Another sign that scientists should be taken outside and shot.

Sorry Mr. Walrus, I know you love science but as science fans are always banging on about “evidence” here’s yet more evidence that sciencetits are so stupid in their wilful blindness to consequences they should be purged from the gene pool.

Richard Buggs is Senior Lecturer in Evolution and Ecology at Queen Mary University of London, a man who recently sequenced the DNA of a a birch tree genome (something the birch tree was absolutely thrilled about) has written an article in support of dendro – homeopathy. He reckons that they way to stop Ash and other British trees dying of plagues brought in on imported species is to bring in more plague bearing foreign species.

Here’s an extract of his peer reviewed paper “Barking. And up the wrong tree”

Trees in Britain do not have enough genetic diversity to cope with a global influx of pathogens.

As global trade introduces new pests and diseases, we face ecological and economic disaster as one after another tree species succumb to imported diseases.

The only long-term solution may be to introduce genetic diversity from around the world to British woodlands, giving them the ability to overcome global pathogen threats.

Compared to global tree diversity, British native woodlands contain a small set of immigrant trees with low genetic diversity.

Just a few thousand years ago Britain was a polar desert, so all our tree species are colonists arriving after glaciers retreated, mainly emigrating from refuges in southern Europe. [Read full article]

Well Dr. Buggs name alone tells us nobody could be better qualified than he to comment of the imported pests and fungi that kill our native plants and how can anyone disagree with logic like his? If someone is dying of arsenic poisoning you give them a great big does of arsenic and they will be sorted right away.

And what scientific evidence could be presented against such an argument.Obviously none because Dr. Buggs is a scientist and knows about … erm … bugs.

Well OK, we can probably get away with pointing out that Dutch Elm Disease did not do a lot of good. And bringing in potatoes from America imported the potato blight that caused the Irish famine. Mink from America almost wiped out our water voles (nice, cute Ratty from The Wind In The Willows), longhorn beetle from east Asia don’t do our Sycamore trees much good and other foreign tree boring insects affect a wide range of broadleaf trees.

In Norfolk the local wildlife trust has had to set up a special biodiversity unit, not to stop native species mating with their brothers and sisters as you might think but to stop them from cross pollinating with plants that just don’t belong here.
Japanese knotweed has been an enormous success since it was brought from – ahem – Japan and is a great favourite with everyone whose garden it has invaded.

It is impossible to name all the imported microbes, bugs and creepy crawlies that have damaged our native species but we must not forget the voracious American crayfish that are gobbling up everything in British streams and rivers and have even made budgie smugglers de rigeur for formerly nude bathers in Hampstead Heath’s swimming pools.

So what his Dr. Buggs up to? Is he perhaps shiiling for more and bigger grants for research into genetic modification and a world recreated by scientists in which we all roll around on little wheels repeating “We must obey.” Or is he just another Obsessive Compulsive bell end passing iff his madness as “science”.

The problem is not confined to Britain, the threat of non native plants has gone global.

What we need is not more biodiversity, it is dendro witch hunts. When we see foreign trees trying to sneak into the country we much BURN THEM

Mathematics and Reality

The End Of Days In Upon Us. The omen was in The Boat Race.

There have been many predictions that the world would end in 2012. The Mayan calendar has convinced a lot of people, others have cited Biblical plagues of debt defaults, documentaries about the end of the world, UFO sightings, parking fines, disease, flies, frogs, wet dog smells and late pizza deliveries as evidence that events forecast in The Bible’s Book of Revelations are starting to unfold.

Boggart Blog has always been sceptical , as far as we were concerned the Mayan calendar ended because the bloke responsible for it got fed up and went home, the UFO sightings did not impress anyone who knows their way round video editing software and can program special effects in Java and the rest are just down to human incompetence.

But we have been forced to change our minds. Though not impressed with all the other omens and portents that suggested things were seriously out of kilter we feel it is now time for us to join those people running around like headless chickens shouting “Don’t Panic.”

What had brought about this U turn? you might well ask. It is a sign that simply cannot be ingored.


Fear and Panic and The Nuclear Flood

Yesterday The Guardian ran this story. UK nuclear sites at risk of flooding, report showsRising sea levels because of climate change. As many as 12 of Britain’s 19 civil nuclear sites are at risk of flooding and coastal erosion because of climate change, according to an unpublished government analysis obtained by the Guardian (read article)

It is part of a long running series They go like this:
The plague is coming, we’re all going to die.
The French are coming, we’re all going to die.
The plague is coming again, we’re all going to die.
The Spanish are coming, we’re all going to die
Typhoid is coming, we’re all going to die.
The Dutch are coming, we’re all going to die
Smallpox is coming, we’re all going to die.
The Scots are coming, we’re all going to die.
The French are coming, we’re all going to die.
Overpopulation is coming, we’re all going to die.
Famine is coming we’re all going to die.
Cholera is coming, we’re all going to die.
The Germans are coming, we’re all going to die.
Spanish flu is coming, we’re all going to die.
The Germans are coming again, we’re all going to die.
The Russians are coming, we’re all going to die.
Asian Flu is coming we’re all going to die.
AIDS is coming, we’re all going to die.
Mad cow disease is coming, we’re all going to die,
Flesh eating bugs are coming, we’re all going to die.
Bird Flu is coming, we’re all going to die.
Climate change is coming, we’re all going to die.
Swine flu is coming, we’re all going to die.

Picture this scene, a lunch meeting beteen a senior civil servant, Rupert, and a newspaper editor named Piers:
The proles are getting unruily Piers, we need a new scare story to brig them to heel.

Be careful, they are getting to know the game, they laughed off the last few. We need something to spread fear and panic to keep the proles in order?

Trouble is, dear boy, they just don’t believe us anymore. Nobody trusts politicians, journalists or academics , what can we do?

How about this (he leans across the table and whispers.) That one hasn’t been done for about 10,000 years.

Rupert: By Jove Piers, I think you’ve got it. Let’s run with it.

The next day Piers’ newspaper led on the headline,

“The flood is coming, we’re all going to die.”