Paris brought to a standstill by anti-Macron transport protests

On Friday, public transport workers in Paris staged a coordinated walk-out against Macron’s planned pension former which caused the worst disturbance to the French capital’s public transport network in more than a decade.

The strike represents the first major action taken against President Macron’s plan to standardized ‘universal’ pension system. The plan would see one single points-based pension system created out of the 42 different systems which currently are in place right now, the Local reports.

Massive traffic jams and large crowds waiting at the platforms with at least a few lines still working were both triggered by the protest.

Pension Liberation Day – Time For A New Toy

Easter Monday, it’s a holiday in most of the world so there isn’t much going on. Big thing is it’s pension liberation day, us poor saps who were duped into saving for our retirement is schemes that made sure we couldn’t get our hands on the money and when we popped our clogs the thieving insurance companies kept our cash (and of course they never told us about SIPP schemes, oh no, us the well off people kept that one to themselves.

One thing the coalition government do deserve a pat on the head for is liberating our pensions so we can at least afford a few decent toys to ease our retirement.

As today was pension liberation day, I thought I’d show you the wise and prudent investment I am putting my retirement money into.

Wha – heeeeeeyyyyyyy.

E Type Jaguar

Will The Government Run Out Of Money For Pensions While Still Fighting America’s Wars

The Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) has warned that cash reserves set aside to fund state pension payments are set to run out as soon as next year.

In the report published on Friday, CPS claimed it had found a “serious flaw” in the government accounts (not surprising seeing as they are compiled by members of the public service unions), and because of this the government will find itself short of cash for pensions sometime in 2015.

The authors added that the underfunding will force the Treasury to increase taxes in order to ensure pension payouts continue.

Michael Johnson, speaking for CPS warned that the current state pension level is “unsustainable,” adding the pension will be “watered down to a basic subsistence” in the near future if the government fails to take urgent action.

The research also found that people under the age of 45 would have to wait longer to qualify for their state pension while those under the age of 35 should expect pension payments to be scrapped altogether by the time they retire. People currently in work should expect large tax increases to fund pensions, Johnson said.

Or perhaps our fuckwith leaders could simply stop joining in all America’s wars and flying bombing missions at £1,000,000 a bang. We could leave the EU and save £40 million A DAY, that would fund a few pensions.

And perhaps, to cite a couple of examples of how the incompetence of morons employed in the public services and protected from consequences by the too-powerful and entirely politically motivated public service unions, civil service purchasing officers could learn that rather than paying £3000 per bog standard, network ready PC they can buy them retail for £300 each (and that’s expensive) or shelling out £1500 for an NHS Wheechair when a very adequate vehicle can be had for £99.

NHS standard whhelchair – nasty, heavy, clunky and expensive.

               Lightweight wheelchair (uses aluminium tubing instead of steel), fit for purpose and cheap (£99)

Problem: Government wastes shitloads of money and can’t pay its bills.
Solution: Abolish public service unions that reward incompetence, sack incomptent public service purchasing officers, hire over 45s with losts of experience in the private sector to make sure taxpayers are getting value for money. Simples.

Pissed Pensioners Courting Health Problems Says Report

A new report out today recommends pensioners should have a lower limit for alcohol consumption than younger people.

People over 65 should drink less – BBC News

Now this does not really affect me, I’m not sixty five for hundreds of years yet, well two years and eight weeks to be exact, but what really pisses me off is that these aresholes think I have reached this stage in my life without being able to make my own mind up when I’ve had enough.

When I’m lying in the gutter choking on my own vomit I am well aware that I should not have any more to drink, well only a couple of halves maybe or perhaps a whisky to help me sleep.

Old people are individuals and have their own individual lifestyle. And some are able to put away industrial quantities of booze as our tribute to the late Queen Mother, an inspirational Old Queen demonstrated.

One of my favourite bloggers, Dick Puddlecote, has in the past had much to say on this campaign to demonise drink. He will have much more to say in future no doubt (scroll way down the left column to Dick’s tags and find ‘drinking’.

The Pissed Pensioners of Harrogate
Pissed Pensioners are a social blight say Thought Police

Hand Wringing Left and the Plight Of The Pensioners

As the handwringing continues over some of the cuts in public spending that “will force pensioners into poverty” is still the big talking point on left wing blogs that take themselves too seriously it continues to dominate our thoughts in the Boggart Blog office too.

My Brother in law, who at 70 is of pension age was up this morning for his once a month visit from the Grandiose Duchy of Cheshire. He does not travel by bus using his free travel pass of course, if he did so he would not be arriving home in time to set off for next months visit. No, he drives up a a very smart Ford Mondeo.

“Me get a bus?” he exclaimed in surprise when asked how the cuts would affect him as a pensioner. “Why would I want to rub shoulders with the kind of nutters who travel by bus in Chester, or here in Lancashire for that matter?”

He speaks the truth, who can forget Jasper Carrott’s immortal monologue on bus travel describing how the lone bus traveller is a magnet for the nutter with the carrier bag. Or even worse the one who smells of piss, probably because they have just come from the local swimming pool.

The fact is not all pensioners are on the bread line by a long chalk.

G20 Summit Divided On Deficit Reduction
The Can Make Us Live Longer But Can’t Stop Us Ageing

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A Cheetah Won’t Change His Spots

A couple of weeks ago the nation, well the media, were outraged by the size of Sir Fred Goodwin’s pension, negotiated under the very noses of Cabimet Ministers. Harriet Harman announced that the government would claw some of the money back, but alas this was not possible. One correspondent to The Times suggested that perhaps Fred’s pension could be made up of Toxic Assets that his bank took on under his guidance, nice idea but you know it’s not going to work.

An altogether more trusting and understanding chap suggested that Sir Fred might possibly wish to renounce some of his vast rewards for bringing a respected institution to its knees.

A fine example of Hope over Experience there, Sir Fred is a money grabbing, blood sucking leech who cares not one fig for anyone else so long as he’s alright Jack. Well you knew that anyway, he’s a banker.
And there’s the rub,because it is still bankers and city slickers who are in charge. At yesterday’s Treasury Select Committee’s inquiry into the RBS bailout and Sir Fred’s pension, Lord Myners uttered these words which should strike fear into every investor and taxpayers heart.

“One has to admire, in a non-approving sense, the dexterity of Sir Fred Goodwin in respect of his own contract.”
And obviously not spoken out loud, but thought all the same, ” I just hope I can do as well when it is my turn.”

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