The Wrong Cover, Grommit

Hubby bought a book the other week, this has happened probably on two previous occasions in our marriage, which is now in its 25th year.

The book is called Blue Monday: A Day For Murder and is by one of those conglomerate authors, or should that be two of those? styling themselves Nicci French.

Now the cover of the book has a picture of The Thames (I presume although it could be the River Fleet because there is a map on the inside of the Fleet). There is a double span of bridge visible, the tide is out and a red sandle lies in the mud in the foreground.

So this is a book about a murder that takes place on a Monday and the body is found in the river, right?

Wrong, the book starts off with a flashback to a little girl’s abduction 22 years earlier.

It then takes in a psychoanalyst and a new patient, whom she comes to suspect of abducting a five year old boy, on a Friday, when he tells her he dreams of having a son, shows her a picture of himself as a child and then she discovers that the five year old is the spitting image of that picture.

The patient then tells the doc that he’s felt like this before when he had dreams about having a daughter.

And how long ago was that, oh 22 years….

So now the psychoanalyst gets involved in the police investigation, her patient has a cast iron alibi for when the little boy was taken, so they carry on meeting and she starts doing a bit of investigating of her own.

Now I did enjoy the story, even if you could see the way the plot was twisting and turning, but I have to tell you this, only one person gets murdered and they are a tangent to the story.

So have I got the wrong cover on the book or the wrong book in the cover?

Or is it just some fuckwits who can’t be arsed to do their job properly, like read the frigging book they’re supposed to be promoting themselves, Grommit