The Hate The Bourgois Left Find Acceptable

You’ve heard them screaming often enough, the left wing bourgeoisie, jumping on every ism and phobia bandwagon that passes, accusing everybody who strays even slightly from the Politically Correct straight and narrow. UKIP are racist, people who read Nuts or Loaded are sexist, anyone who thinks same sex marriage is a joke is homophobic, anyone who says we don’t need sharia law in the UK is Islamophobic.

Strangely there is one prejudice and it is a real, deep-seated hatred rooted in fear, that these people find perfectly acceptable. It is the hatred the left wing bourgeoisie, for all their blether about fairness and equality, direct at the real working class.

Hatred that leads to this irrational attack on high street pie shop Gregg’s. This graphic, which originated on the Uncyclopedia website, appeared on Google search results for Gregg’s after a hacker attack.

Greggs – supplying shit to scum for 70 years the photoshopped logo reads

I don’t know why Gregg’s in particular attract such hatred from the pretentious left, but I’ve noticed quite a few of the current generation of painfully unfunny posh boy comedians categorizing Gregg’s customers as ignorant, drunken, knuckle dragging neanderthals. Which obviously makes it OK to deride what these nasty little bigots see (incorrectly) as a shop that caters to the hated working class.

Why? Nothing wrong with Gregg’s stuff – their sandwiches are better than stuff from the trendy Subway chain, their coffee does not taste much like coffee but it tastes better than Starbucks dish water and their sausage rolls may be filled with lips and arseholes but as my brother will tell you, on a cold day on Whitehaven Market a Gregg’s patsy just what you need (I’ve enjoyed them too but not in such extreme circumstances).

I suppose the people who think Greggs have built their success on supplying shit to scum would have us all eating vegetable samosas that taste as if they are made from ground up rat turds bought from the Waitrose deli counter.

One again we see that the people who scream and shout about ‘diversity’ don’t know what the word means.

The middle class twatocracy whose twitterings dominate social media, seem to think that while the favoured ethnic, sexual and religious minorities are beyond criticisms or satire, but having find some outlet for their natural anger and resentment somewhere, targets the working class in general and Greggs in particular. Yes, the Labour voting luvvies think, let’s have a good snort at Greggs, with its customers in high-vis vests, its steak bakes and unsophisticated chocolate eclairs. Greggs is seen as being fair game because it’s old-fashioned and blue collar: the very antithesis of organic, hand-reared, home-style, pretentiously labelled, overpriced food.

Makes you realise what nasty, illiberal bigots these lefties are.


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News From The Land Of Pie Eaters

Heard vaguely on Radio Lancashire this morning a story about a python in Wigan. being half asleep I thought it was a long distance pie eating race but it turned out to be a snake that escaped.


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Improvised Explosive Pies

Boggart Blog prides itself on being first to bring you news of the latest developments in the food of terror war currently being waged by our gallant security forces on the purveyors of exploding gravy, dangerous cheese, corrosive sauce and sausages of mass destruction. Now we must warn you of a new threat to arrive in Britain from the frontline in the war on terror where improvised explosive devices have wreaked havoc. The wily terrorists, realising that a bomb disguised in an empty McDonalds carton would attract little attention when placed at a British roadside (except in Surrey where a McDonalds carton in the road would reduce property valued by 25%) but that an Improvised Explosive Device disguised as a pie would find its way into many homes.

The terrorists have now developed the Improvised Explosive Pie.
Our informants tell us Mr Kipling’s fruit pies were tried first but the sweet pastry was too crumbly to contain the explosion effectively enough to cause a destructive shockwave when the crust gave way. Much more effective results have been obtained with Holland’s Meat Pies and Melton Mowbray Pork Pies however and now the weapons based on these designs are being deployed by terrorists in Britain.

We have received news of a pie related terrorist incident in Huddersfield, W. Yorks when a pie of terror exploded in a pie factory. There were casualties.

A spokesman for West Yorkshire police anti – pie squad offered this advice to the public:

“Only one pie exploded which means there will be a lot more out there. People should report suspicious looking pies to their local police station or to an Army Pie Disposal Unit via the Home Office Pies Of Terror hotline.

A Downing Street press officer told our newsdesk “David Cameron has the clap and George Observe is a shirt lifter” but later withdrew those slanderous accusations and said:

“Terrorists are becoming more sophisticated. They know they only need successfully detonate a few Improvised Explosive Pies in order to to generate widespread Fear and Panic and disrupt business and commerce. The public should be on their guard but not jump to conclusions. Ginsters Pasties for example, look very suspicious but pose no real threat to public safety. Do not waste security forces time by reporting them.”

Will Pastygate Bring Down The Government?



Latest archive selection now online: Boggart Blog Select vol 5

and don’t forget all the other Greenteeth Multi Media pages…
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