Is It Lack Of Diversity That Makes Lefties Stupid?

Quite a while ago now I wrote a post titled “Is It Lack Of Diversity That Drives Left wing Hate?” It contained these lines:

There’s an old joke;
Q: “Why do teenagers only listen to other teenagers?” A: “Because they’re stupid.”
Q: “Why are teenagers stupid?” A: Because they only listen to other teenagers.”

Substitute leftie, liberal, radical or progressive for teenager and that just about sums up the political ‘left’. There is no diversity of opinion, unorthodox ideas are frowned on and deviation from the dogma (going off message) is an unforgivble sin. Thus they only ever talk to like minded people and their prejudices become reinforced.

a gathering of lefties celebrate their diverityA gathering of lefties celebrate their diversity (source)

Just recently the resident leftie pains in the arse have been irritating me a bit as I have tried to explore the news issues being most blatantly misrepresented in propaganda published by government / mainstream media. I wouldn’t mind so much but all these people can offer by way of rhetoric is screams of “conspiracy theorist” (I don’t find spurious links to form hasty conclusions, instead like a level headed and open minded commentator I consider all angles) and irrational name calling (right wing extremist might be an insult in the eyes of our Khymer Rouge fellow traveller colleagues, who are all scum sucking spawn of a pox whore’s scab lice (now that’s a insult), but anyone who thinks it describes my views is just politically illiterate).

The other illustration of rhetorical incompetence from such people is to try claiming that I and similar ‘nut jobs’ are among a very small lunatic fringe who doubt the propaganda. The most recent issue this kind of dispute has centred on is the question of “Who Shot Down flight MH17?

As I have already posted links to New Straits Times of Malaysia (that country’s leading newspaper) Times of India (that counry’s leading newspaper) and many other reliable sources only to have the lefties respond by repeating American propaganda lies that were discredited weeks ago, (repeat the lie often enough and it will become true – Josef Goebbels, Hitler’s propaganda chief) I now bring you an editorial from Asia Times Online which poses some interesting questions about Flight MH17 and the other Malaysia Airlines disaster, Flight MH370 and shows once again that opinion outside the Obamasphere is far more sceptical of FUKUS axis propaganda than the new Nazis:

Vanishing point …
By Pepe Escobar

First, passenger airliner MH370 vanished from Planet Earth. Then MH370 vanished from the news cycle. First, MH17 was shot down by “Putin’s missile” – as Planet Earth was told. Then MH17 vanished from the news cycle.

Where’s Baudrillard when we need him? Had he been alive, the dervish of simulacra would have already deconstructed these two Malaysian planes as mirror images; from absolute vanishing to maximum exposure, then vanished again. They might as well have been abducted – and shot – by aliens. Now you seem them, now you don’t.

Black boxes, data recorders – everything MH17 is now floating in a black void. The British are taking forever to analyze the data – and if they have already done so, they are not talking. It’s as if they were singing, I see a black box / and I want it painted black … void.

The Pentagon, with 20-20 vision over Ukraine, knows what happened. Russian intelligence not only knows what happened but offered a tantalizing glimpse of it in an official presentation, dismissed by the “West”. The best technical analyses point not to “Putin’s missile” – a BUK – but to a combination of R-60 air-to-air missile and the auto-cannon of an Su-25.

A reader led me to this fair assessment by former USAF and Boeing engineer Raymond Blohm: “With proper vectoring, a Su-25 need not be quite as fast as a Boeing 777 in cruise. It just has to get to a missile-firing position. Since the 777 was not maneuvering, it would be simple to pre-calculate when to get in a certain spot in the sky below the 777. From there, it’s the missile that has the speed and altitude capability to hit the 777. (The R-60 is a very capable missile.) After the missile takes out an engine, both the 777’s max speed and its max altitude are well within the Su-25 fighter’s speed & altitude capabilities. Then, the Su-25 can show off its cannon power.”

Continue reading this article at Asia Times Online and if any sub-50 IQ bell end shows up to tell us we should not believe anything I read if it was not first published in US, UK, or European propaganda, remember all my sources have produced evidence for their opinions, so far the propaganda merchants have not produced a single shred of evidence in support of their loonytoons narrative.

Unless like the leftie clowns you believe that “Our side are nicer people than them so you can believe us,” is evidence.


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CIA Black Site and UK Government linked to flight MH370 mystery

Even Malaysian officials are now claiming that the government is withholding information on MH370

Malaysian politician Anwar Ibrahim recently came forth on the world stage, claiming that Malaysian officials are withholding evidence surrounding flight 370 which went missing Mar. 8, 2014.

Ibrahim stated “I owe it as a Malaysian […] it is our duty to find out”, referring to missing airliner and its 239 occupants.

“We want to know what happened in terms of the [two] stolen passports. Why were these passports allowed to be used?”, pointed out Ibrahim on Sky News.

Well nobody is in a hurry to tell them what happened, which makes us wonder could it be anything to do with this?

Cori Crider, strategic director at Reprieve”>Pressure mounts on UK government over CIA black site jail on Diego Garcia

The U.S. air base on Diego Garcia, a remote, british ruled island in the Indian Ocean from which native inhabitants were evicted when the USA requisitioned it for military use, has been all over the press recently following the release of the Mar. 31 Intellihub News article titled Freelance Journalist: Hijacked flight 370 passenger sent photo from hidden iPhone tracing back to secret U.S. military base which went ultra-viral on the Internet.

In fact, the article even prompted a response from the White House as U.S. Press Secretary Jay Carney denied any involvement with the matter after a journalist attending a White House press meeting raised the question.

A writer on US military affairs, John Pike, once described Diego Garcia as “the most important facility the U.S. has”. Pike also stated that the military’s goal is to run the planet from the island by 2015. That may seem a bit far fetched but America has been run by paranoiac psychopaths for several decades now, and it is no more far fetched that the evidence offered by reality deniers that the coordinates of the alleged photo pointed to what appeared to be a storage shed.

Do these Trekkies think a modern airforce base would be so high tech and scientific they would not need storage sheds to store spare parts, tools, surplus office furniture, other mundane stuff and people the government did not want regular air force personnel to be aware of? These people have clearly never visited any military sites, usually what is visible to outsiders is very mundane. Such naivete and childlike trust in government is quite charming really.

Now, according to Russia Today, the human rights group (see above) is pressing Britain to “come clean” about their involvement with the black site which houses a rendition facility, lending credibility to the missing flight 370 abduction theory believed by many, including Sara Bajc, girlfriend of passenger Phillip Wood an IBM executive who was aboard MH370. Continue reading at Russia Today

diego garcia - black site prison
Diego Garcia – high tech military equipment, low tech sheds

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Malaysia Airlines Cover Up

Giant Whitewash Slick Sighted In Indian Ocean

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Malaysia Airlines flight 370 Flown To Diego Garcia?

Flight MH370 Shock – Not Really, Looks Like Boggart Blog Was Right Again

mystery mh370Picture source

We told you so weeks ago, , now officials are saying that the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 that disappeared en route from Kuala Lumpur LANDED somewhere. Now Boggart Blog is not a global news organisation, we don’t have a multi million dollar news gathering operation but we managed to piece together the available information and come up with this:

Malaysia Airlines flight 370 Flown To Diego Garcia?

It is impossible to say if the plane did actually fly to the US air base on Diego Garcia but while it is not well known that the engines of long haul jet aircraft are monitored via satellite during the flight and report flight data to the plane maker (Boeing and engine supplier (Rolls Royce) on landing, mainstream media completely failed to report both those respected organisations reported that the landing report had been made, thus proving the aircraft landed safely somewhere.

We were also very sceptical about the sham search carried out off western Australia, the aircraft could not have flown that far with the fuel it had on board. Obviously the floating wreckage, oil slicks and electronic pings were part of an elaborate cover up.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 – The Cover Up Proceeds

Now officials have admitted the aircraft landed according to this newly released video report from Dahboo7 via the original story from the Daily Mail.

WHERE did this LOST flight land then? Was it Diego Garcia as I and other alternative news outlets speculated? Why are we just finding out that this plane MAY HAVE LANDED now if it was known only days after the flight disappeared?

More importantly, what has happened to the passengers of Flight MH370 whom, it is reasonable to assume were still alive after the aircraft landed? And why were officials able to keep this secret for so long? Who silenced the mai9nstream media, or are they so cowed by big power and big money they dare not go anywhere near controversial stories.

We may never find out the truth of Flight MH370’s fate? But the lesson you need to learn from all this is when you see someone being decried as a “Conspiracy Theorist” they are probably nothing of the kind but simply sane and rational people who are asking the questions the powerful and wealthy do not want anybody to ask.

Journalism is reporting the news somebody does not want reported, anything else is public relations. – George Orwell

More unpopular questions are asked at the linked pages below:

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Giant Whitewash Slick Sighted In Indian Ocean

Whitewash – picture source

Almost a month after Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777, flight MH370 mysteriously went missing without trace on a routine flight, after weeks of intensive searching turning up no sign of the huge aircraft or its two hundred plus passengers, suddenly we, the long suffering punters are being told that the case of disappeared aircraft has been solved.

Having performed the technically impossible feat of vanishing off radar in relatively busy airspace (the aircrew cannot switch off radar, it is controlled by civilian and military aviation authorities, not by the pilot and co pilot on board each flight) we are asked to believe the plane then flew over a thousand miles into the middle of nowhere and ditched the airliner in a bizarre suicide committed by the pilot acting alone.

You just couldn’t make this shit up, I mean nobody would believe such a chain of events could happen, not even “long ago and far away in a galaxy on the other side of the universe”. Yes, even Star Wars fans would object to such a story line.

Never mind though, this unlikely scenario was made the basis for a search and rescue operation on an unprecedented scale, combing through over 30,000 nautical miles, involving 60 ships and 50 aircraft – all in an effort to find a clue, a lifejacket, a bit of polystyrene, a boxed set of Lost, a corpse riddled with American made machine gun bullets, that had been carried by currents from the proximity of Diego Garcia, where according to unofficial reports the aircraft was headed when radar contact ceased, anything that might enable the authorities to claim it was evidence that a Boeing 777 had crashed into the water in that area.

Earlier this week Malaysian authorities made the dramatic announcement that they had finally “found” the aircraft, without any “debris sighting” having proved positive. On cue, global mainstream media outlets ran continuous coverage on Monday March 24th of this week, showing stock footage of men looking rather intensely out the window of Royal Australian Air Force P-3 on a routine reconnaissance flight, at a trail of smoke hanging over the water. They failed to tell viewers this was merely a “smoke marker”, placed there (no doubt for the benefit of cameras) to mark the spot where “experts” guessed a mucky, whitish object sighted on a grainy satellite pictures might have actually been.

As no wreckage was produced to prove the location of flight 370’s watery grave was found in the area, we can only assume that what the people who studied the satellite image thought was wreckage from the white painted fuselage of the Boeing 777, was in fact nothing but a whitewash slick.

Flight 370 The CIA Hoax: Gordon Duff

from PressTV

Today we are told that the fate of Flight 370 is known, not yet identified debris has been spotted in what is called “the Southern Indian Ocean,” perhaps more appropriately described as “north of Antarctica.”

We also know that the 777/200 is a “fly by wire” aircraft with controls in place that allow the CIA to remotely pilot the plan “in case of emergency.” We were able to verify the design and implementation of this system through Boeing, Raytheon and commercial pilots.

The descriptions today in the New York Times and other publications are purposefully inaccurate and contradictory. Their explanations of how commercial aircraft communicate and are tracked are fanciful at best, at worst “criminal.”

When Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 was reported as having crashed in the South China Sea, a massive cover up began yet no one will speak of it, nothing is written of it and its broad consequences are a subject of no investigation.

While people around the world were told the plane was “lost” or “crashed,” it was being monitored by NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) and its regional defense partners through secret systems installed in the plane.

Continue reading at PressTV]

Covering up 8000 square miles of empty ocean
Missing Aircraft: Does This Ring Any Bells
Another airliner carrying a large number of civilian passengers has gone missing in the area between Indonesia and Malaysia. Here is what is known so far from the news feeds. As you read it, make a not of how far you get before the bells start ringing.