It’s a Square World For Maths Geeks

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“What’s the cubed route of 125?” Leon Remphry asked Education Secretary Morgan on Sky News.

“I think it’s probably better that politicians don’t do maths or spelling on air,” she responded.

Not happy to leave it there, Remphry asked again, saying that he had to press her for the answer. But Morgan gave the same response.

For anyone left wondering about the answer, Remphry revealed the cubed route of 125 is 5. The cubed root of a number is a value that when multiplied three times, gives that number so in this case it’s 5 x 5 x 5.

Some geek replied:

Hagrinas Mivali 3 hours ago

It’s not an arbitrarily difficult question. It’s an elementary school question, and is no different from asking Dan Quayle how to spell potato. Even if she didn’t get it the first time around, she should have gotten it when pressed. It doesn’t require deep thought.

Square roots and cube roots are types of roots. If a root is cubed (assuming it was a cube root in the first place) you will end up with your original number. So the cubed root would be 125 assuming that the root is 5, and it’s cubed. I thought he said “cube root” but the smart ass answer to “cubed root” would be even easier.

It’s not a matter of being able to solve a problem but of knowing that by definition, she needs to find n where n times n times n = 125. It’s like a person not knowing that the square root of 25 is 5, or that if I give you five quarters, you will have 1.25.

If this woman is the Minister of Education, then she is in charge of determining the curriculum for schools. She should at least know what she is asking the kids to do. It’s not as if he asked her a calculus problem that needed a half sheet of paper to work out. In that case, I could excuse her for not remembering the formulas.

That’s all very well but my answer would have been “Who cares?” Not everybody is a maths geek, its nearly fifty years since I left school and I have never had to work out the cube root of anything despite my working in computers for thirty years.

Modern Maths Teaching Is Making Children Mentally Ill

Common Core is the United States equivalent of the national curriculum, a progressive education policy designed to turn pupils in state schools into brainwashed retards. Sadly though some parts of the Common Core curriculum are more insane than others, the chief offender being that obsession of politicians and academics, the mathematics curriculum.

Now insanity and mathematics go hand in hand as any fule kno. Was there ever a maths teacher who was not stark raving bonkers? No, there wasn’t. You may occasionally come across a blogger who says, “but I had a great maths teacher who explained equations in a way that helped me make sense of life, the universe and everything.”

maths insaneA Common Core maths question (it’s genuine) designed to make pupils insane

You have not found someone who knew a sane maths teacher of course, you have merely found a blogger who was always more insane than maths teachers.

If you want to know how insane mathematics is and why it makes people insane, you need to read this:

Mathematics and reality

It proves that insane stuff makes erfect sense to mathematicians while reality confuses the crap out of them so much they just can’t cope.

here’s an example of the kind of insanity scholkids are being brainwashed with in the politicised progressive education systems run by the British and American governments.

from Natural News

If you look around America today, mathematical mental illness is found everywhere. It’s found in the federal budget, where numbers only mean what we are told they mean, not what they really mean. Mental illness is also found in medicine, where mentally ill victims of mercury in vaccines viciously attack parents who seek to protect their children from those very same vaccines. It’s also found in the new “Common Core” curriculum, spearheaded by the federal government, which seems intentionally designed to make children mentally ill and as confused as possible.

Case in point: See this homework assignment from an elementary school in New York. The “mathematics” exercise instructs children to “Draw the cubes you colored in the number bond” and then “Show the hidden partners on your fingers to an adult.”

The final instruction asks students to “Color the fingers you showed.”

You may have noticed this babble is but together by someone with severe learning difficulties, i.e. a maths teacher. To find out more about this insanity continue reading at Natural News

And here’s a chance to revisit our blog on an equally idiotic batch of insane technobabble generated by insane maths teachers: It’s Nineteen Eighty Effing Four In The Education System

Because I worked in computers people tend to assume I’m a whiz at maths. Actually, like many who were involved in business computing I’m crap at it, but this is due more to complete disinterest than lack of ability. To be good with computers you need to be good with logic which is not the same as being good at maths.

Creativity And Non Conformity Are Now Signs Of Mental Illness?
Maths teachers are dunces at everything else
Maths teachers are failing pupils – send for Ronald McDonald

A little reality

This is from Inquiring Minds (h/t Captain Ranty) and I didn’t check the maths, so any pendatic sods out there, if you find minor calculation errors, in the words of the great Adge Cutler, “Don’t tell Oi, tell ‘ee”.

Now I’m aware that some of my readers harbour a misguided notion that if only we could get Labour back in power everything would be OK. Even though Ed Balls has promised to return to borrowing and spending money that the world is about to end. What the article below does is put into perspective for those Labour voters who think “A billion, that’s like two million isn’t it?” just exactly what is involved when politicians stop talking of our debt in millions and start talking in billions.

UK government debt is around one and a half trillion if you take into
account unfunded pensions, PFI schemes
and all the other off balance sheet debts.
Private debt just about matches this if you take into account
mortgages, credit cards and overdrafts. (USA debt is 14 trillion.)
Now try to get your head round a trillion.

Perhaps this helps.

1 million seconds = 12 days
1 billion seconds = 31 years
1 trillion seconds = 31,000 years

(note: – the British billion is now the same as the American billion –
a mere thousand million, not a million million)

The next time you hear a politician casually talk about ‘a billion pounds’, stop and think about it.

Ask yourself – are they spending YOUR tax money as you want?
These facts help put that ‘billion’ in perspective.

A billion seconds ago it was 1991.

A billion minutes ago Jesus was alive.

A billion hours ago our ancestors were living in the Stone Age.

A billion days ago no-one walked on the earth on two feet.

A billion Pounds ago was only 13 hours and 12 minutes, at the rate our government is spending even more than it can raise from…

Stamp Duty
Tobacco Tax
Corporate Income Tax
Income Tax
Council Tax
Unemployment Tax
Fishing Licence Tax
Petrol/Diesel Tax
Inheritance Tax (tax on top of tax)
Alcohol Tax
Marriage Licence Tax
Property Tax
Service charge taxes
Social Security Tax
Vehicle Licence Registration Tax
Vehicle Sales Tax
Workers Compensation Tax

Only one – income tax – existed 100 years ago (at a maximum of 10%)

Our nation was one of the most prosperous in the world.
The industrial revolution was beginning to feed mouths and fill pockets.
Public spending was a mere 25% of GDP.
We coped with debts of £600 million resulting largely from the Napoleonic Wars.
We had the largest middle class in the world.
Mum stayed home to raise her children.
Dad was allowed to discipline his children.
A criminal’s life was uncomfortable.
The sun never set on the British Empire.

And now look at us today – trapped in the EU and governed by inexperienced pygmies.

How and why did this change happen?

The answer is equally mind-boggling and appalling, because we are to blame.

We have re-learned an old hard lesson :
people attracted to power are fundamentally unsuited to hold it.
Ask yourself: do senior politicians today believe in acting in the best interests of the people who elected them?

Self-evident answer: No. Self-interest and political survival come first.


Emperor Obama plans to bypass Congress to combat climate change

More Teachers Than Pupils Drop Out Of School.

Earlier this week we had a New Labour clone drop in on one of our old education related posts to tell us Boggart Bloggers what evil people we are for making fun of those wonderful people who staff our schools and deliver New Labour’s modern education policies. Teachers it seems are wonderful, dedicated professionals who are totally committed to making sure pupils pass their SATS tests and schools hit their targets and do well in league tables.

These comments are always welcome because they refresh those old comment threads and also give is a chance to deliver a reply that is not so much a slap down as a pile driver any WWF wrestler would be proud of.

Bizarrely these visits usually occur at the same time as a news story that underlines the total and utter failure of New Labour’s education policies. This may just be coincidence as it surely is when we take the piss out of Obama and a couple of days later Obots will start turning up and accusing us of being Nazis just as they are now busy accusing people who don’t like the healthcare plan of being Nazis.

Is it Nazi to point out how comprehensively New Labour’s progressive education reforms have failed (unless of course there was a hidden agenda) ? Is it subversive to point out that an education system in which one on five school leavers cannot read or write has not exactly made great strides forward from the days when it was impossible to pass GCSEs without being able to read and write.

The latest in a long line of failures to be highlighted in the press is a set of figures showing that 40% of newly qualified teachers have left the state education system within six months of qualifying. A few of these teacher drop outs get jobs in private education but most quit teaching completely to take up careers as sex workers, shelf stackers, burger flippers or call centre clerks.

Sadly these early drop outs from teaching in state schools are often the best qualified of the output from teacher training. This leaves the people not bright enough to flip burgers or stack shelves to man our classrooms and equip teenagers with the skills they will need to build a future.

In the whacky world of New Labour Education Policymaking however a good grasp of their specialist subject is a less important requirement for young teachers than being part of an oppressed minority. This seems to apply most in the key areas of maths and the natural sciences. A maths teacher with a good A level in maths is more rare than a maths teacher with Tourette’s syndrome.

Is it time to ban maths in schools

More humour every day from Boggart Blog

Ronald McDonald To Teach Australians Maths

The crisis in the maths class seems to grow ever worse. The latest news from the blackboard jungle down under shows that so great is the dearth of maths teachers in schools and the complete indifference of the pupils to the endlessly fascinating mysteries of pi or the occultism of quadratic equations, Ronald McDonald has been recruited by the government to teach basic maths online.

Leaving aside for a moment the rather inconvenient fact that children over five unanimously hate Ronald McDonald more than they hate maths teachers, because to the sophisticated modern child reared on Little Britain or The League of Gentlemen, clowns are sad, pathetic and totally unfunny while to the sensitive, unsophisticated child clowns are scarey.

Let’s face it, clowns are so a million years ago. In the catalogue of modern humour clowns rank somewhere between sticking a whoopee cushion on your granny’s chair and putting on a red nose to climb into a bath of baked beans for comic relief. Not effing funny OK. Meanwhile on the scale of frightening, Ronald McDonald is ahead of Jenny Greenteeth, The Bogey Man, The Wardrobe Monster and Iggy The Barebum Firebobby, right up alongside Jonathan King and Gary Glitter in fact. And that is very very frightening.

The Australian government have not thought this through of course, a spokesperson for the Australian Department of Education, Science and Silly Walks said; “Our main concern was that McMaths would be used to influence consumer choices but McDonald’s have assured us the programmes will be free of free of corporate interests.

Oh well that’s alright then, I mean it’s not as if Ronald’s clown suit is festooned with the corporate logo or that the character is a universally recognised symbol of the brand is it?

A different spokesperson, on behalf of the parliamentary opposition took up this point saying; “ Strewth, that bludger Ronnie Mac. should stick to cooking burgers and the Department of Education, Science and Silly Walks should stick to educating kids. before we know where we are that drongo Jamie Oliver will be selling tucker for a supermarket.”

So will McMaths help children do better in class or will it just encourage them to eat more burgers. You can decide after reviewing this sample maths problem.

Four Okker Larrikins, Bruce, Bruce, Bruce and Bruce pool their money, buy a bacon McMuffin each and decide to spend the rest on tinnies. They find they have enough money to buy twelve tinnies and decide to go to Bruce’s house to drink them.

As Bruce’s house they put on a DVD of the 2005 England versus Australia Cricket Test and sit down to watch, hoping this time Kevin Pietersen will be out for naught and Australia will win. Before the action gets started Bruce decides he needs a dump. While he is gone Bruce, Bruce and Bruce drink all the tinnies:

a) how many tinnies will be left for Bruce to drink when he gets back from the Dunny?
b) the question shows that Okker Larrikins do not give a XXXX for anybody but themselves. Calculate the value of XXXX ?
c) While Bruce was in the dunny he was bitten by a redback spider. The venom which turns human blood to jelly normally kills an adult male in thirty minutes. As Bruce is dehydrated because he has not drunk any tinnies how much more quickly will he die?

MacDonald’s have been working with the Labour government who will always suck up to big money interests on a scheme to have the fast food chain’s internal training program recognised as an official vocational qualification. Somehow we can’t see a diploma in Macology: The Science Of Burger Flipping opening all that many carreer doors.

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