Church That Celebrated ‘Black Lives Matter’ Burns in Kenosha, Wisconsin

Paul Joseph Watson, Summit News
24 August, 2020


After a night of rioting and looting in Kenosha, Wisconsin, one of the buildings to catch fire was a community church which displayed a marquee outside the building celebrating ‘Black Lives Matter’.

Picture: Screenshot via Summit News

Oh, the irony.

Kenosha was hit by violent unrest after a video emerged showing a police officer firing several shots at close range into an African-American man’s back.

Jacob Blake is currently in serious condition at Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee as of early Monday morning.

The fact that Blake had walked away from police and attempted to reach inside his vehicle before he was shot didn’t seem to matter to BLM protesters, who almost immediately gathered at the scene of the shooting.

A state of emergency was declared after an officer was knocked out with a brick, stores were looted and numerous fires were started by the rioters who subsequently attacked a courthouse… Continue reading >>>

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The riots and the retribution

The rioting and looting this week is an inevitable consequence of allowing the justice system to be hijacked bty the Politically Correct Thought Police and their penchant for excusing all perps by claiming they committed criminal acts because they are victims of society.

Victims of society they may be but they still need a good slapping to keep them in line.

So I was mildly encouraged yeaterday when Dve came out with a good line. “If these people are old enough to commit the crimes they are old enough to face the punishment.”

Good line, I though before it sank it that it was just a political line. Cameron has shown he is right with the Politically Correct thinking of the ‘concensus’ so when he talks of facting the punishment he probably means two weeks on an Intensive Individual Therapy Programme (aka a two week adventure holiday.)

Anarchy in the UK

So what’s the difference between anarchists protesting spontaneously about injustice, over zealous policing, rising prices, unemployment and the political incompetence that created the debt crisis and is responsible for failure to deal with it and a bunch of theiving scumbags beaking into shops, trahing them, stealing stuff and torching the building?


None apparently.

(Image from The Guardian: Read full story on Looting In Tottenham
I suppose I should take this opportunity to redo my favourite joke:

After a disturbance in Tottenham, London last night there were reports of gangs roaming the streets playing medieval stringed instruments. Police acknowledged there had been widespread looting.

Roits expose the intellectual banruptcy of the left
Anarchy in the UK and elsewhere
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The Gods Of Television Get In On The Egypt Gig

You have to hand it to The Gods Of television. I don’t mean the likes of Michael Grade, Melvyn Bragg and Co. but the old gods, Cathodius, Superherterodynius, Hermes Trisresistorus and that lot, the ones that brought us pictures when Televisions were powered by semaphore. They have wonderful comic timing.

Television news bulletins yesterdays were bringing us news of the collapse of authortarian government in Egypt and the rioting and looting that always go with such events.

Reporters speaking in their best ‘this is the end of civilisation as we know it’ voices were reporting that Egypt’s famous museums were being looted and priceless aretfacts from one of the world’s earliest civilisations.

And inbetween programmes one of the niche channels was trailering a documentary titled, “The Disappearing Sphinx.”

You couldn’t write such stuff could you?