More Deadly Than Smoking

Hat tip to Anna Raccoon blog where I found this gem:

What do you think could be more deadly to the elderly than smoking? The hydrogen bomb? Cyanide? Chavs? Thirteen years of Labour government? Ten years of Conservative government?

Surprise. it’s none of the above.

The real killer, deadlier than smoking, alcohol or lard sandwiches to old people is enjoying a peaceful retirement. Titter ye not, government health experts deadly (oops, pardon) serious. They are forming government policy round this notion as we speak.

Evidence is now emerging of the dangers associated with elderly people becoming lonely and isolated after retiring. David Halpern, a senior No.10 aide, said loneliness was a “more powerful predictor” of whether a pensioner would be alive for more than a decade than whether they smoked.

It seems that living in the house that you paid for, happily bereft of a partner with, spared the nightly ritual of agreeing that of course you don’t mind watching Eastenders / Football, eating what you want, watching what you want, getting up when you want, going to bed when you want – is a deadly danger, you are liable to drop dead at any moment.

Does smoking cause lung cancer? No, is the legal verdict.

Pissed Pensioners Courting Health Problems Says Report

A new report out today recommends pensioners should have a lower limit for alcohol consumption than younger people.

People over 65 should drink less – BBC News

Now this does not really affect me, I’m not sixty five for hundreds of years yet, well two years and eight weeks to be exact, but what really pisses me off is that these aresholes think I have reached this stage in my life without being able to make my own mind up when I’ve had enough.

When I’m lying in the gutter choking on my own vomit I am well aware that I should not have any more to drink, well only a couple of halves maybe or perhaps a whisky to help me sleep.

Old people are individuals and have their own individual lifestyle. And some are able to put away industrial quantities of booze as our tribute to the late Queen Mother, an inspirational Old Queen demonstrated.

One of my favourite bloggers, Dick Puddlecote, has in the past had much to say on this campaign to demonise drink. He will have much more to say in future no doubt (scroll way down the left column to Dick’s tags and find ‘drinking’.

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Hand Wringing Left and the Plight Of The Pensioners

As the handwringing continues over some of the cuts in public spending that “will force pensioners into poverty” is still the big talking point on left wing blogs that take themselves too seriously it continues to dominate our thoughts in the Boggart Blog office too.

My Brother in law, who at 70 is of pension age was up this morning for his once a month visit from the Grandiose Duchy of Cheshire. He does not travel by bus using his free travel pass of course, if he did so he would not be arriving home in time to set off for next months visit. No, he drives up a a very smart Ford Mondeo.

“Me get a bus?” he exclaimed in surprise when asked how the cuts would affect him as a pensioner. “Why would I want to rub shoulders with the kind of nutters who travel by bus in Chester, or here in Lancashire for that matter?”

He speaks the truth, who can forget Jasper Carrott’s immortal monologue on bus travel describing how the lone bus traveller is a magnet for the nutter with the carrier bag. Or even worse the one who smells of piss, probably because they have just come from the local swimming pool.

The fact is not all pensioners are on the bread line by a long chalk.

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