Why Does Scotland’s Mad Wee Hag Frighten The Establishment Parties

Nicola Sturgeon, The Mad Wee Hag who could destroy Britain if Miliband lets her (source)

Labour and the Conservatives are kakking themselves. For Miliband to be talking to the SNP, who hate the Labour Party as much as Labour hate ……… well everyone who is not Labour I suppose, must surely be an indication that yesterdays story of how UKIP are threatening to score surprise wins in northern industrial areas. Labour have some common policy areas with the SNP, but the fundamental difference on the future of the union ought to prevent any deal.

While the Lib Dems would seem like more comfortable bedmates for Labour, such is the irrational nature of the left wing mindset that most Labour supporters would rather get into bed with a Redback Spider than a Lib Dem.

For Cameron to be demonising Nicola Sturgeon, the SNP’s Mad Wee Hag, and in a sure sign of desperation asking the Conservative Party Official Necromancer to bring back John Major from the other side to warn that Scottish Nationalists are a bigger threat to civilization than a Walking Dead style zombie apocalypse, shows desperation bordering on panic.

Conservative leaning newspapers have taken to using dirty tactics to undermine the popularity of Scottish National Party leader Nicola Sturgeon.

The Mad Wee Hag (as we dubbed her) and jimmy krankie lookalike contest winner has even been awarded Britain’s top anti-establishment accolade by the Daily Mail newspaper, who branded her “the most dangerous woman in the country.”

The title of “most dangerous man in Britain” was once given to the late left-wing stalwart Tony Benn, who died last year.

London Mayor Boris Johnson used his Daily Telegraph column to call the SNP “lefties on steroids,” and at one point went fully biblical, saying “You wouldn’t get Herod to run a baby farm, would you?”

Piers Morgan described Sturgeon as a “diminutive but sharp-witted woman [who] has rampaged through the UK election campaign like a mini-Godzilla, breathing fire and brimstone.”

The Mail also headlined a story concerning Sturgeon “Little Miss McHypocrite,” while the Murdoch-owned Sun took off the Miley Cyrus song ‘Wrecking Ball’ to depict Sturgeon riding said demolition tool while clad in skimpy tartan.

Meanwhile, the supposedly left-leaning Mirror (trying to salvage one or two Labour seats in Scotland perhaps) said “She’s got a natty new wardrobe of suits with matching stilettos and confidence way beyond her abilities.”

So should you be afraid of The Mad Wee Hag. We say no, our CEO (Chief Ectoplasmic Officer) Jenny Greenteeth fears none. But if Miliband does a deal with the SNP he should fear a similar wipeout in England next time votes are cast to the one that awaits Scottish labour MPs on May 7. We don’t like traitors who do deals with England’s enemies.

NB in the celtic languages a Hag is a witch or wise woman, aka a kelda, cailleach, nix etc.

Miliband leading Labour into the wilderness
Labour no longer the party of beer and pies
Labour out of the closet, an elitist, authoritarian party
The left do not have a monopoly on goodness and compassion

Obama’s Fishing Policy

At last we have some idea of His the worshipful President–Elect, Supreme Generalissimo-in-Chief Sidi Barak Hussein Obama’s policy position on one issue at least. Despite growing concerns among media and business communities about the deafening silence that answers the question “just what is your policy on this issue Sidi Obama?” every time it is asked we have finally learned, thanks to the ongoing investigation into the corrupt dealings of Rod “Blagger” Blagojevich, state governor of Illinois and the head of the state political system of which Sidi Obama, as junior senator, was a part.

Though everybody denies knowing anything about corruption and graft in the traditionally corrupt state the investigators have revealed that Blagojevich, whom Obama denies ever having heard of let along met or had dealings with, was a ruthless political operator. If anybody stood up to his bullying style or thwarted his plans to enrich himself and his cronies, including Tony Rezko the gangster and Rachmanite landlord who allegedly bought the Obama’s luxurious lakeside mansion for them, Blagojevich had a penchant for sending them a big dead fish, (cue music: Theme from The Godfather) Mr. Obama says he did not know anything about that – well he would, wouldn’t he? – but we can clearly see that the White House team, most of whom come from the Chicago & Illinois political machine, have a keen interest in the fishing industry and will be supporting fishermen in practical ways.

We may also take from this a clue that the Obama administration will be enthusiastic in their support of the olive oil business and the equine bloodstock business.

Those of you who have been paying attention may remember boggart Blog told you in March 2008 there was something about Sidi Obama that smelled fishy.

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The Most Hainous Crime in Politics.

Isn’t it nice to see Peter Hain really squirming. Nobody likes him so we have no need to feel guilty about having a smug gloat as the Crypto-Tory Nu Labour party’s backslider in chief tries to get himself off the hook after being caught apparently trousering campaign cash.
Hail, one time rabble – rousing rebel lefty and champion of every lost cause, protector of every socialist sacred cow became, one the carrots of money and power were dangled in front of him, the arch political spiv, the most enthusiastic privatiser, oppressor of the poor, anti-union legislator, climate change denier and civil liberty sequestrator. And quite possibly a purloiner of political funds.
Now, having been caught with his fingers in the ‘til he is so hard nosed he sees no reason to explain what has happened to £100,000 worth of donations made to fund his failed deputy leadership campaign. Instead he appeared on television news reading a prepared statement full of lawyerly evasions.
“An oversight,” says Hain,
“An administrative error,” says his campaign manager.
So who is telling porkies?
The donations were made to a company formed by Hain and supporters, the Progressive Policy Think Tank. This company’s registered office is a mail drop at premises owned by Hain’s solicitor. (Such arrangements are neither unusual nor illegal.) So perhaps the company could explain what happened to the campaign cash that had been paid into its coffers. Well hardly, the Progressive Policy Think Tank has no staff, no office equipment or official stationery no thoughts and probably not even a goldfish tank.
A hundred thousand pounds is a lot of money even these days and it is not long since the Crypto-Tory Nu Labour party held its deputy leadership election so how can it have vanished without trace? Such a stupendous feat of financial ineptitude would be beyond even NHS accountants.
There is only one logical answer. Boggart Blog says it is time for Hain to come clean. He must hold up his hands and say, “Yes, I had the money; most of it I spent on booze, loose women gambling and fake tanning products. The rest I just wasted.”