Onesie Clegg Goes From Bad To Worse

It has ben a bad week for Liberal Democrat leader and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, bad even by his standards. And it is getting worse.

After taking part in an LBC radio phone in Mr. Clegg was first cornered and forced to admit the party’s performance was woeful. Later in the session he was accused of patronising voters.

A Sheffield University student named Lauren Archer said Lib Dem policy initiatives were “tokenistic” and accused the Government of discouraging young people from gaining qualifications by abolishing the educational maintenance allowance and increasing tuition fees.

“It seems as if the coalition is trying to tell them that higher education is not for them,” said Miss Archer. Mr Clegg’s snarky response gave the impression he thought little people like Ms Archer had no right to question their betters.

She later Tweeted: “Must say, I really enjoyed being treated as if I had the political knowledge of a five-year-old.”

To cap it all Clegg was then outed as the one of a onesie, one of those adult sized romper suits the metropolitian elite have taken to wearing when they feel the need to curl up in the foetal position and suck their little thumbs.

What might Nick Clegg look like in his onesie. Boggart Blog’s insider at Lib Dem HQ sent us this picture.


All together now … … Awwwwwwww Bless.