Nick Clegg, we hear, is planning to rebrand the Liberal Democrats in the style of Oxfam. We can see where he is coming from, Lib Dem, Ox Fam, there’s a certain siliratity. But would it be a vote winner.

Oxfam says: Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, give a man a fishing net and he can take it down the market and sell it, use some of the money to buy booze and the rest to buy some fun with a street girl, get cirhossis and an STD, die and never know hunger again.

Nick Clegg says: When David Cameron said I could be Deputy Prime Minister I got an erection.

Can’t see it being a vote winner somehow.

BTW I wonder if Oxfam have ever thought it’s eff all use giving a man a fishing net when he lives in a drought stricken region?

(OK, I’m in a Jeremy Clarkson mood today.)

Social mobility and posh boy syndrome