Is Germany Disintegrating Like Yougoslavia Did?

All sorts of centralized organizations that appear rock-solid may well melt into air as the disintegrative dynamics gather momentum.

Germany has long been seen as the rock on which the European Union is founded. Never mind that the formation of the EU’s first incarnation, the 6 member Common Market came only a few years after the defeat of the Nazi attempt to unify Europe’s culturally and economically diverse nations as a single political, financial and cultural entity under a common flag, or that the plainly stated goal of the Common market’s founders was from day one the political integration of Europe, somehow the ruling elites were either stupid enough or perhaps, given that they might have been singing from a very different song sheet to us punters, cunning enough to let Germany sieze a pivotal role in this new ‘free trade’ organisation, or that Britain was kept out until German domination was well established.

But with nationalistic feeling resurgent in Italy, Spain, Poland and many of the smaller EU nations and the push for ‘ever closer integration’ encountering increased resistance almost everywhere, suddenly we find that all is not well in Germany, that purported bastion of political and economic stability and social cohestion

Rising political and social discord in Germany, as in the rest of Europe, is generally being attributed to “populism” as the national elites and Brussels bureaucrats try to pretend everything is under control, but  may actually signal the re-emergence of the ancient geographic and cultural fault lines that led to the formation of Europe’s many nations. An often-overlooked manifestation of this might be the nation-state of Germany.

It may be convenient and expedient for politicians and the media to blame “populism” for the fracturing of the status quo in Germany, but to do that is to conveniently forget that Germany does not have the thousand plus year history of some other EU member states such as Britain, Sweden, Denmark, Spain and Portugal (in spite of several hundred years of Muslim incursion,) and Austria, but only became a single nation in 1870 when Otto von Bismarck united a number of independent principalities and grand duchies.

Given the undertones of ethnic/religious bias attached to “populism,” this allows media-savvy politicians to paint opponents as racist by using the the code-word “populist” as a substitute. In fact populist does not equate to racist, Hitler may have been a populist and a racist, but Mohandas K Gandhi was also a populist and a nationalist but nobody would call him a racist.

Labeling dissenters “populists” as the Merkel government and other establishment parties along with left wing extremists like the greens and Marxists have doesn’t explain or predict anything. In terms of economic classes, it’s more insightful to distinguish between the Protected Class (insiders and favored elites) who benefit enormously from the status quo and the Unprotected Class (outsiders, marginalized workers, those without privilege or access to cheap capital).

But this wealth gap doesn’t exhaust the sources of profound social discord. As historian Peter Turchin explained in Ages of Discord, historical eras are either integrative, in which people find reasons to cooperate, or disintegrative periods in which reasons to split apart become dominant. Clearly, the geopolitical order is entering a disintegrative phrase, and dismissing those who dissent from the establishment’s all-joi-hands-and-sing-kumbaya narrative as “populists” is not going to reverse that. For insight on how the disintegrative phase may manifest in Germany, let’s turn to Mark G.’s commentary:

Merkel faces own ‘German BREXIT’ Chancellor’s immigration crisis is ‘Threat to Europe’

The breakdown of the Bavarian CSU and German CDU center-right coalition (refounded post WWII by Konrad Adenauer) is historic. And it has definite regional implications. I think we could be watching the beginning moves not in a “German Brexit” but in the political collapse of the modern German state into multiple components. As I mentioned last year, I personally expect this because modern Germany is a rump survival of Bismarck’s Wihelmine German Empire. It has lost all strategic rationale for its existence. And under Frau Merkel it has almost no military forces and no control of its own borders. Such a ‘state’ cannot long endure.

“Mr Seehofer – who is also the chairman of coalition partner the Christian Social Union (CSU) – has agreed to give Mrs Merkel two weeks to try and thrash out a Europe-wide migration policy with other leaders at the European Council meeting at the end of the month.”

Merkel has zero point zero chance of reaching any Europe-wide agreement on immigration given the present composition of the governments of Austria, Italy, Hungary, Slovakia, Czechia and Poland. Since 2015 all of them have been electorally remodeled into populist based governments with fundamental anti-refugee and anti-migrant views. As an example, when we passed through the Sudetenland last year in Czechia the highway billboards openly proclaimed “No Islam – No Terrorism”.

Their thinking is vastly closer to Seehofer’s than to Merkel’s. Merkel can’t even control her primary CSU coalition partner any further. What is more likely to occur is the German government, or multiple successor German governments, will move much closer to the eastern European position.

And if Merkel attempts to construct a hard left domestic coalition consisting of the CDU, the SDP, the Greens and “The Left” (Die Linke) to continue her present policies, then I expect the CDU itself to experience an internal split and also further hemorrhaging to Alternativ fur Deustschland. Its difficult to see her retaining her position in the CDU after presiding over the collapse of the historic CDU/CSU coalition.

New elections are highly likely in these circumstances. And in the last elections the main Center parties – CDU/CSU and also SDP – all lost significant numbers of supporters to the AfD and Die Linke. Another round at this point will probably produce a much larger AfD, plus political gridlock as the Establishment attempts to ignore the democratic result.

On an anecdotal basis, last year I again met individuals in Rheinland-Pfalz who in 2015 had been members of The Greens. Come 2017 they all had left the Greens and were wavering between the CDU & AfD.

On a related issue: it seems to me the present migration induced political crisis in German politics will cause the PIGS to attempt to rebid and renegotiate the terms of their ECB/IMF bailouts.

In the light of points made in the above extract it is fair to say that Marx’s famous summary of the disintegrative forces inherent in capitalism–“Everything solid melts into air”– aptly describes the core dynamics of disintegrative phases.


If we look at a map of the states which make up modern Germany circa 1866 and ask if the geographic, political and cultural lines visible on this map still pertain beneath the surface of a monolithic modern state. All sorts of centralized organizations that appear rock-solid may well melt into air as the disintegrative dynamics gather momentum.

It would be foolish to compare Germany to Yugoslavia in the early 1990s? But the social and economic problems in Germany  and other European Union member states, 25 years after its founding is a warning signal of the dangers of trying to foist changes beneficial to the elites onto the mass of working and middle class populations. In particular the immigration policy imposed by Brussels of simply allowing in all arrivals has been a social disaster.

The EU’s central bureaucracy along with the main advocates of political integration, Germany and France have long portrayed the union of European states as a political, economic and historical success story. But the downside of this merger is all too often ignored – and this is increasingly endangering its future.

The Maastricht Treaty, the 25th anniversary of which passed last week, was the European Union’s founding document and the point at which all pretence of the EU being nothing more than a free trade area was abandoned. For a few years after the treaty was signed, it seemed that no one was able to recognize the European Union’s innate defects, or those that did were dismissed as right wing reactionaries.

Ever since Maastricht one of the European Union’s faults has been the ineptitude of its attempts to put together a common approach to foreogn policy. First its inability to correctly assess the conflicts in Yugoslavia, which were going on at the time or to exert a moderating influence on the warring parties and to prevent civil wars in the region. Before it even evolved into the EU, the European Community was inconsistent and unconvincing when it came to applying the values it claimed to represent to its dealings with Yugoslavia.

One of the main reasons for this has been the fact that the main EU power, Germany, still suffering an enormous guilt hangover from the 20th century’s two great wars, has declined to act but has by inaction, by failing to lead, prevented the rest of the EU from doing what needed to be done.

With the signing of the Maastricht treaty, Germany transferred not only its economic power and postwar instinct toward non – intervention to the EU but also it’s moral authority. And a bunch of smooth cheeked deal makers, which is what the EU Commission, the committee which effectively controls the EU, are always going to shirk moral responsibility, preferring to take refuge in rules and regulations.  Just like West Germany during the Cold War, the newly constituted union of states was an economic giant, but a dwarf in the foreign policy arena.

This dwarf has barely grown in the past quarter century. Occasional forays into international conflicts while hanging onto America’s coat tails have ended disastrously for the people the effort was supposed to help, while purely diplomatic initiatives  have all failed. Thus today, for example, there is no consistent foreign policy line on the Balkans – and the western Balkans are, again, increasingly unstable.

Meanwhile in Germany, Angela Merkel’s fragile coalition totters on the brink of collapse as the Christian Social Union (CSU), a conservative party which dominates the federal province of Bravaria threatens to quit is support of Merkel and thus bring down her government over her idiotic insistence on maintaining the ‘open doors’ immigration policy that has allowed millions of illiterate, culturally backward and unemployable third world peasants to flood into the country.

“With populist parties AfD (Alternatif fur Deutschland) and FDR (Free Deomcrats) having made vast gains in last year’s inconclusive election, if Merkel falls Germany could end up with an anti – EU coalition vehmently opposed to mass immigration in power. Yet some German states are very left wing and collectivist and would find this intolerable.

So where could federal Germany go from there?

Why Should I Integrate With New Arrivals

My family name is Thorpe, it is a good old northern English name and comes from the Danes or even The Brigantes the people who were in this part of Britain before the Saxons, long before the Norman Conquest.

My Dad was at El Alamein and took part in the allied campaign in the Mediterranean. There were Thorpes at The Somme, Waterloo, Ramilles, Agincourt and Stamford Bridge as well as more local kerfuffles. We are an English family.

There are similiar families in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, Austria, Poland and Sweden, throughout Europe in fact; not xenophobic but happy to be of our nation and culture.

So I was somewhat perturbed to read Standard & Poors (who the fuck are they to tell us what to do?) are warning that the refusal of Europeans to integrate in the face of an influx of migrants is putting European Unity at risk.

Why the fuck should we integrate, we were here first by a few hundred thousand years. Why should we give up eating bacon because Muslims disapprove of pigs, why should we give up owning dogs because immigrants say dogs are unclean animals, why should our girls be at risk of being raped because men from some parts of the world just can’t control themselves when they see a woman showing a bit of leg or walking in the street without a veil over her face.

In our countries it is our ways that count, not the mores and norms of people from alien cultures whom we did not invite to come as conquerors and take over our homelands. We should not hate the new arrivals of course, but we should hate the politicians, academics, media luvvies, self righteous hand wringers and general cunts who tell us we must yield our heritage in the name of ‘diversity’.

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New Regimes R Us

“Journalism is reporting news somebody does not want reported, everything else is public relations.” – George Orwell

First it happened in Egypt (and we all know what happened there), Tunisia (a less well publicised failed state) and Libya. Then it all went a bit pear shaped in Yemen and Syria. Now it’s happening in Ukraine and Venezuela. The Global Totalitarian Government pushers, their puppets in Washington, London, Berlin and Paris, their pimps in Goldman Sachs, Citibank, HSBC, J P Morgan et al and the ponces of the United Nations, IMF, EU, OECD and the rest are trying to crush legitimate governments that dared to stand up to the New World Order and its corporate dictatorship agenda.

maidan square

Fears are growing among the terrorism sponsors of the FUKUS axis that once again chaos will result from their efforts to depose a regime in order to usher in a pseduo-liberal sockpuppetocracy that will prioritize gay and lesbian “rights” over taking action to prevent the rape of their nation by global banks and corporate conglomerates. It looks increasingly likely that US / EU supported rebels who were primed to drag Ukraine into the European Union (EUSSR) against the wishes of half the Ukrainian population will fail and Ukraine will split in two as crisis deepens in Kiev.

Rebels who support Ukrainian membership of the EU seized the office President Viktor Yanukovych in Kiev over the weekend and put in place an interim President and Government that has no legitimate authority and includes people from extreme left anarchist and right wing neo Nazi groups.

Meanwhile Regional lawmakers in the pro-Russia east rejected the legitimacy of the new government and the national parliament and said they were taking control of their territories. (Zero Hedge)

President Viktor Yanukovych, who is still technically the head of state said he was not resigning and slammed the crisis as a coup, saying it resembled the rise of the Nazis in the 1930s. Yanukovych fled Kiev for his stronghold in eastern Ukraine, .

“Everything that is happening today is … vandalism and bandits and a coup d’état,” Yanukovych said in a televised statement. He said he would not sign any of the measures passed by parliament.

All in all then, it looks as if FUKUS meddling has once again taken a nation to the brink of civil war and the world a few steps closer to global conflict. We are now witing for Vladimir Putin to make his next move and for the Chinese to make their position clear.

Tymoshenko Promises to Deliver Ukraine to the New World Order

timoshenko oligarch
Yulia Timoshenko: billionaire, oligarch, fraudster,ex – jailbird and hero of the New World Order

On Saturday, oligarch, embezzler, murder suspect and former prime minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko, released from a prison sentence* in the eastern industrial city of Kharkiv, to wind up the Euromaidan revolutionaries in Kyviv’s Independence Square and push Ukraine closer to civil war.

“Do not leave Maidan as long as you have not obtained what you wanted,” she told the mob. “Your fight for freedom will bring about democracy in other ex-Soviet republics.This is a different Ukraine. This is a Ukraine of free people, and you have given this country to each and all of us, those who are living today and those who will live tomorrow. That is why people were on Maidan, who perished on Maidan will be heroes for ever,”

After arriving in Kyviv to assume leadership of the revolution that claimed the lives of around 100 people and brought down the corrupt government of Yanukovych and his cronies, the equally corrupt Tymoshenko said she is sure that Ukraine will be a member of the European Union in the near future and this will change everything, according to the Interfax news agency. (Read more at The Independent)

She could be right. If Ukraine with its basket case economy joins the EU it will become the new Greece in a matter of months. And people like you and I will be asked to pay more tax to prop up another state ruined by the globalists and European Superstate Nazis. It all seems to depend on the aforementioned V. Putin.

*Tymoshenko appeared in a wheelchair having come from a civilian hospital where she has been undergoing treatment, reportedly for cancer.

Is US Department Of Defence Regime Change Agency Planning Color Revolution In Nicaragua

“>In Their Own Words – The Oligarchs plans for a New World Order


The Leader

The Leader
He seemed an unlikely political leader, puny, odd looking and a foreigner by birth in the country he aspired to lead but somehow The Leader formed an emotional connection with enough of his people to persuade them to relinquish civil liberties and support policies that were not only doomed to failure but that in other times those same people would have found morally repugnant. Though not a charismatic man but one who in early life had been something of a loser, a self confessed heavy drug user, nihilistic dissident and an active supporter of seditionist groups. In spite of all this, and having arrived from nowhere on the political scene with only a series of menial jobs on a thin CV his campaigns generated a level of mass adulation that was almost without parallel.

At its heart the story of The Leader hinges on one gigantic, mysterious question: how was it possible that a character as strange and personally inadequate as he ever gained power in a wealthy, sophisticated and technologically advanced country and became an object of worship for millions of people?

The answer to this vital question is to be found not just in the historical circumstances of the time, the deep humiliation still felt by many of the people following a catastrophic event that had plunged the nation into a deep sense of shock, the anger and resentment among a many people at the way their country had been governed in the time after that event, but also in the nature of his leadership.

It’s this aspect of the story that makes for a particularly interesting study.

Cast by the propaganda machine that propelled him to power as a messianic figure, an archetypal “charismatic leader” who combined the qualities of politician, preacher and humanist, he was further helped by the undeserved praise lavished on him by sycophantic supporters in broadcast and print media; his rambling, cliché ridden speeches were acclaimed as great oratory, his policies, borrowed from socialist leaders of an earlier era were acclaimed as original thinking offering radical solutions to social and economic problems. Criticism of his personal shortcomings or inconsistencies in his back story and hints at involvement in scandals that would have ended the careers of other politicians were brushed aside, the rules that governed ordinary people did not apply to The Leader.

#This was not a “normal” politician, someone who promises things like lower taxes, full employment and better health care, but a quasi-religious leader who offered almost spiritual goals of redemption and salvation and a Utopian vision of a future in which the poor would be made rich thanks to the munificence of the wealthy elite and the redistribution of wealth through the medium of taxation and social benefits. The Leader also claimed he was driven by a sense of personal destiny, a conceit eagerly taken up by his mesmerised followers.

It was strange that his followers, mostly people who were mostly quite casual in their religious observance if they acknowledged having any religion at all, in a nation that had no official state religion, were so readily drawn to his messianic style of campaigning.

Even when other world leaders described him as irritating, arrogant, ego-maniacal and inexperienced the media and voters in his own country refused to look at him in a more objective and critical way.

Before a pivotal event in history The Leader was a nobody, an oddball who was obsessed with race, violent revolution his own sense of victimhood, unable to debate intellectually and filled with irrational resentments and prejudice. He was also identified as a weak, self indulgent, and by some an effeminate man.

But when The Leader emerged in national politics and spoke of his vision for the nation, telling his audiences in words carefully crafted by skilled speech writers, the things they most wanted to hear suddenly his weaknesses were perceived as strengths. The inability to debate was presented as strength of character and evidence of an advanced intellect that mere mortals could not hope to challenge and his aloofness was considered the mark of a “great man” who lived apart from the crowd…
The Leader’s alienation and resentment chimed with the feelings of millions of voters who felt humiliated by the great catastrophe and angry efforts that efforts to rebuild the national community after that humiliation had failed ignominiously. They sought and found one in a large but loosely organised community within their nation.

In a nation ravaged by inflation, unemployment and industrial decline The Leader promised to kick the wealthy, close their tax loopholes and tax them “until it hurt”. Although he showed no sign of ever intending to fulfil these promises beyond a few token gestures directed at European bankers his failure combined with the trick of blaming his opponents for that failure made him more beloved by his fanatical supporters and the millions of people benefiting from an unaffordably generous social welfare system. Organisations that should have known better heaped awards on him, Man of the Year etc.

Who is The Leader? The clue is in the title, throughout this article I am paraphrasing from a review of the book The Dark Charisma Of Adolf Hitler by Laurence Rees. In the German language the word for leader is Führer. Shame on you if you thought my article was about a current world leader.

Face It: Eating Shite Makes You Fat And Ill

There has been a lot of talk this week about how fat we (as a nation) are getting. The ambulance service say they are having to order vans with wider doos, reinforced beds and lifting gear (same as the kit on bin wagons we hope) to cope with the number of hugely huge gutbuckets (not a lot of sympathy here) who are getting sick.

Prisons say they are finding obese prisoners senteced to jail for stealing junk food are too big to fit into standard cells.

Bus companies are running at a loss because passengers demand a double seat for a single fare.

And riding schools are complaining that once they used to get young professionals who would take the mobile phone and filofax along to their riding lessons because they were trying to ride two horses with one arse but now two horses aren’t enough to support one arse.

We’re getting bigger.

Nudger Cameron has been asking his Big Society (no pun intended) (OK, I’m lying) why this is.

Boggart Blog can tell him without need for an expensives social survey. We are eating too much shite made from chemicals.

For the first time last night I saw an ad for a new food product that promises a quick, no fuss bacon and egg sarnie. Only it’s not is it? It might be no fuss but it’s also no bacon and no egg. Instead you get chemicals.

What you buy is slices of bread impregnated with bacon flavoured chemicals and egg flavoured chemicals. You take it out of the expensive and ecologiclly hostile packaging and pop it in the toaster. Two minutes later you have a bacon and egg flavoured slice of toasted chemicals.

What’s the betting it tastes as much like a bacon and egg sandwich as BBQ beef flavoured crisps taste like a char grilled filet steak. But you eat it because it does say on the packaging it’s tasty.

And the chemicals are addictive. So you eat another. And another. And some fish and chip flavoured crisps. And some jam roly poly with custard flavoured instant dessert.

And the chemicals are not only addictive, they are toxic and make you retain water. So you become a bloater. But still you want to eat more chemcals becauce they promise they will taste so good you forget about the metallic, monosodiumglutimaey aftertase that lingers for days.

And before you know it you are being carted off in a supersize ambulance to the “Too Fat To Wipe” ward at the local hospital where you are admitted through the goods entrance on a fork lift truck.

When I read articles in a certain type of newspaper predicting the end of civilisation as we know it I take them with a pinch of salt (natural sea salt of course) But I wonder if I should read them more seriously. If our humanity has been so degraded by the advertising industry we would rather eat chemicals than take the trouble to knock up a delicious bacon and egg sarnie we are well and truly fucked.

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Who Will Relight The Olympic Flame?

The action in Beijing is starting to spread itself more thinly as events move toward their climax. As a consequence of this shortage of sport the BBC presenters are getting a tad desperate in their efforts to fill time between interesting bits of action.

Today for example they showed a little retrospective on the fate of athletes expected to win their event who, after having been chosen to ignite the Olympic torch as representative of the host nation and later had their gold medal hopes thwarted by bizarre mishaps. Was there a jinx operating? Probably not but it was good television.

This item was triggered by the unfortunate withdrawal due to injury of China’s superstar hurdler. In turn it kicked off an interesting discussion in the studio. The athlete chosen for the task is meant to be a shining example of the host nation’s youth, and embody their countries hopes, ideals and values.

Eventually the panel’s thoughts turned to who might be selected to light the flame for the 2012 Olympic pageant in London. To whom would the task of representing Britain’s finest and being the symbolic embodiment of our nation fall?

The consensus of opinion pointed towards Amy Winehouse.

The image of Amy, wearing six inch stilettos and her enormous wig as she teeters up to the giant Bunsen Burner, ciggy in mouth, lighter in one hand, bottle of Voddie in the other, out of her head on a drug cocktail that defies chemical analysis would send just the right message from Britain to the world.

We may no longer be a dominant economic or military power, a centre of scientific and technical excellence of a fine example of fairness, justice and good manners.

But we still know how to throw a party.

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