Millionaire and Media Luvvie Pose As DHWFs In Labour’s Phoney Propaganda

Labour (or The National Socialist Workers Party Of Great Britain to give them their full name) likes to present itself as “The People’s Party” the political party that represents DHWFs (Decent Hard Working Folks like you and m… you and your friends.

And at the moment the issue causing most wailing and gnashing of teeth among the middle class elitists who make up Labour’s active membership is fuel bills.

Labour have got their kickers in such a twist about poor people not being able to affor to heat their homes that have been running party political broadcasts on the topic. The broadcast in question was supposed to feature ordinary people venting their fury at energy price hikes. Only Labour PR people are such an obnoxious bunch of elitists they could not actually find and ordinary people (or maybe did not want to get to close for fear of catching some working class disease.)

So the people featured in the broadcast, far from being DHWFs who were struggling to pay their fuel bills actually included a millionaire restaurant owner and a media luvvie among other affluent, elitist, Labour supporters.

One of them was Beresford Casey, owner of a posh burger chain, who lives in the plush Primrose Hill area of north London.

And another was Jack Monroe, a campaigner and journalist who has writes for the Guardian and the Independent.

RyanAir or Mastercard?

Mybe it’s because I’m flying out to Dublin for a few days on Sunday, but when I saw H&M advertizing bikini by featuring a lithesome young gel in a skimpy two piece with “bikini top £3.99” to the side of her left breast, it didn’t make me want to go out and buy one, it made me wonder just how much the unpriced bikini bottom was… a bit like those RyanAir ads that say “Fly to Spain for just £1!!!” and then when you take up their offer you discover it costs £897.99 to fly home again.

Either that or it was a Mastercard ad

Bikini top £3.99

Bikini bottom priceless

for everything else there’s Mastercard