Marking time to the end of the world

Just having a few quiet days as I have a lot on and none of my substitutes are available to fill in. One story noticed on my trawl through today’s papers is worth recording here:

From The Daily Express

Universe is being SWALLOWED UP by dark energy leaving ‘big, empty’ space, says shock study

Scientists have claimed that the universe could become a void of nothingness, as the dark matter of which the universe is built on is slowly being erased by dark energy.

The shocking report, published in the journal Physical Review Letters, showed that dark energy grows as it interacts with dark matter.

As the dark energy grows, it slows down the growth of structure in our atmosphere – meaning that we could be left with a universe with almost nothing in it.

Professor David Wands, director of Portsmouth’s Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation, said: “This study is about the fundamental properties of space-time.

“On a cosmic scale, this is about our universe and its fate.

“If the dark energy is growing and dark matter is evaporating we will end up with a big, empty, boring universe with almost nothing in it.

“Dark matter provides a framework for structures to grow in the universe. The galaxies we see are built on that scaffolding and what we are seeing here, in these findings, suggests that dark matter is evaporating, slowing that growth of structure.”

Prof Wands said the traditional study of cosmology was thrown upside down in 1998, when researchers announced that the rate at which the universe was expanding was speeding up.

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This is very scary until you realise that nobody has ever or can ever prove the existence of either dark matter or dark energy. Like so much of what is passed off as science today, both are just the results of mathematical speculations. If you ask for hard evidence that, for example, dark matter exists the answer will be, “Well it has to exist or all our equations that prove Big Bang happened and the universe is expanding fall apart.”

In other words they had to invent darn matter to cover up the fact that most of their theories do not stand up to scrutiny.

Just how does one get these jobs where you get paid for talking bollocks and never have to do any work?