Voter Backlash against Media UKIP Smears Is Good For Democracy

Mike Harding

One of the saddest things I have seen on the interweb of Sheeple for a long time was a post yesterday from a comedian who did very well in the 70s and 80s by presenting himself as a working class hero and man of the people. Even though Mike Harding is from a considerably poorer part of Manchester than the one I was born in, and grew up in the Lowryesque streets of Crumpsall where my family moved to green and pleasant Shropshire, in his comedy and music gigs Harding talked about shared experiences of 1950s childhood and sixties adolescence especially the agonies of adolescence because we moved back to Manchester when I was fourteen.

One would think then that somebody like Mike Harding would understand the attitudes of the working class. But no, like so many working class heros he has sold out the the politically correct luvvieocracy of the media and showbiz. There he was on his facebook page, assuming his faded celebrity gave him some kind of authority to tell people what to think, sneering at a UKIP candidate for expressing the view that working class people are sick of the media banging on about homosexuals rights and what a bigoted lot of buggers the masses are, when actually what the working class want politicians and the medias to talk about are things like jobs, immigration, the cost of living, immigration and jobs in that order.

And of course the media and politicians just take a patronising, paternalistic stance: “those things are to complicated for you oiks to be bothering your bigoted little heads with,” they say (well I’m papaphrasing.

Well I live in east Lancashire and I can tell Mike Harding that the opinion expressed by the UKIPper he is sneering at, that dislike of ‘the homosexual community’ is a view that has held sway for a long times and continues to do so.

Good to see then that voters have flicked a very big V sign to Mike Harding and the other media luvvies and in response to the smear campoaign UKIP’s poll rating has risen.

Wealthy, superior luvvies might not be able to think for themselves but the working class voters obviously can.

from The Guardian:
The media’s failure to neutralise Ukip can only be good for democracy

‘The intrusive power of the media, their capacity to lay waste the lives of ordinary people and celebrities alike, has been much aired, before and after Leveson. But there is another form of power, exercised with far greater discretion. This is the ability of the media to shape – and to limit – discussion; a capacity which has in recent weeks become conspicuously transparent, thanks to their efforts to discredit Ukip in general, and Nigel Farage in particular.

The dominant political parties and the mainstream media collusively concerted the attack on Ukip. Never has the management of what is somewhat hyperbolically called “the clash of ideas”, conducted by the opinion-formers and gatekeepers of debate, been so clear. Rarely have the tactics to maintain argument within acceptable bounds been more obvious.’

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I particularly liked this line from the article:

“It may be considered something of an irony that, since all the main parties are, in one way or another, conservative parties, an even more conservative party should be the object of such vilification; and this can be ascribed only to the desire to maintain a monopoly of representation by Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats.”

Absofuckinglutely right.

Euronazi superstate
Eurobureaucratic democracy

Totally Offensive

It takes a lot to offend me, I can tolerate most things. Even my irritation at political hypocrisy is an affectation, exaggerated for comic effect. But something I saw of Facebook today really totally pissed me off. It was this:


“What offended Ian about this?” you might well ask.

Good question. Homosexuals don’t offend me (though whining does) Homophobia does not offend me (though bullying does.)

Even the inaccuracy of the stated numbrer of species does not bother me. Including hermaphrodites and species of insects and fish that change sex at some time in their development is blatant cheating but hey, these are Californian queers were dealing with – whatever brain they might once have had was mashed by acid and coke before they were out of their teens.

No, what offended me is the dumping of a prejudice held by a very small minority (American evagelical Christians) on the whole of humanity. AND FROM THAT the assumption that everywhere in the world is like America, a bifurcated society where on every issue people crowd towards two extremes and there is a great big void in the middle where sensible, reasonable people should be AND THEN the usurpation by the creator of this poster of my right to decide for myself what I think about homophobia. (I think it’s irrational – Irrational fear of the same thing? How does that work? I don’t know if the cupid stunt who created the poster is gay or was just sucking up to gays for the sake of selling posters, but he’s not educated enough to know what homophobia really means)

I respect the right of gays and lesbians to be who they are, I respect the right of people to dislike homosexuals and lesbians just as I respect their right to dislike pea soup. I hate pea soup. And bananas, because they make me throw up. I like Banana the poet though, she’s fun. Other people hate meat or beer or yoghurt or opera or Boggart Blog. Fine, so long as they don’t insist I agree.

People are different, that’s what is great about humanity. Dogs and cats and horses are different too, and sheep possibly, though I don’t think about sheep much except in a of mint sauce related context. Socety works well whenpeopkle are given rioom to be different. Start to impose standard ways of thinking on everyone and you have Naziism.

I must conclude however by saying I am so fed up of being told what I must and must not think when I visit American web sites, America is edging towards the same box as Pea Soup and bananas. And Facebook where I saw the offending item was always there, right down at the bottom with rotten tomatoes and pigeon poo. Pity I need the links for traffic.

Facebook privacy piracy
Facebook as important as the printing press? We think not.
Queer Theory Bllshit dominates the same sex mariage debate

Joe King by name and Joe King by nature…

What do you call some of the most unfortunate people in Britain? Well just in case you are stuck for an answer here are some suggestions. Justin Case (sic), Barb Dwyer and Stan Still. It sounds like a typical Boggart Blog Department of Tired Old Jokes offering, but a trawl by serious researchers through the necrobuffonomicon (the book of dead funny names) has revealed that there really are unfortunate people with those names in the UK. Joining them on the list are Terry Bull, Paige Turner, Mary Christmas and Anna Sasin. And just imagine having to introduce yourself to a crowd as Doug Hole or Hazel Nutt. The names were uncovered by a research team from parenting group after parsing through online telephone records.

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