us down the river without even a rude gesture, that’s what. Compo and Foggy would have put up a better fight.

(cue music – Bring on the clowns, there ought to be clowns – la da-da da daaa)

BTW the same opinion poll that showed Cameron doing well suggested the Lib Dems would be totally wiped out if there were to be an elecyion any time soom. Meanwhile French polls for next year’s Presidential contest put Marine le Pen, leader of the right wing National Front in the lead with Nico the Gnome Sarkozy languishing in third. Nobody likes the idea of European integration except Politicians and Bureaucrats.

Social mobility and posh boy syndrome

Is Clegg Suddenly A Contender

A poll out today for which the fieldwork was done after the first leaders’ debate has Nick Clegg’s Liberal Democrats leapfrogging Labour to move into second place.Read more at UK Polling Report

Polling experts including the one who published that site always warn we should not read too much into the outcome of a single poll. It does however give me yet another change to make a reference to my second favourite line from a film because now Clegg has made it into the public eye and it has to be said sold himself rather well you can be sure agents of the New World Order will be making sure the Lib Dems take a dive. They will not be allowed to become contenders.


I could have been a contender, I could have been somebody instead of a bum.

Liberal Democrat Invisible Man vs Rebus

We learn from Septic Isle blog that 60% of British voters do not know who Nick Clegg Is. As the Lib Dems proclaim their conference a triumph this statistic must be a tad dfisheartening. But when 45% think Gordon Brown is the crumpled looking Scottish bloke who plays Rebus what chance does the Liberal Democrat leader have.

More humour every day at Boggart Blog

Lib Dems Expenses Claims Fail To Impress.

The fervid anticipation preceding the release of Liberal Democrats dodgy expenses claims turned into a sense of disappointment today as the embarrassing items we had hoped to see were absent. Where, for example, were the invoices for 5000 gallon tankers of Vodka delivered to Charlie Kennedy’s second home or the bill for supply of intravenous drip equipment so the former leaders could stay topped up while paralytic?

How did one time leadership contender Mark Oaten conceal the bills for “personal services” from his rent boy? As maintenance work perhaps: To French Polishing a tallboy, £50 ?

Lembit Opik, whose name we did not make up but wish we had, was also a letdown. His claims had been widely looked forward to but it turned out his only misdemeanour was trying to charge taxpayers £40 court fees for a summons issued over non payment of council tax. While the amount is not spectacular the audacity of trying to get taxpayers to for your tax bill is worth a mention.

In spite of that we have a right to think Lembit short changed us after we treated him so generously. Where were the bills for gold lame knickers he surely bought for his Cheeky Girl inamorata. We have a right to be entertained by such stuff but the Lib Dems let us down. LD Smurf Sarah Treather (4’9”) indulged in a bit of self righteousness by saying it would be ridiculous for her to claim for a second home as her first home, in her constituency, was only half an hour by tube from Westminster. Members in other parties had pulled such stunts though, she said darkly.

Was she by any chance referring to Labour Smurf Hazel Blears (4’10”)? Probably not as Ms Blears constituency is several traffic jams up the M1 and M6 although her many homes are all over the place and seem to change location quite often. It is nice to know the reputation of Parliamentary Smurfs is not totally besmirched. We advise young Sarah not to overdo it though, nobody likes a smug tart.

The only Lib Dem to really impress was former leaders Menzies (Evil Emperor Ming) Campbell who charged ten grand for having his rather small London flat decorated. Ten grand seems a lot to pay for a few rolls of woodchip paper and a can of emulsion paint from Homebase and makes the £82 claimed by current leaders Nick (Shagger) Clegg for phone calls to his mates – as in male buddies not his myriad former lovers. To his great credit Clegg claimed £7000 for renovations to his constituency home but the legitimacy of that claim is not in question, in fact Mr Clegg has agreed to repay the £100 over the annual limit he inadvertently claimed. Clegg’s £160 per month gardening costs raised a few eyebrows but I can vouch for the expensive nature of garden maintenance having recently paid a hit man £5000 to impale our gardener here at Thorpe towers after he became a bit too enthusiastic about pruning my favourite Buddleia. If only we could, for £5,000, get someone to impale Douglas Hogg or Margaret Moran (Lab. Lootin South) who claimed her partner’s house in Southampton as the second home when it is further from her Bedfordshire constiuency than her first home or Westminster.

The Liberal Democrats have been enjoying a surge of popularity in recent weeks as the angry punters turned on the main parties. Unfortunately ever since they were just The plain vanilla Liberals has had an unerring knack of turning lacklustre mediocrity into thundering ineptitude just as their rivals were making lacklustre mediocrity look appealing.

More humour every day at Boggart Blog


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Women In Labour

Because some people insist on reading Boggart Blog as a personal diary of our innermost thoughts and feelings rather that the spoof it is intended to be read as, can I just remind you on this article I don’t actually believe in the stuff I write here, it is satire.

Last week (the news was a tad slow in arriving) 85 female Labour Party activists descended like harpies on London for the 2009 Labour Party women’s summit. You missed this inspirational and life affirming event didn’t you? Shame on you all.

There is, I always feel, something deeply unappealing about female Labour activists. It is perhaps to do with their earnest demeanour, their patronising tendency to put one right should one stray “off message” and say something ever so slightly politically incorrect, their intensity and their irritating habit of blaming all the troubles of the world on “unreconstructed” middle class white men. Though there are no doubt some attractive Labour women (no names spring to mind but there must be some) for warmth and a sense of fun The Liberal Democrats have a monopoly on political hot ladies – and even theirs are only slightly warm. Find links to pictures of Lib-Dem warmies at this Boggart Blog post

When middle class white men all have to have chips implanted in our brains that override all male instincts, are regularly injected with female hormones to inhibit sexist behaviour, interest in football and a taste for full English breakfasts and are modified with a few African genes so we can all dance the world will be perfect will it not?

(Snapshot of a post Apocalyptic scene: a Politically Correct Labour Female (PCLF) and her reconstructed mate are surveying a bleak, post apocalyptic landscape hoping to find shelter, food, water and a non – sexist, non racist commune to join when a band of ugly mutants appear over the skyline.

“Oh darling”, says the PCLF, you must save us in a non – violent, right-on, politically correct way from the evil, flesh eating mutants .”

“But how, vis – a – vis their penchant for dressing in animal skins, total lack of interest in personal hygiene and grooming and their brutish obsession with extreme violence and eating anything they can’t fuck I hardly think they are likely to listen to our appeals to their feminine side?”

“You are a man, it’s your job to protect your mate and her children” says PCLF.

“Hmm” says the male who is finding his enlightened, metrosexual attitudes are not serving him well in post apocalyptic world, “I guess I could reach out to them, tell them about hope and change and show them some of my dance moves. That might make them understand the advantages of sharing their space and resources with members of a superior, right – on species. If it doesn’t work I don’t know what I can do, they’re monsters.”

“Don’t call them monsters, you racist bigot, thy have a right to live the lifestyle they choose and we must respect their culture and celebrate their diversity.” says PCLF.

You think I exaggerate? Consider some of the ideas discussed by this conference, organised by the party that gave us such democratic and libertarian ideas as all women or all back selection lists for Labour constituency parties in safe seats to choose their candidates, deselection of sitting MPs who dare to think for themselves and 42 day detention without for people suspected of having beards or possessing equipment that could be used in the growing of beards.

One senior Labour woman told the Boggart Blog political correspondent covering the conference: “I have found myself asking ‘What would have happened last September if Lehman Brothers had been Lehman Sisters?”

We can tell her they would still have gone bankrupt but the offices at Corporate HQ would have had nice curtains.

When women take on the task of talking about how to put the world to rights the assumption that in the same circumstances and given the same tools and resources as men they would be certain to do a better job is, is it not, a tad lacking in logical foundations?

There was much talk at the Labour women’s conference of rebuilding the financial sector as a “gender neutral zone” whatever that is. The main topic to excite the PCLFs though was their idea that the recession could actually work in favour of women. As Corporations seek to make savings on executive pay they see opportunities for women executives to ascend the career ladder as they have always had to accept lower pay than men and are therefor more recruitable.

So then, after all these decades of feminist grizzling about equal pay, you would think women might acknowledge the fact that by ignoring them we were doing them a favour.

UPDATED 21 Feb 2009:
As the most influential women of the NuLab “project” whinge about how women are hardest hit by the recession let us remind you it was, was it not, New Labour with their enthusiasm for Neo-con free market policies that brought us to the current chaos. Worship of markets could only have one end as Ian’s poems Holy City and Chasing Bubbles describe.

Life’s Great Mysteries