If Sturgeon Is Jerking Miliband’s Strings, Who Will Be Prime Minister

The puppet and the puppeteer: Image Source: The Daily Telegraph)

Since the second division leaders’ debate last week, The SNP’s Mad Wee Hag Nicola Sturgeon has been leading the news every day. With Labour facing wipeout by the nationalists in Scotland, according to polling figures, the possibility of a Labour / SNP coalition along the lines of the Conservative / Lib Dem coalition that has governed since 2010 has become the obsession of the media.

Few are sanguine about the prospect, the SNP are Europhile, spendthrift, globalist Marxists whose political position on the relationship between Scotland and England makes Pol Pot look moderate.

Sturgeon has tried laid to offer Ed Miliband a deal that would put him in Downing Street for just as long as he was prepared to accept all the SNP’s outrageous demands for special treatment for Scotland in relation to England and Wales. So far Ed, sensing the likely backlash from English voters has not said yes, although he has not rejected such an arrangement completely.

The SNP leader demanded Mr Miliband replace the Tories with something better and not just the “Tories light” before she would throw her support behind him. This means she wants labour to abandon their pledge to show greater fiscal responsibility than they did last time when the country was only days away from needing a Greek style IMF bail out by the time the party was thrown out of office.

Setting out her key conditions for working with Labour, Ms Sturgeon said the Labour leader needed to be “bolder” in fighting austerity and she could not support his spending cuts.

And she made clear she would not support paying £100bn to retain the Trident nuclear deterrent saying she would rather spend the money on childcare, education and the health service.

In other words, were there to be a Labour /SNP government, Ed Miliband would have the job title but The Mad Wee Hag Nicola Sturgeon would be pulling the strings.

Miliband leading Labour into the wilderness
Labour no longer the party of beer and pies
Labour out of the closet – party of elitism and authoritarianism
The left do not have a petent on goodness and compassion
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Banished To The Party Leaders’ Debate

Looking forward to tonights TV. I swear Myanna Buring (pictured right) in Banished is getting more gorgeous every week. Myanna Buring as convict Elizabeth As for the rest of the nights TV, it doen’t hold much promise. The two hour comedy special ITV has lined up could only appeal less if Lenny Henry, Marcus Brigstock and Dara O’Boring had got the gig insead of Cameron, Clegg and Miliband.

As the party leader’s pre – election debates are the main talking point of the day it would be remiss of the nations primary satirical news blog (that’s us) to let the event pass without some gesture.

With this in mind, Boggart Blog will offer a bottle of Bollinger to the first journalist with the chutzpah to ask Ed Miliband if he has the Balls to follow an economic policy that will not bankrupt the nation.

Other news; we hear Nigel Farage has embarked on a pub crawl round Manchester, in order to test the opinion of the city’s ordinary people.

The Reality Party are attempting to obtain a last minute High Court injunction preventing the broadcast going ahead without their leader, Bez (formerly of The Happy Mondays altered reality Britpop band) on the platform, and Nick Clegg has totally lost the plot.

Many people may be surprised to learn the Lib Dem leader is still alive, but according to rumour he is still the deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, and has been out campaigning. In a press event yesterday Clueless Clegg declared it would be “hugely unjust” if people with depression were prevented from working as airline pilots.

I’m sure we all see his point: the risk that a pilot suffering from depression might deliberately crash his plane, killing 150 people on board is a trifle compared to the need of self righteous liberals and lefties to make a sanctimonious, ‘look at me’ statement that will earn a few facebook likes from mental health lobbyists for defending nutters’ rights.

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Has Ed Miliband met his Bigotgate already?

Dan Hodges, a rabidly Blairite columnist for the Daily Telegraph (which explains perhaps why the DT is following The Guardian and Independent down the pan) commented on the incident in which Peter Baldwin, an aircraft electrician at BAE systems near Preston, Lancashire confronted Ed Miliband about Labour’s abandoning its working class roots.

Red Ed, the posh – boy Marxist, not only belittled Baldwin’s trade by equating it to a contruction electrician or the bloke wot fixes your granies washig machine (twenty – five quid for cash, luv) but similarly denigrated all skilled manual workers. And Hodges compounded the insult thus:

‘Now let’s have a look a Peter Baldwin. “The question on everybody’s mind is the referendum”. No, it isn’t. The question on everyone’s mind is who killed Lucy Beale?”

The Labour leader (right) asks electrician Peter Baldwin, “So who do you think killed Lucy Beale” (image source)

I sprayed the kitchen wall with cornflakes, then laughed so much I nearly shat. The idea is so ludicrous it deserves a prize at the comedy awards.

Peter Baldwin was talking about his fellow engineers in the staff room.

Does Danny Boy really believe that a bunch of engineers sit around discussing Eastenders? Who is Lucy Beale? Even my wife does not watch East Enders.

In my time I have worked with engineers, trod the factory floor, been a market trader and a computer professional. All put me into blokey environments and in none of them was Eastenders (or any soap for that matter) a topic for discussion. Who killed J.R.? Who gave a fuck?

Most conversations centred on sport, sex, and comedy. On occasion however the lads did discuss politics. And even tough I retired at fifty (Sixteen years ago), immigration and our relationship with the EU was high on the list of priorities, as were economics and foreign policy. On the EU, interestingly, the majority thought we should to get out because it was clear even then that Brussels was pushing towards a single federal state and that would mean loss of sovereignty and loss of civil rights.

Later in my career, as an IT consultant by then) I was involved with a corporation that employed more females and leftie types and guess what?

They also do not sit around discussing Eastenders – though to be fair they also don’t pay much attention to the EU either, preferring yo babble idiotically about equality and ‘yooman rights’.

The campaign has not even started properly yet, the election is still over two months away and already Labour, the paedophile l;oving party of elitists are busy showing their utter contempt for the the white working class, the demographic one whose votes they must rely for any hope of winning a majority.

What an awesome leader Ed Miliband has turned out to be. If David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Nigel Farage, Nicola Bennett and that weird woman who is more crab paste than caviar had selected the Labour leader, they could not have picked on who would aid their campaigns more.

No major UK political party has a coherent plan to cut immigration.
As the election creeps nearer, and latest figures show immigration has gone out of control again, it is clear UKIP is the only party willing to address the issue. The Liberal democrats would simply open the doors and dismantle all controls, while Convervative and Labour leaders mouth empty promises but are too afraid of being tagged ‘racist’ to act.

Ed Miliband Sounds Like A ‘Public Schoolboy’ Says Traditional Labour Voter

Labour out of touch on immigration

Miliband leading Labour into the wilderness
Labour rejects beer and pies for chardonnay and prawn sandwiches
Labour’s authoritarianism out of the closet

Has ‘Hampstead Socialism’ Lost Labour The Working Class Vote

When a traditionally left wing publication like The New Statesman turns on The Labour leader you can be sure the party is in bigger trouble than anyone involved with it is ever going to admit.

This blog has been saying for years Labour is now more elitist than The Conservatives, the party of lawyers, academics and media luvvies, of crony corporatism and progressive ideologies taking precedence over pragmatic realism.

Labour has not only lost touch with the working class that always made up its core vote, the intellectuals now despise the working classes whose concernes are casually dismissed as racist and bigoted. Instead they suck up to the gay and lesbian communities, extremists religious minorities (so long as they are not Christian extremists) and corporate businessmen who favour replacing democracy with a totalitarian world government and the kind of strangers to reality who think equal rights for paedophiles could ever be a vote winner.

Miliband: ‘old-style socialist who can’t connect with public’

from The Mole:
Stinging attack from New Statesman as Times claims Labour backbenchers could still ask him to step aside

In a devastating critique of Ed Miliband, the editor of the left-wing weekly, the New Statesman, has accused him of being an “old-style Hampstead socialist who has failed to find an authentic voice to connect with the electorate”.

“He doesn’t really understand the lower middle class or material aspiration,” writes Jason Cowley in this week’s editorial. “He doesn’t understand Essex Man or Woman. Politics for him must seem at times like an extended PPE seminar: elevated talk about political economy and the good society…”

Nor does Miliband have a “back story” that might capture the public imagination, says Cowley. “[He] does not have a compelling personal story to tell the electorate, as Thatcher did about her remarkable journey from the grocer’s shop in Grantham and the values that sustained her along the way, or Alan Johnson does about his rise from an impoverished childhood in west London.

“ ‘I went to Oxford to study PPE, worked for Gordon Brown, became a cabinet minister and then leader of the party’ does not quite do it. None of this would matter were Miliband in manner and approach not so much the product of this narrow background…”

The attack is particularly upsetting to Team Miliband because the Statesman went out of its way to endorse Ed for the leadership in 2010.

Read more at The Week:

When the leading publication among left wing intellectuals is doing a hatchet job like that on the party leader, himself a Fabian Society intellectual, only six months before a general election, it does give the impression they don’t want to win.

Poor Ed, I like him as a person no matter how misguided or daft his politics may be, but he really was handed an impossible task. Nobody could hope to succeed in selling the politically correct idiocies of paedophile loving Harriet Harman and her clique to the down to earth voters of Labour’s industrial strongholds.

The problem with losing your chains is knowing what to do when you are free to act without them. The answer most people choose should not really be all that surprising.

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This Is What A Hypocrite Looks Like

The “This is what a feminist looks like” t-shirt proudly worn by Harriet Harman during Prime Ministers Questions last Wednesday was made by factory girls in the Mauritius who earn just 62p an hour and sleep 16 to a room. The shirts are currently being sold at Whistles for £45 each, with all profits donated to the Fawcett Society, a campaigning group for women’s rights.

The t-shirts are being promoted by women’s magazine Elle in their forthcoming edition, which features a number of men including Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, Labour Leader Ed Miliband, and the actors Benedict Cumberbatch, Richard E Grant and Simon Pegg all sporting the shirt.

Prime Minister David Cameron landed himself in hot water by repeatedly refusing to take part in the feature by wearing one of the shirts, but it appears that he may have the last laugh as an investigation by the Mail on Sunday has revealed that the girls making the shirts are committed to 45 hour weeks for which they are paid just 6000 rupees – about £120 – a month, meaning that it would take them a week and a half to earn the money required to buy one of the shirts.

Francois Woo, managing director of CMT’s factory in La Tour Koenig, north Mauritius told the Mail: “The Mauritian government has set out a minimum wage that we must pay and we abide by their rules. “I am like a parent to the workers. They are free to come and go as they please but if they go out on a weeknight I will not be happy because then they will turn up for work the next day hung-over.

If people didn’t want to work for us then they don’t have to, nobody is forcing them. If they have the chance to earn more somewhere else then they should go elsewhere. If they didn’t like it, then we would not have existed as a company for 28 years.”

But the workers disagreed. One 30 year old migrant worker told a Mail On Sunday investigative reporter: “I have worked here for four years and I have not been able to see my son or husband in Bangladesh during all that time. We work very hard, sometimes 12 hour days, for not much money. I send all my money home and could not afford to fly back and see my family.”

Another said, “It is awful but we have no choice. In my country, the rupees I earn here are worth three times as much as they are in Mauritius. “How can this T-shirt be a symbol of feminism?”

And that £45 price tag? I phoned my bother who has a clothing business, he reckons he could buy that quality T shirt with a better slogan for £5 and retail at £10. So we must wonder how much of the £35 ectra profit is going to charity and how much is landing in the pockets of hypocrites promoting this ‘feminist’ ( for which read Marxist) shite?

Boggart Blog Says ‘Become A Feminist and Support Slavery

The Best Man For The Job?

I loved this headline and sub headline I saw in The Daily Telegraph today.

Voters want conviction – Labour has given them European fudge

As Britain moves closer to leaving the EU, Ed Miliband must lead the fight to remain.

I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Personality (when God made Ed, he missed a personality) Miliband leading the campaign to keep us in the European Union, we’ll be out of Europe in no time and have an extra £55 million a day (yes that’s how much we pay now for the privilege of having those EU bastards in Brussels rob us,) to spend on important things like reducing the deficit.

And if we were to stop fighting America’s wars too …..


How the fall of France could accelerate the rise of UKIP

Maureen Lipman: ‘Silly Bugger’ Miliband Can’t Be Jewish and Eat Bacon

Is the Labour Party about to find it’s soul? Doubtful, but at least Maureen Lipmann is making a bit of an effort to look for it. Part of the Labour Party’s soul resided in the Jewish religion, the rest – well it used to be said here in the north that the Labour Party owed more to Methodism than Maxism.

You see the true working class Labour supporter did not have much time for academics and intellectuals like Karl Marx. It was the elitists who formed The Fabian Society that dragged Labour down the road to authoritarianism. It’s strange though that while working class voters were prepared to put up with the likes of Lady Astor, Lord Longford and Viscount Stansgate and Labour’s army of wealthy lawyers and academics who considered themselves experts on working class lives even though few had actually done and honest days’s labour in their own lives. In spite of that, until now working class voters have largely remained loyal.

How strange it will be if something as mundane as a bacon sandwich destorys that bond.

What the working class will not tolerate is being patronised and when some smart arseed PPE graduate decided to respond to calls for Labour to reconnect with the working class by having leader Ed Miliband eat a ‘working class’ breakfast, a bacon sandwich it was patronising in the exreme to assume working class Labour voters were too ignorant to know that Ed Miliband is Jewish(ish) and most Jewish people do not eat bacon.

So now, not only has that stupid publicity stunt pissed off a lot of working class voters, it has pissed off a lot of Labour’s affluent Jewish suporters to. And the nation’s favourite Jewish Grandma, Maureen Lipmann, has gone on the warpath.

from Breitbart-London

“… it’s not exactly like all Jews refrain from bacon – such is my experience of living in Hampstead Garden Suburb for the past three and a half years anyway. I’m told (by some of my pulled pork-loving Jewish friends) that Judaism is “like a buffet cart” that people often pick and choose from. If Miliband chooses the bacon sandwich, who are we to judge?”

Well I’m certainly in no position, but actress Maureen Lipman seems to be, if her interview with the Times is anything to go by.

Lipman,[…] is described as being “intolerant of left-wing intellectuals who have left their Jewish faith behind”

When told of Miliband’s “tussle” with a bacon sandwich during the recent election campaign, Lipman said: “In the case of some people it makes them look extremely clever if they don’t take what would be a natural Jewish standpoint… That’s your posh left wing.
“Bacon sandwich! Silly bugger, if he thinks he’s coming here for dinner after that!”

Read full article

We think Ms. Lipmann is being a bit harsh. Anyone who saw the news pictures of Ed about to throw up his bacon sandwich would realise he was stitched up by his PR people.

ed and baconEd and Bacon

Labour’s bacon Sandwich Fail Show They Are Unfit To Govern

Ed and bacon

Some people might think Boggart Blog has the same style of rabid hatred for all Labour politicians and Labour supporters and lefties reserve for Michael Gove.

WRONG! All politicians are wankers and Labour politicians tend to be more hypocritical than others, and are actually posher and more elitist than Conservatives, Lib Dems and UKIPpers but one should hate them all equally, not for who they are but for what they represent.

Sadly the leftist mindset is not up to the job of multitasking so hatred as to be directed at specific things, Gove, The Daily Mail, Rupert Murdoch and Jeremy Clarkson are all objects of left wing hate.

While Boggart Blog hates Ed Ball’s economic illiteracy, Diane Abbott’s racism and paedophile loving Harriet Harman’s patronising hypocrisy and Labour’s control freakery in general, we quite like Ed Miliband as a person. OK, he’s a lousy leader, totally out of his depth fronting a political party riven by internecine conflicts yet still hoping to govern a nation of 60 million people in a year’s time, and he would make an even worse Prime Minister than he does an opposition leader.

In spite of all that he still comes across as a decent bloke. Ed would be a good senior prefect in a grammar school, (oops, just mentioned another hat symbol for lefties)intelligent, fair, anxious to do the right thing and careful to give everyone a fair hearing. Sometimes however, a national leader has to be a ruthless bastard, and that is where Ed would fall short.

Take for your example the infamous bacon sandwich incident on the day before the European elections. Warned that Labour were losing votes to UKIP because working class people felt the party was elitist and out of touch, some out of touch elitist in the Labour Public Relations team decided Ed, who is not religious but is Jewish all the same, should be pictured eating a working class breakfast, a bacon sandwich. Ed (above) bit into his bacon butty and manfully forced it to go down his throat. Now I don’t know if it was his Jewsish heritage that gave him a problem, or a distaste for meat, but you could tell he was not enjoying the experience. A more ruthless person would have said, “Fuck you, goyischer PR twat, I don’t eat pigmeat.” I hate bananas and if somebody said to me, “You have to eat a banana sandwich to promote your latest venture Ian,” I would remove the banana from between the bread slices, place it between two bricks and ram it up the pillock’s arse.

sales would soar, or if my venture was political, milions of votes would be won.What could possibly shout “Man of the people” more clearly.

It could simply be that Ed Miliband is one of nature’s museli eaters (and nothing wrong with that, I like museli myself). But whatever, the smart arse who thought up this embarrassing stunt is as big a dickhead as the contestant on The Apprentice a few years back who had described himself as a ‘good Jewish boy’ but tasked with buying a kosher chicken returned with a halal chicken.

The only thing Labour’s fuck up achieved was to give Nick Clegg a chance to score his only point of the week by proving that he could eat a bacon sandwich by doing so with considerable gusto.

Those of us who think another Labour government in Westminster would be a bigger disaster that an asteroid hitting Earth can take comfort from this display of ineptitude and out of touch elitism. The cleaner who had to clean up the mess after Ed parted company with his bacon sandwich (below) probably took no pleasure in the Labour leader’s discomfiture. And the poor bugger probably did not even get a tip

ed miliband bacon sandwich
Ed Miliband struggles not to throw up his bacon sandwich. (source: huffpost)

Obama’s spin doctor to make boy wizard our Prime Minister

In a move that will be seen as panic or desperation, the Labour Party has appointed Barack Obama’s chief spin doctor David Axelrod to be head of strategy their election campaign. In a move that will be seen as idiotic incompetence and proof Labour are not for for government, the Labour press release spelled his name “Alexrod”.

Labour was left embarrassed after misspelling the name of its new American strategist on the press release heralding his appointment. The party has trumpeted the appointment of David Axelrod, the strategist who masterminded Barack Obama’s two presidential victories in 2008 and 2012.

However, the party revealed the appointment on its website with the headline: “David Alexrod joins the team”.

American media organisations immediately ridiculed the error, suggesting that the error “distilled why [Labour] might need the strategist’s help”.

NBC News described the mistake as “especially embarrassing” for Ed Miliband as he has been parodied “as a bumbling and feckless Mr. Bean-like character”.

Boggart Blog will not stoop so low as to make fun of typos, we aren’t the most meticulous of proof readers ourselves. The question on our minds is how will Axelrod project Ed Miliband as Prime Minister material? Hide his birth certificate and education records? Start rumours that his wife is really a bloke?, persuade him to publicly insult the leaders of our closest allies? Play the race card?

Somehow I can’t see any of that being swallowed by British voters. On the other hand, there is that old rumour that Ed is really Harry Potter. Think about it, have you ever seen the Labour leader and Daniel Radcliffe together?

Potter Milliband
Not a lookalike – Ed Miliband IS Harry Potter

Milliband’s Comprehensive Elitism

Ah yes, Ed’s school. Haverstock Hill CINO (Comprehensive In Name Only) That’s the place where they were so inclusive they taught the elite kids separately from the working class oiks isn’t it?

And it may come as a surprise to those inclined to kick off about privilege and Tory Posh Boys and how The Church Of England should be sold to the Arabs and private property abolished to learn that man o’ the people Ed went to the same primary school as Boris Johnson.

As I’ve always said Labour are more elitist than the Tories.

The early life of Ed Miliband

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