Egg Miliband

As Labour leader Ed Miliband was giving the interview to a local television reporter a man with a shiny face in a hat came through the crowd and slapped the egg on to the shoulder of the Labour leaders jacket. Before Mr. Miliband had time to “do a Prescott” on his attacker the man ran off down the street.

After being hit and removing his dirtied jacket, Mr Miliband joked that the man was “obviously not one of my fans”. Obviously not the sharpest knife in the drawerr either. A more effective insult would have been to slap Ed round the face with a rasher of bacon.

The Bishops, The Benefit Cap And The Blairite Coup

I’d be willing to bet you never thought you would hear me say this but I feel sorry for the boy – politician Ed Milliband. The thing is I quite like him as a person, he is a man who landed a job way beyond his competence level by default because all the other contenders were so much worse. Now he is doing his best to hold together a party that is determined to splintr into Marxist, Maoist, Trotskyite, and Blairite (aka New Elitist) factions.

As a consultant I worked alongside many such managers in business. The most able young managers are sidelined early in their careers because as they gain experience they will pose a threat to their bosses, so those who do rise through the ranks bring to their job qualities that define them as a mixture of David Brent and Frank Spencer.

Thus it is with Ed Milliband. He tries desperately to get things right, as he did with the benefits cap which the Labour leader sensibly supports. But his party betray him; last nights unholy alliance of bleeding heart bishops and Blair’s barons was a guaranteed vote loser as survey’s show a majority of Labour voters also support a benefits cap.

So why was this Blairite coup organised by Ed Bollocks and Little Hattie Harperson to undermine the leader. Surely the arch populist Blair would have supporteed a benefits cap. Or at least employed more Machiavellian tactics to deral it.

Well, the Blairites are not as smart as Blair himself. They let their obsession with ousting Ed M and putting Ed bollocks or Mrs Bollocks Yvette Cooper in his place as head of a Blairshevik party that would oppose a benefits cap. Why?

Think about this:
“We don’t support a benefits cap that leaves people in London destitute,” a Labour source told journalist Mary Riddell …

Now look at what that means. Labour the party of wealth, privilege and patronage opposes a benefits cap because wealthy Labour supporters who own (via trust funds, offshore companies etc.) private rental property in London want to keep feeding their bank accounts from the cornucopia of tax money.

Lott at things from a different angle and they usually become clearer.

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While Socialist Occupy Protestors Call Punitive Tax On Weath, Socialist Tony Blair Pays 5% Tax”>The Blair Tax Dodge
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Fast Buck UK, Fast Buck Labour

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Fast Buck UK, Fast Buck Labour

Speaking at the Labour Party conference, Ed Miliband attacked what he called fast buck UK.

In an almost instant reply the Fast Action Response Team employed by former Prime Minister Tony Blair said, “Mr. Blair acknowledges Miliband’s right to express his opinion but the Mr. Blair has no intention of reducing his standard £100,000 fee for a forty minute speech.

While Socialist Occupy Protestors Call Punitive Tax On Weath, Socialist Tony Blair Pays 5% Tax

I’m feeling sorry for Ed Miliband and I’m not ill

I never thought I would say this of another Labour leader after Blair and Brown betrayed every principle the party held dear, but I have warmed to Ed Miliband.

Now behave, I’m not drunk, haven’t eaten mushrooms for several days and I am not running a fever. It might be something to do with his recent nose op. My son Dave had the same procedure at about the same time so I know how messy, painful and risky it is. Dave’s op didn’t work either.

Also, I can empathise with Ed’s position having myself tried to hold together an organisation that was determined to tear itself apart.

But the main reason I feel sorry for Ed is I’m a notorious giggler when gravitas is called for so I can imagine how he must stuggle when, while trying to convince union leaders there is no point striking againt cuts a Labour government would have had to make if they had been elected, he must look acooss the table at Len ‘Lemon-squeezer face’ McCluskey.


Vote Yes Or No To AV, you still end up being controled by European Brureaucrats

Today Nick Clegg and Ed Milliband will say that switching to the Alternative Vote system (AV) for elections will produce fairer results.

Well they would say that as both think it will benefit their party.

Today David Cameron will say voting in favour of AV will damage democracy. As leader of the party once led by Margaret Thatcher he’s know as much about democracy he’d know less about democracy than Wayne Rooney knows about classical ballet.

Boggart Blog says vote yes for AV. It will not change many results, it will not damage democracy (what democracy is there to damage) but it will give us a chance to put a few UKIP-pers and other assorted cranks, xenophobes and nutters in Parliament and put the shits up the New World Order mob in Brussels just like the True Finns have done in Finland’s election.

Unless of course you are in favour of the idea of bringing not just Turkey but the whole of the middle east and North Africa into our economic community so our taxes can bail out dozens more basket case economies. That should bump our taxes up to about 999%. EU officials Barosso and Von Rompuy Pumpy were at a conference in Lebanon in December to discuss that. Strangely it missed mainstream media altogether and all mention of it has been scrubbed from the web.

Finland Election Result May Hit Bailouts For Europe’s Basket Case Nations