Cheering The Loony Left

Wolfie Smith – the next Labouir leader? (image source)

These are strange times indeed. Twice in July we have been given reason to cheer the loony left. The first occasion was Syriza’s leading the Greek electorate to reject the Troika’s bailout terms in Greece’s referendum. The silly lefties thought they could reject further austerity and yet still stay in the EU and the Euro but the victory inevitably plunged the EU into chaos and aroused the anti – integration majorities in the non-basket-case nations to see monetary union for the undemocratic neo-fascist bollocks it really is.

And today I read that here in Britain unrecontructed Trotskite idiot and Islamic State loving wanker Jeremy Corbyn is poised to win Labour’s leadership and take the party back to the Wolfie Smith / Tooting Popular Front comedy socialism that made them unelectable from 1979 to 1997.

Read about Jeremy Corbyn becoming front runner in the Labour Party leadership election from The New statesman

More Bad New For Lib Dems – And A Personal Message

The weeken opinion polls are in, according to You Gov for tThe Sunday Times, Condervatives and Labour are still neck and neck, UKIP continue to make progress and The Greens are doing very well. Here’s a preview from Anthony Wells’ UK Polling Report:

This week’s YouGov/Sunday Times poll is now up here. Topline figures are CON 32%, LAB 32%, LDEM 6%, UKIP 17%, GRN 7%. With Labour and the Conservatives still neck-and-neck this is very much in line with the YouGov polling before the Autumn Statement. Note the level of Green support though, YouGov and Lord Ashcroft have both shown the occassional one-off poll with the Greens ahead of the Liberal Democrats in the past, but YouGov have now produced three polls in a row with the Greens in fourth place ahead of the Lib Dems. [Read full article]

Knowing that Boggart Blog readers are not really interested in Labour and Conservatives, will be pleased to see The Greens doing well but have another burning question on your lips, I left Tony a PM advising him to ask his contacts in the market research business if they would kindly include the minor parties so we can all share the hilarity as we watch the Lib Dems slip behind The Official Monster Raving Loony Party in polls.

Boggart Blog Now The Most Influential Election Opinon Maker

Readers of our humble Blog we can proudly announce Boggart Blog has emerged from this lacklustre election campaign as the most influential news publisher, the blog the policy makers read.

Some sceptics have dismissed our earlier claims to be the blog read by the people who pustulate matter as pure hyperbole – or hyper Bolly as people who visit our offices are inclined to say – but throughout the campaign masses of evidence has emerged to support us.

Only yesterday Baron Von Thunderclap, the Monster Raving Loony Candidate for Mid Sussex revealed the Loony policy on sustainable energy inolves a scheme to set young offenders running on giant hamster wheels to generate electricity for pensioners’ homes.

While Boggart Blog wholly approves of the project everybody on the staff is a tad miffed that Baron Von Thunderclap did not acknowledge the idea was first proposed in a Boggart Blog article written by Sir Hector Gobbett – Broadsides, MP for Ratenborough and our adviser on Victorian Values in an article titled A Child Could Solve The Energy Crisis

Proof then, were any needed that not only does Boggart Blog report the news before it happens, we make the opinions of the opinion makers. We anticipate Labour, Liberal Democrat and Conservative pokesment to include ideas gleaned from Boggart Blog in their final push to attract voters.

Hat tip to The Guardian’s excellent sketch writer Simon Hoggart for bringing this to our attention.

Great Night For The Loonies (or perhaps not)

Last night’s two by-elections were bad news for the Conservatives but great for the Official Monster Raving Loony party who scored their best results in years. Could the Loonies at last be recovering from the tragic loss of their founder Lord Sutch?
The OMRL came ninth of twelve in Ealing with 188 votes while in Sedgefield they came tenth of eleven.
Which is great if you are a Loony supporter. Or perhaps not, after all most Loony activists pride themselves on coming last.