Shrunken Hero

Hubby returns home from work and mentions that he has been listening to an interview with the author Lee Child, creator of the man-mountain, anti-hero vigilante who roams America saving damsels in distress, righting wrongs and kicking a whole load of bad asses.

Jack reacher is an ex military cop, 6ft 5in, 36in inside leg and weighing 230lbs.

Lee Child was announcing the publication of his new book and also that he has sold the film rights to Jack Reacher and a film was being commisioned and yes they had cast the role of 6ft 5in, 36in inside legged, 230lb Jack Reacher.

Any guesses? Think about it, Sly Stallone and Arnie would both come up a bit on the short side.


Alright then……Tom Cruise.

And ITthought It Was Just a Film

Princess Leia’s earthbound alterego, Carrie Fisher, has told how director George Lucas forced her to abandon her bra for the filming of the iconic film by asserting a tight bra would strangle her in space’s zero gravity.

OMG, it was real after all! I thought it was just a film!

Hey, nearly got more words in the tags than I did in the post:)

Labour Offers Reel Change

Labour Offers Reel Change

David ?Thunderbirds puppet? Milliband was the star guest on Andrew Marr?s political magazine on television this morning. Milliband, The Foreign Secretary (allegedly) in Gordon Brown?s dying government was trying to fend off question from Voice Of The Mysterons Marr about the persistent rumours that a strong undercurrent of opinion in the Labour party would like to see Gordon Brown replaced as leader before the election.

When the subject of the recent plot led by Blairite loyalists Jaqui Smith and Geoff Hoon was raised Milliband denied there had been such a plot and the Labour Party does not go in for plotting, which only proves he doesn?t read the papers. He then said Labour?s job was to govern competently (stop sniggering at the back) until the election and then win a fourth term in office by offering the voters reel change.

Can we assume this means Labour plan to govern by showing us 1930s feature ? length movies and perhaps hiring Jools Holland to play Honky Tonk piano while the reel changing is going on.

Or does he mean changes that will make us reel?

As the nation is already reeling from 12 years of Labour?s style of governing by trying to micromanage the minutiae of individual lives perhaps we should all keep working for a hung parliament.

We like to say “More humour every day at Boggart Blog” but all the news has been so gloomy it is getting hard to live up to that… 😦

Change They Can’t Belive In

Sachs For Arthur’s Valet

Rumour has it that Russell Brand is toying with the idea of a remake of Dudley Moore’s classic “Arthur”, in which Moore’s debauched playboy is shepherded through life by his loyal valet, originally played by Sir John Geilgud.
Adam Sherwin, writer of The Times People column, wonders who would take on Sir John’s role, mischieviously mooting Jonathan Woss.
Lacking in imagination there Adam, there is only one actor who could take on the part to Brand’s Arthur….who else but Andrew Sachs.

Cheating On Your Partner Can Kill – from our Loony Science reporter

The Italian Society for the Study of Migraines has announced that cheating on your partner can lead to psychological stress which could cause migraines or a fatal cerebral aneurysm. The Society has not studied how many people the psychological pressures of marriage are likely to kill.

This is another example of the kind of work done by loony scientists who don’t get out of the lab. enough. If anybody, particularly in Italy, thought this through they would realise half the blokes in the world would be dead.

Boggart Blog does concede infidelity can cause serious headaches, usually these occur after a frying pan, steam iron or a bag of potatoes makes contact with the skull.

ADDENDUM: Illicit sex brings us to Joe the Plumber who featured in the US Presidential debate last night. Joe was concerned he will have to pay more tax from his £250k a year plus income. A $250k a year plumber? This leads us to believe his is the same Joe the Plumber who had a career in movies like Debbie Does Dallas, Buffy Boffs Baltimore and Suzi Screws Seattle.

Can anyone disprove it?

Joe The Plumber – Guardian Comment

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