Evil Labour Government Helped Private Companies Profit From NHS

If you live in Heywood and Middleton and were thinking of voting for the greedy, paedophile loving, elitists’ party, Labour because you have been taken in by the lies peddled at the Labour conference that the wicked Tories plan to privatize the NHS, think again.

In their four and a half years fronting the coalition, the Tories have done little to address the problems of the NHS, but they cannot privatise it because the greedy, paedophile loving elitists of Labour already did that under the leadership of the traitor and war criminal Tony Blair.

Here’s a story from Yorkshire locan newspaper The Wakefield Express about how corporate Construction giants Balfour Beatty are making millions from their investment in the Private Finance Initiative. Private Finance Initiatives were a Labour idea under which the government loaned construction and healthcare corporations mony at low interests rates to build and equip hospitals and then the NHS rented them back as fully managed facilities, giving the owners a seven or eight percent return on investment. Easy money:

from Wakefield Express:

Balfour Beatty makes £42m profit out of Pinderfields and Pontefract Hospitals

But aren’t the Tories to blame for doing nothing, you might well ask. Not really, you see the evil political pimps of the Labour Party gave their corporate billionaire buddies a legally binding guarantee that their income from PFI contracts could never be cut. Left wing writer George Monbiot explains in this 2010 article from the Guardian. While you are at The Guardian site, search ‘Monbiot pfi’ because George has a whole string of articles exposing the corrupt PFI deals Labour entered into.

I wrote on the evils of Labours NHS Private Finance Initiatives, which were really nothing more than a licence to steal taxpayers money that we thought had been invested in the NHS. Blair’s billionaire buddies benefitted but you and I ended up with a struggling NHS being bled dry by corporate profiteers and run by self serving managers who when they take early retirement award themselves million pound redundancy packages and then, a few months later are rehired as external consultants (Western Daily Press) earning several times their final salary in consultancy fees. (A second link on that story from The Guardian again) These deals were common under the Labour government, The Coalition have at least taken some small and rather inept steps towards addressing such abuses (and were immediately attacked by screeching lefties for doing so.)

So vote Labour if you want to fill the country with perverts who will rape and kill British children and think it is a good idea to hand our NHS over to theives and plunderers.

OK, still thinking of voting Labour because you think the NHS will be safer in their hands.


NHS executives ‘earn £35 million in pay rises’ despite funding crisis
While Labour, Lib Dem and Green politicians accused the Conservatives of starving the NHS of cash,and as many Hospital Trusts faced financial problems and having to cut back on standards of care given to patients, we are learning that NHS bosses awarded themselves over £35 million in pay rises during the worst financial year in the history of the service.

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Princess Kate’s Second Hand Clothes

The mainstream media are working themselves into a right old lather today about Princess Duchess Kate of Cambridge being seen out in clothes previously worn by her dear old Mum.

We can’t understand what the fuss is about. This is not news, it’s not worth covering on television news bulletins or in newspapers. Woman wears clothes is no more an interesting story than dog bites man.

Now if Price William had been seen wearing Kate’s Mum’s clothes ………….

Flushing Social Staus Down The Toilet

Little Katie Middleton is not good enough to become part of a family descended from impoverished German immigrants it seems, even though after eight generations some of the people have still not properly mastered the vowel Or vile should we say?) sounds of the English language. (NB its mastered not marstered OK you monarchy fans.) Apparently her unacceptability is due to the fact that her mother says “toilet” which makes the family too common to mix with the Royals.
The upper middle class, of which the Royal family is part (let’s not insult the proper toffs who in my experience are foul mouthed, drunken, libidnious degenerates, its the middle classes who have the hang ups.) never use the toilet because it is common. There delicate sensibilities insist that they only use lavatories which is tough if you need a dump becausde the lav. is very specifically for washing.
Similarly upper middled class bottoms cannot sit on a settee or couch, only a sofa will do for them. Well I suppose when your farts smell of Yardley’s English Lavender your arse is entitled to be picky.
Woe betide one also if when visited by a member of the middle class one has tomatoes in the fridge. Tomatoes are so common people of the haughtiest particularity will not give them houseroom. This is not an issue for the working class who al;ways buy tomarters of course, nor does it bother the toffs who don’t give a damn what anyone thinks of them and will fill their fridge with anything they choose.
Not that you could be ostracised by the gorf (not golf, that is for common people) club committe for serving tomatoes with a meal. The middle classes would never accept your invitation to a meal, meals are common.
No wonder Posh Spice is anorexic, better to lose muscle tissue than to lose face.
The Middle Classes have to create all these stupid social conventions of course because they have no style. It is impossible to have style while living in terminal fear on embarrassment.
Embarrassment is what the middle classes fear most so they take refuge in being seen to do the correct thing. Which is always very different from doing the right thing.

You’re well out of it Katie girl, all that was waitijng for you down that road was the life of a brood mare and and ending in a Paris underpass.
Go out now and get a life.