Agenda 21 in North West USA? Too late, Ore – gone?

According to the text of a Bill due to be passed into law by the state Senate of Oregon in North West USA next week, clause 863 accomplishes the following, ”Makes legislative finding and declaration that regulation of agricultural seed, flower seed, nursery seed and vegetable seed and products of agricultural seed, flower seed, nursery seed and vegetable seed be reserved to state.”

bearing in mind that the state government of Oregon is owned by GM seed biotech giant Monsanto, this means the only seeds that can be legally planted in the state will be those that have been fucked about with by Monsanto scientists.

Opponents of the bill believe that this is more than just a local push in the 4 Oregon counties listed in the Bill and is likely part of a statewide plan to halt Americans from being able to eat healthy food under Agenda 21 provisions set forth by current administrations.

But Oregon has a big grow-your-own community producing in their gardens everything from marrows to marijuana (but mostly marijuana). So bearing in mind the Democrats, the party pushing Agenda 21, rely on the hippy vote, how will this one play out as the 2016 election approaches.

We foresee the traditionally liberal state going Republican if the ‘pubs can find a candidate willing to run a “Vote for dope” campaign.

Or maybe Monsanto are already active in the hashish market? It would tie in with the New World Order’s need for a compliant population.

Agenda 21
Agenda 21 and global fascism

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Learing To Grow Hashish At College

It had to happen, there have been courses available in subjects such as Klingon studies, the Jedi Philosophy and Atheist Theology in American Colleges for years. It was inevitable that a course in being a stoner would be offered sooner or later.

When the U.S. State Of Michigan indtrduced the Michigan Medicinal Marijuana act (try saying that after a good joint) in 2008 making the growing of Marijuana for medical purposes legal in the state, a 24 year old entrepreneur (a.k.a. drug pusher) founded the state’s first college dedicatied to pot related studies.

The course in growing the weed (six weeks, $485)covers horticultural skills,legal pitfalls and methods of preparing hash for consumption.

Now all we are waiting for is somebody offering a PhD in smoking it.

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Med Grow Cannabis College

High Flyin’ Sqirrels

Cleo Hart tells us of the wallabies high on opium, but what are the suirrels doing these days?
I don’t know if anyone else has noticed but they do seem to be falling out of their trees onto busy roads rather a lot lately.
There were at least six on a two mile stretch of the A628 this morning. And they didn’t appear to be squashed.
I suppose there could be some vigilantes cruising up and down the road, armed with air rifles taking pot-shots at the little buggers, but I don’t really think that’s the case.
Or perhaps the squirrels that don’t make the leap from the trees on one side to the trees on the other are inferior in some way.
Seconds squirrels.
Myopic, dodgy knees, clawless.
A demonstration of Darwinism at work.
On the other hand, it’s not that long ago that some walkers noticed a bit of a funny whiff in the air as they walked down a lane from the main road.
Police were called in and they found a substantial mound of marijuana plants dumped in a field…

“Wagwan! Rusty, how you goin’?”

“Hey Tufty, look what I’ve found.
A whole load of shit, man!
Give me a hand and we’ll drag a couple of these plants back to the tree.
Wow, we is going to have us a good time!

“Wow, like, crazy, man.
We gonna dry it or are we jus’ gonna chew it?
It sure do smell good.”

“Well I think we ought to test it out y’know.
Make sure it’s okay.
Then we can sell it on to the brothers at, like, a few acorns a gram.
Hee hee, we is gonna be two rich squirrels.”


“Oh, man, Tuft, this is just soooo gooood.”

“Too right,Rustman, this stuff gives you wings..”

“Hey yeah, just like those flyin’ squirrels man…”

“Yeah, flying squirrels…. I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky…”

“Yo, man, I’m flyin… hey look at me fly… I’m flyinnnnnn…”

“Aw shit man, it look like you come down to earth with a bump. Watch meeee…”

Later still.

“Shame old Tuft and Rusty bought it. Funny how they both fell out of a tree.
Still best get on and clean out their nest.
Hmmm, wonder what this is, smells a bit funny.
Maybe it’s one of those exotic herbs, they were into all that stuff, liked to spice up the acorn cutlet.
I’ll just take some home and try it out, maybe put some on those old horse chestnuts…”

Drunken Moose They’re big, they’re short sighted and they are inclined to turn nasty when they’ve had a drink. Drivers in Gothenburg were terrorised by a drunken moose blocking the road and challenging Volvos to “come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough.

Getting Shrew Arsed Again The Malayan Tree Shrew is not an agresive drunk but they are pissed for much of the time and they fall out of their tree a lot. You might find one sleeping it off in your hair.

Grey and White Peril They’re the chavs of the animal kingdom, aggressive, destructive and in your neighbourhood. ASBS for badgers have proved worthless as a deterrent, they tend to regard the punishment as a status symbol.

Grow Your Own….

Watching the footie yesterday afternoon, god knows the sacrifices you have to make at this time of year, up early to watch the GP and then you couldn’t see anything, a leisurely breakfast and a bit of light gardening before settling down to the Monte Carlo Open Final between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, then over to ITV for the FA Cup semi-final.
Makes a girl exhausted I can tell you.
Anyway I was quite amused by the 6 foot 7 inch afro-haired Everton player. (he’s only 6 foot 4 inch when his hair is wet!) He’s called Marouane. Still if his mum was smoking pot whilst she was pregnant it certainly didn’t stunt his growth.

And on the subject of plants, surgeons operating on chap suspected of having cancer found a two inch fir tree growing in his lung.
They think he must have inhaled a seed.
But just think of the possibilities.
Pot heads could start growing their own and the police would be able to do nothing about it…


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A couple of quickies

Think positive – next year
An expert challenged to find the ideal day for positive thinking said that today was the best date for life-changing resolutions. Dr Cliff Arnall, a psychologist at Cardiff University, devised a formula showing that New Year resolutions stood a better chance of success if they were made on 18 May.

Now if you had been putting off making your New Year resolutions until a more propitious time I do apologise for getting this news to you a day late. All these soothsayers like to hedge their bets of course and the news only hit the TV screens at quarter to midnight. And at that time I was positively ready for bed and positive I was not going to go online to bring the information to the world.

Procrastination is the theif of time of course so make a not in your seven year diaries now that next May 18 is the first day of the rest of your life.

High Minded Debate
The Dutch parliament is to debate marijuana policy after a cabinet minister called for the drug to be legalised across Europe. Alexander Pechtold said this would solve the problem of tourists flocking to the Nether lands to buy the drug, which is technically illegal, but openly sold in some cafes.

Let’s hope this goes better than the last time they tried to debate the subject. One member of the House suggested that informed debate was not possible unless everybody knew what they were talking about. A colleague then handed out some spliff and explained how to skin up and draw on the joint for best effect. After a few tokes each the Members of that august body spent the next hour rolling around on the floor laughing hysterically, after which they ordered and ate a very large quantity of chocolate.

Check out this interesting cookbook

I’m having a quiet day today – Ian