Ignore The First Race, This Could Be A Good Season

Well last week the F1 season kicked off and looked set to carry on where 2012 left off, boring the pants off everyone.

And then we went to Malaysia.

Now the fun and games had nothing to do with the venue and rather a lot to do with the drivers.

Lewis Hamilton made an early pit stop, unfortunately at the wrong pit. Well I suppose he drove for McLaren for a long time and it will take some getting used to sailing past the mechanics in their white and orange overalls and carrying on to the guys in silver.

Then the Force Indias had problems with the front left on both their cars during their stops. Turns out they were trying to fit a nut onto a nut. Doh.

Torro Rosso sent their driver out from the pit just as a Caterham was pulling into the pit in front.

McLaren released JB before the front right mechanic had managed to tighten up his wheel.

Mercedes gambled on a low fuel load, hoping for rain or at least a safety car or two, for neither of these to appear and as early as the opening laps were advising their drivers of the need to conserve fuel. This ultimately led to second placed Hamilton having to back off when running second, allowing Vettel to pass, but his teammate Rosberg was told, rather firmly, not to pass as Ross Brawn “wanted to bring both cars home”. Rosberg said pretty please and made his eyes big and round to show how much he wanted to pass but Ross was not to be persuaded.

Nico might be feeling a bit hard done by but relations in the Mercedes team are probably a lot more cordial than over at Red Bull, where, with Mark Webber leading the drivers were allegedly told to hold position, which Seb Vettel took to mean close up on your teammate and pass him when he’s not expecting it.

Vettel’s celebrations were rather undermined by the obvious displeasure of Mark Webber, who demonstrated a rather fine line in throwing his toys out of the pram.

Let’s just hope it all carries on in the same vein, I love it when they get mardy with each other:>