The Silence Of The Labour Lambs

Is Gordon Brown a mentalist? That is the question we must ask today. Boggart Blog, as you know, has never shown much restraint in laying into Gordon Brown for incompetence, egomania, and the way he treats us all as if we are as stupid as the average Labour MP.

For those same reasons we find it impossible to sympathise with the outrage of left-leaning newspaper columnists who protest that questions about the Prime Minister’s mental health are a gross invasion of his privacy in a matter the public has no right to be curious about.

This fuss has blown up after the BBC’s Andrew Marr raised the issue in response to rumours circulating in the blogosphere. With the lefties getting their knickers in a twist about a right wing conspiracy and media bias perhaps we should remind them it is not so long since the left was, rightly, on David Cameron’s case over allegations of youthful drug taking and both sides were kicking off about Nick Clegg’s pre-marital shagging around.

The left say there is no justification in enquiring about the Prime Minister’s mental health as it is not in the public interest to know if Brown is a mentalist. Boggart Blog begs to differ. The Prime Minister has influence over many things that affect all our daily lives in great and small ways so if he is bonkers in the head you, the public, have a right to know as much about it as possible.

So what can we tell you? Well, an e-mail made public in connection with a different instance of Labour malfeasance revealed that for reasons relating to certain prescription drugs he is taking Gordon Brown cannot consume a number of substances including cheese and red wine.

The whole list of dietary exclusions affecting the Prime Mentalist corresponds with that associated with an industrial strength anti – depressant drug.

Now your Boggart Bloggers, Cleo, Fat Sally and myself would sympathise with anyone who cannot have cheese and red wine. Du pain, du vin, du fromage – pretending to be sophisticated is a family tradition.

Life without cheese and wine is merely existence. This would go some way to explaining why Gordon is such a grump and a sulk along with other aspects of his Marvin-The-Paranoid-Android-like behaviour.

So how insane is Gordon Brown? This insane, right. The original e-mail that outed him as a mentalist does not refer to “red wine” generically but specifically to Chianti. This might simply relate to the fondness for Tuscany shared by the Nu Labour elite. Or it could indicate that liver and fava beans are kept off Gordon’s menu by doctor’s orders too.

Brown steals policy from BNP.

In his big speech today Gordon Brown announced plans to deal with the social problem of dysfunctional one parent families. Unfortunsately uber-blogger Guido Fawkes identified it as a rip off of the BNP’s Gulags For Slags Policy
This is going to play really well with the Politically Corect Thought Police who run Labour. Follow the link above and read to the end to find out what else other than Gulags For Slags Gordon Brown and Nick Griffin have in common.

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Mentalist Of The Week.

There was a guy on breakfast television yesterday who has had his whole body tattooed with Tiger markings. Tattooed, you understand, no wussy face paint job for him, nothing that would wash off or even fade with time. Face and body tiger-striped all over. What is more he’s had cosmetic surgery to mouth and nose to give his face a more tigerlike aspect.

The man, let’s call him Tiger Man is an American and is in Britain on a promotional tour. Promoting what? you might well ask. Insanity is a strong possibility. He complained to Phillip Schofield, not perhaps the best choice of interviewer as he had trouble keeping his face straight when dealing with oddballs, that on arriving at Heathrow he had been detained by security for four hours although he had no criminal convictions and no terrorist connections. We think it was simply to give the boys on afternoon shift a chance to get a look. You can imagine the texts going out, “gt in a bit rly n brng mobile or cmcrdr, got a rite nutter here. Boyz down the pub wll never believe this.”

Tiger man’s best mate, who was with him, had had his face and body tattooed all over with yellow and green lizard scales. He had also had his toungue divided and insisted on demontrating lizard like tongue gymnastics to camera. Put me right off my Crunchy Nut Corn Flakes it did.
These people claim they are simply expressing their right to free expression. I say, and I know I’ve said it before, I’ll expect tp say it again too; When they closed down the mental hospitals and decided to let people like this loose, they had not really thought things through.

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