As Long As Mass Media Propaganda Exists, Democracy Is A Sham

Authored by Caitlin Johnstone via,

A new Reuters/Ipsos poll has reportedly found that a majority of Americans believe the completely discredited narrative that the Russian government paid Taliban-linked fighters to kill the occupying forces of the US and its allies in Afghanistan.

“A majority of Americans believe that Russia paid the Taliban to kill U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan last year amid negotiations to end the war, and more than half want to respond with new economic sanctions against Moscow, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Wednesday,” Reuters reports.

Overall, 60% of Americans said they found reports of Russian bounties on American soldiers to be ‘very’ or ‘somewhat’ believable, while 21% said they were not credible and the rest were unsure,” says Reuters.

Those 21 percent are objectively correct: the story is not credible, and it’s not even close. Gareth Porter shows in The Grayzone how the “Bountygate” narrative is so utterly baseless that even US intelligence agencies have dismissed it, Joe Lauria of Consortium News explains how it doesn’t make any sense on its face, and FAIR’s Alan MacLeod breaks down the appalling journalistic malpractice that went into circulating this incredibly thinly sourced story to the mainstream public.

The story advances no solid facts or verified information. What it does advance is pre-existing imperialist agendas like remaining in Afghanistan, killing the last of the remaining nuclear deals with Moscow, and manufacturing public support for new Russia sanctions … Continue reading >>>

Brexiteer Steven Woolfe: EU needs to ‘learn about democracy’
MEP Stephen Woolfe, a prominent figure in the UKIP campaign team during the referendum run up has claimed the European Union needs to “learn about democracy” in cos he mademment on Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt’s remarks comparing the European Union to the Soviet Union. Woolfe claimed the Foreign Secretary’s remarks were a “strong message” to … Continue reading Brexiteer

Soros Sponsored “Democracy Spring” Launches Program Of Civil Disobedience
So there you have it, the ‘radical left’ are sponsored by one of the nastiest, greediest corporate capitalists ever, a shameless advocate of global totalitarian government proposed by theelistist socialist group The Fabian society over a hundred years ago and towards which these supporters of ‘oligarchical collectivism’ have been working ever since.

In Parallel With The Upheaval In European Politics, A Similar Cataclysm Is Happening In The USA
Having reported for three or four years now the rise of the anti – Integration parties in European Union member nations, UKIP in Britain, the FN in France, AfD in Germany, Denmakr’s Peoiple’s Party, Five Star and the Liga Nord in Italy, the Sweden Democrats and others in every E U member state, we now look at what is going on in the USA as campaiging for the presidential election gathers pace.

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War On Cash – A Country By Country Guide
More on the global war on cash being waged by ruling elites in parallel with their war on privacy as they try to exert total control over everything.

EU Stitch Up To Promote Euronazi Selmayr Is Typical Of The EU’s Contempt For Democracy
Martin Selmayr – would you buy a used car from this man? (Image: Daily Mail) The former Prime Minister of little Luxembourg (population less than Leicester,)Jean-Claude Juncker who now struts the world stage as if he is important, has worked one of the slimiest political stitch ups ever to ensure his favourite sycophant and chief … Continue reading

Re-Branding Dissent – The Quiet Destruction Of Democracy
Many people, all the contributors to this publication among them, fear that democracy is being destroyed. OK, OK, hipsters will say but ‘we’ve never had democracy’, or, ‘it was destroyed long ago’, but left wing deceit aside, I think its worth actually thinking about how, many forms of democratic expression, effective dissent and peaceful self-determination are being outlawed and abolished in a sustained attack on free speech and civil rights.

How Mainstream Media And The Major Political Parties Are Making Sure Voters Do not Hear The Voices Of Politics’ Most Powerful Critics
As the General Election campaign starts to heat up, we try to shift focus away from the squabbling between Conservative and Labour about who can make the most promises they have no intention of keeping and to the real issues concerning jobs, social breakdown , mass immigration, and loss of national sovereignty.

US Presidents Of The Past warned Against Secret, Shadow Government.
By now it should be obvious that peacemake, joybringer and putative aquatic pedestrian Barack Hussein Obama was never really in charge of the US Government. Whatever Obama said would happen, all the American government’s policies ensured the opposit would happen. The embedded article thows some light on how the US government really works

Obama’s Terrible Trade Pact Is a Scam That Must Be Stopped Says Jim Hightower
Having written a book on the evil trade treaty that will transform the democratic nations into corporate oligarchies, we step aside and hand the baton to Jim Hightower of Alternet who is equally outraged about the iniquities of TTIP’s equally evil twin, TPP.

Google Has Become A Threat To Democracy
Authored by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog, About 10 years ago, Tim Wu, the Columbia Law professor who coined the term network neutrality, made this prescient comment: “To love Google, you have to be a little bit of a monarchist, you have to have faith in the way people traditionally felt about the king.” Wu was right. … Continue reading

Another Reason To Get Out Of EU. UKIP MEP Hits Out At Fishing Policy That Penalises British Fishing Crews
As the General Election campaign starts to heat up, we try to shift focus away from the squabbling between Conservative and Labour about who can make the most promises they have no intention of keeping and to the real issues concerning jobs, social breakdown , mass immigration, and an often overlooked area in which our EU membership has perhaps done more damage than any other, the fishing industry.

Democracy: Does It have A Future Or Has Global Totalitarianism Won?
The General Election in Greece (January 2014) could have much wider effects than most elections in small nation, the vote could decide the future of the European Union and have a major breaing on whether democracy can survive the push towards government by a global, corporate oligarchy. It look like being an interesting few months if the anti – EU party wins as polls suggest they will.

Democracy Hating Leftie Judges Choose Self Interest Over Justice
Yesterday judges in the UK High Court joined the band of traitors in Parliament, the Civil Service, the Bank of England and the media who are trying to overturn the democratic vote to take Britain out of the European Union. The judges ruled in favour of a challenge to the vote, even though it has … Continue reading

Greece Votes On Whether Its People Have Any Future
The voters of Greece will choose today, whether their country, the cradle of democracy, has a future of not. They are voting in a general election which could result in Greece trying to renegotiate the terms of its bailout with international lenders and even quitting the EU if the expected victory for hard line left wing party Syriza.

The leader of Syriza, Alexis Tsipras, has pledged to write off much of Greece’s huge debt and revoke austerity measures …

Luxembourg defends massive corporate tax dodging
Over the past week the whole media circus, mainsteam and broadcast, new media, bloggers, the world and his dog, was getting excited about the revelation that traditional tax haven but also founder member of the EU, Luxembourg has been facilitating wholesale corporate tax dodging and this ‘business’ was given the all clear by the then Prime Minister of the Grand Duchy,

European Commission puts business profits before the needs of the world’s poorest.
While the left try to win elections by creaming ‘racist’ and ‘bigot’ at anyone who disagrees with their pro – EU, pro – globalisation, immigrant – loving, gay – loving, paedophile loving authoritarian agenda, thus pissing off the social class who make up the Labour Party’s core vote, the thinkers amongs us are seeing the European Federalisation, Agenda 21, Global Government project for what it ius … Adolf Hitler’s dream come to fruition

Privatization of Water as an Owned Commodity Rather Than a Universal Human Right
Corporate powers and the United Nations are planning on privatising water resources including rainfall, yes you did read that right, privatising the rain. The CEO of food processing bastards Nestlé spoke of the plan last year when he said companies like his had a right to make money from sellling OUR water, now those Stalinisdt shits at the United Nations and The World Bank are planning to steal the stuff life depends on.

Representative government Is Being Replaced By A Global Technocracy
When Peter Mandelson, the architect of the New Labour project that gave Britain it’s most authoritarian government in three hundred years and sold out national sovereignty to supranational bureaucracies, says that representative democracy is dying, he does not sound as if he will be one of the chief mourtners. What can we do to rescue our democratic freedoms from smooth faced technocrats like Mandelson?

Will War On Terror Become The Perpetual War Of George Orwell’s ‘1984’
Perpetual war, shadowy secret governments and a constant tide of propaganda aimed at inducing a state of fear and paning in the population. A synopsis for a new dramatic production of George Orwell’s ‘1984’ the paranoid ravings of conspiracy theorists or an accurate picture of what is happening in our world? Read the articles and others on this site and make up your own minds.

Are Europe And USA Drifting Apart Over Warmomger President Obama’s Aggressive Attitude To Russia?
The entire foreign policy of the Obama Administration in the USA is based on having its European alliesd give a veneer of respectability to America’s warmongering, economic imperialism and blatant bullying of smaller nations. But has the rent bot President overreached himself in trying to bully Russia’s Vladimir Putin?

Leaked Document Exposes One Sidedness Of Corporate-Friendly Trade Deal
A leaked document reveals the extent to which the Canada Europe Trade Agreement (CETA), a template for the much bigger and therefore more threatening to freedom and democratic rule Trans Atlantic Trade and Investment partnership (TTIP), will give Corporate businesses dominion over sovereign nation’s elected asdsemblies and law courts. It’s time we took up pitchforks and cudgels to march on London …

EU Boss Argues That Their Work With Banks And Corporate Interests Should Be Concealed From The Public.
Shills for global government and corporate fascism are always quick to shout ‘conspiracy theorist’ when anybody questions things like the EU federalisation project, the Trans Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and the Trans Pacific Trade Partnership (TPP) The obvious response is to ask why representatives of supra national bureaucracies are so desperate to ensure progress on these peojects is shrounded in secrecy?

Why the U.S. Progressive Left is Misreading the Democratic Base

We just had to bring the first few paragraphs of this rather long article over from, there are a few really good laughs in it.

Munr Kazmir
Jun 20, 2019 · 4 min read

Two words: Boaty McBoatface.

Women’s March on NYC 2019. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) (photo: Dimitri Rodriguez)

Who is Boaty McBoatface, you ask? You might also ask why pop-star Pit Bull once played a tiny town in Alaska. Or why Greenpeace named a whale Mister Splashy Pants.

The answer to those questions, and the reason the new progressive strong-arm of the Democratic Party is seriously misreading the Democratic voting base, and overestimating support for extremely far left policies, is the same:

Online voting contests.

The cutting-edge scientific polar research vessel, Boaty McBoatface, was ignominiously christened in 2016 after an online contest to name the underwater submersible went, let’s just say, awry. The naming contest was hijacked by a group that organized online into a kind of mob, and completely skewed the results of what essentially amounted to a poll.

“What should we name this vessel?” was the poll question. An actual, genuine sample of the city’s population, or even the nation’s, would have likely yielded one of the many other perfectly acceptable and reasonable names.

The vessel’s owner, Britain’s Natural Environment Research Council wasn’t exactly thrilled; scientists and scientific journals were outraged.

In a perfect polling world, Boaty McBoatface would now be called the Shackleton, after the world-famous polar explorer, or the Endeavor.

Ah, but polls aren’t perfect, are they?

Polls are by definition flawed from the outset. They reflect a sample of people willing to be polled, not a sample of everyone. People with strong opinions on the subject, one way or another, are generally more willing to answer in a poll.

Most people, however, simply don’t care enough to participate. People have lives. Some people have lives that include three jobs, school, a family and little time to indulge in rigging online voting contests or twitter flame wars.

The number of these online contests that are hijacked by a large online group are myriad.

In 2007, Greenpeace sponsored an online naming contest for a killer whale. Mister Splashy Pants beat out Kaimana (Hawaiian for “power of the ocean”) and Shanti (Sanskrit for “tranquility”) with a whopping 78% of the online vote.

The new town dump in Austin, Texas almost became “The Fred Durst Society of the Humanities and Arts”, the clear winner in an online naming poll.

When Taylor Swift announced an online contest to select a U.S. school where she would perform a free concert, the Horace Mann School for the Deaf received the most votes.

An online poll for fans to choose a destination for Justin Bieber’s “My World” tour ended when “fans” elected to send the singer to North Korea on what was a presumably to be a one-way trip. Continue reading

The Mad Wee Hag goes Miley

As if you hadn’t seen enough of The Mad Wee Hag Nicola Sturgeon in the past few weeks, the SNP leader is trying to surpass her predecessor Wee ‘eck in the overexposure stakes.

All we can say is “Don’t give up the day job Nicola (just keep your brand of Maoist madness north of the border hen), Miley Cyrus has nothing to worry about.

As for the election in England, while the lefties are still getting excited about every poll fluctuation that shows UKIP down a point or two, more level headed statisticians (me) who are smart enough to know trends can only be plotted by studying polls that use the same sample size, the same questions and the same weighting method. Do that and the picture is quite different – Survation and Com Res which actually give the name of the candidate as well as the party are showing the Kippers moving up past 16, TNS, You Gov (Sunday Times) and Panelbase which giive party only show UKIP on a steady 13 to 14,  while Tory donor Ascroft who only names the three main parties and offers ‘others’ as the alternative choice sees the Kippers down at 10 to 12.

Its a funny old business polling, but as Nate Silver said on TV las night, nobody has a clue what the outcome might be.

A possibility not being talked about in public is a Con Lab Lib-Dem coalition to keep The Mad Wee hag away from Westminster. However the swearing in of such a government would quickly be followed by a return to medieval pitchfork and cudgel politics.

Guardian and Labour Twatterati Get Excited Over Nothing

They were terribly excited in The Guardian this morning The G’s hyperbolic story accompanying this polls is a comedy masterpiece) and the Twitterati were ecstatic over an opinion poll that showed Labour establishing a six point lead over the Conservatives.

Former Labour leader and EU gravy train trougher Neil Kinnock declaring victory on the basis of opinion poll figures in 1992 – Labour lost the election (image source)

Panelbase have figures of CON 31%(-2), LAB 37%(+4), LDEM 8%(+1), UKIP 16%(-1), GRN 4%(-1) (tabs)

Instantly forgetting the 1992 debacle in Sheffield when Neil Kinnock declared victory a week before the election which the Tories went on to win with a modest but comfortable majority, the Twatterati were quick to proclaim that the race was over, Labour were running away with the contest, the Tory vote was crumbling and UKIP were a lingering memory of a bad smell.

Pity they did not look at the full result from the poll, which if it shows Labour pulling away from the Conservative, also shows UKIP positively surging.

The other two polls published yesterday morning were not quite so full of joy for the left:

TNS have topline figures of CON 30%(-3), LAB 33%(+1), LDEM 8%(nc), UKIP 19%(+3), GRN 4%(-1) (tabs)

Survation have figures of CON 31%(-1), LAB 35%(+2), LDEM 9%(nc), UKIP 15%(-3), GRN 4%(+2) (tabs)

Look at that TNS result, UKIP 19%; on that basist isn’t it us Kippers who should be celebrating rather than supporters of the The National Socialist British (public sector) Workers Party. Well no,because even though Panelbase and Survation give UKIP 16% and 15% respectively, we wise old heads know better than to get carried away with a few decent poll scores when the mood is volatile and differing methods of weighting to allow for incresed support for UKIP, The Greens and Nationalists will have an unquantifiable effect.

And just as well the Kippers are level headed and objective. Two polls published late yesterday tell a different story again, giving the Conservatives a narrow lead and puttig UKIP at they level they have been polling for some time now:

ComRes / Daily Mail: CON 34%(-2), LAB 33%(+1), LDEM 12%(+3), UKIP 12%(nc), GRN 4%(-1)
YouGov / Sun: CON 35%, LAB 34%, LD 8%, UKIP 12%, GRN 4%.

Read more on the details of these polls and follow the daily polling results with UK Polling Report

The only conclusion the objective spectator can draw from all this is that jumping to conclusions on the basis of a single poll is a mugs game.

Four Way Coalition To Rule After Election?

Government coalition partners discuss policy in Hungary or somewhere. (source)

Big political news today is that theConservatives are manoeuvring themselves into a four party deal that could see David Cameron staying on as Prime Minister even if he does not gain a majority in the General Election. According to a leak from Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party, Tory party managers are trying to broker a continuation of a the coalition deal with the Liberal Democrats but include UKIP and the DUP in what they call a ‘confidence and supply’ deal.

With polls showing Labour and Conservatives dead heated on around 32 percent, with the Liberal Democrats on 8 percent and UKIP on 15. Because of the way parliamentary seats are distributed, Labour need far fewer votes to win the election, so on current polling they would be a larger party. However, no party looks like getting an overall majority, and the SNP are demanding too high a price for propping up a Labour Government (in effect they want to exclude English, Welsh and Ulster MPs from voting on Scottish law while exercising the casting vote on any laws affecting the rest of the UK) so another coalition is on the cards.

Under the terms of the deal being discussed, Liberal Democrats and Conservatives would remain as ministers, whilst UKIP and the DUP would vote for the government in confidence motions.

Officially both the DUP and UKIP will do a deal with whichever party offers the biggest sweeteners. as it is unlikely Labour activists would countenance a deal with UKIP or the DUP, this makes the Conservatives favourites to lead such a coalition.

UKIP have stated they will do a deal with either Labour or the Conservatives, but privately acknowledge Miliband is unlikely to offer them an in/out referendum on the EU. This would make cooperation almost impossible.

What is that demonic sound we hear echoing across the nation. Don’t worry, its only old Iain Paisley over on The Dark Side laughing his bollocks off.


French Goss Mag Outs Gay Politician, Sparks Privacy Row
Gossip magazine Closer has sparked a privacy row in France after it outed a homosexual senior member of France’s right – wing National Front party. Closer published photos of the man with his male partner. Politicians and journalists have reacted angrily to whhat they call a gross breach of privacy.

Boggart blog Predicts the result of the US election.

Most of the mainstream media is saying tomorrow’s US Presidential election is too close to call. The polls are all over the place as are the candidates, the late emergence of Hurricane Sandy as a contender for The White House has thrown a spanner in the works of both campaigns as well as voting machines in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Virginia and record breaking sales of spiritual underwear have been reported.

American votes however seem to be less well informed about who they are voting for than ever before. Boggart Blog reporters have been out testing the water, taking the temperature and drinking the kool aid all over America and have sent back their impression of how the election will turn out.

We can therefore report that the likely outcome is Bill Clinton will score a narrow victory over Ronald Reagan.

Credit Where It’s Due, Cameron Deserves A Pat On The Back

Now this blog, though we are often accused of being bitter and twisted little misanthropic boggarts has always believed in giving credit where it is due. We also believe pigs might one day fly and The Soup Dragon will take care of us all when the politicians have bankrupted the country.

It has also been said we have an anti – Labour bias. This is not true, Boggart Blog has always been eager to have a go at Lord Snooty And His Pals. The fact is Labour being the party in power are easier targts.

Today however we must give a well deserved pat on the back to Conservative Leader Dave (Mr. Shine) Cameron. Speaking at an election campaign press conference yesterday he revealed a hitherto unsuspected level of insight and perception.

“We have the momentum behind us,” he told his audience.

You certainly do Dave. Six months ago the Tories were polling around 45%, at the beginning of March it was down to about 38 – 40% and now they are registeing 32-33% in the polls. The momentum is truy behind you Dave and falling further back all the time.

Well spotted there Posh Boy.

When Change and Fairness Is Unfair To Everyone

but will Cameron be the voters’ favourite boy

Labour Leaning Guardian Pulls Off Poll Magic

An opinion poll published today by The Guardian, now the most devotedly Labour supporting newspaper of all proclaims that the gap beteen Conservatives and Labour has narrowed to 4%. This was enough to persuade The Guardian to run a banner headline predicting Labour are set to win a fourth term in the election called today by Gordon Brown. An unprecedented 4th term burbled news story in orgasmic ecstasy. Unprecedented that is since John Major’s Conservatives won a fourth terem in 1992.

So in view of the other weekend polls all reporting the Conservative lead stretching into double figures again have The Guardian’s editorial team collectively lost the plot and gone raving bonkers in the head?

Maybe it is simply self justification. The Guardian was a big supporter of Labour’s thwarted global warming carbon tax scam and was telling us “the climate science is settled” and to doubt the case for “Anthropogenic Global Warming” was akin to Holocaust denial long after the climate change science was exposed as a fraud.

So here we see how The Guardian’s Poll is so out of line. In a triumph of loyalty over common sense they have given a bunch of out – of – work climate scientists jobs doing political polling using the same methodology they used to rig the climate change case.

No Child Left Behind Disaster
Burning Our Money – Do You Want A Brown Recovery
Election 2010 Roundup

More humour every day at Boggart Blog

Polls, Omens and Indicators

Well the Us elections should be well under way by now.

Very shortly we will know the next incumbent of the White House.
The polls are showing Barack Obama out in front, but people are wondering whether voters will actually vote for him or whether they are just saying they will so they don’t appear racist. A tough call.
I don’t think there is much to choose between the two. The Democrats should have stuck with Hilary with Barry as VeePee, perhaps agreeing that H would only hold office for one term and then step aside to allow Bazzer to take office when he has a bit more experience. Hang on, I’m sure that proposition has been mooted somewhere before and it didn’t quite work out.

As for McCain he comes across as not being in full control of his faculties, never mind the rest of his party.

So who will win?

Who cares?

Could the coronation of the first black man to win the F1 world championship be an omen?

Andy Zeltzman,writing for timesonline/the bugle, suggests that it could well be.
He has found the stangest correlation between the democrats winning and British Formula one champions.
Apparently over the last 40 years James Hunt and Jimmy Carter have both achieved their goal back in ’76.
Bill Clinton won in ’92, when Nigel Mansell was crowned champion, and again with Damon Hill winning the right to drive with the Number 1 on his car.
So now the boy Hamilton has claimed the world title, will the sequence hold.
I could say stay tuned to find out but I think you would probably have to decamp to the siberian wastes to have any chance of avoiding the blanket coverage.
Let us just pray they get it over and done with as quickly as possible, and if it is McCain that wins, the shock doesn’t give him a coronary

Huffington Post on the election winner