How The Evil Ones Are Profiling You

In the early days after information contained in the documents leaked by Ed Snowden began to leak into the public domain, many people (admittedly mostly Scienctism Cult devotees and lefties were saying, “Oh is nothing, what does it matter if NSA keep records of your activities, it is for your safety and wellbeing.

Well we know lefties and Scientism Cultists are crazy so we ignored them.

And lo and behold, there is nothing harmless or “for our own good” about the high tech total surveillance program. They are using computer systems and collected data to build psychological profiles of everybody to enable the authorities to predict behaviour, chiefly so that potential criminals pre crime patters can be detected and they can be arrested before they have done anything wrong.

The only good thing is that while computers might be good at predicting the behaviour of scientists who behave like machines and so are completely predictable, they are utterly useless at predicting the actions of real people.

Here’s an indication of how far they have progressed with the task so far.

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More Mental Illness Fraud

Yesterday I posted an article on how the parameters for diagnosing mental health problems are now so vague and ill – defined that alost everything you do can be defined as a sign of mental illness by greedy, money grubbing practicioners of the pseudo – science of psychology.

Today, as if some higher power is trying to back me up, this appears in The Daily Telegraph:

Dozens Of Mental Disorders Don’t Exist

So when your psychologist insists you are mad, don’t believe it. They’re just envious because the voices only talk to you.

From Cherrill Hicks article in The Daily Telegraph

In his riveting tale of how psychiatrists “medicalise” human suffering, Gary Greenberg recounts that, in 1850, a physician called Samuel Cartwright reported a new disease in the highly respected New Orleans Medical and Surgical Journal. Cartwright named it drapetomania, from the ancient Greek drapetes for a runaway slave; in other words, here was a disease that “caused Negroes to run away”. It had one primary diagnostic symptom – “absconding from service” – and a few secondary ones, including “sulkiness and dissatisfaction just prior to flight”.

Drapetomania was, of course, consigned to the dustbin of medical history. It never made it into the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), the leading authority on mental health diagnosis and research. But, Greenberg suggests in his scathing critique of the DSM, it might well have done – had the manual existed at the time.

Everything You do Is A Sign That You Are Mad

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Are you mentally ill? I see a lot of heads shaking.
How about members of your family? Hmm, not quite so many heads shaking but still a big majority.
Your friends? A bit more uncertainty here but people are saying “A tad eccentric maybe but not completely bonkers.”

The fact is though you may not be aware of it yet, you and everybody you know is probably suffering from some kind of mental illness.

For years now the criteria defining mental illness have been steadily expanding. This has resulted in more and more people who were previously considered to be sane are now capable of being diagnosed as mad. Conditions like attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Aspergers syndrome, depression, and even common anxiety are increasingly being diagnosed, particularly among children between the ages of three and 17.

And of course if you are the kind of organized person who stored your CDs in Alphabetical Order you are afflicted with OCD. On the other hand if you don’t store your CDs in Alphabetical order you have issues with authority and need cognitive behvioural therapy. Do you see what is emerging?

Not long ago the inventor of ADHD admitted it was a made – up disorder, just a catch all created as an excuse to medicate lively, energetic children. A drug had been developed and an illness had to be invented for it to treat. And so the chemical cosh for kids that do not conform became the standard treatment for noisy, active children. And also for quiet introverted children. And if you think that is contradictory, try querying it in a public forum, you will probably be told you are not a scientists, therefore you do not understand science and should not comment. Like wot I did.

Psychology is one of those academic disciplines I usually refer to as pseudo-science. There are no consistent tests to determine a person’s mental health and so it is all about opinion. Some people might remember a scence in the movie dead Poets Society in which a traditionalist teacher introduces pupils to a method of “scientifically” assessing the quality of a poem. Psychologists do the same, they try to find ways of passing off subjective opinion as scientific proof.

Whether or not the children referred to above actually have any illness is besides the point, doctors are diagnosing them as such because they are paid by Big Pharma to prescribe the treatments so individualism cannot be tolerated, what is human well being compared to corporate profit? The consequence of this push to make everybody a patient for life has been a huge increase in pharmaceutical drug use. According to the latest data compiled by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), nearly one-quarter of a trillion dollars is spent every year treating children for mental disorders that may not actually exist . Between 1994 and 2011, the number of children being diagnosed with mental illness has skyrocketed inexplicably.

One of the explanations for the huge increase in autism spectrum disorders that comes up in every debate about vaccine safety is the statement that “better diagnosis” is responsible for the increase over the past three decades. Better diagnosis of what. Cout cases against the makers of MMR vaccines have succeeded when the law suit alleged the vaccine had caused brain damage, simply because there is no medical definition of autism or Asperger’s Syndrome.

The latest edition of the American Psychiatric Association (APA)’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) will shortly be released, in this document it seems any type of individualistic behaviour is classed as mental illness. For years government and medical propaganda has been urging us to eat more healthily, now healthy eating is a mental illness, Orthorexia.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has announced that one in five American children are now among the ranks of those considered to have mental illness. Britain and the European Union are pushing in the same direction. And once DSM-5 gets into the hands of doctors and psychiatrists in the coming months and years, this percentage will only further increase.

Join the resistance, refuse medication and conformity; you owe it to your kids because it’s highly likely they are not crazy or the spawn of Stan but normal, healthy, lively, curious, imaginative, individual young humans.

Source: The New American

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Stupid Science: The 2012 Ig Nobel Prizes

This years Ignobel awards, the annual awards that are presented by the Annals of Improbable Research as a whimsical counterpart to the Nobel Prizes. The Ignobel Prizes are handed out for whacky scientific research projects undertaken in all seriousness by serious scientists who do science scientifically and have this year produced a bumper crop of nutty and pointless projects that deserved awards. Is this increased yield due to genetically modified scientists we wonder? Anyway the awards were announced last month, apologies for not bringing them here sooner, I’ve been writing a novel.

Laugh at these by all means but as you laugh remember these are real projects funded with real money contributed involuntarily by real people like me and you.

This years top prize went to Raymond Goldstein, a physicist at the Cambridge University. Raymond was set the challenge of considering the physics of ponytails by the company Unilever.

He discovered that a bundle of hair behaved very much like a spring.

Runners up were the Dutch psychologists Anita Eerland, Rolf Zwaan and PhD student Tulio Guadalupe were honoured for their study, “Leaning to the Left Makes the Eiffel Tower Seem Smaller.”

The work explored how posture influences estimations of size.

Leaning to the left correlated with lower estimates, and leaning to the right correlated with higher estimates.

The third prize went to Japanese researchers Kazutaka Kurihara and Koji Tsukada created the SpeechJammer, a machine that disrupts a person’s speech by playing it back at them with a very slight delay.

The device completely “disconcerts and discombobulates them”, it was said.

Full list Ig Nobel winners in each category; 2012.

Psychology prize: Anita Eerland, Rolf Zwaan and Tulio Guadalupe, for their study titled Leaning to the Left Makes the Eiffel Tower Seem Smaller.

Peace prize: The SKN company, for using technology to convert old Russian ammunition into new diamonds.

Acoustics prize: Kazutaka Kurihara and Koji Tsukada for creating the SpeechJammer, a machine that disrupts a person’s speech by making them hear their own spoken words repeated back at them at a very slight delay.

Neuroscience prize: Craig Bennett, Abigail Baird, Michael Miller, and George Wolford, for demonstrating that brain researchers, by using very complicated instruments and simple statistics (but mostly statistics), can see meaningful brain activity anywhere – even in a dead salmon.

Chemistry prize: Johan Pettersson for solving the puzzle of why, in certain houses in the town of Anderslöv, Sweden, people’s hair turned green.

Literature prize: The US government general accountability office, for issuing a report about reports about reports that recommends the preparation of a report about the report about reports about reports.

Physics prize: Joseph Keller, Raymond Goldstein, Patrick Warren and Robin Ball, for calculating the balance of forces that shape and move the hair in a human ponytail.

Fluid dynamics prize: Rouslan Krechetnikov and Hans Mayer, for studying the dynamics of liquid sloshing, to learn what happens when a person walks while carrying a cup of coffee.

Anatomy prize: Frans de Waal and Jennifer Pokorny, for discovering that chimpanzees can identify specific other chimpanzees from seeing photographs of their rear ends.

Medicine prize: Emmanuel Ben-Soussan, for advising doctors who perform colonoscopies how to minimise the chance of their patients exploding

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Mozart Exposes Another Scientific Scam

Playing Mozart to your unborn child will not boost your intelligence, new research has found. So if you have been playing Rondo A La Turk or Eine Kleine Nachtmusic up you wife or girlfriend’s chuff tewnty-four/seven hoping it will improve your child’s performance at school or turn said child into an infant genius who gets their first PhD at age seven, give the lass a break and let her listen to some Take That or Adele..

The so called “Mozart effect” was first introduced to the public’s attention in 1993, when a “peer reviewed” study published in the prestigious and gobsmackingly pompous “scientific” journal Nature reported that fastening a set of speakers playing Mozart’s 1781 sonata for two pianos in D major (KV 488) to a pregnant lady’s belly with gaffer tape would lead to her having a super intelligent and preternaturally mature child. (OK I misrepresented that a bit for comic effect.) In fact the study showed that listening to classical music improved college students cognitive abilities compared with students who listed to other music or none at all.

Since then sales of Mozart CDs for children have become popular very popular among “Liberal” parents in the USA and Daily Mail readers in the UK. In 1998 the state of Georgia even gave every mother of a newborn baby a free classical music CD. It’s no effing wonder then that kids are all hooked on Ketamine, Miaow miaow and Crystal Meth, are sexually degenerate and are out of the streets causing trouble. The burden of such expectations and the derogatory effect of classical music on the minds of people who want only to listen to Rage Against the Machine or the simian rapping of MC Kunty Kunt and the Misogynistic Kuntz.

Some of you will have noticed that I am seldom impressed by those who call themselves “scientists” and bang on about the “scientific method” as if a bunch of addle brained coneheads in white coats are the only human beings who are capable of working methodically. Accountants are, are they not, methodical? Bookies who lay bets on horse racing and other events are, are they not, methodical? Child murderers are, are they not, methodical in the way they stalk, groom, abduct and kill their selected victims and then cover up the evidence?

Although I said this was a properly set up and conducted experiment and study, carried out scientifically by science tits using science as usual the so called scientific method got in the way of the science tits seeing what was staring them in the fucking face, i.e. that people are different and react differently to stimuli.. The findings of the classical music study, met with scepticism in the neurological community and other studies failed to reproduce the results. And no wonder, those among you who are well informed may recall Alex, the murderous young thug who is the central character in A Clockwork Orange was a big fan of Beethoven. Anthony Burgess knew just what he was doing in creating that fictional device.

Now, to determine once and for all whether the Mozart effect really exists, psychologists from the University of Vienna have conducted a meta-analysis of the results of 40 different studies involving over 3000 people worldwide.

The researchers say their findings clearly demonstrate the Mozart effect is no more than a myth.

“I recommend listening to Mozart to everyone, but it will not meet expectations of boosting a person’s cognitive abilities,” said Dr Jakob Pietschnig, who led the study.

As The Daily Stirrer has said many times, science is not a method, a religion or a political position, it is “a formal and classified body of knowledge,” (OED). Nor is it a branch of the dark arts like statistics. For a test to be scientific the conditions and results must always be the same. And babies, unscientific little fuckers that they are, have this frustrating knack of all being different.

Once again the purpose of a Daily Stirrer article on science is (apart from taking the piss out of cupid stunts who think they’re scientists because they can’t get laid) to demonstrate to people who have been brainwashed into believing science is an Almighty and omnipotent deity, that it isn’t. On a scale of human activities graded by their contribution to the greater good, modern science ranks somewhere between selling used cars and operating Ponzi schemes.

(The Mozart effect was recently ranked sixth in the book ’50 Great Myths of Popular Psychology’, authored by psychologist Scott E. Lilienfield – Read more.)

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Goodbye to the stiff upper lip?

After yesterday’s cock up which saw me putting the wrong post in this blog let’s hope we’re back to normal.

A report in one of yesterday’s papers said that the British are losing their stiff upper lip attitude and are getting better at expressing our feelings and emotions.

Now as I live in a part of the country where it is still a crime for men to be caught in possession of emotions (especially if they are close to a pubkic toilet) I wonder is all this touchy feely stuff a good thing. Look at the state America is in for all their caring and sharing, group hugs and psychobabble.

But is this latest report British genuine or just as case of psychologists trying to big up their profession?

Boggart Blog’s investigative reporting team has conducted a quick survey and found that the alleged loss of stiff upper lips coincides with a massive increase in the price of botox treatments.

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Psychology of London Marathon Runners

The British Psychological Association last week published a report containing results of their survey of what motivates marathon runners.

Their conclusion: People have lots of different reasons for running marathons.

I wonder if anyone will ever do a survey into what makes some people state the obvious and others to pay them for it.

Read longer article Psychologists Insights Into What Motivates London Marathon Runners

The Evil Bastards Who Want To Save The Planet

It’s official! Greening up your lifestyle make you a more evil person.

Don’t buy fair trade chocolate or you will be seized by an uncontrollable urge to beat up and rob little old ladies.

Buying organic fruit and vegetables will provoke an irresistible urge to inflict unspeakable cruelties on small furry animals.

Drive an electric or hybrid car and you fill find it delights you to drop really smelly farts in crowded lifts just before you get out.

Meticulously sort your household waste for recycling and you will certainly find yourself playing nasty tricks on small children like telling them to help themselves from a jar of sweets you know is just out of reach.

You felt sure you are a nice person, after all going green shows you care about the planet so you might well be asking how could we predict a greener lifestyle would turn you into an evil monster?

Well the information is all in a report titled “Do Green Products Make Us Better People” which is published today in the academic journal “Psychological Science.” So this stuff is science OK and that proves, does it not, that the reports cannot possibly be wrong.

The authors of the report, two Canadian psychologists, Nina Mazor and Chen Bo Zhong (there’s a truly Canadian name if ever there was one) are quite clearly suggesting that virtuous acts performed voluntarily give us a psychological licence to do something selfish and anti social to reward ourselves. The moral justification we give ourselves is that we have earned the right to indulge whims by behaving well.

Thus people who eat only organic are less likely to share their sweets, people who ride bikes will probably become bar – shy when it’s their turn to get a round in at the pub. And people who would like us to think they live the ascetic lifestyles of intellectuals if ever they are elected (or not elected in the case of certain Labour Prime Ministers) to positions of power are more inclined to become crazed, authoritarian tyrants.

On top of all that people who adopt a more environmentally friendly lifestyle are more likely to steal or fraudulently obtain money, good or services (this is not my opinion, it’s science remember and science is always right because it’s scientific. You can’t argue with facts like that.

In the minds of the greenies they are better people than those who eat takeaways, microwaveable things or pizzas and if you are a better, greener person that the one you are stealing from it isn’t wrong to steal.

By logical extension if you live on alfalfa salads and wear hemp chudees you could probably convince yourself there is no wrong in regicide, eating deep fried lard, stealing the Church poor box or smoking a ciggy in a pub.

The bottom line here is all the science and psychology and sociology and green propaganda from the Politically Correct Thought Police will never change human nature.

Right so. Having had organic porridge with soya milk for breakfast I’m off to do something really evil now. I think I’ll go out in the car and break speed limits without compunction. I deserve it.

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Poverty Amazes Researchers

No week would be complete without news about an expensive research project discovering something so blindingly obvious only an academic could possibly think it worth researching.

It nice to see for a change a press release that uses the word “researchers” instead of trying to gain a veneer of mystery by saying “scientists” when describing the kind of people who make a very nice living for themselves by blagging research grants that pay them for doing nothing slowly.

The people who describe projects like why some people prefer milk chocolate and some plain or studying the effects on chavs of reading Shakespeare usually work in fields like cognitive behavioural science of evolutionary psychology.

Our first pointless research story for this week concerns researchers studying the effects of the recession on working class communities. The most stunning revelation they offer us is that as the crisis deepens poor people are eating less often.

Boggart Blog has a so far untested theory about why this might be so. We think it is happening because poor people can’t afford enough food to have three meals a day, seven days a week.

This is pure speculation at the moment, so far we have gathered no evidence to support it. Even so we think we are onto something. Our next step is to blag £££s a few million from well meaning but terminally naïve managers of QUANGOs, buy bread, soup, porridge oats, bacon, potatoes etc. and offer these items to poor people to discover if they will eat more frequently or if the credit crunch has triggered some evolutionary impulse to eat less and evolve into pygmies over a few hundred generations.

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