War On Politically Correct Idiocy: Shop Defends English Speaking Policy

Leon’s Frozen Custard’s English only policy is currently the cause of some controversy in Milwaukee, WI, per a Fox 59 report.

On Tuesday, customer Joey Sanchez overheard a conversation between a Leon’s Frozen Custard employees and a Spanish-speaking customer.

“She whispered to him in Spanish ‘I’m not allowed to speak Spanish to you,’” Sanchez said.

Sanchez added that he tried to order in Spanish as well, but was told the same thing.

Leon’s Frozen Custard owner Ron Schneider told reporters that his employees can only speak English on the job, and the policy has never been an issue before, despite being in place for a long time.

“Hey, c’mon! It is America. We’ve spoken English for a long, long time,” Schneider said of the policy. “Any foreign language is going to be a problem. What I’m trying to avoid is when people come up here, get waited on in a different language because there happens to be an employee who speaks that language.”

Schneider, who told Fox 59 his wife is Hispanic, said they have never turned away a customer.

“It’s going to get disruptive if we have to become bilingual, trilingual or anything else,” Schneider added.


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Stupid Criminal Of The Week – Stolen Shoes Cost Him An Arm …

… but not a leg it turns out. And they weren’t even new shoes. teenager lost his arm when an absolutely stupid robbery he attempted went idiotically wrong.

Police say the 17-year-old boy, Zachary Sam, contacted a 39-year-old man known as “Phil” who was selling a pair of Air Jordan shoes on Craiglist. They arranged to meet at the junction of Avenue M and East 84th Street in Canarsie, where the teen got into the seller’s car and pulled out a gun, police said. The teen stole the sneakers and then walked away.

Unfortunately the thief only managed to get 100 yards or so when the driver made a U-turn, stepped on the gas and ran over the teenager, severing his arm, police told PIX11.

The teen, missing his arm, managed to jump on an MTA bus, where he demanded a MetroCard. Just then, the victim yanked the teenager off the bus and told the driver he’d robbed him. Then the teen escaped his clutches again and ran home, where he collapsed, police said.

He is now in a stable condition in hospital and doctors are hoping to be able to reattach the arm.

The driver now faces an attempted murder charge. His relatives said his actions were done in self-defense.

“He was just there to help support his family,” Phil’s cousin said. “What would you do if someone pulled a gun on you?”

News report with video

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Told By An Idiot
Nothing to do with Shakespeare though the title was borowed from him, but a collection of snipptes on the absurdities of life
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If You Build It, They Will Come

Scientists Transplanted Laboratory-Grown Vaginas Into Women Born Without Them

In a first for medical science researchers at the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center’s Institute for Regenerative Medicine have grown human vaginas in the lab and successfully implanted them into women born without a minge. The procedure has allowed four women to have normally-functioning bodies.

The organ tissue was grown using cells from each patient’s genitals, then surgically stitched and formed into the shape of a vagina. The condition which causes women to be born without a vagina is Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome, in which a woman is born with underdeveloped sexual organs. Each of the patients in the experiment was a teenager at the time of the surgeries, which took place between 2005 and 2008. The follow up support and monitoring shows the women having normal sexual function and quality of life.

Like the title says, if you build it, they will come

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Some People Are Never Satisfied….

Some people are never satisfied!

Take the case of the woman from Florida who claims she can have 50 orgasms a day.

She says it’s making her life a nightmare.

She has of course been diagnosed with that well known condition, Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder, and claims that she can get aroused riding in a car,(bet there are a few 60 year olds that remember that feeling fnahh fnahh) to listening to loud bass music. Obviously she avoids cycling, horse riding, rope climbing and sitting on the washing machine during the spin cycle and, interestingly, sexual contact.

She has now started a regime of exercise, meditation and medication to numb the affected areas.

Be careful what you wish for gal.

Death Deniers Won’t Let Us Die In Peace

It is often said that the only fact of life is that we all die.

However there is a growing faction, admittedly usually the middle brow press, that seem to want us to live forever, think all of those headlines that tell us miracle drugs or food will help us live 10, 20, 30 years longer.

There are stories of people aged 80 or 75 being refused aggressive, intensive and invasive treatments for terminal conditions and the Death Deniers throw up their arms and rant about how unfair this is, how ageist. Why, these elderly sufferers of cancer and lymphoma and what have you have every right to have their hopes raised that they can be cured and enjoy a further 2 or 3 years of life,whilst not letting on about the arduous and debilitating nature of the cures and their related side effects.

Hurrah then for the former teacher who decided enough was enough and took herself off to Dignitas. She said she didn’t want to live in this modern electronic age. She hadn’t been brought up with today’s technology and felt she could not understand it, nor learn to understand it.

“How terrible,” wailed the press. This otherwise healthy woman had taken her own life when she could have lived for years longer.

Only further down the articles did we find out she was 89.

89 FFS!

Perhaps about time the Death Deniers realised not everyone wants to live forever, and however much they might not like it, it comes to us all in the end.

RIP old girl and good on you.

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The Science Of Spoons

A few days ago I was talking on another site to one of those science heads who gets really angry when people point out that is is silly to talk about exploring space, seeking other planets capable of supporting life when the nearest of these is so far away that in our fastest space craft (10 miles per second with a following wind) it would take 17,500 years (approx) to travel as far as light travels in 1 year. Now the nearest star so far guessed to possibly, just possibly mind, have a planet that might, just might, have the right surface temperature, and possibly, just possibly, the right mix of gases in it’s atmosphere and the right radiation levels to potentially support life forms like those here on earth is forty light years away. So forty times 17,500 equals a bunch of very old intergalagtic explorers before they even get anywhere, let alone back again.

The angry, science worshipping guy then began rhyming off how science had improved our lives, we owed everything to science and would all be running around bollock naked and eating worms but for science. Yawn, hear it all before.

So today when I saw this it made me laugh:

science and the plastic spoon

You see when people get so obsessed with science they forget to use a bit of common sense (What? Did I mention Brian Cunt Cox? I did not mention Brian Cox at all!) it isn’t science any more, it’s stupidity.

I’ll get round to demolishing the new IPCC report on how to fraudulently manipulate data climate change and global warming in a few days.

Are People Really That Stupid? It Would Appear So.

Waiting for a bus at Silverstone on Saturday evening when the heavens opened. All day we had enjoyed the beautiful warm sunshine and so were dressed in shorts and tee shirts. The bus arrived through the deluge. Thirty or forty people waiting to get on.

So what do the people at the front of the queue do?

Pile onto the bus and move along to the back or upstairs to let those outside on and out of the rain?


Take up the seats nearest to the entrance, carefully removing their backpacks while blocking the aisle as the waters rose around our ankles as we waited.

Then they started saying there was no room.

My three burly friends and I barged our way on and up the stairs – to a completely empty top deck.

All muttering “FUCKWITS” as we climbed.

On a similar note I was always bemused by the people who thought Rik Mayall’s Kevin Turvey was real.

“He reminds me of Rik Mayall”, one person, obviously lacking a sense of humour, said.

“That’s because it is Rik Mayall”, I explained, but poor old Derek wouldn’t believe me or any of our friends who tried to convince him.

Likewise many people fail to recognize Steve Coogan’s grotesque creation of Alan Partridge as just that.

Which means it should have come as no surprise to learn that the Beeb have received complaints from some viewers regarding Clarkson and Co’s hover-van exploits when they learned that it was staged and the group of people drenched whilst sitting on a pub decking were in fact actors.

In the words of Snoopy,