What Are They On?

It’s not like me to blog about football, my interest in the game these days barely registers on the radar. I do know however that not long ago it was looking like a duel between Manchester City and Chelsea for the Premier League title, with Liverpool the outsiders.

Then along came Sunderland. One of the pre season favourites for relegation, sunderland have been among the strugglers all season. And then in the space of a week they travel to Manchester and hold City to a draw before beating Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

Whatever drugs they are certainly doing the job. Can we have the name of their pusher please?

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Super Mario is back

Towards the end of last year some of our readers were at pains to inform Boggart Blog sports editor Danny Gruntfuttock that our sarcastic commentary on the misadventures of Machester City striker Super Mario Balotelli were unfair and Balotelli’s antics which included setting fire to himself while letting fireworks of in his bathroom and driving his Ferrari round the isles of his local Tesco were due to overenthusiasm rather that severe mental health issues.

Balotelli was no more intelligent on the field of play, his trademark celebration after scoring a goal involved running round the field kicking as many opposing players and match officials as he could before he was given yellow, red and Go Directly To Jail, Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect £200,000 weekly wages cards all at once.

To be fair Super Mario did make a vital contribution to City’s championship triumph. After City had turned an 8 point lead into a 5 point deficit largely due to Balotelli discovering that if he did something spectacularly stupid even by his standards he could get not only himself but the whole team sent off, after which the Manager dropped him.

With Super Mario out of the team City won all their final five games by good margins and clinched the title.

On the resumption of football this weekend Super Mario once again demonstarated his value to the City team. With the champions trailing 1 – 2 to lowly Southampton Super Mario was substituted.
As soon as he was off the pitch City scored a face saving equaliser and went on to clinch the game with a winning goal in the closing minutes.

Will City retain the Championship? It’s possible so long as they make sure Super Mario isn’t picked. He’s better employed running a cement factory, or at least driving a Fewrrari round one.