‘There Are Dead People In The Street’ – Latests Truck Terror hits Stockholm

From the news feeds we are seeing news of another terrorist atrocity, this time in Sweden.

In what appears to be another example of the growing trend for using vehicles as weapons in terror attacks, a truck has been deliberately driven into people on a busy street in central Stockholm.  Aftonbladet newspaper  reports the incident took place when a truck was driven into a department store, causing multiple casualties.

A worker at Ahlens department store said the truck drove into the store’s perfume department. He said an alarm went off inside the store and everyone was asked to leave the building, SVT reported.

A photo posted online shows the truck after it crashed into Åhlens department store, with the caption stating that the vehicle came from a direction in which trucks are not allowed.


Helicopters are circling above the area, a witness told SVT.  Video from smartphones posted on Twitter shows panicked pedestrians fleeing the scene.

According to Expressen,  three armed men jumped out of the truck that hit people at the department store, no details of a possible motive have been released yet (no prizes for guessing what religion these guys are though). Swedish police are urging people to stay away from Stockholm City

NBC Eyewitness Maria Nathalie was in the department store at the time of the incident. “People started running down the stairs when the fire alarm started,” she told NBC News. “And when we came down to the bottom of the building all we could see was a lot of smoke and there was someone who helped us get out on the other side of the building.

Latest reports suggest up to 5 people have been killed. Prime Minister Lofven says that the incident is a “terror attack.” As of this moment, all subway traffic in Stockholm has been shutdown.

How many people have to die or have their lives ruined before our politicians will admit Islamic extremism is at the root of the terrorist problem and act to remove these terrorists from civilised societies.


UK Police Arresting Terrorist suspects Almost Every Day – Estimate 10,000 Jihadis At Lsrge In Britain
The Senior National Co-ordinator for Counter Terrorism has revealed that police are making terror-related arrests “on a near daily basis”. Meanwhile, a study estimates the number of Islamists in the country is “between 6,000 and 10,000”. Deputy Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu of the Metropolitan Police revealed the scale of the struggle police face to contain terrorism by home grown extremists in a statement to reporters …

Swedish Man Prosecuted for Assaulting Muslims with Bacon
A Swedish man has been arrested and charged with racism after being accused of eating bacon in proximity to a group of veiled Muslim women. The alleged offence occurred in the Swedish capital of Stockholm last weekend. The Swede, who has not been named by media or the police, is said to have approached the women, on a train while he was eating a bacon sandwich. He is alleged to have dangled the bacon in front of their faces

Top Academic: Muslims Would Not Tolerate Multiculturalism in Islamic Countries
Leading Iranian academic Afshin Ellian has warned that cultural Marxist delusions of “multiculturalism” are a one-way street as left wing activist in the secular Christian nations of the west clamour for appeasement of Islamic extremists. Muslims in Europe oppress historic minorities in their own lands and have no intention of showing “tolerance”

Britain’s report on Muslim Brotherhood contradicts U.S. views on group
A spate of warning on the imminent threat of more and increasingly bloody attacks on Britain and Europe by Muslim terror group Islamic State have been issued by British government security agencies in the past few days. As well as one from the Police covert anti terror unit, reported here, another, Muslim Brotherhood Review has been featured in the Washington Times

USA Extends Drone war To Africa
So why we wonder is the USA taking its drone war against the third world into deepest, sub Sahran Africa? There cannot be any reason for it, the cited aim of neutralising Boko Haram is not valid because boko Haram are not a standing army but a guerilla force that strikes and then melts away into the civilian population.

Indonesia Tells Aussie Loudmouth Tony Abbott, STF UP Over ‘Reform Islam’ Call

The solidly Muslim government of Indonesia has attacked former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott after he said that Islam needs to be reformed. Sources in Indonesian capital Jakarta dismissed Abbott’s comments as “unhelpful” and “divisive”. Ambassador to Austrialia responded to Mr Abbott’s critique by adding that violent extremism is “common in all faiths.”

Christians Are Not Safe In Europe, European Parliament President Says
In a meeting on religious tensions in Europe today (3 December, 2015), European Parrliament (EP) President Martin Schulz said that the persecution of Christians in Europe is under – reported and does not receive enough media attention, which has also meant that it “has not been properly addressed”.

Paris Horror Demonstrates Limits On Tolerance And Need For Border Controls

As the lawless criminal scum imported by Merkel in her efforts to suck up to Obama threaten to turn Germany into a third world human cespit, it seems public opinion in European is waking up.

Refugeee Host School In Germany Bans Short Skirts As They Wind Up Muslim Boys
We have asked before and no doubt will again, when the citizens of a nation are constantly asked to give up their freedoms and change their behaviour in order to avoid offending new arrivals from medievalist cultures, whose effing country is it anyway.

US Foreign Policy has Boosted Expansion of Terrorism, Putin Says
Russia’s president Putin has become more harsh in his criticisms of US foreign policy over the past few years, from the moment France, the UK and USA used the excuse of staging a ‘humanitarian mission to prevent genocide in Libya’ to wage a bombing campain on that country with the aim of bringing down the Gaddafi regime, relations between the western powers and the Russia / China alliance have been going downhill fast …

As Obama launches another airborne assault in Iraq, who are ISIS
Another Obama Sponsored Genocide – not Alawi or Christians In Syria but Yazidi in Iraq.

Sweden dystopia omnibus
Islamic terror the elephant in the room

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Nigel Farage Named Man Of The Year – Wankerati In Meltdown

Guardian reading Lefty trolls on Facebook, Twitter and other social media have been working themselves into a blue funk over the fact that The Times (London) newspaper has awarded UKIP leader Nigel Farage its Briton of the Year accolade. You would think, to hear the screeching that Nige had been declared God – King, Pontifex Maxiums, Great Panjandrum and chief Wizard of the entire world.

Conservative Party activists and left-wingers led the attack, launching memes claiming the Murdoch owned paper had handed the award to a “waycist” (yes, that’s still the only argument they can screech against the rise of UKIP despite appeals by Cameron, Gove, Miliband and Yvette Cooper to stop doing it as it is counter productive and wanting to control immigration is actually not racism. One of the most tweeted memes compares the award to Time Magazine naming Adolf Hitler man of the year in 1938. Some of the lefty wankers even managed to confuse Time Magazine and the Times newspaper.

There are plenty of Britons who have achieved great things this year but The Times has always regarded itself as the newspaper of record on political matters and it is beyond dispute that Nigen Farage has been the most influential and most talked about politician of 2014, he is now setting the agenda for Convervative and Labour politicians as they backpedal furiously on their open doors immigration and pro – EU integration policies.

So from that perspective the award has gone to the right proper recipient. The question now is whether UKIP can silence the Wankerati and change politics to the extent that voting means something again.

Surprisinly though The Times, traditionally The Conservative Party’s bestest friend in Fleet Street (although it has not lived in Fleet Street for many years)  was always one of the most ferocious news organisations in its attacks on UKIP.  It even reinvented a few old News Of The World dirt digging hacks as “Investigations Reporters” to lend a veneer of respectability to their real job which was to dig up or invent stories about UKIP members who once said something like “Hey lads, shall we go for a chinky,” or “Have you seen the jugs on that new girl in accounts.”

Such Nice People Live On The Left Of The Political Spectrum

Left wing politics, once the politics of freedom, individualism and self – determination has increasingly over the past few decades become the politics of hate, envy, bitterness, hypocrisy and authoritarianism. Left wing politics has now developed a level of intolerance for those who challenge its idiotic assumptions or moral superiority, it appears to be charging headlong towards fascism.

Here’s the latest example:

from Breitbart London.

Independent’ Student Paper Tells UKIP MEP to ‘F**k His Mother’

the offending tweet to ukip's paul nuttall

Britain’s UK Independence Party (UKIP) has received abusive responses to a press release issued today. A student ‘journalist’ working at the self-described “independent national student newspaper” the Student Times, which has a circulation of around 150,000 every fortnight encouraged the UKIP official to engage in incest.

Paul Nuttall, who is the deputy leader of UKIP stated in a press release: “Universities are more concerned about making money than ever before, and I am seriously concerned that by relaxing their entry requirements many students that would never have normally been offered a place will find it too difficult and there’ll be a lot dropping out over the next 12 months.”

Instead of taking interest, as a responsible newspaper editor would, UKIP received the following reply from the news@studenttimes.org e-mail address:

“You can tell Paul Nuttall to go and fuck his mother.”

One UKIP staffer replied, “Charmed”, to which another reply came:

“It must be really lonely working in Europe working for a bunch of fascist wankers. Now take us off your mailing list prick”.

Speaking to Breitbart London, Nuttall said of the incident: “I was astonished that the correspondent asked me to indulge in something not only unpalatable but also illegal.

“I can’t believe a reputable student magazine is apparently run by foul mouthed privileged left wing students who think that is an appropriate way to respond to a press release they do not agree with.

“It speaks volumes about the state of education in this country and his or her grasp of the Queen’s English. I can only hope that when the anonymous correspondent from the Student Times grows up, gets a job and has responsibilities they will look back and be thoroughly embarrassed by what they have done.”

read full post

Still wondering why the Labour party is full of infantile, idiotic sheeple who bleat about equal rights for paedophiles, want to invite foreign murderers, rapists, people traffickers, pimps, muggers and extortionists as well as terrorists to come to Britain and carry on their odious careers safe in the knowledge that ‘yooman rights’ law will protect them from justice? Don’t…..The morons who produce the kind of hate filled, extremist shit in this student rag will be the next generation of Labour MPs.

So let’s sum up: Things you are voting against if you vote Labour:

Democracy, free speech, good manners, tolerance, respect, inteligence,

Things you are voting for if you vote Labour:

Equal rights for paedophiles, sharia law, more immigration, higher taxes, hate, more hate, still more hate.

You know what to do.

Flight MH17 Shot Down By Air To Air Missile: New Straits Times

New Straits Times is the newspaper of record in Malaysia. It is not government owned but has close toes to the Malaysian Government.

from New Straits Times,

US analysts conclude MH17 downed by aircraft
By Haris Hussain – 7 August 2014 @ 8:20 AM

KUALA LUMPUR: INTELLIGENCE analysts in the United States had already concluded that Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down by an air-to-air missile, and that the Ukrainian government had had something to do with it.

This corroborates an emerging theory postulated by local investigators that the Boeing 777-200 was crippled by an air-to-air missile and finished off with cannon fire from a fighter that had been shadowing it as it plummeted to earth.

In a damning report dated Aug 3, headlined “Flight 17 Shoot-Down Scenario Shifts”, Associated Press reporter Robert Parry said “some US intelligence sources had concluded that the rebels and Russia were likely not at fault and that it appears Ukrainian government forces were to blame”.

This new revelation was posted on GlobalResearch, an independent research and media organisation.

Continue reading the report which after detailing the Kiev’s denials goes on to reveal information even more damning for the Ukraine and United states military and intelligence agencies. The Malaysians have even gone so far as to suggest the USA deliberately withheld important information because it would have undermined their attempts to blame Russia. Mainstream media in the west has of course not printed or broadcast a word on this sensational story.

mh17 wreckageA fragment of the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 flight MH17, showing damage consistent with 30mm calibre machine gun fire (source New Straits Timeswhen I first suggested, shortly after the disaster and in the hours after President Obama had claimed to possess ‘compelling evidence’ that anti – Kiev rebels in Ukraine were responsible, that we should reserve judgement as it was too soon for any real evidence to have been gathered, I was jumped on by someone who accused me of being a gullible, right wing extremist conspiracy theorist for taking the reasonable line (read the comment thread). Thanks to Michael St Mark for joining in the fun by pointing out that while the Russians had produced their evidence pointing (inconclusively) to Kiev, the USA had produced nothing.

You may remember than when challenged by American reporters on the evidence Obama had claimed, a US State Department representative referred the press conference attendees to ‘social media’.

actually the timeline of events immediately after the disaster followed the pattern laid down in the CIA playbook. Straight away after a major disaster, the US government blames an organisation it wants to discredit. This grabs headlines around the world and makes an impression on minds. Much later when the full details emerge the case is far less clear cut but of course the propaganda game is over by then. The problem is the USA has pulled this stunt so many times nobody believes them any more, except for a few half wit bloggers who never stop to think before hitting they keyboard to announce that they have special insight and do not need to wait for evidence.

There is still no absolute detailed proof of what happened and probably never will be. There is however enough evidence to establish what did not happen.

I’d like to think my critic is a big enough man to come by now and admit he was wrong and I was right (but certainly not right wing – I’m not the authoritarian idiot that tries to shout down people who hold different opinions) and that in future he will respect my superior intelligence.

I will not be holding my breath however.

The first comment in the thread, from Mark, a visitor, cites some claims made by the American government about alleged admissions of responsibility. Don’t be misled by this blatant attempt to undermine my post, the claim made by a rogue rebel leader in east Ukraine who thought a Ukrainian military aircraft had been shot down and was trying to make a name for himself was quickly proved to be false. All the points so far made by people determined to support the lies of the warmongering American President and his lackey have been comprehensively dealt with and for ease of reference are tagged mh17. So from that you may assume Mark is too dim witted or too arrogant to do a bit of research, the answers are all there, he just refuses to believe them because they don’t fit his prejudices.

Funny Things Happen In Ukraine – The Destriction Of The Convoy That Didn’t Exist
Another Obama Sponsored Genocide – not Alawi or Christians In Syria but Yazidi in Iraq.

Nelson Mandela Died Back In June – Told You So

Really few people except the terminally gullible will be surprised by this revelation printed in South Africa’s Guardian Express newspaper.

That the deception has gone on so long is perhaps the most powerful proof yet that the ruling elites everywhere maintain their grip on power by lies, deception, misinformation and subterfuge. It is understandable perhaps in this case that news of the death might be suppressed until the country was prepared for a possible outbreak of lawlessness and factional conflict onece its figurehead was gone.

But as the actual death was so widely leaked in new media and even discussed by some mainstream reporters, it can only erode what little trust remains in government and the media.

And to those who accused me of bad taste when I compared Mandela to Leonid Brenev, the Soviet leader who, it is rumoured was preserved as a corpse and wheeled out on state occasions to be seen mechanically waving to the crowd, I say “Fuck the fucking fuck off, if you can’t handle truth don’t read Boggart Blog.

From the Guardian Express website guardianlv.com , 5 December 2013

“The charade began in June of 2013, and Guardian Express has maintained Mandela has been deceased since we were informed of his passing in June via one of our reporters embedded in South Africa.
That reporter had received a text message from her close friend who works for the South African News which stated that Mandela had died the night prior. Since June, The Guardian Express has come under attack; first from a “denial of service” attack which shut the site down on and off for three days right after we published the news that Mandela had died. That denial of service attack was traced back to South Africa.
The Guardian Express was also attacked by people denying that the Nelson Mandela family was carrying on a charade. However, we stood by and continue to stand by our account that Mandela was declared permanently brain dead with total organ failure in June of 2013. Now, today, the family has finally decided to give up their charade.”

Now how about “President” Obama telling us where he was really born, how, if he is a natural born citizen of the USA he managed to enroll at a university as a foreign student, whether he still uses crack cocaine and if his relationship with Reggie Love is still hot?

Or David Cameron admitting that he’s a c… yes that, but also, he did thousands of pounds worth of damage to Oxford restaurants with his Bullingdon Club chums and that he has to keep pissing off traditional Conservatives because if he does not do what his wife tells him she will go on the Jeremy Kyle show and reveal and reveal the biological father of the little girl Cammers tried to dump in a pub is really Boris Johnson.

Obit. For The News Of The World

The question has been asked, “why would a billionaire media mogul close a top selling newspaper to save the career of one woman?”

Well it’s surprising what some men will do when they are besotted by a ginger minge.

Goodbye then to the News of the World, a once great British institution. As a prurient adolescent(weren’t we all?) I would gather with my friends to read the salacious stories of adultery and sordid liaisons between ‘good time girls’ and ‘tired businessmen on their way home from the city’.

They were always ‘tired businessmen’, perhaps if they had spent less time dallying with good time girls in the streets around Picadilly they might have had enough energy to run and hide at the sight of a man wearing a slouch trilby, a disreputable raincoat and a face that spoke of too many long nights in The Cheshire Cheese, Tho Old Cock or El Vino’s who was approaching them clutching a reporters notebook.

We would ogle the rather chaste pictures of bikini clad ‘starlets’ and avidy consume all the tales od sex in the suburbs, satanism in the sticks and reporters who always made their excuses and left.

The most amusing thing about it, looking back, was they coy language used. “Intimacy took place” was a favourite euphemism to suggest extra mural bonking. Intimack usually too place in lay bys alongside quiet roads.

Things really went downhill in the 1980s however. The News of the World, driven by Murdoch’s desire to dominate the media, was instrumental in creating celebrity culture and the addiction that fed on it. The more sensation people were fed, the more they demanded.

Like Steinbeck’s monster that will die if it ceases to grow and must be constantly fed if it is to grow, the News of the World was eventually destroyed by the monster it spawned.

Perhaps that world seemed more exciting to me than my friends because my Dad was a newspaper man, for the distinctly highbrow News Chronicle and then the Daily Express and though not quite involved with the gutter press and covering the west midlands from a Manchester base rather than Fleet Street himself he would hear all the gossip and pass it on, suitably edited.

My fondest memory however comes from my days as a paper boy with a round covering two villages in Shropshire. A number of people I delivred to would have either The Sunday Times, The Sunday Telegraph or The Observer delvered along with The News of te World but insistes the NoW be folded inside the qualiy paper so the neighbours could not see it.

Is the News of the World gone forever? Media insiders are already suggesting that after a gap of a few months News International will launch a new downmarket Sunday red top. The World of News perhaps?

Rooftop Sex Romp Student Suspended

Yes we’re in tabloid mode today. Well a story like this demands it.

A pair of students who a had a bonk on the roof of a university building ‘in front of hundreds of onlookers’ according to a press release, has been suspended from his fraternity. Things have obviously become a lot more tame on American University Campuses since the film Animal House documented life in a typical fraternity.

The University of Southern California authorities said the student could also face further disciplinary action. The university is investigating whether the actions of the male student ‘constituted a violation of university policies that prohibit unauthorised access to building roofs’

Is there nowhere young people can go for a bit of privacy that is not regulated by the health and safety police?

Pictures of the pair having sex on top of the university’s 12-storey School of Education in broad daylight were circulated on the internet and went viral.

Twelve stories high. Oh for fuck’s sake, it’s not as if anybody who did not own a private plane could have seen them properly. Were the crowd watching on Google Street View? And how come the press release said ‘in front of hundreds of onlokers’ when theiy were on a roof twelve floors up? Unless this was a stunt organised by the Universities physics dept. to publicise a new levitation ray they’ve invented.

Denzil Suite, USC Associate Vice President of Student Affairs, told the university’s Daily Trojan newspaper: “To say that we are disappointed in this type of behaviour does not begin to capture the seriousness with which we regard this type of activity.

The seriousness with which we regard this type of activity. For fuck’s sake again. When did student leaders get so prim and priggish.

I suppose this being politically correct paradise California the lad’s big mistake was having heterosexual sex.

If it has been a gay bonk then any disciplinary action would have violated his ‘rights’.

If this story had been in tomorrows papers we would not have believed it. In fact we don’t believe it. It’s another case of American mass hysteria.

Dumbing Down
Google, Skype and your privacy

The Iraq Inquiry Cab Driver Of Mass Destruction

While we have all been focused on really big events of global importance this week, the Tiger-Woods- inability-to-keep-it-in-his-trousergate scandal for example, the Chilcot Inquiry into who told what lies to whom in the run up to the Iraq invasion has been quietly bobbing along virtually unreported. One of the reasons I shall by this time next week be an ex Guardian reader is the totally biased coverage of this event. Nobody did anything wrong, you might think the Daily Mail and the Conservatives conspired with the Israelis to hide the evidence of Blair’s WMD with the sole aim of discrediting Tony Blair if you relied on Guardian coverage..

The newspaper did however acknowledge that our main intelligence source for information on Saddam’s readiness for war was a Baghdad Cab Driver.

Fortunately for you Boggart Blog readers your news source of choice has been somewhat more diligent in our investigative reporting. Never afraid to breach the Official Secrets Act, the treason law, the standards of journalistic integrity, factual accuracy and common sense in our unending effort to uncover the truth behind the truth Boggart Blog has managed to obtain a transcript of the first meeting between a British intelligence operative and the government’s main source of information on Weapons Of Mass Destruction as covertly recorded by agent 00 Hornby

Greetings Effendi. you will be wanting a ride to the British Embassy, yes?

Mind your own fucking business.

A thousand pardons esteemed passenger Hornby but I thought that because your MI6 security passs is still clipped to your jacket you are an agent of British Military Intelligence who is not working under cover.

Shut up. Talk like that can get you killed.

With respect Effendi but not as quickly as forgetting to remove one’s MI6 security pass in Baghdad. It is customary however, even in our humble, backward nation for people who get into a taxi to wish to be driven to a destination.

Take me to the Street Of A Thousand Red Lanterns, by the sign of the Seventy Third Virgin.

Ah, you do want The British Embassy, but the rear entrance. Why did you not just say so?

Fast as you can. And no chat, careless talk costs lives.

I am afraid my silence is not possible honoured passenger. The Baghdad City Authority is a signatory of the United Nations global concord on tourism and thus Baghdad cab drivers are required by international law to be bigoted garrulous bores. It is an important part of the tourist industry. Cab drivers are usually the only real locals tourists have contact with you see. Thus cab drivers everywhere must be the same in order to convince travellers there is a single global culture. Should I fail in my duty I will face a heavy fine and my wife and children will be driven into poverty. I must beg your indulgence sir. I will not mention your MI6 badge again

Oh alright then. Haven’t we been down this street once?

It is the new one – way system Sayid. hey, you will never guess who I had in my cab only yesterday. It was that propaganda ministry geezer, Comical Ali and he was with Qsay Hussein, the slightly less psychopathic son of Saddam.

Hornby: (attentively)
Really? That must have been interesting.

I shall dine out on it for months as you say in your illustrious nation effendi. But I am sure you will find what they spoke of most fascinating. They were talking of your esteemed Prime Minister Tony Blair, peace be upon him and his houses and his domestic appliances and his sons and daughters and his wife and his wife’s astrologer and upon his friends and Parliamentary colleagues. Qsay and Comical Ali were discussing Sidi Blair’s efforts to trace Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq and what our beloved leader Saddam, the father of the nation will do if The British and Americans invade our country and …

Just cut the crap, what did they say about Saddam’s defences?

Please, honoured guest in my can and my country, I am only repeating what I have heard. Do not be shooting the piano playing messenger. I am only trying to make a living

What did they say?

Information Minister Ali said if the allies invade they will receive a very big shock because Saddam will unleash one of his Weapons Of Mass Destruction within forty five minutes. And Saddam’s son Qsay replied; Forty Five minutes, I’m sure he will launch one they moment they cross the border. And they laughed, tossing their head back like belly dancers, they laughed great belly laughs.

We are here. We are stopped outside a building that is not the British Embassy do you understand. I was never in your can and you have never spoken to me.


If we need to talk to you again we will find you. Comprennayvoo? Do you understand me?


Here’s a hundred dollars, now fuck off. Do not be seen outside this building again or you will be shot.

Yes effendi, but…

The man from MI6 leaped out of the cab, slammed the door and ran into the building. As he went the cab driver called out after him:

But Sidi Hornby, all over Baghdad when people talk of Saddam’s Weapons Of Mass Destruction they are referring to the really smelly farts the beloved leaders frequently emits.

Don’t forget we are blogging the lastest from the Copenhagen Climate Summit as it doesn’y happen at our Daily Stirrer Climate Change page


Are We Becoming A Nation Of Cat Swingers.

Last week a report on Britain’s housing crisis , highlighting the unfit-for-purposeness of many new build “starter homes” quoted details of an offering from one well known house builder. We will not name and shame them because the rest are as bad and anyway if we’re going to get sued we want it to be for insulting some pseudo – celebrity or accusing a well know politician of taking backhanders from Colonel Gadaffi. The “home” in question featured living room of just 3m x 3m. Assuming there is a door that makes fitting in a sofa, spare chair and a tele impossible.

An investigative reporter from one of the national newspapers decided to put to the test the old phrase “not enough room to swing a cat.” by actually swinging a cat (he said it was a stuffed toy and we believe him don’t we?) in the deceptively spacious living room. Taking a firm grip on his cat’s tail he started to spin, arms outstretched. Long before he reached getting dizzy and falling over speed the cat’s head was bashing against the walls.

So with such restricted living space the dwelling cannot by any stretch of the cat … I mean imagination, be referred to as a starter home for a young family – or a cat lover. Ideal for agoraphobic perhaps…

Someone is bound to remind us the phrase “not enough room to swing a cat” refers not to a furry faced quadruped but a cat o’ nine tails, the knotted whip favoured by Victorian magistrates and their heavies, also by dominatrices who cater to senior judges, top ncivil servants and Tory MPs. So as well as being inadequate for young families or couples and cat lovers the houses are no god for people with an interest in S & M fun either. No wonder the Conservative Party housing spokesman is calling for radical changes in housing policy.

It is not just the living room that is teeny and cramped. Though the dining – kitchen contains a ceramic hob and a combined oven and grill it does not contain enough space for even a small table and four chairs. in fact there is hardly enough room to stand between the hob and work surface on one side and the “breakfast bar” (shelf) and sink on the other. Dinner parties are out then? No worries, the lucky mortgage owners will be so busy working at three jobs to pay the mortgage they will have no time for a social life.

In the starter home offering from different builder the sleeping area has another feature sure to appeal to those lacking a social life. The toilet is in the bedroom. What massive kudos that must gain the houseowner the first time one invites a new lover to sleep over.

What is really puzzling is people are buying these “starter homes” for over £100k. In Accrington you can still get a two up two down terrace with upstairs bathroom and toilet and a downstairs “deceptively spacious guest toilet” (OK, it’s at the end of the yard) for less that £50k. With sex and drugs available on the streetcorner, now that’s what I call gracious living.


The Tyranny Of Bricks And Mortar

A Revolution In Home Insulation A revolutionary new home insulation material has the potential to slash heating bills and save the planet. But would you want it in your house?

The Recession And The Nigerian Banker.

We were all conditioned to “get on the mortgage ladder” of course, instead of choosing accomodation arrangements that suit our individual lifestyle. And so, in response to “triggers” we do as we are programmed to. Pavlov’s Cat

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X – Factor Returns – Keep Smiling Danni

After a few weeks of absolutely dire Saturday night TV during which I was reduced first to watching Casualty and then to reading the gardening pages in the weekend magazine from my Saturday newspaper, the return of The X Factor tomorrow night is particularly welcome. When I say the return of The X Factor I mean the first round of auditions, six weeks in which assorted nutters, saddos, delusional zero – talents, no – hopers, lost souls, freaks and mentalists parade their various levels of dysfunction before the cameras. If we are honest, this is the only part of The X Factor most of us watch until the final just before Christmas when,again, there is eff all on for those of us who don’t get out on Saturday night.

The whole ritual of the auditions round is as close as we dare get to medieval entertainments like the pillory, stocks, throwing pig turds at the foreigner, witch – hunting, burning the heretic, parading the prostitute naked through the village on a dung cart or poking the village idiot with pointed sticks. Pity really, any of those are better than a dodgy episode of Casualty.

No doubt my mentioning nutters and saddos will bring to our door a contingent of Politically Correct Thought Police to tell us Boggart Blog is an evil, fascist organisation that lampoons people who have highly individualistic ways of expressing their love of singing. Well I don’t mind that, their comments aren’t read but do refresh the thread ensuring extra readers for the original article. :>

I digress however, back to The X Factor. Why is it making news on Boggart Blog before the auditions have even started to be shown? Well Celebrity Judge Danni Minogue, she of the ceramic visage, has announced that she will not be having any more Botox treatment because when the first X Factor shows were being recorded she was finding it hard to smile.

Good move Danni, if you are finding it hard to smile, some of the dorks whose performances you had to sit through must have put you at risk of laughing so hard your face would have shattered into a thousand shining shards.

It’s all downhill for X – Factor Alex now Boggart Blog on last year’s winner.

The Ship Of Dead Dreams – The fate of X Factor losers.

Who Put That Gobshite On Television Every year there seems to be one contestant who should not have passed the opening auditions but makes it through to the later satges.

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