Olympic Disaster. What happened to globalism?

On June 17, with only arounf seven weeks to go before the start of the Olympic Games, the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, has declared a “state of public calamity.”

A financial crisis is preventing the state from honoring its commitments to the Olympic and Paralympic Games, the state governor told a press conference. The crisis is so severe, he said, it could eventually bring about “a total collapse in public security, health, education, mobility and environmental management.”

The authorities are now authorized to ration essential public services and the state is eligible for emergency funds from the federal government.

Recent visitors to Rio, asked how preparations for the Games are going tend to respond “not well”. The city reportedly looks like a huge construction site. Bricks and pipes are piled everywhere; a few workers lazily push wheelbarrows as if the Games were scheduled for 2017. Nobody knows what the construction sites will become, not even the people working on them:

“It’s for the Olympics” was the unanimous reply, followed by speculation about “tents for the judging panels of volleyball or soccer, I guess.”

Work on the beach volleyball arena at Copacabana Beach is at a standstill because the organizers failed to get the correct building licenses. Then the structure was damaged by waves. Only after that happened did workers erect a six-foot-high sand barrier to protect the site. The sand does not offer much protection against waves (we all learned as kids what happens to sand castles when the tide comes in) but it protects thugs; tourists are being mugged behind the embankment. A construction worker told me he’d seen a man stabbed there, and warned me to stay away. The robbers were so confident of plying their trade unmolested that they had left their backpacks and a beach chair nearby on the sand.

The unfinished beach volleyball court at Copacabana beach -doable in six weeks except the site looks abandoned according to European and American journalists.


At the Deodoro Olympic Park, which is apparently open to anyone who wants to wander in and have a nosey round, half-built grandstands were, according to people who did just that, stood abandoned in the middle of a Friday afternoon.

The few projects that have been completed don’t inspire much confidence either. In April, a newly built bike path along Rio’s seashore collapsed, killing two people.

Frequent shootouts near the Olympic arenas and on routes to them are also a concern: 76 people have been hit by stray bullets in Rio so far this year; 21 of them have died. On June 19, more than 20 men carrying assault rifles and hand grenades stormed the city’s largest public hospital to free an alleged drug kingpin in police custody, leaving one person dead and two hurt.

There’s a dearth of signs and tourist information on the streets and on public transportation to help visitors avoid the notorious Favelas, the slums where crime is rife and street gangs or drug barons are the only law. Few of the bus or tram stops displayed information about which lines go w here. Visitors could resort to asking street traders and passers-by for directions, but these people are from the Favelas. You’d better be alble to speak Portuguese and be handy with as knife or you’ll be fucked. Literally.

At this late stage it is difficult to see how the games can be a success, but you can bet the elites and corporate owned mainstream media channels will close ranks and paint a glossy picture. Those of us who watch on TV or read print media will see nothing of the rotting corpses in the side streets, alleyways and open sewers or the rats an stray dogs that feed on them.  The power elites are already crapping themselves because so many of us are aware of their abject failure to manage anything except propaganda. A high profile failure such as this could finish them.

As Aristotle said: “The greatest inequalities come from efforts to make unequal things equal.


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Fry Jumps The Shark

Yesterday, Stephen Fry, a British, talented, gay, Jewish (?) comedian, actor, novelist and all round luvvie provided us with an opportunity to observe most of what is wrong with western society in a single display of self important cuntiness.

In An Open Letter to PM David Cameron and the International Olympic Committee, Fry demanded that The Winter Olympic Games which will be held somewhere in Russia somtime in the future be moved to Vancouver, Canada or some unsuspecting city that has done nothing to deserve having such a load of shit dumped on it in a similarly politically correct nation. (BBC News)

The reason for Fry’s having ‘taken against’ Russia is that Russians are not very nice to homosexuals. Showing typical celebrity arrogance in assuming his fame makes what is nothing more than his personal opinion woth more than the personal opinion of me, you, Joe and Joan Bloggs, Old Uncle Tom Cobleigh and all, Stephen Fry has elected himself as the voice of Britain and equated Putin’s anti gay policy with Hitler’s Jewish hatred. Not only is this wrong, it shows a greater level of historical illiteracy that we’d expect from an American President.

Hitler, according to Fry “banned Jews from academic tenure or public office, he made sure that the police turned a blind eye to any beatings, thefts or humiliations afflicted on them, he burned and banned books written by them. He claimed they ‘polluted’ the purity and tradition of what it was to be German…”

Putin on the other hand has only forbidden mention of homosexuality in schools and banned exclusively gay events such as gay pride parades (quite right too, have you ever witnessed anything quite as cringeworthy as 2000 attention seekers all dressed as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz mincing through town?) Gays have not been banned from competing in the Winter Olympics in Russia.

And who gives a flying fuck about The Winter Olympics anyway, apart from the kind of nutters who idea of fun is sliding on ice with planks or knives strapped to their feet.

According to Fry, “Putin is eerily repeating the insane crimes of the Nazis, only this time against LGBT Russians. Beatings, murders and humiliations are ignored by the police. Any defence or sane discussion of homosexuality is against the law.“
But those things are not capital offences whereas rational defences of Judaeism did earn a death sentence in Nazi Germany.

That might seem unfair to gay rights supporters but the fact is Russians alone have the right to decide how things are done in Russia. Western politicians would do better to concentrate on running their own nations properly before they start advising other nations.

Needless to say that I oppose any form of abuse of human right against Jews, Gypsies, Africans, GBLTs, Palestinians (and pausing there for a moment I wonder how Stephen Fry feels about Israeli treatment of Palestinians?), women or anyone else. However, I loathe the lame, politically correct culture of celebrity that causes media to treat sound bites from attention seeking luvvies and the empty slogans of spin doctors as if they are important. Stephen Fry has jumped the shark, in future file him in the same drawer as Jordan, Victoria Beckham, Tony Blair and Bono. With a bit of homosexual sefl pity thrown in.

Ed Milibands Gold Medal For Multiculturalism

The leadership of the Labour Party and their camp followers at the Guradian are claiming the Olympic medal bonanza was a massive triumph for multiculturalism, diversity and political correctness.

“Just look at Mo Farah, a Somali tribesman who insisted on competeing in tribal dress with his four wives following three paces behind him as he ran the 10,000 metres one writer in The Guardian comes close to writing.

And what about Jessica Ennis, an African tribeswoman who thanks to Labour’s lax approach to enforcing immigration laws was able to show the decadent western women that there is more to winning Olympic medals than Christian Loboutin shoes, determination, dedication, self sacrifice and effort. Jessica could not have won had we not created a multicultural society. Well not quite, Jessica is as British as I am.

And what about the parachuting old Queen and her skydiving corgis, and who’d have thought james bond was a real person?

The lefties are squeaking out of their arses as usual, trying to politicise something that should be non political.

It is effing marvellous how lefties can delude themselves. The Olympic games was a triumph for Britishness, tolerance and the generosity of spirit that moves us to accept outsiders whatever their colour, ethnicity or religion when they accept our ways and laws and take British nationality. Those athletes ‘of colour’ who succeeded and who we the public have taken to our hearts are those who have assimilated to our ways while to a greater or lesser extent keeping the traditions and customs of the culture that spawned them. Every nation with a large poulation has a lot of social diversity and that can be accomodated.

If Mo Farah, a child refugee, had not by his own will become as British as you or I, if he had held himself apart from British society, would he have won double gold? I doubt it. If many of our other had not become British to the extent that they accepted Britain as their nation of birth, but instead held themselves apart as some immigrants insist on doing, those people would not have competed wearing Team UK kit would they?

It was a triumph for Britain and not bad for Boris but Dave and Ed were not even a sideshow.

After the Olympic success, Dandy closure bursts the bubble.

In a cultural shock that could wipe out the feelgood effect of the Olympics, Jessica Ennis’ bottom and all, we learned today that The Dandy is to cease publication. The comic, which featured Desperate Dan, was first published 75 years ago.

Shuffling off this mortal coil to visit that great recycling plant from in whose bourne no traveller returns along with the title will be Korky the Kat, Beryl the Peril, Minnie the Minx and Banana Man and others.

Fortunately we understand that rival comic The Beano is still selling well which means that The Bash Street Kinds and Lord Snooty and His Pals can continue to run British politics.

The End Of The Dream

So it is all over, the athletes are on their way home, the gold medals are counted (thirty would have been a nice round number but 29 is good) and the Olympic village is silent and abandoned as it slowly begings to sink into the mud of Hackney Marshes, it’s remains to be pondered over by archaeologists and scholars in the distant future as we now ponder the remaining traced of Roman London.

In the great but now poignantly silent stadium the only sign of life is the forlorn figure of Paul McCartney as he wanders around mumbling, “When is it my turn to do one of my songs.”

Olympics mix of politics and media hype triggers epidemic of Bono syndrome,

Following an outbreak of Bono syndrome among athletes in the Olympic village, health and safety experts are blaming a mixture of politics and hyperbolic media coverage for polluting the drinking water.

In a letter to the Prime Minister, a number of British athletes infected by the outbreak have called on the Government to make dealing with malnutrition a top priority ahead of its “hunger summit” in Downing Street this afternoon. According to the athletes there will be three million more hungry children in the world by the time of the next Olympic games. This figure is not as shocking as it first seems,any parent knows chldren are always hungry.

Andrew Mitchell, the development secretary, said “There will be many brilliant legacies from these wonderful games, the image of Jessica Ennis’ lycra clad bottom will be burned on the memories of many men for decades. I think many people want one of these to be that we helped the poorest of the world by spending £££ billions on a exercise that was entirely pointless but for the jingoistic pleasures it gave us all.

There are many people who do not have the ability to compete in sport or indeed live their lives in a normal way because they’re stunted from birth.”

The minister is wrong of course, being malnourished does not stop children from taking part in sport, it just stops them from being very good. What really stops malnourished children in third world countries from getting involved in sports is having to work 97 hours a day for 30 pence making the shoes, vests and shorts the millionaire athletes wear when competing.

We should be worried that the Prime Minister, looking increasingly desperate to grab something that may save his job, will try to associate himself with our successful athletes by saddling us poor punters with an ever bigger bill for supporting thrid world tyrannies and theocrtic dictatorships.

Eager to offer an alternative solution Boggart Blog contacted our political consultant Sir Hector Gobbett Broadsides who was the Hang em and Flog em party MP for Rawtenborough from 1832 to 1997.

He said, “Egad, that the competitive spirit evaporated already. Have those athletes forgotten their years of self sacrifice, toil and pain. You can’t expect something for nothing in this world so away with all these hand wringers and bleeding hearts. If the athletes are so keen to bung a bit of bunce at the starving millions what they should do is write to the International Olympic Committee and suggest the next Olympics should be in the car park of the local Tescos. Visiting athletes could be put up in tents on a disinfected cow pasture and provided with kerosene stoves on which to cook their food. A bit of the Corinthian spirit, that’s what we need.

The slow murder of democracy by mainstream media

Olympic News: And The 100 m Bitching For Bitter Old Queens gold medal goes to …

Usiain Bolt is a legend in his own lunchtime, a superman, a hero and a man fully derserving of his success and superstar status. All of us are agreed on that, right?

Well all of us except for one it seems. Former Olympian Carl Lewis, with gold medals in the 100m, 200m, long jump and gettting his head furthest up his own arse is convinced Bolt is a drug cheat.

Carl Lewis, you may recall led the witch hunt for proven drug cheat Ben Johnson while himself sporting jaw muscles bigger than Arnold Schwartzenegger’s pecs. And it was Carl Lewis who led the witch hunt for our own Linford Christie which eventually led to Christie ridiculously being banned from the sport years after he retired for taking Night Nurse cold remedy a couple of days before appearing in a charity event.

Not content with smearing those who beat him while he was competing this bitter old queen is now trying to belittle the achievements of a great athlete who has surpassed Lewis on the track and for plain and simple good manners.

After Bolt’s success in Beijing Lewis was quick to point the finger of suspicion at him and Jamaica in general.

“I think there are some issues,” he said at the time.
“Countries like Jamaica do not have a random (drugs testing) program, so they can go months without being tested. I’m not saying anyone is on anything, but everyone needs to be on a level playing field.
I’m not saying they’ve done anything for certain. I don’t know. But how dare anybody feel that there shouldn’t be scrutiny, especially in our sport?”

Now following Usiain Bolt’s becoming the first man to complete that 100m – 200m double the sad old tart is at it again, having repeated his unsubstantiated allegations about Jamaican sprinting in general and Usain Bolt in particular.

After Bolt won his second 100m title, Lewis’s congratulations were wrapped in barbed wire.

Asked what he thought of Bolt’s success in London, Lewis said: “It’s just… interesting. I watch the results like everyone else and wait… for time to tell.”

Interestingly Lewis tested positive three times for illegal substances during his competitive career but had the results overturned by American officials.

Nice to see that twenty years after he retired from competitive running Carl Lewis can still mount a challenge to our own contender, Elton John for the Olympic title for bitching by a bitter old queen.

Shock, horror, new scandal rocks Olympic swimming
Actions Speak Louder Than Words
Political Correctness Turns Gold To Smelly Stuff
Bringing The Olympic Games Into Disrepute

Shock, horror! New scandal rocks Olympic swimming

Following on from allegations of drug taking, gene modification and cheating a new scandal had erupted at the Olympic swimming pool. It coulod result in a multipe gold medal winner being stripped of all his titles.

American swimmer Michael Phelps has admitted he sometimes has a wee in the pool.

Bearing in mind the outrage that follows any admission by a bloke who has had a wee in the sink at one of our less well appointed B & Bs or the wave of revultion that was raised a few years ago when a contestant on Big Brother confessed he had a wee in the shower this admission with probably end Phelps’ career and cause his achievements to be scrubbed from the records.

And yet at this time of year many people who would find such behaviour repugnant will happily go off on holiday and jump into a body of water that has been a recepticle for far worse human emissions for thousands of years.

Olympic News: 100m for bitching by bitter old queen

Political Correctness turns Gold To Smelly Stuff

Amid scenes of unrestrained joy everywhere in the nation (yes, even here in the Boggart Blog office) the lefties of the Politically Correct Thought Police and their Guardian reading cohorts have to try and turn our gold medals to brown, smelly stuff by claiming that a disproportionate numbers of our Olympic competitors were privately educated and this is “unfair”.

The PCTP would have our 4 x 100m, relay teams selected according to quotas, the team comprising 1 black member, 1 Asian, 1 from a single parent family and 1 GBLT. After all it is not winning that matters, or even taking part but the Yooman Rights implications.

At the next Olympics, Jessica Ennis’ place in the decathlon will be taken by a 15 year old crack whore who was discovered working the mean streets on Manchester. Greg Rutherford will be dumped out of the long jump to let a one legged dwarf have a go.

This egalitarian approach to making sport non competitive and ensuring nobody loses has already been successfully introduced in the state school system where sports like “everybody-gets-a-turn-to-have-a-kick football” and the 100 metres tied to a beam race in which everybody wins and everybody loses because they all cross the line together have emilinated enjoyment of physical activity completely.

Perhaps there is a good reason why so many of out Olympic team come out of the private school system where it is still not an offence to be good at something.

A more reasoned view on this topic

Olympic News: 100m bitching for bitter old queens
Tommy Clod

Olympic coverage makes an arse of itself

Logged into my home page this morning to be greeted by a list of Olympic related news headlines: Up there were Victoria Pendleton; Jessica Ennis; GB Rowing team; Bradley Wiggins; Andy Murray and Pippa Middleton.

WHAT! I thought. Pippa Middleton? If the gold for nice arse goes to anyone but Jessica Ennis there is something untoward going on.

Talking of nice arses, has anybody else noticed amid all the controversy about empty seats the beach vollyeyball stadium is always packed. Mostly with middle aged men in grubby raincoats.