Trump’s wall And The Logic Of Border Controls

People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.

News across the pond is dominated by Trump’s wall at the moment, the president’s bid to male goo another of his campaign promises in the face of obstruction from The Democrats and an all out propaganda assault from mainstream media, totally blanking factual reports of progress on the wall along the border with Mexico, and focusing on the human cost to wannabe illegal immigrants of denying them access to the USA, rather than on the other role the wall will play, of stopping, or at least slowing the flow of illegal drugs, weapons, human trafficking and fugitives from justice across a border that currently is so poorly policed it might as well not exist.
This may seem to have little to do with UK news, but read the piece below and the linked item from the Daily Wire, and think not of the human cost of controlling immigration, but of the human cost to your neighbours, colleagues and community members of NOT controlling borders.

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Ya know it drives me crazy when people say “The vast majority of the drugs that he (Trump) alludes to, including heroin, are increasingly caught at the legal ports of entry, which would be unaffected by the construction of additional physical barriers. Critics routinely point to drug tunnels as a sign that walls don’t work.”

Let’s put our thinking caps on for a minute. Alright we Build the Wall…and Now the Only entry is AT the Ports…Where People are Supposed to come through…It Insures we document and vet everyone…Nobody gets in without approval first… The Drugs already coming through the ports…That’s Right…Our Guys (and Gals) are Good and they get a lot of the drugs before they hit our streets…

But How many people are coming across the border with their Drugs Weapons and Children (Sex Slaves)…without being detected… Here is the Answer…We Don’t Know…Ya know why we don’t know…They didn’t come through a port of entry…They did not go through a process…We don’t know who they are…we don’t know how many there are…we don’t know where they are going…and we don’t know their intentions for being here…and we don’t know their state of health and well-being.

If we had a Wall…There would be no other choice…They MUST go through the Ports of Entry…All would be Funneled through…Everyone Vetted and Accounted For… So tell me again How Walls Don’t work… As for the Tunnels…Since our Border Patrol will be much more able to Contain and Control Illegal crossings due to being forced to come through Legally…

They will be able to take relief from fence Jumpers BECAUSE of the Wall…and They will then be able to Distribute More time and Resources to Finding these Tunnels and Closing Down their Illegal Actions… A Wall Makes Logical Sense…A Wall Will Work…Rather than futally plugging Holes in the Dam…A Wall is a Solution that Changes Everything…and that is the actual problem…When you make your money illegally…doing illegal things illegal ways…

They are the ones affected by this…They are the ones we Ought to be Targeting…and since the Dirty Deep State does everything illegally…That is Why they cannot have this wall…because it affects Them…Not Us…Them… Why wouldn’t we want to Control our Expenses…Why wouldn’t we want to Change the Illegal Immigration Laws…So they are no longer Rewarded for Breaking the Law…That makes No Sense…It only encourages More of it…How much do we spend annually on Illegals…Why…It is Criminal and we Do Not Pay Criminals for Breaking the Law…

We Jail them… We could then use all of that money that we would now be saving from supporting Illegals…To Giving it to out American Vets and Homeless Families…These are the People we should be Taking Care of First…It is Immoral Not to…That is what is Immoral… Will a Wall Catch them All…Maybe Not…But it Surely would put the Scales in our Favor instead…Build That Wall and Build it Tall…

A Few Hours From Where Acosta Said There’s No Crisis: 21 Bodies, Some Burned, Found In Mexican Border Town

On the same day that CNN Chief White House Correspondent Jim Acosta posted his report from McAllen, Texas assuring Americans that there wasn’t “anything resembling a national emergency situation,” at least not there, very different reports were coming out of a Mexican border town just a few hours

Immigration omnibus

Naked Cyclists Are Revolting

It’s one way to grab a few headlines for your cause.

Thousands of naked cyclists in Mexico rode in protest over aggressive drivers and carbon emissions from cars.

Some 3,000 demonstrators – some bare head to toe, others in bathing suits or underwear – braved catcalls and embarrassed smiles from residents as they biked some 12 miles to end up in Guadalajara, the biggest city in Jalisco state.

In downtown Mexico City, nearly 2,000 bikers – naked or scantily clad – also demonstrated. Some slapped “fragile” stickers on their bodies or painted messages on their skin: “more bicycles, less pollution,” and “the city is for everyone, let bikes pass.”

Wonder what Jeremy Clarkson and his Top Gear mates would say about that.

And here for the unreconstructed blokes among Boggart Blog readers is a bit of nostalgia. The uncensored video of Queen’s Bicycle Racers.

Doing The Humane Thing

Yahoo news is not a web site anybody should take any notice of mainly because most of what appears there is scraped from newspapers and the web pages of television news networks. But at least with all their current business problems one might hope Yahoo would have enought sense to avoid pissing off the majority of their users by pandering to a whiney, irritating but small minority, the Politically Correct Thought Police.

Oh no, the editor of Yahoo News UK, a politically correct metrosexual meeja type named Richard Evans in his weekly message has chosen to have a go at the Top Gear boys over the week’s top non event, the insulting Mexico affair thus pissing off top gear’ millions of viewers and pleasing fans of the Equal and Human Rights Commission – all fifteen of them.

To remind you, here’s how the Top Gear boys ‘insulted Mexico and it’s people:

Hammond: …Cars reflect national characteristics, don’t they, so German cars are very well built and ruthlessly efficient, Italian cars are a bit flamboyant and quick, a Mexican car’s just going to be lazy, feckless, flatulent, overweight… leaning against a fence asleep, looking at a cactus, with a blanket with a hole in the middle as a coat.
May: It is interesting, isn’t it, because they can’t do food, the Mexicans, can they? Because it’s all like sick with cheese on it, I mean…
Hammond: Refried sick!
May: Yeah, refried sick.
Hammond: I’m sorry, but just imagine waking up and remembering you’re Mexican: ‘awww, no’.
Clarkson: No, it’d be brilliant… because you could just go straight back to sleep again.

Now as Mexico is a failed state in which law and order have broken down, public services are corupt and inefficient and drug cartels are running the show it is pretty hard to see how these comments insult the place.

The prissy and pusillanimous Mr. Evans (who cannot even dream of using insults like like) does not agree. He starts off by comparing the incident to Russel Brand and Jonathan Ross baiting an elederly actor. Brand and Ross were a couple of Cupid Stunts and Boggart Blog had some fun with it but the whole thing was a storm in a teaspoon. Nobody died, there was no blood.

The first, and undoubtedly biggest, outrage snowball I encountered was 2008’s ‘Sachsgate’ which saw Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand suspended by the BBC for crude phone calls to Andrew Sachs regarding his granddaughter Georgina Baillie. Directly after the incident two people complained, then the Daily Mail got the outrage rolling and 18,000 complaints later Ross had been benched and Brand had quit the BBC.

Skip forward two years and we’ve been outraged at Jan Moir, Frankie Boyle, various reality TV show judges and a woman who put a cat in a bin, to name but a few. One group of people who seem intent on being added to the list are ‘Top Gear’ presenters Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. It seems the trio are in the news on a monthly basis with some ignorant remark or another.

Later in his article he says:

I’m rather liberal when it comes to comedy but I fail to see anything humorous about three middle aged, overpaid, pompous men poking fun at people from a country being ravaged by drug wars […]

Clarkson just comes across as a bigot and while ‘Top Gear’ is continuously being pumped abroad as part of the BBC World Service these three goons are increasingly becoming representatives of the UK. As Steve Coogan said in his piece on the same matter for The Guardian: “Big viewing figures don’t give you impunity – they carry responsibility […]

Right so now we know where Richard stands, it’s OK to insult middle class white blokes but not fat, feckless, flatulent people traffickers and drug runners. What is disturbing is that Richard, in the style of George Orwell’s Though Police, believes us ignorant proles need to be told what our opinions we may hold.

If Mr. Evans is upset by this type of banter he should be killed. Not because he’s a bad person or because he has done anything wrong but because when someone is so ar out of touch with reality its the only humane thing to do. The rest of us will probably decide to not give a flying fuck.

I don’t know any Mexicans personally because I don’t hang out with fat, feackless, flatulent fuckers but I know a lot of Americans and Canadians who think Top Gear is great. Who would we rather have on our side, nations who at least try to speak a civilised language or nations whose biggest controbution to the world has been guacamole.

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