And Whilst We Are On The Subject….

Well we’re not still on the subject, but we were with a couple of consecutive posts last week, Global Warming – Keep It Under Your Hat and Climate Science Why Can’t The Met Get It Right? – I’m sure Ian will correct those titles if I’ve got them wrong.

Been off walking in the Lakes for a few days.

First of all the weather forecasts. They were absolutely correct.

Starting off mild, some sunny periods, risk of showers, some heavy at times, turning to sleet or snow on high ground.

Same every day, bang on the nail every day.

And then,on our Monday morning walk, having arrived at our targetted pub much quicker than we anticipated, we decided to carry on up the fell, the top just bathed in the thinnest of mists.

We started along the footpath, which quickly became a steeep climb and then a scramble up a sheer stretch of rock, by which time the weather had closed in. Poor visibility, strong winds and a half blizzard. We carried on to the top but then couldn’t see the footpath to take us back down to Ambleside so decided we had to go back the way we came, back to the pub basically.

Halfway down the sheer bit we met another couple coming up and exchanged pleasantries.

Then he looked at me and said, “You haven’t got a hat on, aren’t you cold?”
“No,” I replied, “just fine.”

“Oh,” he said, you lose a third of your body heat through your head…”
At which point I pushed him off the mountain, hat and all:)

(Ian says: no corrections our kid, just links – the oxygen of the web)
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Tarmac Fried Egg For Me Please!

As I sit here, sweltering, I think perhaps The Met Office underestimated in its prediction of “an ice cream weekend”.
However after last year’s “barbecue summer” fiasco you can’t really blame them for erring on the side of caution.
And they didn’t really get the winter right when they forecast a rather mild “toffee apple and baked potatoes in the bonfire” season that actually turned out to be “Steaming hot chocolate with a large brandy chaser” weather.
But now that it seems summer is truly upon us look out for forecasts of a “picnic in the park” June, a “strawberries and cream on Murray Mount” early July, slightly changeable and windy “sandy sandwiches on the beach” later in the month before August starts off as “tinnies cooling in the river”, moves into the “Pimms with extra ice” temperatures and finishes off with the “tarmac fried egg” as the thermometers creep ever upwards.