CO2 – The Green Planet’s Best Friend

by Graham William Lear

As the biggest gathering of wankers in the world gathers for the COP26 conference one thing they will not be talking about this in Glasgow next week, I can guarantee is that today’s low CO2 concentration is starving trees and plants of the food they need to achieve their full growth potential via photosynthesis.

Additional benefits of increased CO2.Increased photosynthesis (“CO2 fertilization”).Plants grow faster, and with less stress and less water.Forests are growing faster.Stimulates the growth of beneficial bacteria in both soil and water.More plant growth means less erosion of topsoil.Bigger crop yields, and more and bigger flowers.Fosters glomalin, a beneficial protein created by root fungi.Less water loss, less irrigation, and more soil moisture.Increase in natural repellents to fight insect predators.

Burning fossil fuel is not the problem it is how we burn it. We need to capture the noxious and toxic given off by the process plus by processing coal we can get a double burn, first we heat it to drive off coal gas that can be used for cooking and heating then we are left with a smokeless fuel that we can produce heat from. heat energy can be converted to electrical energy.

Yes we need clean air to breath but I think the science of climate change is based on flawed research and the biggest difference to day is the mobile phone where we see a flood or sever weather almost instantly when a 100 years ago something happened on the other side of the world few would know and even less would be interested.

We have been burning clean coal for years. Germany on the other hand burns the foulest coal out Lignite.

One of the biggest problems over the last twenty-five years in the UK has been floooding.Strangely enough average rainfall has not increased and the spells of extremely wet weather that cause rivers to overflow are no more frequent tha fifty years ago, yet the Warmageddonist lobby are quick to blame climate change and spew forth a few more predictions of doom. However among the main contributors to this flooding are two factors that, though man made, are noting to do with climate.

One is that we have built on flood plains, thus impeding natural drainage, but more of that later, the other is the fact that culvets, drainage ditches and rainwater drains are not regularly cleaned any more anymore, so water just backs up and sits on the road. Just outside where the surgery of my family doctor there is a dip in the road. every time we had a good downpour the water will be six inches deep,

After this week’s heavy rain it flooded the road went over the pavement and into a nearby field. It has been like that for ten year years. We got sick of it and the giveaway was that when it rained it would go down the drains further up the road then come out of the bottom gutter drain in the dip on both sides like a bubbling fountain.

I noticed this going on in other areas and so raised the matter with the council, who wrote back saying we don’t clear rainwater drains anymore as it is far too expensive.

The thing is though it suits the ones in the councils and Government, who quietly support the agenda of fanatical warmageddonists, not to do those kinds of things because the more water you see on the roads that disrupt our lives they can bang the big drum on climate change which is one of the main drivers of the effort to introduce global government.

This planned inaction applies to rivers as well, we have not been dredging the rivers for decades, due to our being in the EU which imposed laws on member states they had a law forbidding all EU countries from dredging so that the animals that live on the banks and the fish are not disturbed.What happens as a result is that debris builds up, restricting the flow of water. The kind of debris is three branches dead leaves, silt etc. but the situation is exacerbated by irresponsible citizens who dump old forniture, appliances, matresses, bikes and all sorts on non – biogradable rubbish in waterways.

When the rivers in Somerset flooded a few years ago it took six weeks for the rivers to get back to normal. Suddenly it hit home that the rivers should have been dredged, that’s what they did they said sod the EU we have to dredge the two rivers that had caused the flooding. Since then we have had many floods, however the proof as they say in the eating of the pudding. No river in Somerset overflowed their banks.

And again it suits the warmageddonists to not dredge as they can then point the finger at the floods and young people who were just toddlers when the green blob decided protecting the habitat of the two toed toad was more important than preventing flooding, believe the propaganda because they have never seen dredging.


Governments’ obsession with climate pseudoscience over economically and social viable solutions is leading to disaster
The government’s current obsession with pursuing the target of net zero carbon emissions in order to claim the UK leads the world in green wankery is more to do with virtue signalling that governing, but with the complicity of mainstream media, particularly The BBC, climate scaremongering is providing a convenient diversion from this governments abject failure to address and of the very real economic and social problems facing us.

Globalist Elites Now Pushing For Lockdowns Save You From Climate Change
Elite globalists are now proposing that lockdowns be imposed to protect us punters from climate change. Did we ask for this? Did we vote for this?

We need a referendum on net zero to save Britain from the green blob

from The Daily Telegraph
As with membership of the EU, the political elite is imposing a revolution on the public without consent. Does the blob never learn? Voters don’t like being treated like naughty children

Green Dreams Menu
It may be driven by virtue signalling or self hatred but the urge to destroy civilisation in order to save the planet and the ideological agenda that drive the gree movement are too far removed from the realities of life to ever achieve their aims.

Extinction Rebellion Wants To Destroy Civilization, Not Just Fossil Fuels
Readers may find it hard to believe but while our attention has been focused on the coronavirus pandemic, other things have been happening. Recently the eco – crusties of EkSTIMKtion Rebellion have elbowed their way back into out consciousness and now, with Antifa and Black Lives Matter, form an unholy trinity of Marxist seditionist groups intent not only on destroying capitalism but destroying civilisation …

Worst polluting coal and wood fires banned in fight to cut emissions
Domestic coal and certain types of wood are to be banned from sale from next year in a bid to cut air pollution, ministers will announce on Friday.

Is Hatred Of Greta Thunberg Justified?
As the backlash against the Greta Thunberg cult gathers momentum a lot of lefties are asking why the little Climate Warriorette is so hated by so many people. As usual with the left, they are asking the wrong question. Just as they asked, “Why can’t you believe the scientists, when in fact not only is it always legitimate (and scientific,) to question and challenge scientific theory, so it is perfectly rational and logical to challenge the Cult of Saint Greta ….

Ruling Elites support Extinction Rebellion plan for Marxist world to ‘fight climate change’

Climate change: Electrical industry’s ‘dirty secret’ boosts warming

Scaremongering IPCC Pushes Climate Hysteria with New Doomsday Report

Billionaire Investor Erik Prince Launches Fund For Electric Car Metals

A deadly sickness is sweeping across Ethiopia – and no one knows how or why it came to be

For most of this month the news has been full of the coronavirus outbreak in China, and the possibility this will turn into a pandemic like the Spanish flu’ outbreak in 1919 which killed millions of people worldwide. First we need to allay freas spread by scaremongering propaganda aimed at diverting public scrutiny for several very unpleasant and undemocratic agendas currently being implemented by the ruling elites. We are talking about the cashless society, the mass migration policy and the suppression of free speech amongst other attacks on individual liberty. Spanish ‘flu, occuring as it did in the wake of World War One rampaged through European societies in which many people were poorly nourished, in which standards of food hygiene, public sanitation and healthcare, which a century ago were poor by modern standards anyway, were still recovering from a destructive war, and when people were much less well educated on how to deal with illness or take steps to avoid catching it.

Coronavirus is not likely to wipe out millions of people in the developed world, if people like you and I take sensible precautions, should we be unfortunate enough to develop the disease we are unlikely to experience effects worse than a heavy cold. It is in third world nations where the infection, aidfed by poor nutrition, overcrowded living arrangements, poor sewerage systems etc. is likely to wreak havoc. And coronavirus is not the only health threat the third world is currently facing.

A “mystery” disease is currently epidemic in rural communities across eastern Ethiopia’s Somali region. A report published in The Guardian reveals locals and officials believe that this deadly mystery disease may be linked to a nearby Chinese natural gas project. Though this claim has been repudiated by government officials in Addis Ababa they have also denied the existence of a health and environmental crisis, as well as issues with large-scale energy projects, in the region.

The natural gas extraction project in question is operated by Poly-GCL, a Chinese oil and gas company that has been investing heavily in East Africa for some time. The company has been involved in talks with Ethiopia and Djibouti government agencies to build a 767-kilometer (or 476-mile) gas pipeline that will run between the two countries. In the region of Ogaden Basin, the Chinese engineers have been prospecting for oil and gas since 2014 and are planning to start commercial production soon.

Something in the water?

For local community leader Khadar Abdi Abdullahi and many other people the disease can be traced back to hazardous chemical waste that has contaminated their water supply and is linked to the gas extraction project.

“It is the toxins that flow in the rainfall from Calub [gas field] that are responsible for this epidemic,” Khadar told The Guardian. He had been discharged from hospital shortly before the report was published, after collapsing from a fever. Before that, his eyes and his palms first turned yellow, he was bleeding from his nose and mouth, and he was swollen all over. By the time he was released, his doctors said there was nothing they can do for him.

Khadar died shortly after his release from hospital.

In a statement, Ketsela Tadesse of the federal ministry of mines and petroleum said that the government is unaware of any reports of spillages in the Ogaden Basin, adding that, in any case, there were “there are no permanent settlers” in nearby areas.

An adviser to the Somali regional government says otherwise. In the report, he said the region is now experiencing new diseases “that have never been seen before in this area.”

“Without any public health protection, it is very clear that Poly-GCL uses chemicals that are detrimental to human health,” he added, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Khadar wasn’t the first in his neighbourhood to succumb to the mystery disease. Other locals in the area have died from the same symptoms – swelling, fever, sleeplessness, yellowing eyes and palms, and lack of appetite. According to Xuseen Sheekh Siraad, the chairman of Dhoobaweyn district (where Ogaden Basin is located), there have been at least 2,000 similar deaths since 2014. At the time of writing the cause of the disease has not been identified.


Coronavirus Contains “HIV Insertions”: Claim Stokes Fears Over Genetically Modified Bioweapon
The theory that China obtained the coronavirus via a Canadian research program, and started molding it into a bioweapon at the Institute of Virology in Wuhan before it somehow escaped could be an attempt by the establishment (the Davosocracy,) to spread fear and panic as they see resurgent nationalism across the developed world and growing scepticism about

Mother jailed for child cruelty after rejecting NHS care to seek treatment at foreign clinic for teenager’s hormone therapy

from: The Ledbury Reporter:
“A MOTHER took her daughter for medical tests for conditions she didn’t have and gave her medication that would not have been prescribed by doctors in the UK, a jury has been told. Health professionals, police and social services became involved after an article written by the girl’s mother was seen by her father, Worcester Crown Court heard.

NHS Money Wasting Machine And The One Budget That Is Never Cut
After the usual empty promises made at the annual conferences of the three main political parties – all three party leaders swore that only their party can save the National Heath Service (NHS) eternally a key isue in UK politics, we decided it was time our we too a close look at why NHS finances are always in a mess. We assigned the task to our team of old gits with a vast store of business experience behind them and no fears of suffering career damage as the Politically Correct Thought Police exact retribution for the crime of being ‘off message’.

Evil Labour Government Helped Private Companies Profit From NHS
If you live in Heywood and Middleton and were thinking of voting for the greedy, paedophile loving, elitists’ party, Labour because you have been taken in by the lies peddled at the Labour conference that the wicked Tories plan to privatize the NHS, think again.

UK Health Watchdog: Studies Show Mobile Phones Cause Brain Tumours
Over the past last two years, following publication of metastudies like World Health Organisation’s International Agency For Research On Cancer report on the effects of radio frequency electromagnetic waves, there is new evidence that mobile phones use can be dangerous to our health. A less technical summary of that is available from Cancer Research UK. Wireless phones, even those DECT systems you use with your landline so you can wander around with the handset, emit radio-frequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMFs) when in use…

UK Health Watchdog: Studies Show Mobile Phones Cause Brain Tumours
Over the past last two years, following publication of metastudies like World Health Organisation’s International Agency For Research On Cancer report on the effects of radio frequency electromagnetic waves, there is new evidence that mobile phones use can be dangerous to our health. A less technical summary of that is available from Cancer Research UK. Wireless phones, even those DECT systems you use with your landline so you can wander around with the handset, emit radio-frequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMFs) when in use…

India To Prosecute Bill Gates For His Vaccine Crimes
It’s about time someone prosecuted him, every version of Windows has been a crime against humanity. The man who made “Not fit for purpose” marketable quality, the man who made it possible for the NSA to spy on us all, has been protected for far to long by the US Government. Someyhing to do with his father having been a director of the CIA perhaps? …You may say that, I couldn’r possibly comment.

US Centre for Disease Control Opposes Blocking Air Travel from West Africa to Stop Ebola
Right of return and gender dimension more important than stopping spread of disease? Well that sounds about right for the admistration of The Rent Boy President. Always put acting in a politically correct way before common sense. How about this for a totally fickwitted attempt to deal with a crisis (or mayve a smart but totally evil way to create a crisis.

The science of saturated fat: A big fat surprise about nutrition?
After years of being told saturated fat is a killer and we should avoid it in favour of Big Food products that are the nearest modern chemistry can get to packaging arterial plaque, yet another scientific meta analysis shows the sat fat scare was based of fraudulent science and there is no evidence your steak is harming you.

Ebola and the Absent “Humanitarians”
When the FUKUS axis leaders, France, United Kingdom and the Unites States of America were calling for approval to intervene in Libya, Yemen, Syria and Ukraine, they justified their lust for war by claiming that bombing the crap out of those counties was necessary on humanitarian grounds. And the member of the FUKUS axis and their allies spent billions of $£€ on humanitarian bombs that wreaked hiumanitarian havoc among the innocent poor and middle class citizens of those nations. Now they have work out their ‘The Jihad Is Coming’ scare but have a new weapon Ebola …

Why Does The US Government Hold A Patent On The Ebola Virus? Just Askin’
The outbreak of Ebola fever in west Africa has been making headlines since January this year, but as usual we are only being told half the story by mainstream media. It took a lot of digging by myself and colleagues in the blogosphere to dig up this pile of dirt which suggests the “new strain” of Ebola faver that has killed far more people than previous outbreaks may have resulted from attempts to weaponise the virus. And guess which national government is allegedly responsible.

A Message For Nanny State
Nanny State is on the warpath, admonishing finger wagging furiously, lips compressed into a thin line, she is launching another determined effort to make sure we are all too scared to think for ourselves or make our own choices, Nanny is now warning, with the usual threats of early and painful death is we disobey, that we should …

Zika Virus Outbreak Centred On Area Where GM Mosquitos Were Released In 2015 – Why Are We Not Surprised
just as it was new media that broke the story of the Ebola / US Department of Defense link last year (Why does the DARPA bological Warfare Agency need a patent on the virus and why did The Pentagon and a US University have a research team in Africa working on genetically modifying the virus? – links below this article) so a link between american GM scientists and Zika has been exposed.

Docors, Scientists Greased by Big Pharma? Told You So.
The Physician Payments Sunshine Act, which was passed by the US Senate with the help of an extensive investigation led by Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA), provisions that doctors who receive payoffs from drug or vaccine companies must disclose this when pushing new therapies or medical procedures from what would otherwise appear to be unbiased intentions. (It happens in Europe too, see links in article)

GM insects for disease control should be trialled in the UK, says House of Lords Committee

More Fake News Supporting Electric Cars


Another advertisement in The Telegraph today for electric cars, this on claining it only costs £4 to charge the batteries to the same level as filling the tank of a conventional car.

I fill up my car’s tank for just £4′: have electric cars reached tipping point?

Screams the headline over a picture of a couple of proud (and surprisingly unburned) Tesla owners and their pride and joy, £75,000 worth of what looks like a family sized car with nothing special about it, apart from the fact that by the time you get to the end of the street you will probably need to stop for several hours to recharge the batteries.

Tony Cuthbert with £75,000 Tesla (picture Telegraph)


But does the owner’s boast stand up to scrutiny?

The cost of owning an electric car could come down to equal petrol and diesel within two years, according to auditor Deloitte, but for savvy drivers, going green could already make financial sense  the Telegraph says.

The market for electric vehicles (EVs) is growing at a rapid rate, with the number of models available set to exceed 200 in the next two years. Analysts predict another 10 million electric cars will be on British roads by the end of the next decade. But while the number of models has increased, growth in the numbers of actual sales is positively sluggish.

As combating climate change becomes increasingly important to many consumers, according to maker’s publicity, yet electric cars accounted for only 1.15% of global sales in 2017. I could not find a figure for 2018, but reports say there was modest growth. There are also reports that energy providers are flooding the market with innovative tariffs specifically aimed at drivers of electric cars, but here too the low cost of energy does not compensate for the high initial cost of installation. .

Tony Cuthbert, 59, from Gateshead, has been driving his Tesla Model S for just over a year after deciding he could be doing more to save the planet. His conscience has paid off as the company’s national network of free-to-use charging points, combined with cheap energy at home, means his running costs have fallen. Mr Cuthbert, an IT manager, mainly charges his vehicle overnight at home. He uses Octopus Energy’s Go EV tariff, which provides power at the reduced rate of 5p per kilowatt hour for several hours overnight, meaning a full charge of the Tesla costs around £4.


It costs £4 to fill up the tank because the tank isn’t very big.

At 14p/kWh, £4 would get you 28kWh of electricity. 1 litre of petrol is equivalent to 10kWh.

Electric engines are more efficient, so it would give you the same number of km as 5kWh.

£4 is therefore the equivalent of putting 6 litres of petrol in your car, which would cost £7.38 at £1.23 per litre, which is what I paid on Thursday.

The tax on £7.38 (6 litres) of petrol is £4.82, meaning it costs £2.56 for the actual petrol. The tax on £4 of electricity is 19p, meaning the actual electricity costs £3.81. So the only reason electricity is cheaper for filling your car is because the tax is cheaper.

And while it does not entirely account for the discrepancy, I guess the tax is cheaper partly because electricity doesn’t pump exhaust fumes into the air as much at the point of use as petrol/diesel do, but simply moves the dirt to the places where mining of materials and manufacture of batteries takes place, (i.e. not in countrys that have committed to zero carbon targets.

When a newspaper publishes an advertisement disguised as an article isn’t there some law that says readers must be clearly informed the content is advertising material.
The article is just another ad for EVs and Tesla in particular, none of the problems of EVs are mentioned, not even the tendency of Tesla vehicles to barbecue theior occupants.

It isn’t until we get to the comments we read of the vast subsidies governments are giving EV makers due to the punitive taxes on petrol and diesel, or the absolutely filthy and energy intensive industrial processes involved in manufacturing batteries (especially the mining and refining of rare earth metals,) and the equally filthy and energy intensive processes involved in recycling or scrapping batteries.



VW Audi Suspends Electric Vehicle Production Due To Battery Shortage
Today in “news that affects all electric vehicle manufacturers”, Audi has announced that it has suspended production of its e-Tron electric SUV effective February 20 and won’t resume untilfurther notice. The suspension has been a resolve of “resolving production issues”, which are mainly attributed to bottlenecks in battery supply, according to Business Insider.


Greenest politics = Brownest environment

You might well think that the countries whose politicians and luvvies spout the most pious bollocks about saving the planet would be leading the way in persuading their citizens to adopt Green lifestyle. Not a bit of it, talking the talk is one thing for they hypocritical politicians who try to guilt trip is into voting for their policies which will force us to sit shivering in the dark, while they and their luvvie mates (Yes Eddie Izzard, Stephen Fry, Emma the airhead Thompson, Leonardo di Craprio, George Clowney, and company fly around the world in private jets promoting the climate change Ponzi scheme.

Well you’d be wrong, talking the talk is easy, we can all do it. And while many of us who realise the ‘science’ behind Anthropogenic Glbal Warming is bogus, we manage to walk the walk too because while the threat posed by Carbon Dioxide has been so ludicrously hyped only scientists, politicians and media / showbiz luvvies are stupid enough to believe it, there are lots of very good reasons we should cut back various aspects of the post industrial lifestyle (have you any idea how much highly toxic shite is put into the environment in the process of mining, smelting and refining the ores to obtain the fractions of grammes of rare earth metals used in your iPhone or iPad. An badly tuned 1965 Land Rover Cadillac gas guzzler is probably less harmful to the ecosystem than your latest Apple gadget.

It’s actually beyond ironic that two of the nations that have been obnoxiously politically correct in lecturing the rest of the world on the need to be green are among the world’s biggest per capita polluters:

Fossil fuel burning power station in Sweden? Erm no, it’s the Pripps Brewery actually

Sweden slammed for ecological footprint

from The Local
Sweden is among the world’s top ten polluters according to one of the largest scientific studies looking at the impact of humans on earth, produced by the WWF.

Researchers measured how countries around the world consume fossil fuels and looked at other relevant factors including forestry, fishing and farming methods.

Sweden came out tenth on the list, up three places from the last time the WWF released a similar study.

The report suggests that if everyone in the world lived like a Swede, the global population would need the resources from 3.7 earth-like planets. On the other hand if everyone in the world lived like a Stockholm politically correct media luvvie we would need 3.7million earth like planets to support us.

Continue reading:

Denmark’s ecological footprint is fourth largest

from The Local

Denmark is among the world’s top four polluters according to one of the largest scientific studies looking at the impact of humans on earth.

Researchers at the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) measured how countries around the world consume fossil fuels and looked at other relevant factors including forestry, fishing and farming methods.

Denmark came out fourth on the annual Living Planet Report list, behind only behind oil-producing states Kuwait, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. Neighbouring Sweden came in tenth place.

The report suggests that if everyone in the world lived like a Dane, the global population would need the resources from about 4.5 Earth-like planets.

Gitte Seeberg, a spokeswoman for the Danish WWF, called the fourth place finish “absolutely poor”.

“It is the way we live and the way we have arranged our society that gives the big ecological footprint. Our country consists of roadways, cities and crop fields with hardly any nature. On top of that, we consume way too much meat, among other things,” Seeberg told Politiken, before driving off in her Humvee to catch a plane to the latest environmentalist conference in New York (I made that bit up but so often in the past I’ve included similar carcasm only to learn later it was true).

Continue reading:

Now remember folks Boggart Blog tells it like it is and we’ve told you for years when these sciencetits, luvvies and vote hustlers warn you of environmental catastrophe what the self – righteous, self – important, selfish hypocrites really mean is you should be happy to get by on less because wonderful people like them deserve much much more.

you don’t have to believe the shits of course.

Pollution Could Save Us From Dave’s Climate Change Disaster

Dave Cameron says climate Change is the biggest challenge facing the nation. It’ may be the biggest challenge facing him as he tries to sell it to a scpetical nation; “Pay lots more taxes or die.” “Yeah right Dave, we’ll take our chances.”

If you are one of those people who thinks for yourself, you will know by now that global warming was just a scam to justify higher taxes and big handouts to rich bastards who had spare land close to working class communities that could be stuffed full of giant wind turbines without pissing of anyone who matters (i.e. Labour or Tory donors.)

Or you might be once of those science worshipping ingenues who believe that pumping chemicals into the upper atmosphere or frigging about with the jet stream by directing EMPs into the stratosphere is the only way to save the reputation of scientists who said there would be no polar ice caps by now and we’d be frying eggs on the pavement and would at least be able to say “Yeah, well OK, our fuckwit schemes killed three billion people but at least we saved the planet (geo engineering scam ).

And because they have done stuff before anything happened, nobody will be able to prove it was not going to happen anymore than we skeptics and free thinkers can prove it is not going to happen.

But what if I was to tell you the best way to save the planet is to get bigger cars, light more barbecues and burn more energy generated in coal and oil fired power stations.

Has he gone raving mad, you might well ask.

No I haven’t, this is cutting edge science. You’ve heard of phrases like “nuclear winger” and “volcanic winter”. Either of these would cool the atmosphere but would be very unpleasant for a lot of people. For my solution however things could carry on as normal. And that’s not just me being self indulgent, it’s scientists that say so.

Scientists Liken Chinese Smog To Nuclear Winter

smog in china
Smog and pollution in China – source

ution in parts of China is now so extreme it could lead to conditions similar to a “nuclear winter,” scientists say. The smog that covers the country has become so thick it is impeding photosynthesis, potentially disrupting China’s food supply.

China’s pollution problem is reaching crisis point, with acrid smog covering six southern provinces for the past week. Over the last few days a total of 19 cities have recorded levels of pollution drastically exceeding the World Health Organization’s (WHO) safety levels.

The toxic smog is having severe consequences, with aircraft being grounded across the country because of poor visibility, roads closing and a significant reduction in tourist numbers. An associate professor at China Agricultural University, He Dongxian, told the South China Morning Post that if these conditions continued, China will experience something akin to a “nuclear winter.”

Read more on Smog Nuclear Winter at Russia Today

You couldn’t make it up.

Leonardo DiCaprio must have missed the irony in his statement, “I will fly around the world doing good for the environment.”

So we are left wondering will he use scheduled airlines or his private jet.

According to a press release from Mother Nature Network the “Hands off my Parts” campaign “is a week-long effort tied to WWF’s Stop Wildlife Crime campaign to raise awareness and mobilize support to end the illegal trade of wildlife.”

So polluting the fuck out of the upper atmosphere is going to help save the planet? Or is the stunt really about saving the notoriously malodorous actor’s career?

Womens’ Legs Are Destroying The Planet

Now that everybody except the kind of people who insist Apple gadgets are great technological advances for humanity rather than toys to amuse the simple minded has come to the understanding that the role of carbon dioxide pollution in driving climate chaos is about as significan as a flea bite on an elephants arse, we turn our attention to other threats to the human race (and I’m not talking about Torchwood here).

CO2 pollution was about creating an excuse to impose massive carbon taxes. Now that avenue of income generation is all but closed to governments they must seek other ways to steal from us or like Gaddafi simply say “Give me all the money or I’ll send my goons to kill you”.

Water shortage is one threat nobody likes to talk about. We are dragging water out of the bowels of the earth (how Bear Grylls is that?) polluting it with chemicas and shite and dumping it in the sea faster than nature can replenish it. And as those of us in new properties with water meters are already paying through the nose there isn’t much scope for generating extra revenue through taxes.

Thus the powers that be must try to scare or shame us into using less.

This is the reasoning behind a report out today which estimatates that 50 billion litres of water a year are being wasted by women shaving their legs.

This seems a tad on the low side to me. I asked the Boggart Blog technical team to run an investigation and they found that my daughter’s leg shaving related activities used around 49 billion litres each month.


New EU Jobs Law Will Derail The UK’s Recovery

Recycling water is contributing to global warming

TheThing Nanny State Most Wants To Ban

Pollution Health Warning For Easter Weekend

From The Daily Telegraph

Vulnerable people, such as asthmatics, the elderly and heart patients, were advised to be particularly vigilant to any change in their conditions and seek medical help if they experience difficulties.

Officials advised people who suffer from a shortage of breath on hot sunny days to avoid strenuous outdoor activity, especially in the afternoon.

Children with asthma can play outside normally, but might need to increase their use of medicines such as inhalers.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs issued the warning, covering the whole of England and Wales, ahead of what is expected to be the hottest Easter since 1984.

It is the first smog alert in two years, the last being on July 17 2009, but such warnings are normally annual events.

How wonderful to us those caring, concerned leftie elitists are. Having made smoking a crime almost on a par with genocide they then embarked on campigns to demonise alcohol, tasty food, sex with people you don’t know (spreads diseases), sex with people you know (is probably some form of abuse), sex with yourself (you must be depressed), eating (causes obesity), not eating (causes anorexia), cars (cause accidents), loud music and quiet music (both annoy people), music made by non ethnic people – i.e. black – because it annoys ethnic minorities, anti social behaviour (because it annoys the crap out of the authorities when they are asked to do something about it), social behaviour (leads to drinking eating, smoking and sex), sunshine (causes skin cancer), being working class (leads to smoking, drinking, sex, independence and reading George Orwell, Christianity, Christmas and Easter (both might offend non Christians you know), chocolate and bad taste humour.

Not content with trying to ban or control all that they are now sticking health warnings on the first bit of decent weather we have had in months.

Mustn’t go outside kiddiwinks, the air on hot days might poison you.

Ignore them. Do they thing they really most want to ban you from doing but dare not say so. Think for yourself !

Happy Easter.

Parenting Classes Are Not Nanny State, They’re Worse
The Tail Of The Easter Bunny
Nanny State
Does smoking cause lung cancer? No, is the legal verdict.
Sex and folk music, a dodgy cocktail

In The Future You Will Not Be Allowed To Die.

Logging onto Yahoo to check my mail today I noticed a Press Association story on the news page.


screamed the headline in that quiet, mumbling, self deprecating way Internet headlines have of screaming because they know they will never be able to match Screaming Banner Headlines of the tabloids.

On reading the story I learned The House Of Commons Environmental Protection Committee, with a title like that not a body one would expect to come up with a pzazzy headline, is concerned that Britain’s poor air quality is causing 55,000 early deaths every year.

If these self righteous idiots think air quality is bad now it just shows they have never looked at a Lowry paining or a picture of London or any of the big cities in the 1950’s. Or maybe I am misreading the whole thing and with “climate change science” discredited ( latest: sea ice loss science challenged) they are just looking for an excuse for a new tax to replace the carbon tax they were relying on to make us pay for their financial mismanagement.

When I read stories like this I’m always reminded of a story Jill, a friend of my wife, likes to tell. Jill used to live next door to a very old lady who would sometimes, in bad weather, ask for help with her daily shopping. She went to the shop about 100 yards from her house every day because it got her out of the house where she spent most of her time alone. The shopping list was always the same. Two tins of tomato soup, a small loaf, a half bottle of sweet sherry and ten cigarettes. At weekends she also bought butter.

When the woman died aged 87 it was Margaret, a nurse, who found her and called the doctor. With the death duly certified the Do. said “I told her many times to give up smoking. She might have had a few more years if she had listened to me.

Yeah, and maybe she would not have thanked anyone for those few more years.

The point these self righteous do – gooders always miss is that we all die of something, sometime. The alternative, living and ageing forever, is too horrible to contemplate. The powers that be don’t want us to drink or smoke because it might hasten our demise, they don’t want us to pollute because we will damage our hearts and lungs so no Barbies, bonfires, hot curries or things that involve industrial processes, they want to tax us off the road to stop us colliding with trees or driving off cliffs, they want us to give up tasty food because fats might clog our arteries. Risk (aka fun) must be eliminated from everything. For the sake of our own safety and longevity they want us to forswear everything that makes life worth living.

Meanwhile medical advances manage to delay death without delaying decrepitude to anything like the same extent.

So in the future when nobody is allowed to die because it will mean some civil servant has missed his target we will all have to commit mass suicide to avoid dying of boredom.

The most exciting pastime we will be allowed to take part in, at a safe distance of course, is Trainspotting.

Choose life.

Pollution Causing Early Deaths

Olympic Javelin Throwers Face New Problems.

Concerns about the effect of Beijing’s notorious pollution took on a new aspect this week as the problems likely to be caused by air quality problems become apparent.

The smog is so thick over the training ground that medal contenders in the javelin event, while getting in some practice at their sport have complained of having thrown their javelins only to have them dissapear in the smog and never be seen again.

We fear the same fate may befall most of Britain’s medal hopes.

Which Olympic events will you be watching?

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