Scientists and Groups Ask Canadian Gov’t to Invest in Wired Technology and Suspend 5G Until Proven Safe

by B N Frank, Activist Post, 23 May 2020

Many cities and countries have already taken action against 5G deployment by banning it, filing lawsuits, issuing moratoriums, passing ordinances and resolutions (see 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. 7. 8).  Since 2018, there have been reports of people and animals becoming sick after it was turned on (see 1. 2, 3, 4).

Of course it’s not just 5G that is harmful.  All sources of Electromagnetic Radiation (aka “Electrosmog”) is biologically and environmentally harmful.  This includes Bluetooth, cell phone and WiFi radiation.  Health experts have been warning about exposure risks for many years and continue to do so (see 1, 2).  This includes the World Health Organization and American Academy of Pediatrics.  Even Dr. Oz has warned about exposure!

Kudos to these Canadians for appealing to their government to stop 5G deployment and invest in safer wired connections instead.

From Environmental Health Trust:

Twenty-Four Canadian Groups Say: Suspend 5G Until Proven Safe

Appeal to the Government of Canada “Look Before We Leap”

For Immediate Release

May 14, 2020

Ottawa: Scientists and citizens groups from across Canada are demanding the right to say “No” to 5G in their neighbourhoods. Twenty four Canadian groups are banding together and appealing to the Trudeau government for a national moratorium on 5G roll out, until questions about its human health effects are resolved.

“This has nothing to do with Covid-19. All groups launching this Appeal condemn acts of violence such as burning antenna towers” said one of the organizers. “The Parliamentary Health Committee has been investigating the negative health impacts of cell phones, cell towers and Wi-Fi for over a decade … Continue reading >>>

It’s only a phone FFS

from The Examiner:

open pit toiletA Chinese open pit toilet – source: shutterstock / NY Post

“A strange and tragic story comes to us from China where it is reported, two people were killed and several others were injured after a woman dropped her cell phone into a open-pit toilet. Fox 8 reported on June 8, 2014, that an unnamed woman in Xinxiang City, China, dropped her new smart phone into a sewer pit and those that tried to help her ended up perishing.

The woman’s husband attempted to retrieve the phone, worth an estimated $320, from the toilet, but was overcome by the stench and gasses in the toilet pit and lost consciousness and fell in.

At that point, the man’s mother dove into the pit to try and save her son, but she also passed out due to the fumes.

From here, the woman that dropped the phone tried to save both her husband and mother-in-law. She also lost consciousness and other people arrived and tried to help.

In the end a total of six people needed to be rescued from the open-pit toilet including the woman’s father-in-law and two friends. All fell unconscious after being lowered in on a rope.

The woman’s husband and his mother both had a pulse when they were pulled from the toilet, but after waiting more than an hour for medical assistance to arrive, they ending up passing away in the hospital.

OK for the safety of yourself and your loved ones; a) Never go in a public toilet in China, b) look at the picture below and repeat one hundred times,

“It’s only an effing phone.”

its only a phone

Fuck EU

A senior US diplomat has allegedly been caught using decidedly undiplomatic language by saying “fuck the EU” over its position on Ukraine on an apparently bugged telephone conversation.

After tape of the conversation – said to be between the top US diplomat for Europe, Victoria Nuland, and the US ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt – was published on YouTube, the US suggested Russia may have been involved in the hacking of the call.

This is dirty politics but not entirely unreasonable as the Obama administration is seeking support from its EU allies for its latest attempt to meddle in the affairs of a sovereign state. The Jug Eared Jihadist is unique for a man of his alleged intellect in that he does not learn from previous mistakes.

US State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said that if the Russians were responsible for listening to, recording and posting a private diplomatic telephone conversation, it would be “a new low in Russian tradecraft”.

When asked if the call was authentic, Ms Psaki would not directly confirm it was Ms Nuland’s voice but said: “I didn’t say it was inauthentic.” And that is as near to a definite answer as you will ever get from a career diplomat.

Paski said Mrs Nuland “has been in contact with her EU counterparts and of course has apologised for these reported comments”.

In the audio, voices resembling those of Mrs Nuland and Mr Pyatt discuss international efforts to resolve Ukraine’s ongoing political crisis.

At one point in the published recording, the voice that sounds like Mrs Nuland’s declares tht the EU position should be ignored and tells Mr Pyatt that Ban Ki-Moon, the UN secretary-general, is going to appoint Robert Serry, the former Dutch ambassador to Kiev as his representative in Ukraine. “That would be great I think to help glue this thing and have the UN glue it and you know, F*** the EU,” the voice says.

In a tweet, posted before the recording went viral on Thursday, the Russian aide, Dmitry Loskutov suggested the conversation was “sort of controversial judgment from Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland speaking about the EU.”

White House spokesman Jay Carney referred to the tweet and Russia’s apparent interest in what has become a struggle between pro-Moscow and pro-Western camps in the former Soviet Republic, but did not comment on the authenticity saying US officials “do not discuss private conversations”. He said, “I would say that since the video was first noted and tweeted out by the Russian government, I think it says something about Russia’s role.”

See The Video

UPDATE – 9 February, 2014

Washington Response to Fuck EU Phone Call Confirms US-EU Regime-Change Conspiracy in Ukraine

‘Washington’s response has confirmed the authenticity of a YouTube clip of a leaked telephone conversation between US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt that emerged Thursday.

In the call, posted by an anonymous Russian source, Nuland and Pyatt discuss installing a new, pro-US government that will incorporate the fascistic opposition which has been leading street protests against Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych. Even though Washington’s campaign for regime-change has been coordinated with the European Union (EU), and particularly with Berlin, in the phone conversation with Pyatt, Nuland attacks the EU for being insufficiently aggressive, saying at one point, “Fuck the EU.”

Asked about the leaked video, US State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said, “I didn’t say it was inauthentic.” She added that Nuland was “in contact with her EU counterparts and, of course, has apologized for these reported comments.”

Read all

The International Elite’s Contempt For National Sovereignty

Obama Tries (And Fails) To Bully Russia
Obama Putin Balls Our Politics
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The Spy In Your Smartphone

An article in OS news (linked below) opens by saying those of us with experience in digital technology have known about the nasties hidden in your internet enabled computers and gadgets for years.This is absolutely true. Why did people like me not sound the alarm then, you might well ask?

In the case of smartphones I confess to being completely indifferent, I have no interest in owning one, my ten year old Nokia phone gives me all the mobile communications I want (when I am not available to answer the landline, I am not available to talk and there’s nothing so important it can’t wait a few hours) and when that old faithful croaks it will be replaced with an entry level pay as you go device.

It is wrong to suggest however that cynical old pros like me were not sounding the alarm, we began sounding the alarm when Microsoft operating systems started to be shipped internet ready. Microsoft always gave themselves the ability to take over your computer, change settings and load stuff you hadn’t asked for. And the favoured page markup for the World Wide Web, thanks to the interference of an idiot science tit and the willingness of politicians to listen to a guy with a PhD in Star Trek Studies rather than people who had long careers in computers behind them, had as much security as a house with no doors.

The trouble was people did not want to listen, the propaganda coming from government spin doctors and corporate marketing departments said the world wide web was magic and would make everything free. And people want to believe in magic.

Thus we handed governments and corporate cartels with fascist tendencies (i.e. all of them) the greatest tool for controlling information anybody could imagine. They could rewrite the past and create the present. As George Orwell put it in “1984”, “He who controls the present controls the past, he who controls the past controls the future.” And he could have added “He who controls the information controls the present.”

Keep on reading to learn a little of how Our New Unhappy Lords are controlling the information.

Read more in OS News

Bond’s women: neither shaken nor stirred

Nothing to hide

You have nothing to fear of you have done nothing wrong.
They’ve all said it, Blair, Brown, various Labour home secretaries as their wretched, illiberal government churned out new laws faster than the Stationery Office could purchase paper to print them all on, Cameron and Hague, Obama and Bush …

CCTV Surveillance? Only those who are up to no good need worry about it.

Electronic eavesdropping on phone and internet activity?
If you have nothing to hide what are you afraid of the government snooping on your computer?

Computer system security failures?
If you are a law abiding citizen why do you not want your personal data published online?

The shits who rule us and the whores who service them don’t seem to understand the simple principle of privacy, that if what we do is within the law its none of their fucking business.

Here’s a reminder of why we must not surrender that principle.

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The man’s a genius

Kudos to the man who got so pissed off by cold callers interrupting him while he was watching Coronation Street he got his own back by setting up his own premium rate number which makes him money every time some bunch of arseholes from some call centre phones trying to sell life insurance / home improvements / compensation claim assistance / mortgages and loans.

Lee Beaumont laid out £10 plus VAT to set up his personal 0871 line in November 2011, and said he has made £300 from the calls he has received since.

Mr Beaumont, from Leeds, told BBC reporters: “I was getting annoyed with the sales calls interrupting when I’m trying to watch Coronation Street, so I’d rather have an 0871 so I can make 10p a minute. I thought there must be a way to make money off these phone calls.”

Let’s see where we can go with this. Would it be possible to charge utility companies rent for the space their meters take up on our walls. Or how about a waste dispoasal fee for all that unsolicited junk mail we have to get rid of. If we want to get rid of garden waste or detritus from building work we have to pay someone to take it away so why should we not charge the people who illegally dump waste paper through our letter box.

And what about the local authority. With their enthusiasm for parking charges and fines they would surely understand our billing them for the time and fuel we waste and wear and tear on our car when we are driving round looking for somewhere to park.

Or how about fining the borough for dropping litter when rubish scattered by careless binmen gets blown into our gardens.

When we start thinking it through properly Mr. Beaumont’s scheme could revolutionise the way we organise society.

The Wogs Start At Dover

In less politically correct times it was permissible to say of someone who’s attitude to all things foreign “he thinks the wogs start at Calais.”

Not only was there a grain of truth in it, it seems thirty years of political correctness has only made matters worse. Nowadays the wogs start at Dover. Or so mobile phones companies believe.

Telecoms firms are charging users of a beach that nestles under the famous White Cliffs in Kent as if they were the other side of the Channel.

Residents of the village of St Margaret’s-at-Cliffe have to turn off their mobiles to avoid being hit with international roaming charges when they walk along the beach.

Locals and tourists alike say they cannot walk along the iconic cliffs without being sent a message saying ‘Welcome to France’ and providing a list of hiked charges.

These start at 28 pence to make a call, 7.9 pence to receive one and 8.9 pence to send a text, up to four times the price of a normal English network.

It may of course simply turn out to be another triumph for the GPS technology that runs Sat Nav systems.

Technology To Help You Commit Adultery

Over the past few years, as many people rushed to join the army of cupid stunts cool people whose main interface with reality was via their smart phone, inveterate womanizers and serial adulterers in Japan have remained faithful to a flip phone that provides a level of technology considered not only obsolete but terminally uncool; Fujitsu’s “F-Series” phones, which feature some privacy features indispendsible to people who shag around.

The aging handset nicknamed the “uwaki keitai” or “infidelity phone” owes its enduring popularity to customers who don’t believe newer smartphones are as discreet at hiding their illicit romances.

A Japanese blogger who goes by the name Bakanabe and writes anonymously about picking up women, said he looked into buying a new device but found the privacy settings fell short of his current phone. Instead, he opted to refurbish his battered, three-year-old Fujitsu flip-phone with a new casing and a new battery.

“Women may want to check my phone for strange emails or calls when I’m not around. With Fujitsu’s ‘privacy mode,’ they can’t see that information at all,” he said in an email. “The key is to give off the impression that you’re not locking your phone at all.”

Fujitsu’s “privacy mode” is a layer of nearly invisible security that hides missed calls, emails and text messages from contacts designated as private. If one of those acquaintances gets in touch, the only signal of that communication is a subtle change in the color or shape of how the battery sign or antenna bars are displayed. If ignored, the call doesn’t appear in the phone log.

The changes are so subtle that it would be impossible to spot for an untrained eye. When the privacy mode is turned off through a secret combination of keys, the concealed calls and messages appear, and voice mail becomes accessible.

This comes in handy to another blogger who calls himself “Poza.” He claims to have various romances on dating sites while juggling three girlfriends. He said he was introduced to the Fujitsu phone nearly five years ago and uses the privacy features to keep from getting caught. He says he recently bought an iPhone, but giving up his Fujitsu phone to carry just a smartphone is “unthinkable.”

“In terms of keeping my cheating hidden, this does more than enough,” he wrote in an email. Poza, who says he works for a design company in western Japan, declined to provide his real name.

“If Tiger Woods had this Japanese feature in his phone, he wouldn’t have gotten in trouble,” said Mr. Natsuno, now a professor at Keio University’s Graduate School of Media and Governance.

The phones, though, aren’t available outside Japan which is totally unfair. Boggart Bloggers and our readers want them and we want them NOW!

Adultery Japanese Style – video

Stupid Criminal Of The Week: Burgling For Dummies

Anthony Gawthrop (24) is one of the people we reported on yesterday, those who have never had a job. Anthony is no ordinary dole bludger however, to remedy his joblessness plight he decided to become and entrepreneur in the most literal sense of the word, a burglar to you and me.

Once Anthony had set himself up in the burglary business things seemed to be going well give or take the odd arrest until, while burlarizing a house in Cambridge and redistributing laptops, DVD players, jewellery and other small, portable items of value he dropped his mobile phone.

Having not completely moved on from his couch potato past Anthony could not be arsed to pick up his phone. After all, he reasoned, people who live in big houses are honest and respectable and would hand in the phone to the police lost property office.

To compound his error, Anthony later contacted police to report his phone missing so that when the people he had burgled handed it in that nice PC Plod would hop in a patrol car and bring it round to his home for him.

Soon after the phone was reported lost it was found by officers at the crime scene. Police checked the photos it contained and recognised young Mr. Gawthrop from his three previous convictions for house-breaking.

The fact that he had reported the phone lost in the general area where it had been found confirmed the suspicions of the boys in blue that Anthony was their burglar.

On being arrested Anthony attempted to give officers a false alibi. Unfortunately he had photographed himself in the house he said he had not been anywhere near. At Cambridge Crown Court last Friday Anthony finally admitted the offence and has now been told to expect a ‘substantial’ prison sentence.

At least now he will have plenty of time to study the book that should be essential reading for all wannabe entrepreneurs in his line of business, Burglary For Dummies. This worthy tome advises in the first paragraph of page one, “Never leave evidence lying around.”

Stupid Criminal Of The Week Drives Over A Cliff To Avoid A bSpeeding Ticket
Comedy Cops Oust P. C. Plod

More humour every day at Boggart Blog

The Worm In The Apple iPhone 4

At Boggart Blog we make no bones about it, we do not intend you to take us seriously. It is always a tad upsetting then when people do insist on taking us seriously and especially so when those people are fans of Apple Technology. Apple fans behave like Scientologists and like Scientologists hate it when people make fun of their bizarre behaviour which really amounts to the deification of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Apple fans justify themselves by citing technological excellence, design excellence, excellence of Apple technology and a really cute logo as reasons for buying the products they buy. In reality they buy Apple because they are gullible enough to be convinced by media hype, charmed by the fact that their little grey box is only distinguished from millions of other little grey boxes on the market by it’s cutesy-pie little logo and nerdy enough to enjoy the status of being one of a community of nerds who are so desperate to be members of any community they will pay twice the going rate for a little grey box because it’s descriptor has a little “i” in front of it. iPhone, iPod, iPad, iMac, iPlonk, iDiddle-di-do and so on. It is unlikely then that Apple Cultists will be put off by Apple’s latest debacle.

The company has finally admitted it forgot to check its new mobile phone worked before shipping millions of them to shops around the world. In true Apple “glass is half full” style Apple has not said in so many words “You got us bang to rights, it’s a fair cop, the new iPhone is a piece of junk. Oh no, that would not fit comfortably alongside Apple’s corporate PR policy. The company has advised owners of the new iPhone4 that the device should function normally as long as they do not try to hold it with their hands.

An Apple spokesperson said: “Look, what are these whining shits going on about, there are lots of disabled people out there can hold a pen, eat sandwiches, send text messages on their phone and even comb their hair using their feet. Why can’t able bodied people master those very basic skills and use their new iPhone the way it was meant to be used. As a Corporation we have decided to focus in future on foot held products as they are hugely efficient, leaving the hands free for other, more important and profitable tasks.”

Apple CEO Steve Jobs, a man whose entire career has been built on finding increasingly original ways of avoiding an admission that his company’s products are overpriced shite insisted there is nothing wrong with the new iPhone and people are experiencing problems because they are holding it wrongly.

Like with their hands Stevie?

Nokia mocks Apple iPhone Apple’s response to user reports of iPhone 4s losing reception was that users are holding them the wrong way. In a statement last week, Apple told users to “avoid gripping it in the lower left corner in a way that covers both sides of the black strip in the metal band”. Nokia has responded with a… (story in The Daily Telegraph)