Life In The fast Lane

The debate still rages over the excellent news that the Transport Minister Richard Hammond, er, no, sorry that should have been Phil Hammond, no relation of course, wants to raise the motorway speed limit to 80mph.

Whenever I travel on motorways it is obvious that at least half of the people are driving at roundabout 75 to 80 mph, with some daring to go a steady 90mph and the occasional boy racer or middle aged man in a flash car steaming, and that’s not just hubby, down the outside lane at well over a ton.

But the anti driving lobby will no doubt complain about the increased liklihood of accidents and deaths due to the increase in the speed limit.

Of course the obvious answer is that you don’t have to drive at 80mph if you don’t want to…… but you can at least get out of the outside lane as you tootle along at 69mph.

The other major problem at the moment is the sudden bottlenecks caused by all the people happily and safely bowling along at a decent clip suddenly slowing when they see a parked up police car.