Be Careful What You Buy On Ebay – Some Junk Has Baggage

I love weird stories, ghosts, monsters, missing socks finding the way back to their other half years after going astray, that sort of thing.

Naturally I was intrigued by the story of a group of flatsharers who put a ‘haunted mirror’ up for sale on internet auction site Ebay after being dogged by bad luck, financial misery and illness after they rescued it from a skip.

Student Joseph Birch, 20, and painter Sotiris Charalambous, 34, acquired the antique mirror when their landlord put it in a skip outside their in Muswell Hill, London five months ago. Skips are magical things of course and like all others this one started to attract all sorts of interesting objets d’art and shite although nobody was ever spotted putting anything in it.

When a rather atractive vintage mirror materialised overnight the lads grabbed it, thinking it might be worth a quid or two.

Since they hung it in their flat however, the pair claim they have been plagued by bad luck, misery, financial problems and illness.

Mr Charalambous says it has caused him to wake up screaming with ‘stabbing pains’ in the night. He insists this was not due to his girlfriend sneaking into his room at night, repeatedly plunging a knife into him and screaming “You gave me herpes, you bastard.”

Joseph, an art and design student, and his flatmate began seeing ‘flickering shadows’ and ‘glimpses of black darkness’ (Black darkness? Is there any other kind? in the mirror and orbs of light in the room.

Joseph woke up covered in red scratchmarks in the middle of the night last week and both flatmates have had sleepless nights which they blame on the antique. Since the walnut mirror was painted metallic silver by Sotiris two months ago, the flatmates began to suffer intense nightmares and their problems escalated.

Well there’s nothing pisses of a creature of the dark side than being stuck in an object owned by somebody with crap taste.

‘I don’t think it the mirror likes it since I painted it silver. I took it to an antique dealer who said it was worth £100 once but with the paint job it is not worth a fiver. We’re going for the £100 starting price because we believer someone who has an interest in the paranormal would be willing to pay more.’

But if the pain job is the bad news, the worse news is the mirror only has a few scratches and is not broken. So it’s not genuine then, as anyone who ever watched horror films knows, haunted mirrors shatter as soon as they are put on Ebay. It’s traditional.

being a true sceptic I neither believe of disbelieve anything so I don’t dismiss the possibility that the mirror is host to some malign presence. In this case however, I feel it is not the antique that is haunted but the two dickheads who destroyed it’s value by giving it a coat of Hammerite. Such idiocy would haunt many people for months.

It seems then that the paranormal incidents they attribute to the mirror might be more to do with attracting bids from people with more money than sense or who may have unterior motives.

This latter view was supported by a comment from one prospective buyer who wanted the mirror “as a gift for an ex”.

Under The Influence Of Mind Altering Drugs Eight Legs Is A Few too Many

We’ve all heard about the men who stare at goats or walls or whatever, attempts by America’s secret services to harness out alleged para/super normal mental abilities.

On reading this report I wondered just what the guys at Nasa might have been smoking in their fag breaks.

Apparently in 1995 Nasa carried out experiments with mind altering drugs to note their effects.
Now they may have used themselves as guinea pigs, but they certainly didn’t admit to it, probably no funding that way.

Instead they fed LSD, Benzedrine, Mescaline, Marijuana and Caffeine to ….spiders.

Now this is the bit that makes me wonder about this research, they then “Set the spiders to work making webs.”

You can do that?
You can order a spider to make a web?

“Okay, my little arachnid friend, time to go to work. Get spinning buddy!”

Well, hardly surprisingly the spiders on pot lost interest half way through and just lay there, giggling.

The ones on LSD made a start, but just kept climbing higher and saying, “Like, wow, Man, has anyone got any mushrooms?”

The spiders on speed completed their webs in record time, but the work was rather slapdash.

But it was the spiders on Caffeine that gave the most interesting results.

Whilst they worked reasonably fast, only having small brains, they were forever losing their place on their frequent trips from the website down to the lab where the coffeee percolator was kept.
On returning they would simply start again, because they couldn’t remember where they were up to.
This, naturally resulted in some very haphazard web designs, which proved rather inefficient for their designated purpose, i.e. trapping small fling insects.

The spiders then came up with an invention that has been a boon to the internet and helped secure its world-wide domination.
Using a complex series of cable they were able to position a camera on their construction site and link it to a computer terminal in the lab, enabling them to keep watch on their building work, whilst taking those very important coffee breaks, and thus the web-cam was born.

Smack in the gob for sceptics ( paranormal )

This is in response to a personal message written in a sneering tone about our recent halloween posts. The writer obviously thought we take ourselves seriously.

Don’t these literally – minded people annoy us fun loving, open minded types who love to have whacky discussions down the pub about weird stuff, ghosts, aliens, the paranormal and cryptozoology. Such discussions are great fun and can go on for weeks so long as no self professed sceptic come along and spouts “course there’ no scientific evidence to support such theories.”

Of course there is no scientific evidence, that’s what makes it fun. Would you believe I had one high – minded half – wit inform me once that “Jenny Greenteeth is not an elemental spirit that dwells in stagnant water at all.”

There’s no helping people like that. But though elementals like Jenny are beyond science and the jury is still out on other cryptozoological specimens such as The Yeti, Bigfoot, Agogwe, The Honey Island Swamp Monter (honest!) and other hairy beasts from around the world, the evidence for lake monsters such as Nesie is pretty overwhelming thanks to one incident. Se a fuller list of Hairy Hominids at American Monsters.

Now when evidence for Lake Monsters is mentioned we are not talking grainy footage taken by tourists who had recently enjoyed an educational tour of the local distilleries near Loch Ness, we are talking actual physical evidence that the sceptics, those who think their interests (i.e. getting nice fat research grants) are served by insisting there is nothing science cannot explain and dissing as fake all the many things science cannot actually explain.

I want you to consider the case of the Stronsay Beast, the skeleton on a marine creature washed up on the Orkney island of Stronsay in 1808. The creature is obviously a Nessie. Not so say the “scientists”, it a basking shark. Jenny Greenteeth who knows a bit about these things says “Shark my slimy arse, if it it looks like a Nessie swims like a Nessie and smells like a Nessie, it probably is a Nessie.” Good advice.

Though the skeleton looks nothing like that of a basking shark, the sceptics still insist that is what it is. Do Guinness Book Of Records have a category for “World’s most stupid” I wonder? I mean, anyone who thinks the Stronsay Beast is a Basking Shark is off the scale stupid. Witness reports are notoriously unreliable but a skeleton is – well not flesh and blood, but pretty near.

You don’t have to accept Jenny’s word our mine, for once the Wkipedia entry is quite reliable, citing eye witness reports collaborated by contemporary newspaper and magazine articles. American Monsters website also has extensive information together with a truckload of Lake Monster stories from around the world. Surprisingly, or perhaps not to those of us who believe and disbelieve nothing, many of these stories, told by people who have never heard of Loch Ness, Scotland or Prof. Richard Dawkins, describe montrous creatures similar in appearance to Nessie and the Stronsay Beast

So much for the sceptics, Boggart Blog will continue to bring you stories on monsters, aliens, ghosts and anything we fancy. We will not tell you to believe or disbelieve of course, we will just hope you are entertained.

King Tut
King TutVampires grave discovered in Italy

The Number of the Beast

Number of the Beast

Returning from a visit to my mother yesterday I had just left the motorway and joined the A666 towards Clitheroe. Glancing at my instrument panel my eye was drawn to the trip meter just as it turned to 666. I do not use the trip meter and normally am unaware of its presence so what mysterious force drew my gaze to it? Was someone or something trying to get a message to me? A coincidence the cynical might say, but how often do we encounter two instances of The Number Of The Beast in our daily lives. I am normally a level headed sort myself, always ready to scoff at those American fundamentalists who see the hand of the Devil in everything. But sometimes you just get a feeling deep in your guts…..

With my attention back on the road as I headed eastward I noticed an unusually dense black cloud on the horizon, not a raincloud but something more sinister. As I watched I saw that it was an enormous flock of Ravens; moving as one creature the constantly swirled and turned choreographed by that mystical force morphic resonance until when they filled my entire field of vision, at which point they formed into a monstrous shape, the head of a primeval horned God.

Wanting only to get home as quickly as I could I pressed on, disregarding the shadowy figure of a black cowled monk floating on the periphery of my vision. Once safely inside the house I described on the floor a pentacle of salt and putting up some garlic sandwiches and a bottle of water from a sacred spring took refuge in my home made sanctuary where I spent a long night fingering a silver ankh until the bright dawn drove away the negative energies.

I feel rather weak and exhausted today but will be back online as soon as the large black dog that took up residence on the lawn just after I arrived home has departed.

BUT REALLY I knackerd something deep in my very fragile hip while trying to negotiate the lunar landscape in front of my mother’s flat in Morecambe, and had to rest for a couple of days. The A666 is true though, it’s a road the bikers just love. The trip meter bit is also true and that would be enough to give some people the squits.

Back to proper blogging tomorrow I hope.