Having Sex on the Subway With Google Translate

Last week, Prague subway authorities announced the idea that a special “Love Train” service will be introduced on the city subway. The idea was that on these Love Train a special carriage would be reserved for singles to meet, get to know each other and maybe make dates and begin romances.

The story went viral on the internet after Mexican news service Vanguardia.com.mx posted a version translated by an online translation service which reported that the Prague subway had introduced special wagons, in which couples could make love.

Title of the article which appeared in the Europe section was unambiguous, it read:

Sex in the subway in Prague is allowed.

In the original Czech version of the text said the Prague transport department was to make cars destined for the lonely, there was no mention about sex.

The poorly translated article caused a sensation. It was linked by hundreds of Mexicans and Spanish speaking Americans on Facebook and Twitter. The Prague tourist office reported a spike in bookings, mostly from people who are married – but not to each other.

And the article that was mistranslated: Prague plans subway Love Train for singles

We wonder what will happen when Boggart Blog breaks our latest exclusive; Cameron and Miliband come to an accommodation on same sex marriage which our favourite online translation service turns into “Cameron and Miliband meet in hotel for gay sex.”


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