Mad Science: Personal Popularity – The Eyes Have It

Most Amazingly Stupid Scientific Study Of The Week award goes to a new scientific study published on Thursday (19 Aug) shows children with a condition called strabismus, (cross – eyed little bleeders), may be less likely to be invited to birthday parties than other children.

Swiss researchers digitally altered photographs of six children from six identical twin (the study did not involve real people in the real world then) to create inward and outward types of strabismus. They asked 118 children, aged 3 to 12 years, to look at these altered photos as well as the unaltered pictures of the children with normally aligned eyes and select whom they would invite to their birthday party.

Children under 6 years of age didn’t have any preference between the photos of the kids with strabismus or normally aligned eyes. But children 6 and older were much less likely to select the photos of the children with strabismus, Dr. Daniel Mojon, of the department of strabismology and neuro-ophthalmology at Kantonsspital in St. Gallen, Switzerland, and colleagues found.

Was it the strabismus that made certain kids unappealing we wonder, or might it have been the warts, festering sores and vampire fangs digitally added at the time the eyes were being crossed.

Once again as we face up to the prospect that in the wake of this gobsmackingly important revelation the would will never be the same again, we can only ponder one of the great unanswerable mysteries of the Universe.

Why do we keep giving these fuckers money?

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