Has Nasa found another ‘Earth’ in corner of Milky Way?

Blogging from my sickbed this past few weeks hence the irregularity. Frustrating how they keep dragging me into hospital, don’t find anything wrong with me and yet I come out feeling a lot worse than when I went in. But how sad that blog.co.uk will close in a few months after ten years and millions of page views. Still at least we will be able to export out immortal prose to WordPress.

Deanna Troi (Marina Sirtis) – still hot at sixty but will her looks last until we get to Kepler 452

A report in mainstream media informed me that the science world is once again staining its underwear after Nasa announced to will hold a press conference on Thursday to announce ‘new discoveries’ from its Kepler mission, which is hunting for habitable planets in the Milky Way.

The Kepler space probe has been searching for signs of Extra Terrestrial life and new, ‘earth like’ planets outside the Solar System since May 2009, and has so far found more than 4,000 planets in the so-called ‘Goldilocks Zone’ – neither too hot, nor too cold to sustain life.

Dickeads Scientists are poised to announce they have found many more worlds close enough to Earth in their phyical make up to potentially support life, and maybe (TA – TA – TAA) even a twin which orbits a very similar star to our Sun.

The discoveries give silly, vacuous people of the type who believe star trek is a Reality Television show like The Kardashians reason to hope that alien civilisations may exist beyond the Solar System. Earlier this week Professor Stephen Hawking and the Astronomer Royal Lord Martin Rees announced they were joining a $100 million project to seek out signs of extra-terrestrial intelligence in the Milky Way.

Let’s be real, these dorks are just eager to knob an alien (they think the person pictured above is a real alien). Is that wrong? I always quite fancied Deanna Troi myself and although acress Marina Sirtis (above) is sixty now she still looks hot. But Ms. Sirtis is a human, she was born in London to Greek parents in 1955. It’s all make believe guys.

When I saw the story in the news however, I thought here we go again. More hysterical raving from The Church Of Scienceologt anbout yet another breakthrough for the science of flushing taxpayers’ money down the toilet.

“Solar System since May 2009, and has so far found more than 4,000 planets in the so-called ‘Goldilocks Zone’ – neither too hot, nor too cold to sustain life” Fair comment, the zone where water can exist in liquid form, the science heads rave. But …

look at this extrapolation: “Scientists are likely to announce they have found more potential worlds like Earth and maybe even a twin which orbits a very similar star to our Sun” Like Earth? Like Earth? A similar sized planet at a similar distance to its star with similar star to ours doesn’t make it “like Earth”. These are only three factors people. It’s only a tiny step on from the fantasist Carl Sagan who startedwhere all this bullshit science. He only had the two criteria, was there a planet and had anyone seen it before. Heeeeyyyyy, we found a new planet that could possibly suport an alien civilisation No and No?

Ironically the people who watched that lousy TV series Sagan did, where he showed a lot of studio special effects and convinced gullible people they were seeing live shots from deep space are the same people who get upset when anyone says the moon landing was faked. They probably believe The Terminator is real too.

A few more questions needing to be asked before we let the Science Cultists jump to their usual idiotic conclusions and convince that even more gullible sub species, politicians, that it is worth spending more taxpayers money on this shite. Does this planet have a spinning core to ward of radioactive solar flares?
Does it have a moon at the right size to stabilise the planet when it rotates?
Does it have a sweeper planet in its solar system (ours is Jupiter) to pull asteroids away from it?

Does the planet spin at the right speed? Too fast and it will freeze, to slow and the star will heat the side facing it by too much.
Is it tilted at exactly the angle for seasons to occur? Does it have shifting tectonic plates to recycle carbon?

Does it have oceans with the right ratio between oceans and dry continents? Is it the right balance of gases in its atmosphere?

There are about 200 of these factors that need to be in place to sustain life with every additional factor reducing the probability of life existing. There is no way of establishing the probability of each factor occurring, but if that is say 10% that means the odds of a planet sustaining life is in the region of 10 to the power of 200. There are only 10 the power of 26 atoms in the observable universe! All these factors ought to be in place and that is even before life has originated which has all scientists scratching their heads with no credible explanation forthcoming yet.

And then for the conclusion: “The discoveries give new hope that alien civilisations may exist beyond the Solar System.”

But actually if all that is sorted, we have the chicken and egg conundrum. For the complex molecules if life forms to develop, certain enzymes have to develop. (Here’s Wikipedia’s brief overview of enzymes.) and these enzymes can only be created within a living cell, various sources lead me to understand. OK, so how do the enzymes needed to facilitate life come into the picture before there is any life form in which they can develop? The hand of God? Alien intervention? Some Doctor Who type time traveller going back and seeding life? Which came first, the enzyme or the cell in which it developed? There are many theories circulating but none really stand up to questioning.

So is the search for extra terrestrial life worth undertaking? Let’s be realistic, light travels at 186,000 miles PER SECOND, our fastest spacecraft can reach a dizzying 30,000 miles PER HOUR going downhill with a following wind. So what takes light 500 years would probablytake our best spaceship, built by primitive earthlings a tad longer. A few million years just to get one of NASA’s funny little explorer vehicles there (23 million in the case of Earth’s secret twin actually, I checked, but I did the calcs in my head so give or take a few mill.), and then, provided the funny little explorer thing did not fall down a hole right away, to get a response from it would take somewhat more than 500 years because radio waves travel slightly less quickly than light, talk about time lag in a conversation, it would be worse that talking to China over a sat-phone. Is wasting time and money on the utterly pointless a religious thing with the Church of Scienceology? Do science worshippers not believe in evolution or even understand it. Why are they so sure there are only intelligent aliens to be found out there in deep spae and yet only stupid, primitive creatures, useless in our past (giant turtles, woolly mammorths, sabre toothed giraffes, dodo birds, dinosaurs etc.)

The problem with science you see is it’s very complex, whereas those who worship science are very simple. Back in the medieval era the same kind of people believed volcanoes erupted because the dragon buried underneath them had farted

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We said 2014 was the warmest year on record… but we’re only 38% sure we were right – NASA

As the global warming debate goes on and it becomes increasingly clear when the Warmageddonist climate science lobby said “The science is settled” what they meant was the climate scientists had agreed to tell the same lie to keep the research grant money flowing, the whole issue becomes more and more blurred.

from Jo Nova blog
Nasa climate scientists: We said 2014 was the warmest year on record… but we’re only 38% sure we were right

Nasa admits this means it is far from certain that 2014 set a record at all

Does that mean 97% of climate experts are 62% sure they are wrong?*

The thing with half-truths is that they generate a glorious fog, but it has no substance. Ask of the spin-cloud a couple of sensible questions and the narrative collapses. This is the kind of analysis that would have stopped the rot 25 years ago if most news outlets had investigative reporters instead of science communicators trained to “raise awareness”. (The media IS the problem). If there was a David-Rose-type in most major dailies, man-made global warming would never have got off the ground.

The claim made headlines around the world, but yesterday it emerged that GISS’s analysis – based on readings from more than 3,000 measuring stations worldwide – is subject to a margin of error. Nasa admits this means it is far from certain that 2014 set a record at all.

Yet the Nasa press release failed to mention this, as well as the fact that the alleged ‘record’ amounted to an increase over 2010, the previous ‘warmest year’, of just two-hundredths of a degree – or 0.02C.

The margin of error is about a tenth of a degree, so those error bars are 500% larger than the amount pushed in headlines all over the world. Gavin Schmidt of course, is horrified that millions of people may have been mislead:

“GISS’s director Gavin Schmidt has now admitted Nasa thinks the likelihood that 2014 was the warmest year since 1880 is just 38 per cent. However, when asked by this newspaper whether he regretted that the news release did not mention this, he did not respond,” the Daily Mail reported.

I’m sure he’s too busy contacting newspapers and MSNBC to make sure stories from NASA GISS are accurate and scientifically correct.

Read more: Jo Nova


Another Kick In The Bollocks For Warmageddonists And CAGWARTS

I’ve had many arguments with the Warmageddonists, the people who have been saying that the ‘scientific consensus’ had agreed if we did not shut down all coal, oil and gas related activities (that is, just about all human activities except unprotected sex and sleeping) the earth was going to turn into a giant furnace and we would all burn. Those of us audacious enough to ask when this was going to happen felt the horizon shifting.

Climategate, the sequel: How we are STILL being tricked with flawed data on global warming.
Daily Stirrer occasional contributor Graham Lear returns to one of our favourite themes, the climate change hoax, part of a program of scaremongering being engineered by enemies if freedom and democracy in the higher echelons of scoiety. This about it, who is pushing the myth of catatrophic climate change being caused by Carbon Dioxide from human activity?
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A Message From God On Mars?

I love the “Before It’s News” web site. It carries a delicious mix of stories that are either outrageous and unsubstantiated allegation and rumour, paranoid scaremongering, scurrilous slander (“Nude Pictures Of Barack Obama’s Mother in Satanic Ritual” – if I was a Satnist I’d sue over that one), cryptozoological freaks, warnings of apocalyptic events, and stuff that is just stark raving bonkers.

The best I have seen for a long time though carries the headline “NASA Finds Message From God On Mars” and concerns reports that people in charge of the Mars Rover have been hinting that before the end of the year they will reveal a discovery made by equipment on the Red Planet that will “change everything.”

Well it could be a message from God of course, although if it was intended for us it would nor inspire much confidence to learn he does not even know which planet we live on.

On the other hand it could be pictures of aliens showing their arses, Elvis, Osama bin Laden, Lord Lucan, a squadron of WW2 planes that went missing on a training flight near Bermuda,the lost chord or the lost civilization.

Or might it be the skeletal remains of ET who was trying to phone home, got through to a call centre customer complaints department and was put on hold.

Peacemaker and joybringer starts another war

Only Three Steps To Heaven … or you can take the lift

“There are only three steps to heaven”, the late, great Eddie Cochran used to sing in the days when I was nicking me dear old Dad’s Brylcreem and trying to comb my hair into a quiff (by the end of the day it had always reverted to the standard schoolby fringe)

In these increasingly idle times we don’t even need to take three steps to heaven, we can just ride in the lift.

Japanese construction company Obayashi wants to build an elevator to space and transport passengers to a station about a tenth the distance to the moon.

The elevator would use super-strong carbon nanotubes in its cables and could be ready as early as 2050, according to Tokyo-based Obayashi.

The cables would stretch some 60,000 miles, about a quarter the distance to the moon, and would be attached to Earth at a spaceport anchored to the ocean floor. The other end would dangle a counterweight in space.

The elevator would zip along at 125 mph, possibly powered by magnetic linear motors, but would take about a week to get to the station. It would carry up to 30 people.
Up above, the space station would have living quarters and lab facilities. Solar panels connected to the station would generate electricity that would be transmitted to the ground.

NASA has also investigated space elevators, awarding $900,000 in 2009 to LaserMotive for developing a laser-powered robotic climber. Aside from the tremendous hurdles for the technology involved. While space elevators could significantly reduce space-related costs compared with rocket launches, the infrastructure could cost tillions to build a report said.

Well that no doubt will have the space freaks cluthching their naughty bits and rocking to and fro in ecstacy but as usual with these ever-so-easy ideas to conquer the laws of nature people have not thought it through properly.

Who would ever want to spend a week in a lift with 29 other people? I have been in some very well appointed lifts, in the Empire State Building, No 1 Canada Square The Kaknäs Tower in Stockholm, and a few others but I don’t recall one with bedrooms, showers and a restaurant. And where would the toilet facilities go?

Would there be separate flushing loos, say one per 4 people, or would space trekkers all have to share the same bucket behind a curtain in the corner?

Forget about the scientists delusional notion of doing experiments in a space laboratory and unravelling the secrets of the universe, a week crammed into a lift with the odours of 30 peoples’ body functions, the protucts of wich are decomposing somewhere very near by would be enough to finish of Bear Grylls let alone a bunch of wussy scientists.

The space lift is one of those ideas that as a mathematical experiment might look fine on paper but as a real world business venture we can’t see it getting off the ground.

Read more: http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-57383872-1/japan-plans-snail-paced-space-elevator-for-2050/#ixzz1nQWJQEYY

Melvin Bragg attacks Richard Dawkins Atheist Fundamentalism

It’s Life Jim But Not As We Know It part 2

‘Life as we don’t know it’ discovery could prove existence of aliens; a press release we reported on last week, from those clever boys and girls at NASA, has sent the internet into a frenzy of doomsday theories, scientific enthusiasm bordering on hysteria, science fiction type speculation and wet dreams involving $billion research grants. The news NASA released into the public domain announced an “astrobiology finding” that could suggest alien life exists – even on earth.

The discovery could prove the theory of “shadow” creatures which exist in tandem with our own and in hostile environments previously thought uninhabitable. So what were they suggesting they have proved the existence of? Lovecraftian monsters such as Amoeba Constabulae, the theoretical life forms that existed in plasma form before the universe started to solidify into stars and planets? Far fetched nonsense you might think but but if the specualtive theories of those clever boy scientists who spend a lot of our money on playing with their Large Hardon Provider at CERN are taken into consideration, completely feasible.

Well unfortunately for fans of Cthulhu the boy scientists have not discovered H.P. Lovecraft’s fantastic creatures that are said to exist in another dimension, not yet anyway. As we read the presser it does at first however seem quite exciting. The “life as we don’t know it” lives in one of the most hostile environments on earth, munches arsenic for lunch and could even survive on …………. wait for it …………… hostile planets. The scientists who discovered it also believe it could develop into intelligent creatures such as humans if and when conditions improve. It would be interesting if we could pin them down to a timescale on this. Arsenic eating bacteria are a long way behind Chimps on the evolutionary scale and chimps, which share 98% of their DNA with humans have shown little sign of developing human consciousness in the past five million years or so. (Come to think of it neither have NASA scientists – one of the things that distinguishes humans from both chimps and scientists is the ability to discern when an activity is not leading anywhere.

When chimps see a turd they pick it up, examine it, sniff it and discard it. A minute later they see another turd, pick it up, examine it, sniff it and so on. An intelligent being would think “it’s another turd, nothing interesting about that,” Scientists are the same, especially those who search for alien life. The SETI (search for extra terrestrial intelligence) laboratory in California have been monitoring the radiation from outer space that constantly bombards our planet for fifty years hoping for a message from ET. So far nothing, nada, zilch, yet every day they sit and watch their monitors and examine the data and continue to delude themselves they are doing something important. Well if spending taxpayers’ money on achieving eff all is important, I suppose they are.

One of the things that makes SETI so ridiculous is that the whole experiment relies on a notion that would do credit to the most fanatical religious zealot, that mathematics is a universal language and alien life forms will use mathematical formulae to contact us.


And how many alien life forms have the people at SETI been in touch with in order to arrive at this conclusion?

Mathematics is not a “universal language” it is a method or set of methods devised by humans to measure, map, calculate and understand things in our physical world, the world created by human consciousness. There is no reason at all beyond the collective arrogance of the science academy to suppose alien life forms, should they exist, would use anything remotely resembling the mathematical systems appropriate to the human mindset. The consciousness of conscious alien life forms could be entirely different to ours. And as Stephen Hawking recently cautioned we should think carefully about advertising our presence to an alien life form technologically advanced enough to communicate across distances of many hundreds of light years. They might not have invested a lot of time and energy in searching for inhabitable planets simply because they wished to engage in scientific debates with the primitive but possibly nutritious life forms that inhabit them.

Back to the bacteria that it was revealed in a press conference titled ““astrobiology finding which will impact the search for evidence of extraterrestrial life.” The microscopic creature has been found at the bottom of Mono Lake in California’s Yosemite National Park which is rich in arsenic, one of the most deadly toxins to most other known life forms.microbe that can live in an environment previously thought too poisonous to support life.

Somehow the bacteria uses the arsenic as a way of surviving and this ability raises the prospect that similar life could exist on other planets, which do not have our benevolent atmosphere.

Dr Lewis Dartnell, an astrobiologist at the Centre for Planetary Sciences in London, said: “If these organisms use arsenic in their metabolism, it demonstrates that there are other forms of life to those we knew of…they’re aliens, but aliens that share the same home as us.”

Astrobiologist? WTF? An astrobiologist would be someone who studies life in the stars. So even when we manage to break out of our solar syatem there is still a long way to go before Dr. Dartnell’s job has any work attached to it.

Well … erm … just one small issue with all that Lewis. If these bacteria live on the same planet as us and there is nothing to suggest they ever came from anywhere else in the universe anytime recently then by definition they are not aliens. Oh sorry, I’m not a scientist. What could I possibly know about anything?

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Under The Influence Of Mind Altering Drugs Eight Legs Is A Few too Many

We’ve all heard about the men who stare at goats or walls or whatever, attempts by America’s secret services to harness out alleged para/super normal mental abilities.

On reading this report I wondered just what the guys at Nasa might have been smoking in their fag breaks.

Apparently in 1995 Nasa carried out experiments with mind altering drugs to note their effects.
Now they may have used themselves as guinea pigs, but they certainly didn’t admit to it, probably no funding that way.

Instead they fed LSD, Benzedrine, Mescaline, Marijuana and Caffeine to ….spiders.

Now this is the bit that makes me wonder about this research, they then “Set the spiders to work making webs.”

You can do that?
You can order a spider to make a web?

“Okay, my little arachnid friend, time to go to work. Get spinning buddy!”

Well, hardly surprisingly the spiders on pot lost interest half way through and just lay there, giggling.

The ones on LSD made a start, but just kept climbing higher and saying, “Like, wow, Man, has anyone got any mushrooms?”

The spiders on speed completed their webs in record time, but the work was rather slapdash.

But it was the spiders on Caffeine that gave the most interesting results.

Whilst they worked reasonably fast, only having small brains, they were forever losing their place on their frequent trips from the website down to the lab where the coffeee percolator was kept.
On returning they would simply start again, because they couldn’t remember where they were up to.
This, naturally resulted in some very haphazard web designs, which proved rather inefficient for their designated purpose, i.e. trapping small fling insects.

The spiders then came up with an invention that has been a boon to the internet and helped secure its world-wide domination.
Using a complex series of cable they were able to position a camera on their construction site and link it to a computer terminal in the lab, enabling them to keep watch on their building work, whilst taking those very important coffee breaks, and thus the web-cam was born.

Americans to land on Mars? O Bummer

I read President Obama has announced plans to secure his legacy reignite the American pioneeering spirit by approving a NASA project to put humans into orbit around Mars. The first manned expedition to another planet will send back photographs of the Red Planet but Obama hopes that will lead on to putting humans on the surface of Mars.

There has been a lot of gung – ho babble over the pond about what an enormous boost this will be for the American economy and how it will re-establish American scientific and technological supremacy.

So apart from a bit of balls out politics what would such a mission achieve. The kind of people who believe Star Wars is real like to talk of the great technological advances made from the moon landing project. They have difficulty naming any of course, apart from non stick frying pans (but wouldn’t you want your sausages to stick to the pan when frying in zero gravity?) which were not actually a spin off from the moon project.

All the lunar exploration programme really achieved was to send us some pictures of rocks and dust and then to bring back some rocks and dust.

Hardly inspiring is it, unless Obama thinks a free market in rocks and dust will take the place of the free market in toxic debts and the now aborted free market in carbon credits?

Exactly what the world need to deliver Obama’s promised hope and change, restore our enthusiasm for racking up more domestic debt and lift the global economy out of the doldrums, is rocks and dust from Mars. Or perhaps not…

I’m glad Britain will not be part of this project. If I fancy some rock I’ll dig out a few Black Sabbath records and I can see all the dust I ever want to by looking under my bed.

Catastrophe in Space; Lembit Opik Collides With Jupiter

Lembit Opik - BBC picture archive

An even that took place almost unnoticed on Sunday could have a profound effect on the fate of humanity. It was a cataclysmic cosmic collision of the kind many people believed wiped out the dinosaurs on Earth 60 million years ago and which space watchers predict could in the near future bring to a similar end the era of human domination.

Last Sunday as America watched veteran golfer Tom Watson fail in his effort to travel back in time and win a major golf tournament and Britain, Australia and most of the Indian sub continent were glued to the television watching cricket, Liberal, Democrat MP Lembit Opik collided with the gaseous planet Jupiter.

To the embarrassment of NASA, Jodrell Bank and the European Space Agency the incident was missed by their multi billion dollar observatories and has only been recorded thanks to an amateur astronomer.

Anthony Wesley (44) of Canberra, Australia was stargazing using the small telescope he has in his shed. He told a Boggart Blog reporter, “I had been watching Jupiter for a while but no notable stars had gone near it so I decided to take a short break to have a cuppa and check how the golf and cricket were going. When I returned and looked through the scope I said to myself,”Strewth, that bludger Opik is on a collision course.” He was about to crash into the gas giant’s filmy surface.

“Everybody in the world of star gazing knows Lembit Opik, he’s been banging on for years about an asteroid hit wiping out life on Earth.” Anthony said before admitting he was disappointed only to have seen an eccentric Member of Parliament from the UK rather than any real space travelling stars like David Bowie or Elton John.

The fact that he was able to alert NASA to the collision was some compensation he told us.

A spokesman for the Liberal Democrat Party said, “We have been worried about Lembit’s increasingly erratic behaviour for some time but nobody could have predicted he was about to do something like this. He never really got over being dumped by his former fiancée the pop asteroid Gabriella Cheeky-girl. In the wake of that set back in his personal life and his increasing concern that nobody was taking him seriously about the likelihood of a small heavenly body causing catastrophe on Earth.

Our mole in Westminster expanded on that. “It is well known in the bars and tea rooms of Westminster that Lembit was obsessed with his fears about how much damage a relatively small object from space could do. Gabriella Cheeky – Girl has a small heavenly body so clearly her leaving affected Lembit deeply. He could not come to terms with the break up and driven to despair he launched himself into space to warn us of what might happen if we get into ill matched relationships. See the small heavenly body that wound Lembit up by following this link Click to play – better with the sound off.

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