2020: The Year Freedom Died

The ‘woke’ have won – it’s too late for our unis if academics need to hide their views

‘Problematic’ university professors are too afraid to share their views – how about we cancel overly-sensitive students instead?

Opinions. They’re tricky things. “Problematic”, to use the PC buzzword of the day. People have different ones, for a start, which is not ideal. But still more problematic are the side-effects. Opinions make you think, question, evaluate and re-evaluate. They open up your mind and expand your horizons – in a climate when minds should be sealed shut and horizons close enough to touch. No wonder British academics are giving up on them.

Over the past decade, campuses have increasingly put pressure on professors and lecturers to censor themselves and their teaching material, but a You Gov report released yesterday suggests that right wing academics are feeling this pressure most strongly. Whilst both right and left-leaning university faculty members admitted to believing that the airing of political opinions might adversely impact their career prospects (cancel culture doesn’t discriminate), a poll of 820 academics found that nearly a third — 32 per cent — of those with right-wing views had completely stopped airing opinions in either their teaching or research, compared with 13 per cent of those in the centre and on the left. (OK, so it discriminates a bit – but for the greater good).

I was amazed only 32 per cent of these academics were keeping it zipped, until I realised that 336 of those who responded to the poll were retired, and that the real figure was likely to be twice that. After all, every day some public (or private) figure foolish enough to air their views on politics, gender or any other trigger topic has their scalp held up in trophy-hunting-style warning to anyone thinking of doing the same.

These transgressors don’t just lose their jobs either, as the former New York Times journalist Bari Weiss pointed out at the weekend (having herself been ‘cancelled’ for her opinions) but are rendered “radioactive” in an act she called “social murder.”

So what’s in the opinion-airing game for academics? On a good day: nothing. On a bad one, you’d get passed over for a promotion or sacked, have your publisher pull out of every forthcoming book deal, and be forced to walk up and down the country for eternity with the scarlet letter ‘T’ (for ‘toxic’) emblazoned on your back. It’s enough to make anyone think twice about making that casual Brexit quip … Continue reading >>>

The Right To Tell Politicians To Eff Off In An Age Of Self Appointed Censors, and Compliant Media

“If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.”?    George Orwell

Free speech is the foundation of democracy. If we lose free speech we have lost everything because, to put it simply, we can no longer ask the questions that hold ruling elites to account.


Free speech is not for the faint hearted, saying what YOU believe to be true can attract some robust responses, so those arrested adolescents who want everybody to like them should avoid exercising their right to it. Those who are easily offended, quickly intimidated or the snivelling little cowards on university campuses who feel they are entitled to live in a ‘safe space’ where they will never see or hear anything that offends their delicate, politically correct sensibilities should stay away from free speech (preferably by dressing in baby clothes, sucking on titty bottles and locking themselves in a pink furry bedroom with lots of cuddly toys for company (or they could try to GROW THE FUCK UP of course.

Free speech can sometimes get angry, shouty, foul-mouthed, obscene, intolerant, undignified, insensitive, cantankerous, bawdy and downright fucking offensive. The problem is that the scum sucking spawn of a pox whore’s scab louse has just as much right to express their opinion as you and your ‘right – on’ friends.

Unfortunately, our appreciation for a robust freedom of speech has worn thin over the years.

Fear of free speech (liberglossophobia?) afflicts many in the English speaking world which has been hit harder by the plague of politically correct thinking than most places other cultures. Americans have become fearfully polite, hardly daring to say “good morning” lest it should offend somebody who thinks it is not a good morning. We have become reluctant to mention personal preferences because people who hate what we like might be offended by our preference being different to theirs. So hateful and furious have the responses of the ‘progressive left’ to those who stray ‘off – message’ become, people are unwilling to be labeled racist, bigoted,  intolerant, hateful, closed-minded or any of the other toxic (but rarely correctly applied) labels that carry a badge of shame today. We’ve come to prize compliance over freedom.

Worse, too many people are held hostage by their screen devices and the talking heads on television, have lost the ability to think critically or form their own opinions. Those who spend a lot of time dicking about with their smartphones or tablets are having their opinions formed for them, not by ‘The Wisdom Of The Crowd‘ (there is no crowd, only software filters that control what you see on the internet.)

Truly democratic societies cherish free speech and controversy (the true diversity rather than a facistic gesture of forcing people of different skin tones, religions and cultures to live side by side) and thus produce a robust democracy which respects the rights of others within a shared moral framework and will stand against authoritarian government.

Free speech has always been the first target of tyrants, oppressive regimes have traditionally understood the value of controlling citizens by controlling ideas by suppressing open discussion. The power elites have a vested interest in suppressing debate and publication of the data that informs debate, such controls are essential to controlling how a people view their society and government.

All politicians have an insatiable appetite for power which is a drug thousands of times more addictive than heroin or cocaine.  If they can turn the two-way dialogue that is representative democracy into a one-way dictatorship in which questioning government policy is crminalised (a move which Barack Obama, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and David Cameron in the UK, France’s Francois Hollande, Chancellor angela Merkel of Germany and various Eurpean Union and United Nations bureaucrats have spoken of in relation to mass immigration policy or climate change scepticism) their grip on power is consolidated. Instead of news we will have propaganda, and instead of freedom we will have serfdom.

Emboldened by theraputic phrases from the pseudo – sciences of sociology and psychology such as “hate speech,” “bullying,” “extremism” and “microaggressions,” the government and their collaborators in internet social media are whittling away at free speech, ensuring it does not challenge the status quo in any meaningful way or goes against  politically correct ideals, and muzzling it when it threatens the elite’s control.

Free speech is no longer free.

Nor is free speech still considered an inalienable right or an essential liberty, even by those government entities entrusted with protecting it.

We’ve entered into an egotistical, insulated, narcissistic era in which free speech has been caged; paraded in political speeches by the hypocrites who fear it most, (i.e.  when it reflects the values of the majority or beyond our political, religious and socio-economic comfort zones )and tolerated only so long as it sticks to what is anodyne and boring and does not start asking difficult questions or telling embarrassing truths.

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The Sillyosity Of The Loony Left

It’s great to watch the increasing silliness of the left, particularly those Maoist bigots the BBC passes off as impartial and objective news commentators.

This morning they were all creaming their pants about an opinion poll about a YouGov poll for the Sunday Times you can read in full here. Topline figures are CON 32%, LAB 36%, LDEM 8%, UKIP 13%, GRN 6%.

Oooh isn’t it wonderful, lovely, clever Ed Miliband really showed that posh boy Cameron who is boss, he said “Hell yeah!” That’s tough talk. And now Labour has a 4% lead and the election is as good as over,” they chirruped in chorus.

First question, for anyone who thought Miliband won that stage managed episode last week: What are you on and can we all have some please? Neither Miliband nor Cameron ‘won’, they both came across as out of touch elitists.

In fact while Sunday Times / You Gove the poll shows a bigger Labour lead for some time, four point leads are not uncommon in a campaign which has seen polls wobbling all over the place. The other poll published today, Opinium in the Observer have topline figures of CON 34%, LAB 33%, LDEM 8%, UKIP 13%, GRN 7% (details).

Here’s a roundup of the weeks polls from UK polling report:

Opinium/Observer (19/3) – CON 36%, LAB 33%, LDEM 7%, UKIP 14%, GRN 6%
YouGov/S Times (20/2) – CON 33%, LAB 35%, LDEM 8%, UKIP 14%, GRN 5%
Survation/MoS (21/3) – CON 30%, LAB 34%, LDEM 10%, UKIP 17%, GRN 3%
Populus(22/3) – CON 31%, LAB 33%, LDEM 9%, UKIP 16%, GRN 5%
Ashcroft (22/3) – CON 33%, LAB 33%, LDEM 8%, UKIP 12%, GRN 5%
ComRes/Mail (22/3) – CON 35%, LAB 35%, LDEM 8%, UKIP 10%, GRN 7%
YouGov/Times (23/3) – CON 34%, LAB 33%, LDEM 8%, UKIP 14%, GRN 5%
YouGov/Sun (23/3) – CON 34%, LAB 34%, LDEM 8%, UKIP 12%, GRN 6%
YouGov/Sun (24/3) – CON 35%, LAB 35%, LDEM 8%, UKIP 12%, GRN 6%
Survation/Mirror (25/3) – CON 32%, LAB 33%, LDEM 8%, UKIP 18%, GRN 4%
YouGov/Sun (25/3) – CON 34%, LAB 35%, LDEM 8%, UKIP 12%, GRN 6%
Panelbase (26/3) – CON 34%, LAB 34%, LDEM 5%, UKIP 15%, GRN 6%
YouGov/Sun (26/3) – CON 36%, LAB 34%, LDEM 7%, UKIP 13%, GRN 5%
Populus (26/3) – CON 31%, LAB 33%, LDEM 9%, UKIP 16%, GRN 5%

What’s interesting in that table is UKIP show a high of 17% and a low of 10% while The Greens record a high of 7% and a low of 3%. These figures mean nothing in terms of the likely election result, they show how the minor parties are distorting the picture.

So all we really learn from the latest poll is that in a way entirely consistent with their support for trashing the western economy to deal with the non existent global warming threat, and causing widespread famine by handing control of the food supply to Monsanto, the left will always happily ignore any evidence that does not point to the answer that suits their political agenda.

Update 30 March, 2015

Accompanied by the sound of eardrum shattering silence from the left, a second poll taken since the two contenders for post election Prime Minister faced a stuffing from BBC’s Jeremy (Paxo) Paxman reverses the results from the poll featured above.

a second post-Paxman poll, a ComRes telephone poll for the Daily Mail & ITV, and this one shows the complete opposite – CON 36%(+1), LAB 32%(-3), LDEM 9%(+1), UKIP 12%(+2), GRN 5%(-2) (tabs).

If the four point Labour lead in yesterday’s YouGov poll was proclaimed by the hysterical left as a sure sign the Conservative and UKIP vote was collapsing and Labour were heading for a landslide victory in May, surely this poll showing the biggest Conservative lead ComRes have recorded since 2010 shows the Labour vote is collapsing and face a defeat in England and wales on a par with the mauling they are set to receive at the hands of the SNP in Scotland.

Furthermore where YouGov showed Miliband’s ratings improving, ComRes show Cameron widening his lead as best Prime Minister.

Actually there is nothing in either poll to get excited about, all polls, when examined in detail warn that an error margin of plus or inus three per cent, so it is probable what we are seeing is just a slightly exaggerated version of normal sample variation, caused by the presence of three rather than one minor parties.


ExxonMobil Tells The Guardian To Stick Their Leftie Hypocrisy Where The Lights Don’t Shine

More Bad New For Lib Dems – And A Personal Message

The weeken opinion polls are in, according to You Gov for tThe Sunday Times, Condervatives and Labour are still neck and neck, UKIP continue to make progress and The Greens are doing very well. Here’s a preview from Anthony Wells’ UK Polling Report:

This week’s YouGov/Sunday Times poll is now up here. Topline figures are CON 32%, LAB 32%, LDEM 6%, UKIP 17%, GRN 7%. With Labour and the Conservatives still neck-and-neck this is very much in line with the YouGov polling before the Autumn Statement. Note the level of Green support though, YouGov and Lord Ashcroft have both shown the occassional one-off poll with the Greens ahead of the Liberal Democrats in the past, but YouGov have now produced three polls in a row with the Greens in fourth place ahead of the Lib Dems. [Read full article]

Knowing that Boggart Blog readers are not really interested in Labour and Conservatives, will be pleased to see The Greens doing well but have another burning question on your lips, I left Tony a PM advising him to ask his contacts in the market research business if they would kindly include the minor parties so we can all share the hilarity as we watch the Lib Dems slip behind The Official Monster Raving Loony Party in polls.

At last, science publication admits science is a religion.

Desperate to cling onto their ability to dictate reality, the crumbling mainstream media is beginning to kill off article comment sections in a cynical bid to silence dissenting voices.

Studies confirm that article comment sections – for better or worse – are heavily swaying public opinion. How many times have you read a mainstream news article about NSA spying, drones, gun control or any other other hot button issue where the author sides with the establishment, only to have their argument completely eviscerated by a deluge of irate, intelligent, well informed respondents in the comment section?

Recent polls show that trust in mainstream media is hovering at record lows. After largely failing to influence the court of public opinion via paid trolls, the establishment is starting to panic and is responding by moving to cull comment sections altogether. […]

As an excellent Daily Tech piece highlights, Popular Science admitted that its decision to pull the comment section was in order to preach a “scientific doctrine” on global warming without being challenged.

Preach? Doctrine?

And there are still science worshippers out there (not as many as in the past however) who want to tell you science is an objective academic discipline and not a religion. Yeah right.

The origin of the word “doctrine” is to indoctrinate. Therefore, Popular Science is taking the most unscientific approach possible – by censoring debate and stifling alternative ideas – in order to indoctrinate its readers.

Next it will be taking them to the jungle and giving them a drink of kool aid.

Read full story

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