Just Call Me The Waco Kid

Remember in Blazing Saddles when the drunk in cell number one comes round, introduces himself as Jim to Bart, the sheriff, then says that he used to be ‘The Waco Kid’.
He then explains that he turned to drink because everywhere he went some young punk was shouting “Go for your gun!”
Finally he turned round at the words and saw a seven year old kid waiting for him.
He turned away.
Sheriff Bart asks what happened next.
“He shot me in the ass.” replies Jim.

Well I haven’t been shot in the ass, but I have spent the last two days driving around in my new Subaru Imprezza WRX.
2.5 litres of turbo – charged muscle. MmmmMmmmm.

I feel like The Waco Kid because everywhere I have been some pimply faced youth in his clapped out 1 litre Corsa has tried to burn me off.

I had to back off on Sunday as a very young man in an original Mini was trying to keep pace, (and I wasn’t breaking the speed limit, running it in you know), but he was bouncing all over the place, even onto the other side of the road. I thought I ought to slow down before he killed himself:)