DSK Trial: Former IMF Boss And Pimp Provides Fun

Femen protesters brave winter temperatures to grab another photo-op at the DSK trial (image course)

Former future French President and IMF boss Dominique Strauss-Kahn faced some tough judicial questioning at his trial for aggravated pimping, The elitist sex addict was ordered to explicitly detail his history of “libertine” sexual practices.

Strauss-Kahn who has entered not guilty please to all charges, claiming he had no way of knowing the women who took part in his sex orgies at luxury hotels in Paris, Brussels and Washington, weren’t freely consenting libertines like himself, but in fact prostitutes paid for by some of his 13 co-defendants in the case (and untimately by us poor taxpayers because those guys were all international bureaucrats on the expenses gravy train.

M of the courtroom testimony is raunchy and describes goings on in forensic detail (I will try to get hold of a court transcript), here is a toned-down selection of some of the attention-grabbing testimony made so far:

“It was a slaughterhouse. They were lying on the mattress in all directions. It was a rather degrading scene. I didn’t know whether these people had showered. I didn’t want any part of it.”
Ex-prostitute identified only as “Jade,” testifying about a 2009 orgy with Strauss-Kahn at a Belgian sex club.

“That’s him, but with his clothes on.”
Ex-prostitute Jade, testifying about how she only realized Strauss-Kahn’s identity after she saw him on television sometime after one of his orgies.

“We met 12 times in four years. It wasn’t the frenetic, unbridled activity that the investigating magistrates’ report makes out. At the time, I mention without pretension, I had other things to do.”
Strauss-Kahn, in response to questioning over the frequency of his orgies during the period in which he is accused of organizing a prostitution ring.

“What can I say? It’s nothing to be proud of, but there have been 10 times that I’ve found myself in a situation where a woman threw herself at me.”
Strauss-Kahn, in response to questioning about why he didn’t suspect the women he spontaneously had sex with in a restaurant basement were prostitutes.
(Yeah, because he was waving a big wad of money around – Boggart Blog)

“I had a very hectic life, with just a few outlets for recreation, and these sessions were part of that.”
Strauss-Kahn, explaining how the function of IMF chief limited his occasions for sex parties.

“People say that at these soirees (our emphasis), the girls were gifts, but in fact at these parties the gift was Dominique Strauss-Kahn.”
Co-defendant Fabrice Paszkowski, testifying about the organization of Strauss-Kahn’s orgies.

“That’s certainly what some people think, and I believe the IMF saved the world from a crisis that could have been as bad as that of 1929.”
Strauss-Kahn, responding to a judge’s description of him as “once one of the world’s most powerful people.”

“I dare you to try and distinguish between a naked prostitute and a naked socialite.”
Strauss-Kahn lawyer Henri Leclerc, explaining the difficulty Strauss-Kahn had in identifying his sex partners as prostitutes.
(That one has to be our favourite)


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Compromising Picture Of Cameron Seen By Peoples’ Voice

David Icke has a radio and TV Chanel now, The People’s Voice and it is proving to be quite a lot of fun.

Recent revelations include a story about the owner of a call girl agency possessing a highly embarrassing picture of David Cameron and other leading figures in the Conservative Party in compromising positions with ladies of negotiable affection they had booked for a Bullingdon Club do from the aforementioned agency. The woman, Natalie Rowe* (aka Miss Whiplash) also claims the deal, negotiated by someone named “Joe”, who she identifies in the embedded video as George (Gideon) Osborne, included supplies of illegal drugs to fuel the Bullingdon “High jinks”.

In an interview with Peoples’ Voice contributor Sonia Poulton, Rowe speaks of harassment she has experienced as members of the political elite desperately sought to prevent the story becoming public. to keep her quiet.

She says that during a police raid on her home she was interogated about the memoirs she was writing in which she alleges that as well as people who are now senior politicians her clients also included top lawyers, bankers, police officers and business leaders.

Natalie (not her real name) said ‘I’m a Black Yorkshire girl and had those kind of guys under my control – on all fours, being spanked’. Many are gay, and she claims she set them up with black boys. Natalie wants people to know what kind of people run the country and how they behave.

People’s Voice Sonia Poulton Talks To Natalie Rowe (YouTube):

So why is this story not going viral you might well ask. Why is it left to shit stirrers like Boggart Blog, People’s Voice and The Tapto get it out into the public domain. You worshippers of technology who believe that Google is a force for good that has put all the information in the world at your fingertips had better sit down or hold onto something solid, I am about to rock the foundations of your world.

This massive news story that should be all over the front pages is invisible on the internet because Google has deindexed it. You need a direct link to find it. As I have always said, Google is not about freeing information, it is about giving wannabe fascist corporate and political regimes a lever of control over information they previously only dreamed of. It is known Google work closely with the world domination freaks on the US government and the global banking cartel (which owns mainstream media) and is helping to control news in an effort to suppress dissent. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE AUTHORITARIANISM!

In the future your f*** – buddy will be a Robot.

The Sydney Morning Herald ran a report last week which claims that in the not too distant future not only will sex robots eliminate real women in the sex industry but buying a robot fuck – buddy will also be a good way for nerds to find love.

Although the idea of animatronic prostitutes has been around since The Stepford Wives first screened the technology to create a simulated human for purposes of sexual gratification and companionship is stepping up as scientists get more fanatical in their efforts to completely dehumanise us.

The author of the sex robot article posits the benefits of such a creation, namely providing guilt-free sexual encounters and preventing diseases like herpes all the way up to HIV. That’s as may be but what is life without risk. And what red blooded man would want to boff a dead eyed, unthinking automation. The nature of the people who are enthusdiastic about sex robots becomes obvious when you consider there is never any talk of shagdroids that ladies can avail themselves of.

sex robotDon’t fancy yours – a sex robot

This particular field of human endeavour is the preserve of pointy eared tech heads with personal hygiene issues and dysfunctional personalities.

The editorial piece in the Sydney Morning Herald takes the theme one step further and makes the claim that a sex robot will one day ensure everyone will find the perfect mate.

What’s the basis for this idea?

According to SMH, “Many of our social interactions have been reduced to the barebones transfer of information via various online media: text messages, emails, shared videos and pictures, status updates, and, (no kidding) , pokes.”

Many people in advanced societies are already finding their social lives degraded social because conversation is being relegated short, impersonal exchanges in the void of cyberspace. If this trend continues future generation will all be nerds spending their lives in isolation, hunched over a computer.

In such a situation the needs of people who have little interest in more meaningful, stimulating and old-fashioned personal relationships will be answered perfectly by androids designed and programmed to be constantly ready for sex yet totally passive at other times.

That makes it a scary future but Boggart Blog has a better solution. We simply have to gather all the nerds together and KILL THEM.

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Pimping The Economy

Remember Dominique Strauss Kahn the former future President of France, head of the International Monetary Fund, rapist and alleged intellectual (oops, I think I might hae put “alleged” in the wrong place, perhaps it should have gone ahead of rapist. Oh well, I will not change it until I hear from his lawyers.

Well this august international bureaucrat who has influenced the global economy do much has now been arrested for pimping (read more)It’s one way to fund the Greek bail out I suppose.

Strauss Kahn has already been investigated for having sex with ten prostitutes at an orgy paid for by EU taxpayers. In his defence Strauss Kahn claimed he did not know the women were prostitutes.

His lawyer said to investigators, “I challenge any man to tell the difference between a naked prostitute and any other naked woman.”

Really? Well admittedly my knowledge of that business is very limited but I have always though the way the girls ask for money up front before getting their kit off is a bit of a clue.

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Pastor Penney

Thanks For The Sympathy

Whilst Wayne Rooney has been abroad preparing for last night’s match against Switzerland, Mrs Rooney has been left to face the shattering news that her husband was allegedly forking out enough dosh for a whole fleet of Silver Cross perambulators for a quick shag with a slag, whilst she was preggie with their son Kai.

Coleen has been staying with her family in Huyton, but broke cover yesterday to visit her sister in hospital. She was reported to look “drawn” as she was escorted past the paps waiting for her eventual appearance.

Max Clifford, giving us an almost perfect example of insensitivity commented that Coleen could make millions from this, if she plays her cards right.

Boggartblog was able to eavesdrop on a subsequent telephone conversation between Coleen and a representative of P. R. Mann and Associates, a public relations and management company.

P. R. Mann: Coleen, may I call you Coleen? Good! Now then we were wondering whether you’ve given any thought to how you are going to handle these revelations that your husband allegedly slept, well for £1200 let’s hope he was too busy to sleep, haw haw, with a prostitute?

Col: Stifled sob.

P.R. Mann: I see, it’s all been a bit of a shock! We at P.R. Mann and Associates understand that totally, but we also understand the importance of striking whilst the iron is hot, just like that bit of totty your husband shagged (allegedl, snigger), must have been. Phwoar!

Col: Shuddering sob of despair.

P.R.Mann. The thing is, though, Coleen, you can turn this to your advantage! Just look at Cheryl Cole. Everybody loves her now!
If you play your cards right, you can make millions. We can turn you into a national treasure! It sounds interesting doesn’t it?

Col: Loudly blowing nose. I really don’t want to talk about it at the moment. My husband is away, my sister is ill and I’ve got a little boy to think about….

P.R.Mann: Aw COleen, come on! This could be your big moment. You could host your own T.V. Show. You could give the low down on some of those other footballers. John Terry cheated on his wife, Peter Crouch was caught with a prostitute, hey maybe we could do one of those exchange programmes, Wags and Slags, that’d be brilliant…

Col: Strangulated sobbing.

P.R.Mann: All I’m saying Coleen is think about it, okay? We know you’re probably a bit upset at the moment but give it time and we’re sure you’ll come to see things the same way as we do, alright?
How about I give you a call tomorrow?

Oh, by the way, if you see Roo give him my best, brilliant performance last night, saw it all on the web, that lass was gagging for it, no wonder he scored! Oh and he played a good half of football as well.

Col: Screams. The phone is slammed down.

Rooney Not Of The Old School
Swive You Arseling

Shag and Blab

Scandal once again rears its ugly head in the world of football with the news that Wayne Rooney allegedly paid a hooker £1200 for a night of sex.

Two well known adages spring to mind:

“More money than sense” for Roo, but then again he is a footballer so what can you expect?

I know he’s not the best looking chap in the game but I imagine there are plenty of slappers who would do it just for the sake of bedding a premier league footballer.

“Ideas above her station,” for the prostitute who managed to sell her services at such an exorbitant fee.
My god has she got a gold plated vagina or what?

And all that money didn’t even buy her discretion.

Today she claims to have slept with thirteen other top footballers and says she’ll name them all.

To which Boggartblog replies on behalf of men and women everywhere

“Who gives a flying fuck?”

Dogging Site Goes To The Dogs

Attention. Prostitutes Are A Road Safety Hazard


A new road sign in Italy that appears to be warning drivers on a road near the city of Treviso they are approaching a prostitute related traffic hazard is confusing motorists. Is the sign advertizing the availability of prostitutes or warning mororists that scantily clad women are likely to jump into the road in front of them?

Boggart Blog asked our Italian correspondent to investigate and he learned the signs only appear close to houses use by Italian President Don Vito Berlusconi.

Copenhagen Prostitutes And Global Warming

In an effort to project Copenhagen, this week hosting the climate changev summit, as the most politically correct city in the world the city’s mayor Ritt Bjerregaard sent a message to all the city’s hotels and bars asking them not to in any way facilitate sex contracts between the 20,000 delegates atending the summit and the Danish capital’s sex workers.

As a protest against the bureaucratic innterference with their right to earn an honest living the whores, lap dancers and rent boys of Copenhagen have hit back by saying they will offer free hot sex to the delegates.

Call us dull witted if you like but we thought the idea of the s=ummit was to cool things down not raise the temperature.

Yet another instance of bureaucratic meddling achieving the opposite of what was attended?

Read the full story in Spiegel Online (English edition)

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Mosley Whips Up a Frenzy

The Federation Internationale Automotive meets today in Paris to decide the future of its sado-masochistic president, Max Mosley, who, in the wake of revelations about his sexual peccadilloes in the News of the World, has refused to jump unless he is pushed, and probably not even then.

Boggart.Blog has learnt, however, that instead of defending his actions as being private and between consenting adults and therefore none of anybody else’s business he will instead outline new rules designed to make televised motor racing more exciting, particularly Formula 1, which, unless the race is held on a rainy day in Monaco as it is every six or seven years, can be coma inducing.

Instead of hanging about on the grid in fireproof overalls hoping for a few words with Martin Brundle, when the lights go green the drivers will be required to leave their cars, return to the pits, strip off and then wriggle into leather thongs, before putting on their fireproof overalls again and dashing back to the cars to start the race. This will bring about a return to the old Le Mans style race start where the driver who got there first got to set off first. The grid girls will be dressed in dominatrix gear and will whip the drivers as they pass.

At the first pit stop, which will be compulsory, the drivers will leave their cars and use local information provided to arrange a sex session with at least three local prostitutes. A bonus point will be added to the teams final points for every prostitute over the number three that the driver manages to engage and make proper use of. The stewards will be watching carefully for any cheating here, e.g. just having a girl to make a cup of tea or prostitutes being drafted in and then used to change the tyres.

At the half-way stage the drivers will return to the pits again and search for hidden cameras and microphones. Help from the pit crew will result in a loss of five places at the finish line.

At the final pit stop the drivers will leave their car and engage in sado masochistic sex with the prostitutes which should last at least five hours, but they will be encouraged to whip through their repertoire in the briefest time possible, before stowing the cuffs, whips and uniforms into a special compartment on the car and driving to the finish line.

Nice One Max
Max Mosley keeping his job is a victory in the battle to retain our right to privacy.