Sweden: Authorities cancel traditional Christmas concerts, promote Islamic events

Sweden’s, and perhaps the world’s largest outdoor Christmas concert “Oh Holy Night”, which traditionally airs on Swedish national TV on Christmas Eve each year, has been cancelled, SVT news reports.

This is most likely yet another example of the Swedish governmenmt’s policy of suppressing ancient European traditions in order not to offend migrants who don’t hold Christian beliefs (a.k.a. Muslim extremists who hate everything Christian and European, who steal, rape and murder in the knowledge that even if the police bother to investigate their crimes – asking immigrant to obey Swedish law is racist according to left wing politicians in Sweden – can rely on the courts acting with extreme leniency in response to even the most serious of crimes.

Earlier incidents of this state sponsored de-Swedenication of Sweden include: replacing the image of Santa Lucia (December 21st), who according to the ancient Swedish Pagan Yule tradition always has been a long haired, blonde, beautiful woman, with a black boy.

Putting a woman in a hijab on the annual Advent/Christmas calendar.

Cancelling the traditional student choirs’ appearance on TV at Valborg (Swedish Pagan spring celebration).

Principals forbidding students to wave the Swedish flag on graduation day.

Insisting on prayer for diversity at National Day celebration events.

Left-wing Swedes promoting the idea that Sweden’s National Day should not be celebrated, on TV and in national papers.

At the same time Muslim culture and traditions are being intensely promoted:

On Midsummer’s Day (Sweden’s celebration of the sun at its height, the most culturally significant traditional holiday in the Swedish calendar) TV4 decided to let a woman in a hijab teach the Swedes how to cook kebab properly in preparation for Ramadan, the holy month of the Islamic calendar. It was a political gesture of course, cooking a kebab is not difficult. Ramadan is also celebrated with state funded public events in all Swedish cities with large migrant communities as well as on TV. In spite of protests from Christian and secular Swedes, authorities are allowing the Islamic call to prayer to be played through loudspeakers (at 110 dB), while at the same time banning bell rining in Christian churches (presumably bells are an abomination to Allah.)

Sadly, this is not confined to Sweden. Similar things are occurring throughout the liberal democracies of Western Europe, and will continue to occur as long as the ruling elites pursue immigrant friendly policies aimed at replacing the educated, well informed working classes of Europe with ignorant, illiterate (and therefore not capable of dissent) third world peasants.

In order to save ourselves we need to stand up for national cultures and traditions, and to stop accepting government’s efforts to force us to accept Islamic values and morals, ignore pro – Islamic laws such as the recent judgement in the European Court which makes ALL criticism of Islam subject to charges of blasphemy (meanwhile Muslims can say what they like about Christianity, Atheism, Paganism, humanism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism,) In counties all over the European continent, along with the United States, Canada, Australia and South East Asia resistance to the ruling elite’s efforts to inject Islam into our way of life is growing. Join the resistance NOW. Islam is a brutal, primitive religion that treats women as property, executes people for having sex outside marriage and imposes the death penalty for homosexuality. We must act, in a few more years it will be too late.

More on Islam’s eradication of Swedish culture via Swedish school bans centuries-old Christian tradition but celebrates Muhammad’s journey to heaven

Prohibition of the Swedish Christmas tradition Lucia has sparked debate in Sweden. In Motala, the Lucia celebration has been cancelled at Kärrbacken School. According to preschool manager Anna Karmskog, they want to avoid discrimination, offensive treatment and do not want to “exclude” anyone.

It is also seen from an “equality perspective”. Many people buy Lucia costumes for one occasion. It does not feel right to force the parents to buy these, she says, untruthfully. I have worked in Sweden and been involved in a Lucia celebration (festival of light celebrating the day on which the sun passes its lowest point on the noon horizon and days start to lengthen. Special costumes are optional, all that is needed is a candle and something to catch wax, which can be fashioned out of tinfoil.

Left wing activist teachers, honouring the killjoy spirit we traditionally associate with the virtue signalling, politically correct left, say many children are rendered anxious and sad in a large crowd, and the “gender perspective” as the children “walk in a row” is questioned. In other words boys walk in one line, girls in another. The school did not discussed the cancellation with the parents, the leftist teachers simply imposed their prejudices.

In Mellerud, Åsen’s school decided to boycott the Lucia celebrations altogether, at both primary and middle school. A parent at the school, Ingrid Stewart, believes the ban has to do with religion and the hated of left wing staff towards Christianity and Swedish culture.

“I suspect it. Everyone does not feel comfortable with Lucia celebrations according to the school. But last week, the school celebrated Muhammad’s journey to heaven without even informing us.”, she says.

Some now say that the cancelled Lucia celebration is a prelude to cancel Christmas and force Swedes to adapt to Islam. Recently, to prevent terror attacks, barriers have also been set up at Christmas Markets in Malmö.Organi. Fortunately all this is strengthening the Sweden Democrats, the nationalist political party.


Uproar as Islamists Reportedly Spotted at Muslim Meeting in Cologne, Germany
Leading representatives of the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood, an organisation with known links to terrorism, fow whichj it is banned in some countries, have been identified at a recent conference in Cologne, dedicated to the future of European Muslims.

Aspergers Egg Hunt

It’s easter, and as usual the breast beating do gooders in society are going out of their way to ensure everybody can join in the fun.

In our caring, sharing, inclusive society this means changing the way the tradition egg hunts that have been part of the celebrations for the festival of pagan goddess Ostara, need to be changed a little. For example, a special kind of egg hunt has to be organised for people afficted with autistic spectrum disorders.

Ever resourceful however, civic leaders are on the case.


Reasons Why This Pagan Will Not Vote Labour, Conservative Or Liberal Democrat.
As we prepare to vote in a General Election that we are told will change British Politucs forever, Ian looks at a choice of three main parties that basically offer the same set of globalist, multiculturalist policies and consideres which way a pagan should vote.

The Real Goddess of British Easter

Lots of misinformation flying around today about pagan goddess on whom Easter is based. Surprising how many people linked Easter to the Babylonian TART Ishtar however.

Ishtar was a Babylonian TART who seduced mortals, and those who yielded to her charms came to a very bad end. The confusion arises because Ishtar resurrected her brother / lover Marduk after he pissed off the chief god and came to a very bad end (see Esther and Mordecai in the Bible.)

Ostara, sometimes aka Eostra, the Norse or Germanic goddess (of the swollen grain) is the Goddess of west European Easter, the bunnies (Hares actually) are sacred to Artemis, the Greek fertility goddess. Now she’s an interesting girl, she got to renew her virginity each year by bathing in a sacred spring and if any man looked at her … well read AC Swinburne’s Atalanta of Calydon, he came to a very bad end. It’s thought the hare is her sacred animal because of its triangular furry face and cleft upper lip – picture it.

Eggs are just a general fertility thing.

The equivalent Celtic goddess is Dwyfach (honestly). With her husband, Dwyvan(who looked a bit like Russell Crowe, Dwyfach (pronounced – well use your imagination) built an ark called Nefyed Nav Nevion in which they and their animals escaped the great flood caused by the Dragon King Aegon the Conqueror sorry Addanc, nothing to do with Game Of Thrones). In Welsh their names simply mean God and Goddess.

Welsh legend says that Dwyfach and her husband were each part of one river which flowed in to Bala Lake which was at one time called Lake Dyfrdwy, from the term dyfr-dwyf meaning ‘water of the divinity’. This confluence image links them to lost creation myths. Dwyvach embodies the feminine principle of creation. she was generous with her favours but she was not a tart – I’m a Celt, I’m biased OK?

Church Of England Drops Christianity, Goes Pagan

In a desperate bid to boost dying congregations the dear old Cof E is training it’s ministers to create “a pagan church where Christianity [is] very much in the centre” (that’s a contradiction but we’ll overlook it) to attract spiritual believers.

Ministers are being trained to create new forms of Anglicanism suitable for people of alternative beliefs as part of a Church of England drive to retain congregation numbers.

Naked dancers in the nave? Now that would liven services up.

Druids Evicted From Stonehenge

News from Stonehenge.
Arthur Pendragon, the once and future king, has been served with an eviction notice ordering him to leave Stonehenge or face prison. The Demented Druid who used to be called John Rothwell in a previous incarnation has since he changed his name by deed poll been the unofficial pagan parliamentary candidate for Salisbury constituency and an ardent campaigner for dancing around naked under the stars of a Solstice night when the scrumpy is running free.

Pendragon, with a group of supporters who all wear white robes and have names like Dyufuc and Morbir had set up a camp on the perimeter of the ancient site to protest about the restriction of public access to the henge. The protesters claim the security fence around the site is “strangling the spirit of the circle.”

Outside the court after the eviction order had been announced Arthur told reporters “me and my supporters are going nowhere.”

They then went somewhere, probably to cash their dole cheques or have a beer, accompanied by a man clacking two half shells from a coconut together. Well horses are not allowed in Salisbury High Street. Merlin, the Royal Wizard who was selling herbal remedies from a suitcase disappeared in a different direction when a police officer approached.

The grandiose posturing of Arthur Pendragon who presents himself as the guardian of Britain’s heritage, and his wannabe Knights is put into perspective when you know their round table is from one of those plastic garden furniture sets sold at Homebase.

Speaking to a Boggart Blog reporter later Arthur, who sounded rather whiney for a medieval warrior said, “ It’s a travesty of justice. The standing stones contain powerful energies, they belong to the people who should have access to walk among them and touch them.”

He may have a point but unfortunately when the people are allowed close to the stones they have a habit of chipping bits off with hammers and taking them home for souvenirs. We asked the last of the Pendragon line how he thought the spirit of the stones would feel about the 5000 year old sarsens being repaired with polyfilla.

He told our reporter he had nothing more to say and stalked off leaving a “Harrumph” hanging in the air.

The Druid Path

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What Did The Druids Do For Us
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Bring Out Your Santas

Good grief, knee deep in Christmas cards, wrapping paper, cheesecakes baking, pate pattying, teenagers squabbling and cleaning my shitpit of a house from, well, not quite the top to the bottom, but getting rid of the first layer of dust at least, when there is a knock on the door.
Not being the sort of person to say, “Well who could that be?” I hasten to the door to find a tall, slender man with a white fur trimmed red cap, accompanied by a very small mutant reindeer, who looks suspiciously like a small boy with a black nose and a set of antlers.

“Santa collection!” the chap beams at me.

“Sorry, clean out of santas this year.” I reply and close the door firmly.

Bloody odd the people round here.

Hope you all have a merry Christmas, It is your duty after all, give the government something to moan about.

The Social Christmas Matthew Harwood argues for the kind of traditional Christmas celebrated by an older type of Chistianity that saw Jesus not as our personal salvation buddy but as the binding spirit of humanity and so made the celebration of his day about compassion, tolerance and helping each other. Harwood ses the irony in America, the most piously Christian nation on earth celebrating their Christmas in the most crassly materialistic and selfish way imaginable. It’s hard to disagree with him even for a pagan like me.

A blog of bits

David Cameron has announce a new environmental policy for the Conservatives. He calls it The Big Green Bang.

Are they going to be using biodegradable condoms?

Darling unveils 45p tax on rich to fund the recession bailout We heard that all airport terminals have been overwhelmed as departure gates were beseiged by people carrying suitcases full of money.

Religious Right’s War On Christmas This Huffington Post article traces the whines of Evangelical Christians about putting the Christ back in Christmas to the beginnings of the Protestant Reformation. Join the Christmas Resistance with ian at Authorsden.
And if you missed it last week check out this Boggart Blog story of The Prime Minister’s Crap Christmas

At Last! America Catches On To Halloween’s Pagan Origins.

In the wake of some televised footage from Hollywood Celebrity Halloween parties which paid close attention to the costumes outfits paraded by some female celebs, religious fundamentalists have found something new to get worked up about. Instead of ranting about the Satanic nature of Halloween and its corrosive effect on children’s souls or as you and me would put it, a dressing up party for kids, the fundies are now up in arms about the “sexualisation of Halloween.” Oh well sex is a million times worse than Satan.

The problem is Halloween, originally the pagan festival of Samhuinn was always sexy, long before Christianity invented Satan the pagans were celebrating the end of the agricultural year with five days of boozing, over – eating, games, music, dance and unrestrained shagging and throwing miserable buggers on bonfires.
All pagan festivals, Winter Solstice, Imbolc, Spring Equinox, Beltane, Summer Solstice, Lammas, Autumn Equinox and Samhuinn or Halloween tended to focus on boozing, over –eating, games, music, dance and unrestrained shagging (throwing miserable buggers on bonfires was optional at the other seven.)
When Christianity gained the ascendancy the dancing and shagging were right out, apparently God cannot tell the difference between the two so both offend him equally. Worse, only the priests got to booze and over eat, so the ordinary people were left with games (communal praying) and music (communal hymn singing.)

No wonder paganism is resurgent, because whatever else the pagans may be, you have to admit that each and every one of them knows one of the great necessities in life. They know how to throw a party.

Celebs Dressed Up
Sexy? Looks like a bunch of people getting rat arsed in fancy dress to me.

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The Pagans Are Back And The North Is Magic.

According to results of a survey released this week Britain is full of Wizards, Witches, Druids, Psychics, Aliens and people with supernatural powers including the ability to teleport people they don’t like to other galaxies.
This last category are very bad news for Channel 4, “Neighbours from Hell” has been a great summer schedule filler for years but will Neighbours to Betelgeuse ever catch on. I mean, the expression on some chavvy types face as he, his pit bull, quad bike and Burberry cap start to dematerialise would be priceless two, maybe three times but there isn’t much scope for plot development.
The survey was sponsored by the Sci Fi TV channel and supervised by Rev. Lionel Fanthorpe, editor of the Fortean Times website, psychic investigator, expert in “anomalous occurrences” and all round loveable eccentric (I wish there were more like him.) Its final report revealed that around 10% of Britons now believe in pagan gods, ley lines, psychic healing, precognition through the use of crystal balls, tarot cards etc., alien abduction and divining. This is more than regularly attend mainstream churches.
Region by region it turns out that Sussex is very psychic, Essex is full of witches (you can recognise them by the white stilettos) and the East Midlands is not very weird at all. Now why does that not surprise me?
Cornwall and the West Country scored very highly as one might expect but the top counties were all in the heathen north. Lancashire, North Yorkshire, Cumberland and Northumberland are populated by people who are off their heads it seems.
Which would confirm what we have always told you about the potency of our local beer. Drink the right stuff and the world fills up with engaging oddballs.

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The Gods’ Return To Olympus

Great news for pagans last week, the pagan Gods of ancient Greece returned to their traditional home on Mount Olympus after being banished for 1600 years. Zeus, Aphrodite and the one who’s erection reached to his eyebrows (The God of Blowing Your Own Trumpet, I believe,) are back and being actively worshipped.
A victory for Greek pagans in the European court of Human Rights has ended centuries of Christian oppression has seen the Orthodox Church overruled and freedom of worship established. Previously only Christianity, Judaism and Islam were tolerated in Greece.
But this is significant for all of us because we have all been told since childhood that Christianity became the dominant religion in the west after being adopted by Roman Emperor Constantine because Jesus was such an all round wonderful guy. The truth is that the early Christian church made many of its converts by having a couple of burly monks hold people down while another held an axe aloft and said “in nomino patre, filio et spiritus sancti accept our God or you will get an axe through your head and you wife and children will be sold into slavery.
But that’s how the Roman Empire had always done business and they recognised that religion was just another profit making business.
All in all the approach worked well everywhere except in Britain where an axe though one’s head was seen as a badge of honour, a bit like the modern ASBO. In the end poor old King Alfred had to give half his Kingdom to the Danes to get them to convert. In truth the Danes didn’t much care which God they worshipped and they knew a good deal when the saw one.
The big comeback paganism is making is entirely in line with New Labour’s free market economics which rely on giving customers “choice” in order to encourage trade. Paganism is much more aligned to the capitalist society that the Abrahamic religions neo-Bolshevik “one God-fits-all-approach.
Market economics have convinced us choice is always a good thing, and with paganism you have a god for everything and are free to choose your favourite – and no binding contracts, you can change when you like. You know it makes sense, after all what good is the God of War when you need help getting your underwear drawer unstuck(yes, there’s a god for that too!)
I have always thought the Greek gods had a much healthier attitude to sexual matters too, all that covering women in the form of a shower of gold (had you never wondered where the term “golden showers” came from? So I am off to Greece on holiday this year, and if I see any pretty, naked girls playing on the beach I shall walk straight up to them and say, “I’m Zeus, take me to your Leda.”

Be Careful What You Wish For
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