Election Explodes Oxbridge Myth

Evan as the wrangling over what kind of government we will have is continuining between Liberal Democrat, Conservative and Labour negotiators in the Whitehall political village some interting insights into the development of British society are emerging from the election results.

For eaxample it has long ben an ambition among parents of all social classes and income groups that their children should go to one of the great Universities, Oxford or Cambridge. An Oxbridge education has been considered the first step en route to a glittering career.

Unfortunately analysis of the election results has shown that of the 231 newly elected MPs heading for Westminster 160 went to Oxford or Cambridge. This represents around 70%.

What devastating news that must be for parents who have made personal sacrifices to help their chldren get to one of those colleges. If they get an Oxbridge degree the only job they will be qualified for is politics.

Unless of course they widen their options by taking a post grad course in MacOlogy

Cameron Seduces Clegg Well they are both publlic schoolboys, if you know what I mean.


What Does A Labour Politician Have To Do…

Just what does a Labour politician have to do to earn the scorn of the parliamentary party these days. I am old enough to remember when Labour spoke up for the oppressed, the marginalised, the poor, the tired, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free and all that shit. Labour stood for fairness and justice. It was the Tories that put loyalty to party, country, wallet and social class before anything else.
But true to the Blairite tradition of taking Labour politics ever further into the Land of the Blue Meanies, the people’s party have now surpassed their old rivals in the fascistic fanaticism stakes.
If you are a Labour politician you can get away with almost anything so long as you do not embarrass the party. Its OK to take the country into an illegal and unjustifiable war in order to suck up to a crazed Christian megalomaniac American president, its OK to order the senseless slaughter of thousands of civilians in a third world country, its OK to sack two intelligent, hard working and competent foreign secretaries simply because the militaristic, imperialist, uberCon. government of America does not like them, it is OK to sell of the management of British schools where British kids are educated to a bunch of crazy, right wing, militaristic religious maniacs who believe God created the entire Universe one wet Tuesday afternoon three weeks ago, it is OK to abolish traditional civil rights that have existed since before the Norman Conquest, it is OK to hand out titles and honours to cronies who were prepared to stump up a few quid towards the slush fund, it is OK to lie to parliament and the public, to abuse power, to give jobs to the dodgy boyfriends of your wife’s crackpot crystal gazer, to be a traitor and a war criminal and to put the interests of a few rich Americans before those of the British people so long as you are an expensively educated ex-public-school, ex Oxbridge shyster lawyer with unhealthily close financial ties to an American management consultancy known to have been involved in numerous instances of corporate malfeasance.
If you are guilty of all these things the Labour party will still heap kudos upon you.

But if you happen to be working class, you’re fucked.