While Eco Loons Worship Fairies, Reality Exposes Real Cause Of Amazonian Fires


While Pippi Longstocking lokalike and eco – activist wunderkind Greta Thurnberg is schlepping her climate change schtick round New York, preaching her net zero carbon emissions gospel after crossing the Atlantic in a ‘zero emissions’ superyacht made of carbon fibre, a material which in its manufacture produces shitloads more carbon emissions than my or your car or even my brother’s V8 Range Rover will in their entire useful lives,) back home the Extinction Rebellion wankers have been getting their knickers in a twist about some fires (allegedly wildfires until it was reported they are started deliberately and are not destroying the rainforest, but areas of former forest now cleared for cultivation.

The farmers, many of whom are engaged in the production of organic food for vegans in the west while others are growing seed crops for making ‘clean, green, biodiesel to power cars and industry, are carrying on the ancient practice of burning last year’s stubble to clear the ground of pests, fungi and other things not conducive to high yields, but the univerrsity brainwashed millennials of the ‘woke’ left, the Liberal virtue signallers and the pig-tailed Thunberg alomg with her vast horde of worshippers are unaware of this and seemingly don’t want to know. How is it possible that about half the Western white population have the intellectual capacity of lobotomized lobsters?

Listen to their current endless whining about the forest fires in Brazil and the Left’s shameless lies about drought and rising temperatures and you might end up beliebing that climate change has caused them.

However the cause of these fires is most cetrainly not climate change, though it is the work of humans as described above. The fires are being set by Brazilians and are an annual occurrence. The reason there’s been such an upturn in the amount of fires is because the demand from consumers on the virtue signalling west for organic food keeeps rising. Similar deforestation is occurring in Africa, Indonesia, the Malay Peninsula, Thailand Myanmar and India.

In 2017 Brazil exported US$872 million worth of organic food to the West.

The problem for Brazilian farmers is that in growing organic food they are unable to use a wide range of pesticides and other safe products that keep diseases and pests at bay. This leads to them being unable to grow enough produce on their plots of land to make an acceptable living. For example, on a hundred acres of land with the use of pesticides a farmer can produce X tonnage of produce. But on the same hundred acres of land with organic farming—minus the use of pesticides—the amount of crops produced fall dramatically.

This means that the farmer who has switched from regular farming to organic farming needs to put more land to the plough to make ends meet, and he has to switch because the Big Food cartel buyers in the West won’t buy his product unless it’s organic and fair trade and all that leftie bullshit that makes lefties feel good about themselves but does not benefit the small farmers of the world one iota. In Brazil the only way the farmers can increase the land they can cultivate, unless they are lucky enough to own tranches of virging rainforest which they can clear legally by bribing a local official, or by more intensive cultivation which means getting rid of crop destroying fungi, the egg staches of leaf eating insects and the nests of small furry animals without using fungicides, herbicides or poisons which would cost them their organic producer status.

It must also be said that a lot of the current fires in Brazil also result from the demand in the West for bio-fuel (sic). Across the 3rd World governments and corporate food producers are clearing forests and woodland in order to meet demand for this most wasteful of fuels.

It’s just another instance where the Western Liberal idiots believe they are improving the climate and environment and the lot of the third world’s poor but in actual fact are doing enormous damage to them both and helping globalist governments and global corporations increase their power and the level of control they exercise over peoople’s lives, while indulging in orgies of virtue signalling. Stupid is as stupid does.

The intellectual idiots in the West, the opinion makers who have led the outraged screeching about the fires across Brazil are actually responsible for most of them being started in the first place. Scientific and economic theories about food prouction and distribution have favoured corporate business over independent farmers and family run small and middle sized enerprises in the food processing and distribution industry.

Would the Liberal halfwits in the West face up to this and admit they, with their whack Cultural Marxist ideas, are responsible for crerating much of the mess the world is in. To put it bluntly, there’s not a fucking chance of these paskudniaks ever taking responsibility for anything.

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The Evil Bastards Who Want To Save The Planet

It’s official! Greening up your lifestyle make you a more evil person.

Don’t buy fair trade chocolate or you will be seized by an uncontrollable urge to beat up and rob little old ladies.

Buying organic fruit and vegetables will provoke an irresistible urge to inflict unspeakable cruelties on small furry animals.

Drive an electric or hybrid car and you fill find it delights you to drop really smelly farts in crowded lifts just before you get out.

Meticulously sort your household waste for recycling and you will certainly find yourself playing nasty tricks on small children like telling them to help themselves from a jar of sweets you know is just out of reach.

You felt sure you are a nice person, after all going green shows you care about the planet so you might well be asking how could we predict a greener lifestyle would turn you into an evil monster?

Well the information is all in a report titled “Do Green Products Make Us Better People” which is published today in the academic journal “Psychological Science.” So this stuff is science OK and that proves, does it not, that the reports cannot possibly be wrong.

The authors of the report, two Canadian psychologists, Nina Mazor and Chen Bo Zhong (there’s a truly Canadian name if ever there was one) are quite clearly suggesting that virtuous acts performed voluntarily give us a psychological licence to do something selfish and anti social to reward ourselves. The moral justification we give ourselves is that we have earned the right to indulge whims by behaving well.

Thus people who eat only organic are less likely to share their sweets, people who ride bikes will probably become bar – shy when it’s their turn to get a round in at the pub. And people who would like us to think they live the ascetic lifestyles of intellectuals if ever they are elected (or not elected in the case of certain Labour Prime Ministers) to positions of power are more inclined to become crazed, authoritarian tyrants.

On top of all that people who adopt a more environmentally friendly lifestyle are more likely to steal or fraudulently obtain money, good or services (this is not my opinion, it’s science remember and science is always right because it’s scientific. You can’t argue with facts like that.

In the minds of the greenies they are better people than those who eat takeaways, microwaveable things or pizzas and if you are a better, greener person that the one you are stealing from it isn’t wrong to steal.

By logical extension if you live on alfalfa salads and wear hemp chudees you could probably convince yourself there is no wrong in regicide, eating deep fried lard, stealing the Church poor box or smoking a ciggy in a pub.

The bottom line here is all the science and psychology and sociology and green propaganda from the Politically Correct Thought Police will never change human nature.

Right so. Having had organic porridge with soya milk for breakfast I’m off to do something really evil now. I think I’ll go out in the car and break speed limits without compunction. I deserve it.

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