SNP MPs email found among Ashley Madison hacked data.

via Guido

An email address created by SNP MP Michelle Thomson was used to sign up to Ashley Madison, a website that facilitates adulterous affairs. I’d be hypocritical to condemn adultery, or even indulging in adulterous behaviour while being paid for working on behalf of clients (What? Of course my investigating whether Rachel H was a natural readhead (she was) had relevance to the project …)

But we expect a little better from our MPs. At least they could be a bit discreet about it.

Michelle, whose husband works long hours she whines, has denied using the email to create an Ashley Madison account and claims she is the victim of some prankster who signed her up for the cheating website without her knowledge.

The email address, which it would be ungentlemany to reveal even though I don’t fancy her myself, has come to light following a hack of Ashley Madison’s database of users. Ms. Thompson said:

“Along with potentially millions of others, an out-of-use email address seems to have been harvested by hackers. I am not aware of or in contact with either Avid Life or Ashley Madison and look forward to finding out more about what has actually happened.

However, having a personal email address linked to an account doesn’t mean that person is really a user of Ashley Madison. Users are able to sign up to the site without responding to an email verification, meaning anyone’s email address could have been used to create an account.”

How many other innocent politicians are victims of this cruel prank? Check if your MP was using Ashley Madison to arrange an illicit shag while they were picking up wages for looking after your interests and more to the point, if they were claiming flowers, restaurant bills, hotel rooms that can be booked by the hour, condoms and lubricant on expenses here…

New Elite Sex Scandal allegation

Top Tory MP ‘murdered girl at vile orgy’ claims new witness

While the Royal Family were no doubt at Church today giving thanks to the gods of mischief who sent a major terrorist incident to take the heat off Prince Andrew and his sleazy friends, there were more shocks waithing for the establishment.

In an amazing new development in the Westminster Sex Scandal story, The People published this today:

A victim of a VIP paedophile ring believes a girl of 15 was killed at a vile orgy. The new witness has told police he watched the teenager being taken into a ­terrifying “medical room” by a senior Tory MP – and never saw her again. He fears the teenager may have been killed by a brutal sadist acting out his horrific fantasies.

The sickening events are said to have taken place at London’s notorious Dolphin Square flats in the 1990s, the Sunday People can reveal.

It would make her the fourth reported murder victim of a Westminster-based pervert ring, some of them household names.

The witness told the investigative website Exaro that he was himself abused while in his teens by prominent politicians and a famous comedian at the now notorious Dolphin Square complex in central London.

We are calling the man Darren, ­although that is not his real name ­because he lives in hiding, fearing for his own life. He is the third alleged victim of the gang to come forward.

Darren told us: “I would never have gone to those parties willingly. It was fear that led me to Dolphin Square.”

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No clues as to who the culprit might be but as soon as a market starts to form The Boggart Blog bookie will be taking your bets.

Notorious paedophile gang ‘could have covered up 17 child murders and be linked to VIP guest house’

Maggie Thatcher’s Willie

Jeremy Thorpe Jeremy Thorpe – No relation

Sensational New Westminster Child Abuse Claims: Mrs. Thatcher’s Willie Ordered The Cover Up

Every Woman should have a Willie, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher once famously said. Maggie’s Willie was William Whitelaw, Home Secretary in her government and old Iron Knicker’s most loyal supporter.

Now Police are launching a probe into the most sensational claims yet to surface in the VIP child sex abuse ring scandal. It has been alleged that Whitelaw ordered police to scrap an inquiry into MPs involvement.

Detectives are beginning an investigation into claims that former Conservative Home Secretary ordered police to abandon an active investigation into the VIP paedophile ring alleged to have operated in Westminster from the 1980s.

Whitelaw allegedly ordered senior Metropolitan Police officers to scrap a year-long investigation into a paedophile ring that was suspected of abusing 40 children, the youngest of whom was six. Whitelaw’s alleged intervention, surely a prima facie case of perverting the course of justice, happened in 1980 after a newspaper report revealed crown prosecutors were looking at 350 possible sex abuse offences, including allegations it ‘obtained young boys for politicians, prominent lawyers and film stars’.

The story, which was first published on July 7, 1980, that year in the London Evening News revealed police had put evidence in front of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) against several, possibly as many as twelve men who could face trial for procuring boys for immoral purposes and for sexual offences against boys.

And while we are on the topic of senior politicians’ involvement in sex scandals can I just remind readers that former Liberal Leader, rent – boy user and dog killer Jeremy Thorpe is no relation. I have traced the family back eight generations and found that while he is one of those effete, dodgy, silk pajama wearing East Anglian Thorpes, our branch of the clan are solid, reliable Northern Thorpes (from south Durham and Westmorland originally). Nothing soft about us. We don’t wear silk pajamas, we wear the uncured skins of Woolly Mammoths we have strangled with our bare hands.

Today We Should Pray For The Lefties

Yes today the left of British politics have suffered a crushing bow. Education Minister Michael Gove has lost his job in Cameron’s reshuffle. As Gove was the primary target for the left’s irrational hatred and without irrational hatred the left have nothing in their weaponry, this is a massive setback with an election only a year away.

Other news from the cabinet reshuffle. Ken Clarke is gone. I put on the radio this morning to catch the 8:30 news bulletin and all I could hear was the sound of a pair of hush puppies slapping against the pavement as a portly septugenarian clutching an airline ticket for Cambodia ran for Heathrow, pursued by The Hounds Of The Morrigan*

Environment Secretary Owen fracking Paterson has been sacked after encouraging councils to ride roughshod over the democratic process in granting fracking permits to companies in which his family members have an interest.

Liz Truss has been promoted, presumably to give Cameron or Osborne some support. Esther McVeigh who I am aware of only because before she went into politics I once saw her cavorting about on a celebrity game show, filling a very tight pair of leather trousers perfectly. So what will she do in government? Do we need a minister for pert bottoms? I’d say yes we do, although I’d prefer the job to have gone to Cheryl Cole.

Esther McVeryhot gravitas
Esther McVeigh – will bring much needed gravitas to the government

Big surprise is the departure of William Hague. Was her really so deeply hurt when Boggart Blog said he looked like The Mekon in the Eagle / Dan Dare comic strips? Or is he jumping ship before the next batch of sexual misdemeanours come to light?

One amateur pundit rather unworthily suggested all this reshuffle proves is that having a pair of tits is now the best qualification for a top job. If that were true surely Katy Price would have been made Chancellor of The Exchequer. Sorry, what am I thinking, Ms. Price has shown a great deal of business acumen and proved her ability to manage money, she’s massively overqualified for the position. Sadly then George (Gideon) Osborne remains chancellor.

Kevin Brennan, Labour’s Shadow schools minister says that following the reshuffle every minister in the Department of Education was privately educated . Oh well, at least we can be sure they’ll all be able to read and write.

As someone who has often complained about the mealy – mouthed, politically correct equivocation of modern politics I have to celebrate the elevation of Claire Perry MP, the former City trader who led the Government’s campaign for filters on online pornography. Perry is said to have walked into a Commons tea room and asked the assembled stuffed shirts (the regular guys would be in the members bar): “What do I have to do to speak, give the Speaker a blow job?”

Ms. Perry must be in good physical shape if the thinks she could bend low enough to do that to Tyrion Bercow.

*The Morrigan – Celtic goddess of retribution whose hounds pursued those guilty of crimes against the weak.

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Meanwhile outside the M25

We’ve always said politicians live in a bubble, completely divorced from reality and therefor from the lives of the people they represent. Harsh, some said, but it turns out we were not harsh enough because there is now evidence coming in the the elitists parachuted into constituencies to hold safe seats for the major parties are not simply out of touch with the reality of ordinary lives, they don’t even know where their constituencies are.

from The Daily Telegraph

Ingleton is a village of impressive natural beauty, boasting limestone caves, flowing waterfalls and literary links to master sleuth Sherlock Holmes. Unfortunately for one Labour MP, that it isn’t the Ingleton she represents in Parliament.

Helen Goodman, Shadow Media Minister, has acted for the village of Ingleton, County Durham, for almost a decade. But in a speech yesterday she confused her constituency village with one by the same name 70 miles away in North Yorkshire.

The Oxford educated MP is said to have “babbled on” about the village’s connection to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle as well as its beautiful limestone caves and waterfalls while opening a classic car show and community fair.

In reality, the Ingleton in which she spoke to 500 baffled constituents has a disused mine and little more than two rows of houses either side of a main road, complete with a school, church and village pub.

The 56-year-old has been accused of a “disgraceful” lack of knowledge about her constituency of Bishop Auckland, which she has represented since 2005, and of plagiarising the speech from the wrong Wikipedia page for Ingleton.

Here are images of just a few of the interesting things around Ingleton Yorks.

Thornton Force
Thornton Force

Subterranean river in White Scar Caves
Subterranean River in White Scar Caves, Ingleton, Yorks

Ribblehead viaduct
Ribblehead Viaduct on the famous Settle to Carlisle line.

Ingleton, County Durham on the other hand has some truly amazing public benches:

Ingleton, County Durham

A tad unfair perhaps but if this MP had ever actually actually toured her constituency with her eyes open instead of constantly asking her agent “how much longer do we have to hang around this dump before I can get back to the members bar in Westminster?” she might have noticed a distinct lack of waterfalls, caves, viaducts and Sherlock Holmes impersonators.

In the interests of balance however, we hear the Tory boy who recently won the by election in Newark, Nottinghamshire, has been approaching people in Newark New Jersey and introducing himself as their new Member of Parliament.

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Oh Dear, Mainsteam Politics Sinks Deeper Into The Sewer

I just don’t know where to start today. Here’s a little compliation to get us going on the deparvity and degeneracy of those who have made their political careers in the LibLabCon and who, despite the scandals and embarrassments of the last few years are still at it.

Inquiry into Tory conference ‘gay-sex party paid on expenses’

from The Independent
Parliament’s expenses watchdog is to investigate claims that the taxpayer indirectly funded a hotel suite that was used for a gay-sex party during a Conservative Party conference.

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa) said it was “deeply worried” by allegations that public money was used to pay for a suite of rooms used where the party took place.

It said it would be investigating the claims, which come in the wake of revelations about inappropriate relationships between young Tory researchers and MPs following the Nigel Evans trial. Mr Evans was cleared of a string of sexual assaults on young men following a five-week trial at Preston Crown Court.

The Independent understands that a suite of rooms costing up to £2,500 per night was booked at Manchester’s Light ApartHotel by an organisation called the Policy Research Unit (PRU). The PRU, which is overseen by senior Conservative figures, provides “parliamentary research” for the party’s MPs that is carried out by a team of mainly young researchers and interns.
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Monstrous cover-up: How the Liberal party, police and MI5 concealed MP Cyril Smith’s child abuse

from The Daily Mail
The shocking scale of the Establishment cover-up of former Liberal MP Cyril Smith’s sickening sex abuse of boys is revealed today.

‘For four decades, the depraved 29st politician was free to prey on vulnerable children as young as eight.
Police received at least 144 complaints by victims of the predatory paedophile yet the authorities blocked any prosecution – allowing Smith brazenly to continue his abuse.

The Liberal Party even put his name forward for a knighthood in 1988 in spite of the rumours of his sordid activities swirling around Westminster.

David, now Lord Steel nominated him for the honour despite knowing of the allegations about the bachelor MP for Rochdale, the ex-Liberal leader’s involvement emerging only in recent weeks after a Freedom of Information battle.’

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Sexminster – Hattie Harperson Outs sexual Harassment Culture

from BBC News

A male hierarchy at Parliament is part of “a recipe for a culture in which sexual harassment can prevail”, Labour’s deputy leader has said.

Harriet Harman said the problem was also caused by “the hours, and people being away from home”.

A voluntary code of conduct has been issued to Conservative MPs telling them not to “bully, abuse or harass” staff.

Conservative Douglas Carswell said a power to recall MPs would raise standards at Westminster.

Ms Harman said Labour was reviewing its codes of conduct.

A Channel 4 News investigation this week reported that a third of the young men and women working in Parliament said they had suffered sexual harassment.

It said young men were more likely to be sexually harassed than women, with 40% of the men interviewed saying they had received unwanted sexual advances.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today, Ms Harman said: “When it comes to sexual harassment we certainly have been looking again at our codes of conduct which we’ve had for some time in the party, which sets out specifically what behaviour is not acceptable for an employer towards their employee in terms of sexual harassment and what the procedures are to deal with it.

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Trougher’s Union: House Of Commons Standards committee Exposed

from Guido Fawkes

It is not just the chairman of the Standards Committee who is a trougher of the highest order. Sir Kevin Pork Barrel is aided and abetted on the troughers’ union by nine other MPs including Tory Christopher Chope, who was exposed during the expenses scandal for charging the taxpayer £881.25 to transport a sofa 85 miles from his second home to his constituency in order to have it reupholstered. Expenses piggy Chope also repaired the roof of his house on the taxpayer at a cost of £10,377, and installed a £2,600 bathroom paid for by us. Not satisfied with his fill, Chope also tops up the family income by employing his wife as his secretary.

Shamed former LibDem armed forces minster Nick Harvey is another member of the committee. Harvey stuck two fingers up at servicemen when he claimed £7 on expenses to attend a Remembrance Service. A furious Royal Navy officer marched up to Harvey and gave him the cash in an envelope in disgust. He only lasted a few more months in the job.

Also on the homework marking committee is Labour MP Alan Whitehead. Whitehead was found by the fees office to have overclaimed for his mortage interest in 2009, submitting a bill for £380 when should have claimed £198.66.

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Tory MP Patrick Mercer expected to be banned for up to six months

from The Daily Telegraph
A former shadow Tory minister is likely to be suspended from the House of Commons after being caught in a cash for questions investigation.

The House of Commons’ Standards Committee is understood to be considering banning Patrick Mercer from being an MP for between four and six months.

News of the likely ban will cap a difficult week for David Cameron who has had to cope with the resignation of Maria Miller, the Culture Secretary, over an expenses scandal.

The Prime Minister’s attempts to launch his European Parliament elections campaign on Thursday were also overshadowed by the resignation.

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Channel 4 Investigates Britain’s Parliament’s Looming Sex Scandals

from Breitbart UK

While Evans was found not guilty of all the charges before him – including sexual assault and even one count of rape – the culture of sexual harassment in Westminster is often spoken of, observed, and even experienced – as Breitbart London contributor Alex Wickham told Channel 4:

“Time and time again you hear the same stories with different people. They’re all known about. They’re known about by anybody who is a researcher or staffer in parliament”.

“Stories of men and women from all three parties saying they’ve been treated inappropriately and there’s nothing they can do about it, and that there’s a real climate of sexual harassment going on in Parliament”.

Wickham has previously written about Westminster’s sex scandals for Breitbart London.

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Westminster Sex Scandals: Tony Grew Misses The Scoop Of His Career

Guido Fawkes blog

Last night’s Channel 4 News investigation found that young men working in parliament were more likely to be sexually harassed than women, and specifically that there were a group of gay MPs who preyed upon men in Westminster. Back in January Guido publicly tipped off one journalist to the story on Twitter, he didn’t want to investigate, instead PoliticsHome’s Tony Grew said the allegations were untrue:

Today the story is on the front pages of two newspapers, has been heavily followed up by the rest and is dominating the airwaves on 24 hour news channels and radio, yet gets only a fleeting mention on PoliticsHome. They should have a word with their Lobby correspondent about his news values…

More on this at Guido Fawkes

Police to Investigate Allegations of Labour-LibDem Rochdale ‘Deal’ on Paedophiles

Write To Your MP

I woke up this morning (no, this isn’t a blues song lyric) and felt that while almost powerless to do anything to halt world War Three I must make some gesture no matter how small and futile.

So I lobbied my MP to oppose military intervention in Syria. It’s easy (if you are a British voter) to email you MP, just click the link below and follow the instructions.

If we all urge our MPs to oppose the vote to approve military intervention and it is defeated, the outcome is not likely to be affected. It is now clear that Cameron, Osborne, Hague et al take orders from the faceless members of a business / banking cartel that rules the world from somewhere beyond the reach of national jurisdictions as did Blair, Brown and a bagful of foreign secrataries in the Labour government.

but it would give heart to those MPs who want to dump Cameron and put an end to the bureaucratic dictatorship of Brussels and Geneva.

And if you think military intervention in Syria would be a good idea you are free to lobby your MP for that via and then you can fuck off, warmonger.

Here’s a copy of my letter:

Dear Graham Jones,

I write to appeal you you to do anything in your power to oppose any
resolution committing the UK to take part in military action against
either faction in the Syrian conflict.

Although we know beyond doubt that chemical weapons in the form of
nerve gas have been used in the conflict, my reading of a wide range of
sources suggests it is far from clear which side instigated the attack.
Evidence from UN investigations into similar attacks earlier in the
year suggest however that those fighting to overthrow the Assad regime
were responsible for using illegal weapons.

I have no doubt that the Assad regime is and always has been a brutal
dictatorship, but there is no indication that those trying to overthrow
Assad will offer anything better. The Jihadists are certainly not
planning an enlightened liberal democracy.

We need only look at what has happened in Iraq, Egypt and Libya
following the overthrow of dictators to see that military intervention
without massive follow up support is not viable. In common with many
other British people feel that our nation’s involvement would cost
British lives and in the long term only make things worse for the non
partisan people of Syria.

I thank you for this opportunity to contact you on a matter of concern
to us all.

Yours sincerely,
Ian Thorpe

The Feeding Of The Fifty Million

Conservative and independent critics of the freespending ways of Barack Obama and his Magic band are wondering how the three and a half trillion dollars the new President has already committed itself to spending can possibly be funded. Taxing the rich has een put forward as a solution but with the commitments running at $30,000 for each and every one of the three hundred million people in America there are going to be some pretty unpopular taxes announced soon.

This does not deter the Administration; Obama and his cohorts are already planning to announce further spending plans totalling $2trillion.

Where can this money possibly be coming from? The latest poster from the headquarters of The Obamessiah Campaign might give you a clue.
Latest Obamessiah Poster

The US economy will be saved by divine intervention then? Faithful followers of the chosen one are convinced it is so. They are starting to sem like that religious cult who every few years march to the top of a mountain and wait for the world to end … and wait … and wait a bit longer … and then march down.

We should be comforted by the impending collapse of the US economy however. The Obama adminidtration’s fiscal profligacy and incompetence on top of that the Bush administration were responsible for makes our MPs expenses fiddlng look like kids stuff.

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Senior Conservative Claims Dog Food On Expenses.

The details of MP’s dodgy expenses claims continue to land on the Boggart Blog News Desk 24 hours a day. Our reporters are on round the clock alert to bring you up to the minute information. The latest expose we hear is the story of a senior Conservative MP, Shadow Welsh Secretary Cheryl Gillan who claimed on her second home expenses for dog food.

Boggart Blog’s insider at conservative Central Office informs us that while the party’s official line is no rules have been broken but Ms. Gillan has agreed to get a dog.


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Get The Snouts Out Of The Trough

The Anorak, a populist and sensationalist web news and scandal sheet we like very much has started a campaign to get the porcine snouts of Greedy banker out of the trough of public funding by launching a petition.

Boggart Blog, being a more highbrow forum for informed opinion and comment does not trouble itself with polls and petitions but while we are having an easy day you might like to look at The Arorak post Snout Of Order and join the campaign to hassle Gordon Brown, you MP, Alan Sugar, Alistar Darling (wouldn’t you love to be a fly in the wall when those two re talking; “Alan sugar?” … “Yes Alistair darling”) Uncle Fred and that bloke who looked at you a bit funny in the pub last night to quit feeding the porkers and hand over to We The Punters” all the shares in the banks that we have bought, paid for and never seen hide not hair of.

AND ON THE SUBJECT of snouts in the trough and people who tell porkies to conceal their mendacity, what about Home Secretary Jaqui Smith whose job in government is to oversee the police and the legal system. The minister for law and order you might say. Ms Smith was caught fiddling her expenses by saying her main home was in fact her constituency pied a terre whille her main residence was the spare room in her sister’s house in North London. Thus the taxpayer (We The Punters) were paying the mortgage on Ms Smith’s family home. But who do you think would have trousered the money when she sold it? Not We The Punters that’s for sure.

So the Home Secretary fiddled her expenses, who hasn’t done that? Except when its a free house that has been fiddled rather than a free lunch and the culprit is the government minister in charge of law and order it starts to look a bit different.

To compound the crime, when Ms Smith was pulled up for having her snout in the trough of taxpayers money, clearly a criminal fraud, she blatantly lied. Now having been thoroughly exposed has she resigned. Has the moralising Gordon Brown sacked her? And have the ascendany Tories crucified her with calls for her resignation. NO, the corrupt set of shyster have closed ranks around her.

Read the story Jaqui Smith faces war on two fronts on Iain Dale’s blog

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