New Career In Politics For Moyes


News bulletin’s are full today of the sacking of manager David Moyes by Manchester United. It has been coming a long time, Boggart Blog asked during the first half of a match last November in which United had conceded early goals: Will Dave Moyes last as Man U manager until:

a) The end of the year
b) The end of the season
c) The end of the current game

Wrong on all counts it turns out, he saw out the game and the calendar year but did not make the end of the football season.

By United’s standards it has been a disastrous season, seventh in the Premier League with little chance of improving on that over the last few games and thus not even a place in the Europa League in prospect next season, not a trophy in sight and the certainty of finishing below arch rivals Manchester City and outside the top four for the first time since the Premier League was founded.

Still everything has a smile hidden in it (OK, not for United fans maybe,) and this tweet, allegedly from Nigel Farage is worth repeating;

David Moyes has taken Manchester United out of Europe. He is welcome to join UKIP

Mickey Rooney Heirs To Sue Footballer Wayne?

We could be in for some interesting scenes in the law courts once the vultures lawyers get hold of this idea.

The mother of three-year-old Rooney Scholes ran into trouble when a chocolatier refused to write the little boy’s name on a chocolate Easter egg, claiming Wayne Rooney might sue for breach of copyright.

Pause a moment to take in the sheer idiocy of what you just read, and you will understand why Boggart Blog had to give up our former style of parodying the stupidity of the pompous fools who run the world. We have let these same pomous fools create a world of such surreal insanity they are beyond parody.

Life-long Manchester United fan Jo-Anne Scholes who named her cats Cantona and Berbatov told the press after the Thorntons chocolate store in Bury refused to write “Rooney” on an egg in chocolate icing.
(Jo-Anne Scholes? Is that not breach of copyright? Has former United striker and professional ginge Paul Scholes not copyrighted the name? And should I not be suing that upstart Ian Thorpe for using my name without paying me as licence fee, after all I was Ian Thorpe and had published poetry and fiction before that big footed copyright pirate was born. So my copyright is implied if not legally asserted.

Thornton’s explained their excessive caution is due to the fact that many superstar footballers globally trademark their names to avoid being associated with unofficial merchandise, but also to piss off young children who happen to have the same name. If your family name is Smith, Brown, Robinson, Taylor, Jones or N’dabaninge and your little lad has a fairly common forename, forget the personalised easter eggs.

On the other hand, who’d want to give their kid an official Wayne Rooney easter egg anyway?

An official Wayne Rooney © Easter Egg

Manager In The Theatre Of Nightmares

Saw an old frien of mine yesterday. He is a lifelong Manchester United fan so naturally a topic that came up in conversation was How long will Dave Moyes last as manager of Manchester United now fans have sussed out the man is a complete dickhead?

Until the end of the season or until the end of the year we speculated.

Having just seen the latest score from the United vas Stoke City match, as half time approaches with visitors Stoke leading 2 – 1 at Old Trafford I have now changed by bet.

I’ll be surprised if he lasts to the end of half time.