Polls, Omens and Indicators

Well the Us elections should be well under way by now.

Very shortly we will know the next incumbent of the White House.
The polls are showing Barack Obama out in front, but people are wondering whether voters will actually vote for him or whether they are just saying they will so they don’t appear racist. A tough call.
I don’t think there is much to choose between the two. The Democrats should have stuck with Hilary with Barry as VeePee, perhaps agreeing that H would only hold office for one term and then step aside to allow Bazzer to take office when he has a bit more experience. Hang on, I’m sure that proposition has been mooted somewhere before and it didn’t quite work out.

As for McCain he comes across as not being in full control of his faculties, never mind the rest of his party.

So who will win?

Who cares?

Could the coronation of the first black man to win the F1 world championship be an omen?

Andy Zeltzman,writing for timesonline/the bugle, suggests that it could well be.
He has found the stangest correlation between the democrats winning and British Formula one champions.
Apparently over the last 40 years James Hunt and Jimmy Carter have both achieved their goal back in ’76.
Bill Clinton won in ’92, when Nigel Mansell was crowned champion, and again with Damon Hill winning the right to drive with the Number 1 on his car.
So now the boy Hamilton has claimed the world title, will the sequence hold.
I could say stay tuned to find out but I think you would probably have to decamp to the siberian wastes to have any chance of avoiding the blanket coverage.
Let us just pray they get it over and done with as quickly as possible, and if it is McCain that wins, the shock doesn’t give him a coronary

Huffington Post on the election winner