Stupid ex convict of the week

Crazy sex killer WLTM good looking, sophisticated lady for romantic dinners, country walks and possibly a shallow grave. GSOH essential.

It’s not the sort of thing you would put in your lonely hearts ad is it?

So imagine how the lucky ladies selected to appear on a TV dating program felt when they met a contestant who admitted to having killed an ex-wife and a former mistress.

Would it be understatement to say none was very keen to have dinner with him? This was the “great TV” moment on a Turkish TV dating game show titled “The Luck of the Draw.” Turkey’s Hurriyet Daily News posted the story on Twitter today.

Sefer Calinak, 62, appeared on the program as a contestant in search of his next wife. He stunned both the audience and host when he casually mentioned that he had killed his first wife and a former girlfriend. On the plus side he claimed he is an honest person who is seeking a new wife. Ideally he would like a person interested in a permanent though not necessarily long term relationship (I made that bit up)

Sefer married his first wife, who was also his kissing cousin, when they were both 17. After several months of marriage, he killed her in a jealous rage. For his crime, he served four years and six months of a 13-year prison sentence. He then married his second wife and had two children with her. Wife 2 got lucky, the marriage ended up in divorce court.

His next romance was with a married woman who decided not to leave her husband. After a heated argument over the rejection, Calinak killed her with an axe. The news report said he claimed self-defense because she tried to kill him. He also said it was an accident. He then spent six years in prison for the second killing.

Although the program knew he had killed at least one person, the producer had allowed Calinak to appear on the program because he served his time. After Calinak mentioned both killings, the program’s host asked Calinak to leave the show. The audience applauded the move.